17 Best Smart Kitchen Gadgets for Epic Culinary Experiences

Best Smart Kitchen Gadgets

A high-tech kitchen is helpful for both beginners and experienced chefs.

However, using technology while making food in the kitchen isn’t something everyone is keen on. And rightly so, since many products are often just mere gimmicks and don’t really provide any actual service. But don’t let those get you down since there are some useful gadgets that can save your time and effort.

So, can smart gadgets replace the age-old traditional method of doing everything by hand? To some extent, yes, because certain tasks in the kitchen don’t require a lot of supervision; thus, an electronic device can easily deal with those.

In addition to that, humans have limited stamina, whereas machines can be recharged fairly easily. Thus, they can help with the general upkeep of your kitchen and significantly reduce the workload.

But what are the best smart kitchen gadgets that you can buy? Read on to know our pick of some excellent options available in the market!

Best Smart Kitchen Gadgets 

spiralizing courgette raw vegetable with spiralizer

1. Mr.Coffee Smart Wifi-Enabled Coffee Maker

Coffee makers have advanced over the years, and how! No more clunky controls or running out of milk in the middle of a brew because this smart coffee maker from Mr. Coffee makes coffee-brewing a seamless experience.

First off, it allows a person to start brewing coffee irrespective of their location. It has a WeMo smartphone app that lets you schedule a cup of coffee from anywhere, as long as the coffee maker is powered on. In addition to that, you can give directions to the machine using the app. This makes the entire process faster and easier.

Moving on, our favorite thing about this coffee maker has to be the in-built alert system. In case you’re missing some essential ingredients, the machine sends an alert via the app, reminding you to restock.

Although we’d like for a machine to be able to load all the ingredients in itself too, that level of technology has unfortunately not been reached yet. Until that day comes, this coffee maker shall reign supreme!

2. Anova Precision Cooker

Next on our list is this unique precision cooker for making food, sous vide style. Sous vide cooking is a distinctive method that comprises of taking raw food and then shutting it tightly inside a water-tight and airtight plastic container.

Once that is done, the container is put into hot water, and the precise temperature of the water can be moderated using external controls. This way, the food gets cooked just the way one wants it, and thus, under-cooking and over-cooking are avoided.

To use the cooker, simply fill ice and water into any pot, and then attach this device to its side. Thereafter, you must put the to-be-cooked food inside a freezer bag and ensure that no gaps or air bubbles exist. After that, put the bag inside the pot and make sure that it is fully submerged.

Possibly the thing we like most about this cooker is that it can be used from any location and with any electronic device. All it needs is the mobile app and a functioning Wi-Fi connection.

To conclude, this cooker is great for people who aren’t proficient cooks and need some technological help.

3. Pantelligent Intelligent Frying Pan

Coming up next is this smart frying pan that helps you through all the steps involved in making a meal. It is essentially a virtual chef and even tells you when to add certain ingredients to the dish or stir it.

In addition to the above, the pan comes with an app that must be installed. It also has a whole collection of delicious meal recipes that you can use based on your level of skill.

Now, let’s move on and take a look at some of the best features of this pan. Firstly, it has a handy autopilot mode, which saves you the trouble of having to change the temperature of the pan. As a result, the only thing you’ll need to focus on is stirring the food and flipping it over.

Another feature that we can’t stop raving about is the embedded sensor that adjusts the cooking time and keeps measuring the surface temperature of the pan. However, keep in mind that the accessories needed to run the pan on autopilot cost an additional $100 and do not come with the pan.

4. Brita Smart Water Filter

Are you forgetful and need constant reminders to clean or change your water filter? If yes, then the Brita smart water filter is for you. The Brita will keep track of the frequency with which you’re using your filter and suggest replacements accordingly.

In addition, perhaps its most impressive feature is its ability to automatically order a replacement filter via Amazon Dash. Talk about an independent filter that needs no man!

5. iRobot Braava Jet 240 Mopping Robot

The next product on our list is a blessing for anyone who has no time to clean their kitchen meticulously and those who have a bad back. This robotic cleaner can sweep and mop hardwood kitchen floors, as well as the floors of other small spaces like bathrooms.

Since kitchens and bathrooms can get quite grimy, a thorough cleaning is required from time to time. Getting this cleaner will literally take a load off your back since you won’t have to bend down and scrub the floors anymore.

The best part of this cleaner is that it can reach into corners that are usually difficult to access, such as under shelves and where the wall meets the floor. Moreover, it won’t damage the furniture, rugs, or walls, and it can be used repeatedly without losing its effectiveness.

6. Hiku: The Shopping Button

This handy little device can help you compile a shopping list, so you never miss out on any essential item. When you run out or are about to run out of some item, simply scan its barcode, and the Hiku will add it to the list.

In case the item doesn’t have a barcode, the Hiku will add it using voice recognition. Once you’ve successfully added the items to the list, they get synced to the phone app of the device. What’s more, the Hiku also allows you to make multiple lists for different categories of items and stores.

Our favorite thing about this diminutive device is its ability to retain an endless list of items, ensuring that a trip to the supermarket doesn’t miss anything out.

7. Escali Primo Food Scale

A digital food scale is something that you’ll appreciate when you finally get one! Once you begin using it, it’ll become an integral part of your baking, fermenting, and cooking processes. Its most significant characteristic is that it can accurately measure the quantities needed for a recipe, and thus, makes one a better cook.

In addition to that, the Escali Primo food scale is able to accurately determine the exact quantity of ingredients required and is durable and tough. Furthermore, it’s pretty affordable and won’t dent your finances should you choose to buy it!

8. ThermoWorks ThermoPop Food Thermometer

Have you ever been a victim of food poisoning because the food was, unfortunately, undercooked? For beginners struggling to make food, recipes requiring a very precise temperature to cook properly are difficult. Here is where this food thermometer comes in.

The ThermoPop food thermometer can record the temperature of the food in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, giving it universal applicability. In addition to that, it’s also incredibly easy to use and spot-on each time.

The best part about this thermometer is probably the clip that is present in the sheath of the probe. This is because it allows one to carry the device without needing to trundle through the kitchen to find it!

9. Google Nest Hub

Do you miss the feel of having a radio playing old country tunes in the kitchen? Or perhaps you’re nostalgic about the time when TVs were a common fixture in there too? Giving a modern spin to kitchen technology is the Google Nest Hub, which takes up less space and performs a wide variety of tasks.

So, not only can it play your music through its strong speakers while you work, but this Google assistant can also help out with a bunch of kitchen tasks. For instance, you can set a timer on it. You can also watch videos of recipes and cooking methods on the device’s 7-inch screen.

And the best part is that it’s available for less than $100, so it won’t break the bank!

10. Amazon Echo Dot

The Amazon Echo Dot is one of the newer models of the Amazon Echo, and it is small yet packs a big punch. You can plug it up in the kitchen and play music from Spotify, as well as other music apps. In addition to that, you can ask Alexa questions like, “What is a good recipe for chili?” and she will respond with a top recipe from Google.

According to us, the highlight of this device is the way it seamlessly links to Amazon Fresh and Amazon Pantry. You can let Alexa know about the grocery items you’re running low on, and Alexa will automatically place an order through Amazon. What’s more, it can even remember your choices from previous orders so that you needn’t tell Alexa the brand names repeatedly.

11. Simplehuman Touch-Free Soap Dispenser

Cleanliness is the hallmark of art, and good food is no less than art! So, to ensure that you maintain the highest levels of hygiene while in the kitchen, consider giving this touch-free soap dispenser a go.

Any time you handle meat, your hands are exposed to salmonella, which can be potentially harmful if ingested. Thus, cleaning up after you wash, cook, or marinate meat becomes very important. However, grabbing the soap bottle with your hand is sure to get some pathogens on the bottle.

This soap dispenser requires no physical contact and uses a motion-activated sensor to dispense soap directly into your hands. This way, the odds of contaminating the kitchen and other people are minimal, and that’s why we love this device!

12. AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Garden

Herbs add a unique flavor to food, and they’re freely available, which is why they’re a staple ingredient in many dishes. But you might have noticed that most dishes end up using a very small quantity of herbs.

Thus, when fresh herbs are picked up for use, most of them go to waste since a paltry amount is actually utilized. But with the AeroGarden Harvest, you can avoid this wastage of both food and money and grow your own herbs. This way, you can pick out only as much as you need.

In addition to that, you’ll also have a year-round supply of greens and herbs that are ready to use and even water themselves. What’s more, the device has handy seed pods, as well as a useful LED light array.

13. Chefman Vegetable Slicer 6-In-1 Food Prep Combo Kit

Being clumsy in the kitchen is a potential recipe for disaster, which is why we stay away from chopping vegetables. If you’re a klutz like us, then you can consider this six-in-one vegetable chopper and slicer, which will also grate, puree, and ribbon the veggies.

The best part about this device is the 300-watt powerful yet noiseless motor that will cut your vegetables to perfection. We also liked how incredibly easy the device was to clean.

Lastly, this kit is CETL certified and employs the latest technology to ensure that the device is safe and long-lasting. Hence, once the vegetable-slicing ordeal becomes easier and safer, we’re sure your health will go up along with your vegetable consumption!

14. Kullipon Gravity Electric Salt And Pepper Grinder

We could’ve never envisioned electric salt and pepper grinders a few years ago, yet here we are now. These grinders are battery-powered and come equipped with an ultra-cool LED light that’s blue in color.

In addition to that, the quality of this device is top-notch, and the ceramic mill grinders are diamond-like in appearance and texture. They help prevent jams and blockages within the grinder and also prevent them from corroding and rusting.

Moving on, they’ve also got something they call “baby-skin” coating, which is an excellent feature for those of us with butterfingers. This coating makes the grip stronger and the grinder less susceptible to falling.

However, our favorite thing about these grinders has to be that the coarseness and texture of the salt, pepper, or other spice, can be changed according to one’s wishes. 

Still contemplating whether you should give this a try? Just envision the sight of some cheesy pasta with freshly ground pepper and let that thought guide you!

15. Somabar Robotic Bartender

Do you like to drink fancy cocktails but can’t seem to master making them? This robotic bartender will solve that problem for you and can pour drinks and mix them simply with the press of a button.

It’s pretty fast-acting and takes just 5 seconds to whip up a drink. What’s more, the Soma Pods can handle up to six different types of alcohol, so feel free to mix and match.

However, our favorite thing about this product is the many drink recipes that the app can help you find, based on the alcohol loaded into the machine. And lastly, considering its impressive functions, this product is available at a great price.

Do keep in mind that this robotic bartender requires pre-ordering and can be bought from the brand website.

16. Cinder Precision Griddle

As we previously mentioned, a sous vide meal is one that’s made using raw food, which is then exposed to controlled heat. However, this griddle allows for making food sous vide style, albeit without the trouble of having to use water bags.

Firstly, it is able to adjust the temperature of the device and the timer according to the desired cooking method. So, for instance, if you want to make steak well-done, medium-rare, rare, etc., you can adjust the controls accordingly.

According to us, the highlight of this device is its ability to sear the steak once the cooking cycle has ended. This makes the steak crispy and delicious, giving it that fresh-off-the-grill feel.

17. ThermoWorks TimeStick Trio

If you’ve graduated from being a novice at cooking to a full-blown expert, then using a simple voice assistant to time yourself might not be sufficient. This is where the ThermoWorks TimeStick Trio steps in and makes sure that your cakes are baked to perfection and your steaks are done just right.

We know it might look a little weird and off-beat, wearing it around your neck. But once you begin using it, the top-notch preparation of your food will negate everything else.

Best Smart Kitchen Gadgets Frequently Asked Questions

What Kitchen Gadgets Should I Start Out With ?

If you’re fairly new to using technology in the kitchen, then we suggest you take things slow and get some basic devices first. Instead of straight-away jumping to a Sous Vide cooker, start small and get an automated coffee maker first or a rice cooker. Or maybe even the 6-in-1 slicer.

Jumping the gun and getting something too complicated right away might put you off technology forever. Apart from that, you may end up paying a fortune for it, so it would be sad if that money gets wasted.

What Are The Best Kitchen Gadgets For Gifting Purposes ?

A good gift depends a lot on the person receiving it, so if you’re looking to gift someone a gadget, make sure that they will make use of it. Our personal favorites for gifting purposes are the Amazon Echo Dot and the Mr. Coffee electric coffee maker.

The Amazon Echo Dot is a versatile device that can be easily used outside the kitchen, too; thus, it will probably be well-received. And, since most people drink coffee, a coffee maker would make for a pretty safe gift.

Best Smart Kitchen Gadgets

Final Thoughts

Now that we’re nearing the end of our guide let’s look at the best ways to store kitchen gadgets. 

Either smart appliances are battery-powered, or they run on electricity. Thus, make sure that you keep them safe and in a temperature-controlled area so that they aren’t exposed to excessive heat.

In addition to that, smart home devices like the Google Nest Home and the Amazon Echo Dot shouldn’t come into contact with water at all. But if they do, ensure you wipe it off right away.

With this, we’ve come to the end of our guide, and we hope you found it helpful. Until next time!

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