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10 Extraordinary Spectacular High-Tech Kitchen Gadgets For Every Cutting-Edge Kitchen

10 Extraordinary Spectacular High Tech Kitchen Gadgets For Every Cutting Edge Kitchen

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With 2015 just 6 days away from us it is time reflect upon 2014 with all its good and bad. New year`s resolution are being made, new plans and dreams are being born. Here at Homesthetics we’ve dreamt in our special way with a list of extraordinary gadgets and items that have impressed so far, the following high-tech kitchen gadgets should exist in every cutting-edge kitchen, all or any of these will greatly enhance the practicality of your own kitchen.

1. The Egg Minder

It is awful to find out that an egg is not good anymore the hard way. From time to time with the egg minder you can find out how old your eggs and how many days you have left to use them. At the grocery store the egg minder will also make things far easier. Along with a complementary application you can receive a push notification when it is time replenish your egg supply.

Price: $49.99

Photo Courtesy QUIRKY

  10 Extraordinary Spectacular High-Tech Gadgets For Every Cutting-Edge Kitchen

2. Next Gen Prep Pad

Food scales are often not enough to make a change in our lifestyle, mainly because they`re not designed to do such a thing. The prep pad though attempts to be much more than a food scale, it adds some small scale features, a nutritional guide and a dietician while maintaining to call out the nutritional content of everything that would sit on top of it.

By using an Ipad or Iphone app you can specify the nature of the items weighted through a barcode or manual and you will receive dietary information in return, calories, proteins fats and carbs.


Photo Courtesy THE ORANGE CHEF

3. Blendtec Designer 700

For some of us the blender is not a top priority gadget in our homes, especially if we were to name a list of “high-tech kitchen gadgets”. Blendtec`s appliance rewrite boundaries though, pushing them in an extraordinary manner with the Blendtec Designer 700, the latest model in line that englobes a whopping 1700 watt motor, six preprogrammed options and a very efficient touchscreen interface that will definitely match your blending needs.

Price: $749


4. The Exceptional Belkin Crock-Pot WeMo Slow Cooker

A high tech kitchen should help you save time and make things easier upfront. The Crock Pot meals are something quite memorable in the kitchen as the WeMo Enabled Slow Cooker Can be controlled and set up with your smartphone, you can turn the chicken chili on from anywhere, you can turn them on when you leave work and find the dinner all ready when you get home. The temperature can be adjusted, you can alter cooking time and even receive reminders .stuck with raw chicken again.

Price: $99.99


5. GE Brillion App

Cooking on the run is now a clear option for busy individuals that simply do not have enough time. GE Brillion app has been designed to work with several GE Profiles wall ovens to remotely control it, turn it on, preheating while you are driving from work, change the temperature and even checking meat probe settings. The application will of course notify you when the meal is ready as well.

Price: Depends on Oven Model

6. Gorgeous simplehuman Sensor Can

With a simple wave you can magically open up the can and completely forget about latches or foot pedals. The gorgeous piece is fingerprint proof even though you have no reason to touch it. You’ve probably never expected to read such a phrase but all you can do is use it and admire it in all its splendour, it is after all, a beautiful garbage container.

Price: $200+

7. Wireless Geneva Sound System

Life without music would be simply dull for most of us. In the kitchen, more than anywhere probably, we feel the need to animate our actions through musical notes and celebrate the cutting of an union with a piece by Bach. It is superb. We all know by now that wireless Bluetooth speakers are far more convenient than wired ones, offering freedom in movement; if on convenience we add sound quality and beautiful design, we need nothing else.  The Model S Speaker from Geneva Sound Systems can be synced with a smartphone, tablet or laptop via Bluetooth, it is compact, elegant and beautiful in any kitchen decor.

Price: $299.95


8. Smart AwoX StriimLIGHT

For some of us this might sound odd but you can actually use appliances for both music and light at the same time by using AwoX StriimLIGHT. It is odd indeed yet highly efficient energy saving LED bulbs with built in bluetooth speaker are quite cutting edge. These will enhance space saving and aesthetic values while enhancing functionality in ensemble. Music can nestle along with light on your kitchen counter without any extra appliances or cords while saving energy ! The Smart bulbs can be also remotely controlled to a remote that will control both music and light.

Price: $99


9. IPad LaunchPort

One great place in which the IPad resides is the kitchen. Some might call it essential for a tech gadget kitchen. The LaunchPort comes in to support that statement by giving the IPad a magnetic base stand or even wall mount if needed. Moreover the LaunchPort includes inductive charging, making you forget everything about cords in your cooking.

Price: Unknown


10. Sony Xperia Tablet Z: Kitchen Edition

The Z Series Xperia from Sony are an exceptional products. From Z3 to Xperia Tablet Z the items are waterproof,  Xperia Tablet being specifically designed for kitchen used being ready to face any challenges it might get exposed to. Forget the risk of spilling, dropping food or messy hands, your high end gadget is ready to face them all. The tablet can be submerged under water for 30 minutes and still work. That`s kitchen material!

Price: $549


Concept Bonus Whirlpool Interactive Cooktop

The Whirlpool Interactive Cooktop is something quite unique yet sadly at CES 2014 it has been displayed only as a concept. A functional concept that really got the crowd stunned with its creativity, ben a complete game changer in the high tech gadget kitchen industry. On the touchscreen surface you can cook, access recipes, social media or email with easy, combining multiple functionalities and showcasing extraordinary limitless possibilities on what innovation in this segment means.

What do you think about our list of high-tech kitchen gadgets? We would love to add yours to the list.

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