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Backyard Landscaping Design Ideas-Charming Cottages and Sheds

Backyard Landscaping Design Ideas-Charming Cottages and Sheds
Profir Bogdan / May 23, 2014

Of all the backyard landscaping features, charming cottages and small sheds are probably the best way of extending your home. Who wouldn’t prefer working on a laptop, playing music or perhaps cooking in a small cozy space in the middle of the garden? It’s the best way of taking advantage of the wonderful natural environment inRead more

Natural Swimming Pools by Biotop-The New Eco Trend

extraordinary green vegetation Natural-Swimming-Pools-by-Biotop-The-New-Eco-Trend
Codreanu Andreea / May 1, 2014

Everyday we hear and see topics regarding environmental issues and ecology and sustainability. So it was only natural to apply the green, eco principles to our swimming pools as well. It has been known for a while that the chlorine used in swimming pools to disinfect the water has negative harmful effects to our skinRead more

One Coffee Table Book Reveals New York City’s Breathtaking Elaborate Rooftop Gardens

breathtaking sky garden and patio as alternative to backyard ladnscaping One-Coffee-Table-Book-Reveals-New-York-City’s-Breathtaking-Elaborate-Roftop-Gardens-Rooftop
Anton Giuroiu / February 23, 2014

Today we are going to confess something, we are obsessed with green spaces, we spend our time drooling over Japanese gardens and breathtaking green walls, you have probably noticed already after all the backyard landscaping ideas and sustainable projects featured on Homesthetics. Today`s article does not quite fit in the backyard landscaping series but isRead more