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‘Frederiksvej Kindergarden‘ by COBE Immortalized by Kim Høltermand

Anton Giuroiu / January 3, 2017

The work of Kim Høltermand always had a focus on architecture and landscape, in their details hidden in plane sight; immense entities worked with the extraordinary photographer, the likes of Apple, Behance, Adobe are three of his biggest clients yet his award-winning photographs have been featured in countless publications like Port Magazine, The Great Wide OpenRead more

Self-Contained Wooden Shell with a Cantilevered Form in Mount Kanin

Anton Giuroiu / January 3, 2017

Resilience was the attribute pursued in the design of the tiny self-contained wooden shell that follows. Extreme weather conditions on an exposed mountain site in a cantilevered volume is the extraordinary effort of multiple structural engineers. The small cabin contains glass and aluminium panels as well as cross-laminated timber, the mixture of elements develops overRead more

Aires Mateus Redefines a House in Portugal With White

Anton Giuroiu / January 3, 2017

Portuguese architecture practice entitled Aires Mateus successfully transformed an old abandoned building in the historic center of Alcobaça, Portugal. The establishment enjoys views over the river Baça; the spectacular results are all pure-white over three floors that extend with lateral structures on the first level to clad a concealed-walled garden bathing in white. The access is done throughRead more

Family of Snowboarders Enjoys A-Frame Mountainside Cabin by Scott & Scott

Anton Giuroiu / December 16, 2016

A well established format for mountainside cabin is the A-frame format and the Canadian based practice Scott and Scott recently reinterpreted the well known shape to disguise a wonderful retreat between neighboring 1970s chalets. The weekend retreat is now home for a family of snowboarders, the property resides near Vancouver. A sloping rock site shelters the residenceRead more

Following The Landscape – Casa na Galeria by Camarim Arquitectos

Codreanu Andreea / October 31, 2016

In 2014  Camarim Arquitectos have designed Casa na Galeria, a private residence located in Gateira, Portugal.The main concept of the house was developed based on the natural landscape: terraced hills, vineyards, olive trees and the impressive presence of the southern tip of Serra da Estrela. The house has been featured with natural heating and cooling systems for a reducedRead more

The Rosenberry Residence by Arch-Fabg

Codreanu Andreea / October 30, 2016

The Rosenberry Residence has been created by the architects at Arch-Fabg as a family retreat in Sutton in the Eastern Townships region of Canada. The home is surrounded by a small forest, offering privacy as well as beautiful natural landscape for the expansive views inserted into the construction’s concept. A podium has been constructed to support the home, including theRead more

The Nook Residence by MU Architecture

Codreanu Andreea / October 30, 2016

The Canadian wild land hides multiple gems and The Nook Residence by MU Architecture is one that stands out through simplicity and beauty. Positioned in a quiet zone of the Eastern Townships in Quebec, the home has placed itself towards the vast wonderful landscape, offering the street a blind facade that intrigues and offers protection at theRead more

A Pop Of Color In The Forest – The Red House by JVA

Codreanu Andreea / October 30, 2016

Jarmund/Vigsnæs Architects (JVA) have taken a wonderful serene and rather wild natural landscape in a river valley situated right outside of Oslo and inserted a bright concentration of red hue into the form of a Red House.The small settlement has been positioned perpendicularly to the river bank in order to take advantage of the natural slopeRead more