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10 Spectacular Bathroom Design Innovations Unraveled at BIS 2014

attic bathroom design 10 Spectacular Bathroom Design Innovations Unraveled at BIS 2014

Your own bathroom is the only room in the house that sends your problems away, relaxes and invigorates you. Your bathroom should get a lot of attention and the design should be as fresh and up to date as possible. These updates that bathrooms receive from time to time are the result of a strong competition in this design field, every professional trying to remodel or reinvent experiences, such experiences have been revamped  at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Las Vegas,  Nevada,  where beautiful and cool gadgets have animated cool bathrooms, making a statement for the design evolution. Further on we will present you ten “innovations” of this year that we`ve considered relevant, you may use these in your own bathroom or pass them along to enthusiasts.

beautiful scuptural sink 10 Spectacular Bathroom Design Innovations Unraveled at BIS 2014
Image via: Kohler Faucets

1. Innovative Applications using Traditional Materials

Theoretically we can relax  and soothe our selves in our bathroom regardless of the room apparel but we all now that showcasing high end beautiful finishes in it is the way to go.These days with the evolution of materials there is definitely a movement into returning to traditional materials as wood, rock, seashells and other organic sinks whilst maintaining the high end product design thanks to professional tools today. Some examples would be Kohler Faucets above, countertops, backsplashes and many others.

simple bathroom design 10 Spectacular Bathroom Design Innovations Unraveled at BIS 2014
Image via: Kohler Faucets

2. Water Saving and Conservation Technology in High End Designs

More and more these days sustainability principles are becoming core objectives in the development of an item. One of the most important space in which we can save a piece of the planet is our home, mainly our kitchen and bathroom were a lot of water is thrown away by millions of people . At KBIS this year the water conservation in the bathroom has been a rather important topic, a fashionable design can easily englobe sustainable features. For exemple Toto toilets, a firm which has always used cutting edge technology in their designs along with innovative concepts, has presented a toilet seat which uses a low flow toilet and disinfects the seat in your bathroom automatically. While we are on this topic we also invite you to throw a look on this article 10 Spectacular Bathroom Design Innovations Unraveled at BIS 2014 “The bath space consumes the most water in the home. In fact, toilets alone account for nearly 30 percent of indoor water consumption. Therefore, the toilet represents one of the greatest opportunities to decrease water consumption in the home. This can also be said of restrooms in many types of commercial buildings. With the right high efficiency fixtures and fittings, saving water becomes second nature.” – Toto Toilets

3. New High End Finishes Targeting International Markets

Today you materialize absolutely any design style, to each style existing a variety of finishes and colors that you can easily use. A new combination that`s more apparent these days is gold and brass, a successful comeback into the bathroom finishes. !!!!! A multitude of middle eastern countries are expressing admiration for gold finished wild western countries would prefer a matte chrome and oil bronzed finishes instead. These finishing can be applied to anything from plumbing fixtures to shower controls, lighting fixtures and even ceramic tile, they give a rather imperial luxurious look. There is no general finish in the bathroom industry and I don`t think there will ever be, but the bathroom designs are definitely taking steps from the all white design, adding different colors and textures and animating this sanctuary really differently today.

attic bathroom design 10 Spectacular Bathroom Design Innovations Unraveled at BIS 2014
Image via: Brizo

4.Creative Faucets and Innovative Materials to Emphasize the Living Quality 

Creative faucets are definitely enhancing the bathroom design and improve the overall design; it is the design object that we use more then ever so having a good feel about it is rather important. The exposition presented a big variety of materials, from hand held faucets that would grace the freestanding tub up to deck mounted sinks that would include different features. A few years ago the kitchen was really important for the designers and producers of faucets but today more then ever the design line for bathrooms are getting more and more powerful .

5. Cabinetry Handles in Fashionable Clothes

Cabinetry has overcome the moment when the handles and pulls had only a strictly  functional  use, today you can chose from thousands of models in all design styles and finishes. At KBIS the designers militated for the importance of a complete design line that would not be just functional and practical. Handles are now wearing all kind of textures, patterns, colors and even jewels for the most pretentious ones. The materials are innovative as well, concrete nobs have surprised us with a beautiful breathtaking apparel and simplicity, today because you have thousands of choices for each component it`s even harder to find the perfect mix.

superb door handles 10 Spectacular Bathroom Design Innovations Unraveled at BIS 2014
Image via: Top Knobs

6. New Creative Amenities in Organized Bathrooms

Every home shelters amenities meant to satisfy the inhabitants needs only, optional features and assets on a design being quite pricey. At the expo  more and more designers presented creative amenities to help a multitude of users. For example many bathroom cabinetry had the option of serving different functions like personal styling aids along with toiletries or cosmetics, multy use furniture becoming more and more popular. Illuminated LED interiors and automated bathroom cabinets that would open or close with just a finger tip touch and many other features meant to satisfy the needs of every user and to make our bathrooms as futuristic and modern as possible whilst keeping the relaxing environment.

7. Metallic Finishes and Vanities Have Conquered the Future 

Metallic finishes have always been present in our home but today they are taking slow and steady steps to the front seats. They`re more popular each day, especially in bathrooms and kitchens, for example artisan crafts, unique items are seen as vanity items: the hammered sink details bellow are breathtaking, reflecting light in spectacular way and offering its owner a sense of richness and decadence.


10 Spectacular Bathroom Design Innovations Unraveled at BIS 2014 homesthetics (1)


8. Vanity sinks that feel organic in nature

We have always considered ceramic and porcelain as the only materials when it comes to vanity sinks but now the future is oriented towards organic materials like wood, resin or even concrete, materials which manufacturers try to give a more natural, nature-like look.This years exhibit have chosen bamboo, walnut, teak to use as natural and faux finishes. But whilst wood can be expensive and difficult to maintain, ceramic tiles meant to resemble wood finishes are also popular and can offer a cheaper, more resistant alternative.

10 Spectacular Bathroom Design Innovations Unraveled at BIS 20149. Shower controls are more sleek and modern than ever before

Got tired of the same rain shower head design? Manufacturers think so, therefore at this year’s KBIS the variety of exhibits was vast and gorgeous. Including different options of control and high end luxurious details, these rain shower head are meant to complete the picture of a spa bathroom everyone dreams of.

breathtaking 10 Spectacular Bathroom Design Innovations Unraveled at BIS 2014

10. There is no limit to imagination of bath manufacturers

This years’ KBIS has proven the ever changing industry of bathroom appliances and finishes and the manufacturers’ ambition to improve and innovate this field. The ecological aspect has set a standard as well, offering besides style and beauty another criteria to focus on. Needless to say this years innovations will improve the new architectural designs and will raise the bar in bathroom appliances and finishes.


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