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Wooden Summer Shelter in Kråkmora Holmaron, Stockholm Archipelago

Anton Giuroiu / January 3, 2017

A summer shelter nestled in Kråkmora Holmar Island envisioned for a young family by Stockholm-based design practice Claesson Koivisto Rune follows. It uses natural materials to express a modern, minimalist look that elegantly inserts the establishment in the surroundings of the island. The home overlooks the Baltic Sea gathering extraordinary views over the Stockholm Archipelago and it measuresRead more

‘Frederiksvej Kindergarden‘ by COBE Immortalized by Kim Høltermand

Anton Giuroiu / January 3, 2017

The work of Kim Høltermand always had a focus on architecture and landscape, in their details hidden in plane sight; immense entities worked with the extraordinary photographer, the likes of Apple, Behance, Adobe are three of his biggest clients yet his award-winning photographs have been featured in countless publications like Port Magazine, The Great Wide OpenRead more

Self-Contained Wooden Shell with a Cantilevered Form in Mount Kanin

Anton Giuroiu / January 3, 2017

Resilience was the attribute pursued in the design of the tiny self-contained wooden shell that follows. Extreme weather conditions on an exposed mountain site in a cantilevered volume is the extraordinary effort of multiple structural engineers. The small cabin contains glass and aluminium panels as well as cross-laminated timber, the mixture of elements develops overRead more

Aires Mateus Redefines a House in Portugal With White

Anton Giuroiu / January 3, 2017

Portuguese architecture practice entitled Aires Mateus successfully transformed an old abandoned building in the historic center of Alcobaça, Portugal. The establishment enjoys views over the river Baça; the spectacular results are all pure-white over three floors that extend with lateral structures on the first level to clad a concealed-walled garden bathing in white. The access is done throughRead more

Family of Snowboarders Enjoys A-Frame Mountainside Cabin by Scott & Scott

Anton Giuroiu / December 16, 2016

A well established format for mountainside cabin is the A-frame format and the Canadian based practice Scott and Scott recently reinterpreted the well known shape to disguise a wonderful retreat between neighboring 1970s chalets. The weekend retreat is now home for a family of snowboarders, the property resides near Vancouver. A sloping rock site shelters the residenceRead more

Following The Landscape – Casa na Galeria by Camarim Arquitectos

Codreanu Andreea / October 31, 2016

In 2014  Camarim Arquitectos have designed Casa na Galeria, a private residence located in Gateira, Portugal.The main concept of the house was developed based on the natural landscape: terraced hills, vineyards, olive trees and the impressive presence of the southern tip of Serra da Estrela. The house has been featured with natural heating and cooling systems for a reducedRead more