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Make Your Own Creative DIY Christmas Cards This Winter

Codreanu Andreea / October 8, 2016

Thinking about Christmas this early in the year might seem over the top and useless but we cannot help ourselves but dream about the glorious magic this holiday conveys.Family gathering around the fireplace, drinking hot coco and sharing stories, the delicious smell of home made cookies and the beuatiful delicacy of the Christmas tree colorfulRead more

15 DIY Projects On How To Transform Glass

Codreanu Andreea / October 4, 2016

Every designer will advice you to choose neutrals when it comes to your home’s design foundation: white or beige walls, taupe furniture pieces, simple flooring, a white perfect dinner set and glasses appropriate for all types of drinks. From this base you can start building up your home, adding personal touches, colorful accents and textures.Read more

Start The DIY Christmas Gifts Process Early

Codreanu Andreea / October 3, 2016

In the creative world, there is no right time for crafting, each day should be infused with imaginary processes and unique ideas that open up new horizons and new opportunities.When autumn really kicks in we usually drift away into thinking about the upcoming winter holidays, filled with joy, coziness and warmth. Have you considered creatingRead more

Ideas on How To Add Wood Slice Decorations For A Cozier Home

Codreanu Andreea / September 29, 2016

We find ourselves yet again in full autumn season, surrounded by pumpkin spice and everything nice, enjoying the fresh slightly cold brisk air, the color abundance of the falling leaves, the smell of bakes apple and cinnamon. Creativity is in full alert, running free and wild and putting us to the test with each idea,Read more

Learn How To Wrap A Gift Properly

Codreanu Andreea / September 26, 2016

The art of wrapping a gift is usually overlooked, undermined by the actual content of the wrapped box. Getting to a certain level of perfected skill when it comes to how to wrap a gift takes some practice and imagination but when tackled, it becomes a fun, creative activity that adds up to the giftRead more

23 Spectacularly Cozy Wooden Crafts That You`ll Adore

Anton Giuroiu / September 23, 2016

Creative enthusiasts have proven repeatedly that wooden crafts require no introduction regardless of type, materials used, time invested in the craft itself; they`re all simply exceptional and wood, like nothing else, is expressive and warmth in every context, it sculpts with its noble and elegant stance whilst remaining discrete, subdued in his scenery. To emphasizeRead more

21 Creative 2x4s Building Projects To Try

Codreanu Andreea / September 20, 2016

Every single one of us has used at least once in hid life 2x4s. Cheap and sturdy, the lumber can be composed into multiple creative crafts and projects for the entire house from the most beuatiful modern coffee table that uses the pieces in their natural form to rustic looking console tables, sofas for theRead more

37 Deep Cleaning Tricks And Ideas For The Entire House

Codreanu Andreea / September 20, 2016

Be it spring or autumn, there is never a good time for deep cleaning, yet it is a process we all must undertake for a healthier, safer environment to live in. Offering attention to certain areas is important, insisting on the bathroom and kitchen areas as well as properly dusting and cleaning linens and allRead more

Fall Crafts To Make Your Home More Cozy

Codreanu Andreea / September 18, 2016

Fall is such a creative season, filled with promise and possibilities.Even though the end of summer nights will be missed by most of us, cozening up with a fluffy blanket whilst sipping on a hot cup of cocoa during a rainy evening is the perfect recipe for peace and relaxation. Infuse the autumn spirit intoRead more

Create Smart Storage Solutions For Your Home

Codreanu Andreea / September 17, 2016

Finding proper storage space for all the items one tends to gather around the house can prove to be very difficult and time consuming, leading to unwanted clutter and dust.On the other hand, creativity is definitely stimulated when it comes to finding smart easy solutions for small, uncommon spaces. You can put your personal touchRead more

35 Cute Easy Sewing Projects For The Entire Family

Codreanu Andreea / September 8, 2016

Sewing is an art with a long complex history but its beauty and simplicity has been forgotten and its place taken over by mass-produced items. Nonetheless, there is something pure and wonderful in taking pieces of fabric, a needle and thread and creating almost anything your imagination and dexterity allows you to.  The  actual processRead more