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11 Tricks On How To Revamp Your Bathroom ASAP

20 Ideas On How To Revamp Your Bathroom ASAP

The bathroom has usually been the most neglected part of our homes. But no more! In today’s society when everyone is extremely stressed every day we deserve to pamper ourselves and relax in a cozy, serene atmosphere that will wash all of our daily problems away.
Bathroom hacks and tricks come in your aid to transform that tiny or old boring dusty bathroom into a glamorous one where anyone will feel in paradise.Usually the bathroom is one of the most expensive rooms in home to decorate and design. But you can do wonders with just some simple ideas that will really make a difference in the overall ensemble. We have gathered 11 Tricks On How To Revamp Your Bathroom ASAP which we found useful. The ideas work best together but if you are on a limited budget,any of the bathroom hacks from the list below can change the way your relaxation spot looks like.

1. The statement wall

Your bathroom can be a place for experiments so be bold and add bright colors to your walls. We are talking here about tiles or waterproof wallpaper. Either choice should make  a statement, but keep it just to one wall, the most important one in your opinion in order to not overwhelm the room. You can choose to go with an all black and white color scheme as well which will exude elegance and glamour every time.








bathroom hacks

2. Bathroom lighting

Lighting is of the most importance in any interior design. It can create any atmosphere you like from a bright, cold sterile one to a dim relaxing romantic state of mind. Its appeal is also important so try to follow an overall theme to the design ensemble like a floral fresh one or  a nautical theme with rope lighting appliances.

bathroom hacks-homesthetics (23)


bathroom hacks-homesthetics (6)

3. Shower curtains

We are not really fans of shower curtains but we can’t deny their practicality. So if you really need one in your bathroom, try picking one with a certain pattern and texture that is not overcrowded but does not look like a hospital one either. Keep things fresh and elegant in every detail you choose.

bathroom hacks

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4. Storage storage storage

When you first design a bathroom you do not usually think about storage. I mean, how much room do you actually need in a bathroom right? Well, quite a lot. Shower gels, shampoo, soap, toilet paper, towels, creams, blow-drier, perfumes and the list goes on and on and on. So if you are thinking about redesigning your bathroom, think about storage as well, Hidden drawers, shelves built over the door or wicker baskets which look so elegant are great options to improve your storage space.

Bathroom hacks

Bathroom hacks Bathroom hacks

bathroom hacks


bathroom hacks

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10 Tricks On How To Revamp Your Bathroom ASAP-homesthetics (7)

5. Rugs

The rug is one of the first things you see when you enter a room. So choose wisely and go for a nautical blue and white and red striped one or for a rope rug which will go well with any design scheme. Going neutral is the best choice because you cna keep it for a longer time and it can work well with whichever color scheme or bathroom furniture you might change over time.

10 Tricks On How To Revamp Your Bathroom ASAP-homesthetics (15)

10 Tricks On How To Revamp Your Bathroom ASAP-homesthetics (14)

6. Towels

Towels can make a change as well and brighten up the room or classy it up in other cases.So don’t overlook their role in the bathroom and choose quality fabrics with harmonious patterns and textures that  go with that serene atmosphere you are trying to achieve.

bathroom hacks

bathroom hacks

7. Mirrors

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Well, a mirror can dramatically improve any bathroom design. First of all, it creates the illusion of a larger room. Secondly, mirror exude a certain elegance which, with the right mirror frame, can transform your bathroom from boring to glamorous. You can even get creative and make our own mirror frames out of studs or wooden pallets. Be creative!

bathroom hacks

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8. Candles

When it comes to relaxation, the first thing that comes to mind is the warm romantic light of a candle. Associated with romance and serenity, candles should definitely be present in the bathroom in order to help you achieve that calm state of mind you are searching for. Choose aromatherapy candles with floral scents for  a fresh touch.

10 Tricks On How To Revamp Your Bathroom ASAP-homesthetics (20)

10 Tricks On How To Revamp Your Bathroom ASAP-homesthetics (18)


9. Flowers

And because we are talking about freshness, add flowers to every room of your house, including the bathroom. It will lift up the atmosphere and bring everything back to life. Not to mention how luxurious a crystal vase look on a marble counter top!

bathroom_flowers Bathroom hacks images (3)

10. Accessories

Accessories are in the end the ones that can really change everything in a room. Every small detail completes the design scheme: glass jars with perfumed soaps, perfumes and fragrances or simply decorative items like a glass bowl with rope and shells to go with the nautical theme.


10 Tricks On How To Revamp Your Bathroom ASAP-homesthetics (3)

Bathroom hacks

11. Colorful tubs

The last hack is a dramatic one. By changing the bathtub with one that has legs you will evoke past times when bathing was a ritual. try choosing a colorful one which will really stand out in your bathroom and will be the center piece of the room.


Bathroom hacks


So, what do you think about this bathroom revamp ideas? Are they useful? Which one is the most appealing to you? We would love to hear your opinions in the comment section below.

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Elli Winter

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