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Peaceful Retreat in the Forest – Loop Residence

Fidan Jovanov / July 21, 2017

Balance Associates Architects have designed and built an airy cabin in Washington State with an immense challenge upfront : not to impact the environment at all as it is located on a former campground. In order to achieve this feat of strength they decided to lift the cabin off the ground and stack it onRead more

The Expression of an Extension – vB4 by dmvA in Belgium

Fidan Jovanov / July 14, 2017

Architects from the Belgian architecture firm dmvA located in Mechelen, have designed and completed Extension vB4 – an addition to an already existing A-frame house. The home is located within the countryside of Brecht in Belgium, in a municipality with strict building regulations and therefore taking these regulations into account, the architects were able to transform the oldRead more

A-Frame House by BaksvanWengerden Architecten – SH House

Fidan Jovanov / July 14, 2017

BaksvanWengerden, a Dutch studio based in Amsterdam have designed the SH House in a village between Haarlem and the North Sea Coast in the Dutch province of North Holland. The house was originally constructed in 1932 as an A-frame home with a masonry exterior. The enlargement intervention by the architects has basically topped the exterior withRead more

Gorgeous Home in Extremadura by ÁBATON

Codreanu Andreea / February 21, 2017

Completed i the year of 2010 by ÁBATON, the following home in Extramadura is positioned in the province of Cáceres and represents the conversion of a stable into a family home. The process of integrating the structure with the natural surrounding environment has been considered crucial by the architects. After taking into account all the options availableRead more

Cape Tribulation House in Australian Rainforest

Codreanu Andreea / February 16, 2017

An off the grid retreat has been built in the Daintree Rainforest in Queensland, Australia. Designed by M3 Architecture, the architectural piece connects the natural with the antropic and creates a bridge between the two. “The exterior of the house is camouflaged with black plastic cladding and mirrored glass, allowing it to recede into the shadowRead more

700-Year-Old Cave Morphed Into Intimate Hideout

Codreanu Andreea / February 16, 2017

The constant work with the landscape humanity struggles with dwells in the primary necessity we have to find and secure ourselves shelter. The cave with its primordial form and natural formation has represented the ideal medium to host life. Nowadays, after having subdued the natural we find the beauty in its pureness and we re-seekRead more

Masseria Moroseta Summer Shelter in Ostuni, Italy

Codreanu Andreea / January 26, 2017

Architect Andrew Trotter is the creator of the following architectural masterpiece, entitled “Masseria Moroseta‘ , a shelter offering the perfect mixture between modern living conditions and a pure, simple, traditional and regionally integrated layout, with the usage of natural materials and local techniques. “The building represents both rural simplicity and modern minimalism, fitting perfectly into the surrounding landscape.”Read more

Botanical Garden Transformed Into a Museum – “Waterscape/Memory of Spring”

Anton Giuroiu / January 24, 2017

Japanese architecture practice Moriyuki Ochiai Architects has recently converted a botanical garden in Hakone into a museum’s multi-purpose space, the spectacular project has been entitled “Waterscape/Memory of Spring“. A rich environment embellishes the space that neighbors Lake Ashi and Mount Hakone, it is a humid area in which moisture can accumulate around the plant roots thus filling a naturalRead more

House 33.2 Designed by Grafika in Sidney

Anton Giuroiu / January 24, 2017

Grafika designed something entitled ‘House 33.2’, a splendid project located in the typical suburban setting, around 20 kilometers South West of the central business district in Sidney. The home is an addition to an existing residential dwelling at the client`s demand. In the new building a courtyard has been envisioned in the attempt to bring theRead more

Small Cantilevered Home Enjoys Expansive Views Over the Lake in Quebec

Anton Giuroiu / January 24, 2017

Nestled in the forest, nearby water in a very peaceful setting in Val-des-Monts, Quebec, Canada, the holiday retreat that follows has been built on a cliff edge, a small home cantilevered towards expansive views. It has been designed by Christopher Simmonds, the architecture practice lead by the artist further describes the home: “is gently embedded in theRead more