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38 Living Room Ideas For Your Home Decor

Marva George-Sampson / September 25, 2015

Wondering how to decorate your living room just in time for the new year? Well here are 38 do it yourself living room decor ideas for you to choose from. #1 Connecticut farmhouse with soft neutral colors to add to this living room decor Source: #2 celebrity country superstar Ronnie Dunn’s barn style livingRead more

Top 18 Dreamy Shabby Chic Living Room Designs

Codreanu Andreea / September 9, 2015

Washed up wood, white decors, freshly cut flowers and bright accents add glamour and charm to the shabby chic living room designs. A mix of different elements all brought together into an unique fresh cozy ambiance that represents a laid back unpretentious lifestyle. Comfortable but bright and elegant at the same time, a shabby chicRead more

Add Warmth And Coziness To Your Home With Exposed Brick Walls

Codreanu Andreea / July 30, 2015

Textures and materials are the ones that add complexity to our homes, creating contrasts and backgrounds for our wonderful furniture pieces and works of art.Today we are talking about the traditional exposed brick walls which have gained an immense popularity in the industrial design style, a memory of old factories and warehouses.. Although the brick wall isRead more

Dress Up Your Home In Elegant Scandinavian Style

Codreanu Andreea / July 29, 2015

As much as I would love modern minimalist design lines for their incredible simplicity and powerful antithetical effects, my heart will always go to the Scandinavian style, elegant, comfortable, cozy and warm. You might find the white grey Scandinavian combinations a little bit impersonal, but in fact they lay the foundation for any color preference, anyRead more

Bold Design in Residencia A.B. by Andrade Morettin Arquitetos Associados in Brazil

Bold Design in Residencia A.B. by Andrade Morettin Arquitetos Associados in Brazil
Anton Giuroiu / September 11, 2014

Dream homes with bold design are quite popular here on Homesthetics and today Residencia A.B. materialized in São Paulo, Brazil becomes part of our collection. The home is shattering through simplicity and extraordinary proportions. All these are immortalized magnificently in the architecture model showcased below: every line is counter balanced or completed by another, every single pierceRead more

Black and White Comfortable Stylish Swedish Home

Confortable Stylish Swedish Home
Codreanu Andreea / August 23, 2014

The classical Swedish home is an harmonious combination of white wooden textured elements, black ad white furniture pieces, some colorful bold accents and an overall cozy atmosphere near a burning fireplace. The warmth and freshness of a Swedish decor is definitive  for the Scandinavian interior design style and reflects an open, receptive personality. A mixture ofRead more