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18 Of The Best Places In The World To Be Around On Christmas Holidays


Who can resist traveling the world and sight seeing, window shopping or better yet actually spending money in another culture? Christmas is that one special time of the year when most of the world is in a spirit of peace, love and togetherness. Which is why many countries take advantage of the opportunity to welcome countless tourists to their homeland, especially the ones that are sure to have snow like Norway and Canada. Most people are hung up about traveling because it may not suit their wallet, but assuredly, a couple of dollars saved up every month will surely be worth riding on a reindeer in the snow or walking under the Eiffel Tower. For one, many families take the time to travel in order to learn about different cultures and experience a variety of foods, festivals and fine tasting wine, like in France. Undoubtedly, at the end of the day, there is no place like home, but a Christmas enjoyed sliding down the hills of Aspen or bringing in the New Year before the rest of the world in the land down under – Sydney, Australia – would not be regretted. Seeing the London Eye Lit up with thousands of Christmas lights, singing along with the locals in Boston or Chicago all the well known traditional Christmas songs is worth every penny saved. Sweden is sure to offer a fun filled, eventful Christmas holiday, while New York city promises to have bright lights, non-stop entertainment, merry making and celebrity performances. There are so many other breathtaking places in the world that we are certain would make anyone’s Christmas experience an unforgettable one not mentioned in this article. Everyone wants to have a winter wonderland Christmas, to spend this season in a magical atmosphere with events taking place everyday up until the New Year and to fill their souls with a strong euphoric feeling that ceases to go away.

This kind of Christmas holiday can be possible in any of these 18 beautiful destinations.

Best Places In The World To Be Around On Christmas Holidays

#1 Consider having a time of your life this Christmas in Vienna, Austria

Vienna is one of the best cities to be in the world around the holidays because they take Christmas celebrations very seriously. If you’re ever planning a trip to Austria around Christmas time, consider some of the fun things you can do and see.

  • Experience a classical concert at the famous St. Stephonsdom cathedral every night up till 4 days before Christmas.
  • Pay a visit to the Museums Quartier and view why it’s galleries is one of the marvels in the world, while you are entertained with free drinks, all happening up until the ‘eve of the eve’.
  • Visit the Christmas market in Freyung.
  • Take a moment to go see ‘The Nutcracker’ at the Staatsoper.
  • Then bring in the New Year with the annual New Year’s concert put on by the Wiener Philharmonic.

Source: strudelandcream.com

18 Of The Best Cities In The World To Spend Christmas (18)

#2 Spend a romantic Christmas getaway in aspen, Colorado

If you want to experience what it’s like to celebrate Christmas with a small community that indulges in an array of festivities during the holidays, then Aspen is the city.

  • Be part of the annual Little Nell tree lighting ceremony and get familiar with the residents while enjoying free hot chocolate and a Live Santa and Reindeer show.
  • Enjoy a sleigh ride down one of Aspens highlands.
  • Take a Little Nellie Powder Cat tour and make tracks through the snowy elk mountains.
  • Take part in the Ugly Sweater party on December 22nd
  • To crown it all of, watch the amazing fireworks over the Aspen mountains on the last day of the year.

Source: forbes.com

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#3 Plan a Christmas family vacation admiring the bright scenery in Sydney, Australia

One Thing Sydney is known for around the holidays is their spectacular way of bringing the new year as they are one of the first countries in the world to do so. Yet, before all that, there are lots of fun things to do in this exquisite city if you are planning to make a Christmas trip.

  • It would be an adventure to climb the Harbor bridge.
  • Check out the Santa Fest that starts at the end of November and ends on Christmas eve.
  • Be part of Woolworth’s Carols in the Domain, Australia’s biggest free concert that takes place on December 19th in support of the Salvation army.
  • Go on a romantic cruise and enjoy a delicious dinner or breakfast.
  • Don’t forget to be part of the fireworks affair that brings in the New Year.

Source: mappingmegan.com

18 Of The Best Cities In The World To Spend Christmas (2)

#4 The most popular destination  for the holidays is New York City

New York is well known to be at the top of the list when it comes to Christmas vacations, with all the activities and fun events, it’s no wonder.

  • While in New York you can go ice-skating in Central Park.
  • Don’t miss out the Christmas tree lighting event at the Rockefeller center, with music celebrity performances.
  • Go shopping and enjoy some of the lowest prices on clothing and gift items.
  • Make sure to check out the Rockettes annual Live Christmas show at Radio city.
  • Bring in the New Year with over one million other people who are waiting to see the ball drop at Times Square.

Source: flickr.com

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#5 Give yourself a chance to personally take in the botanical garden holiday lights in Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia is the hometown of many former great music artists but if you want to experience a one of a kind magical Christmas, then put Atlanta city, Georgia on the list and get ready for a holiday of fun and lasting memories.

  • Experience seeing the many holiday lights at Callaway gardens and the Botanical gardens.
  • Witness Macy’s great tree lighting at Lenox Square or be part of the Disney family show on December 12th.
  • Carry the entire family to be part of the annual Children’s Christmas Parade or a small town parade on December 3 in Forsyth.
  • Take a tour of the Christmas mansion or the traditional Christmas show at the Earl smith Strand theater.
  • Close of the year at the Hyatt Regency or the Westin Peachtree Plaza, Be sure to visit one of the many restaurants or Live shows like ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ live radio play that takes place in Buford.

Source: hopingforchristmasjoy.tumblr.com

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#6 The Best Places In The World To Be Around On Christmas Holidays – experience winter for the first time in Istanbul, turkey

Turkey is a great place to visit any time of the year but it would be an interesting adventure to witness and be a part of how they celebrate the holidays.

  • Firstly, if you’re someone with a sweet tooth, you will love the cupcake workshop with all the various sweet treats that are available from December 17-27.
  • Feel the Christmas spirit while you sit through Istanbul’s annual Christmas concert at St. Antoine’s church.
  • Attend the biggest holiday event in Turkey, the Kurban Bayram festival on the 20-23 of December.
  • Get a taste of the food in one of Turkey’s finest restaurants in Istanbul, the Sarnic.
  • Enjoy watching Turkey bring in the new year with fireworks in Bosphorus.

Source: comtesse-du-chocolat.tumblr.com

18 Of The Best Cities In The World To Spend Christmas (5)

#7 Create a long lasting Christmas memory with a friend when you both make a holiday trip to Washington Dc

Imagine waking up on Christmas morning in Washington D.C and seeing snow falling outside your window. You could consider planning a vacation from now to visit one of the most highly respected states in the U.S and why not with all the holiday events taking place.

  • Check out the many exhibits at the U.S Botanic garden at the National Mall.
  • Take a visit to the National Christmas Tree lighting.
  • Be part of the Christmas walking tour of Washington DC with the Menorah lighting ceremony.
  • Go on a 3-hour Dinner cruise.
  • Enjoy thanksgiving, visit the monuments, museums and the library of congress all before Christmas day.

Source: dc.about.com

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#8 Sweden is one of the best places in the world to be around Christmas

Sweden is one of the most captivating places to be in the winter and if you doubt it, here are five reasons why.

  • Get a chance to experience sleeping in an igloo or hotel made of ice.
  • See what the Aurora or northern lights look like from close up.
  • Learn to drive your own dog sledge.
  • Enjoy the largest display of Christmas lighst up with 5 million lights over the Liseberg amusement park.
  • You can shop at the Christmas market, snowball across an iced river or even learn how to fish over frozen water.

Source: guide.voyages-sncf.com

18 Of The Best Cities In The World To Spend Christmas (7)

#9 There is nothing like walking through Columbus park in Boston, Massachusetts during Christmas

If you ever decide to visit Boston, contemplate on doing so in the winter holidays so you can experience these 5 life changing events.

  • Who could resist a live show of the Nutcracker Ballet suited for the entire family.
  • Give your kids a chance to sit on Santa’s lap at anyone of the popular stores.
  • After spending thanksgiving with your family, check out the local tree lighting and Hanukkah celebrations from the end of November to early December.
  • Go see a movie, or have fun ice-skating.
  • Take a tour and learn about Jewish culture with Boston City Walks.

Source: slideshow.nbcnews.com

18 Of The Best Cities In The World To Spend Christmas (8)

#10 Ponder what a Christmas in Paris, France would be like

Well for one, Paris has been second in line to New York City as one of the most visited and loved city in the world. Not to mention considered the most romantic and popularly known for their exquisite taste in food and variety of wines, bringing us to five reasons why one should make a winter trip to the home of the Eiffel Tower.

  • Besides visiting the scenery at the famous Eiffel Tower, one can go chocolate shopping in order to buy gifts for your friends and loved ones.
  • Before indulging in Paris’s oysters or variety of holiday pastries like a yule log or chocolate and custard treats, admire the Galeries Lafayette’s in Haussmann.
  • While at the Eiffel Tower try ice skating from 200 feet above the ground then later allow yourself to wander along Champs-Elysees and walk the length of the boulevard while being mesmerized by the fairy forest of twinkling trees.
  • No trip to Pairs would be complete without at least window shopping in the many popular stores but save some energy to go pony riding in the evening at Luxembourg Garden.
  • Lastly, visit the most loved Christmas exhibition sponsored by the top designers at Centre Pompidou, to participate in a fun display of all types of funny and weird designed Christmas trees in support of children’s charities.

Source: 500px.com

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#11 Envision making a Christmas trip to Madrid, Spain

A few years ago, Madrid would have been a pretty dull place to be around the holidays, but lately it has become so filled with excitement and various events, making it quite welcoming around this time of the year. There are at least five things you can do in Madrid around the Christmas season and you don’t have to spend a dime.

  • The Cortylandia department store puts on a Christmas show for kids every year but there are concerts all over the city like the one put on by Christmas choirs in Palcio DE Cibeles.
  • Stroll through the streets and be captivated by how seriously Spain takes putting up nativity scenes all through popular buildings and museums, not forgetting to stop by Plaza Castilla or any other long line for the popular tradition of hot chocolate and churros.
  • Envision yourself ice skating at Plaza Callao or Go shopping at one of the Christmas markets in Plaza Mayor.
  • Be sure to enjoy heavy Christmas Eve, Christmas day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s day meals which are a must tradition in Spain.
  • There is always something going on at Retiro Park especially around this season for the entire family, just remember to bring in the New Year with the natives in Madrid.

Source: browse.deviantart.com

18 Of The Best Cities In The World To Spend Christmas (10)

#12 Realize that a winter holiday in Germany can be unforgettable

Yes, indeed a winter holiday in Germany can be unforgettable only if you allow yourself to roam around the city of Rothenburg and just be a part of these 5 events.

  • While in Rothenburg, Germany, you and your family can take snow boarding and ski courses.
  • Take part in one of Germany’s old tradition, the whip cracking competition.
  • Bavaria in Rothenburg city has a wealth of annual Christmas traditions that are based on historic beliefs like the ringing of numerous large bells to make a deafening sound, is believed to keep away demons.
  • Visit the Christmas market between late November to December 23rd and be intrigued even more by the culture of Germany.
  • Before closes of the year, take a taste of ‘snow ball’ pastries or some white mulled wine at anyone of the Christmas markets in Rothenburg.

Source: panoramio.com

18 Of The Best Cities In The World To Spend Christmas (11)

#13 Devise a plan to enjoy next Christmas in the delightful Chicago

Chicago is known for its spirited culture especially around Christmas time with everyone in love with the season, non stop merry making endless Christmas events and celebrations all till the New Year, who wouldn’t want to be a part of all of that?

  • Join the celebration at Lincoln Park to view the annual Christmas Zoo lights and have your kids interact with Santa.
  • Take in the known animated ‘Charlie Brown Christmas’ show Live at the Broadway Playhouse.
  • Go ice-skating with thousands of other Christmas lovers at the Millennium Park, then take your wallet on a shopping spree to one of the many shopping stores, like Macy’s as a personal Christmas treat.
  • The traditional ‘Nutcracker’ Live play is shown basically all over the US and Chicago is no exception, but there is always the stunning mile light festival that takes place on November 21st.
  • Be part of the epic New Year’s Eve celebration with musical entertainment, the showing of the iconic rising star and fireworks at the Chicago river.

Source: flickr.com

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#14 Christmas in Norway is certain to be a learning experience

Bergen, Norway is still one of the top travel destinations with popular activities such as kayaking, hiking and fishing. However, there are other great things to experience around the holiday season in Norway.

  • Enjoy watching the Gingerbread town exhibition in Bergen.
  • Check out one of the Christmas concerts and Advent lights on Mt Floyen.
  • The annual festival of lights takes place on the 28th of November with the singing of Christmas carols and display of fireworks.
  • Why not plan to shop in Bergen at the all year round Christmas store, take advantage also of the many stores that will be open right up until Christmas eve.
  • Don’t miss out the cruise and tours to view the Northern lights.

Source: discover0.com

18 Of The Best Cities In The World To Spend Christmas (13)

#15 Christmas holiday in Quebec will persuade you to change the way way you view Canada forever

If you’re looking to experience a winter wonderland Christmas, try traveling across to Canada and make your stay in Quebec for a holiday filled with winter events.

  • In Quebec, you can be part of the largest winter carnival where there are displays of snow sculptures, night parades and an ice palace.
  • Stroll around the city of Quebec and see the many enchanting lights, Christmas concerts and exhibitions.
  • Red Bull has an extreme skating competition that takes place in Quebec called the Crashed Ice.
  • Be part of the German Christmas market from 27th November to late December.
  • Then bring in the New Year in fine Canadian style with acrobats, dancers and traditional songs.

Source: lyconcanada.ca

18 Of The Best Cities In The World To Spend Christmas (14)

#16 Choose the option of spending a quite Christmas in Lapland, Finland

Your family will thank you for taking them to Finland, with the snowy atmosphere, magical scenery, cozy lighted cottages and reindeer, who could resist taking part of all that Lapland has to offer.

  • Besides viewing the northern lights, snowballing and skiing, you can visit Santa Claus’s village where it is said is the residence of Santa Claus, his shop and all his elves.
  • A known tourist attraction is an underground park not far from Santa’s village that is filled with beautiful lights and entertainment put on by Santa’s elves.
  • The Arktikum museum is filled with Finland’s culture and is a known tourist attraction.
  • Levin Lapin-Kyla is a farm that offers smoke saunas, reindeer rides and the chance to sit in a traditional atmosphere in a restaurant or cafe.
  • Stay at the ice hotel in Lainio Snow village with restaurant and bar for a true Finland experience.
  • Source: babble.com


#17 Reminisce on a romantic Christmas trip to Rome, Italy

This year – plan to enjoy the Christmas tree lighting in Rome, Italy or be reminded of the true meaning of Christmas with the nativity scenes then join the large crowd that gathers to see the Pope make his appearance on Christmas Eve. Do all this along with a few fun events for a memorabilia of Rome.

  • Visit the Countries museums and well known attractions or go ice skating near the Castel ST. Angelo.
  • Before enjoying New Year’s celebrations at the Piazza Del Popolo,  have a fun time shopping for souvenirs and a taste of never before Italian food.
  • Worship at the Santa Susanna in English before going to the local Christmas market.
  • Experience classical Christmas music at the annual concert in December.
  • Wander around Rome and sight see all the gorgeous colorful Christmas lights.

Source: freakyfridayblog.com

18 Of The Best Cities In The World To Spend Christmas (16)

#18 Be Determined next Christmas to view up close the London ‘eye’

London literally lights up around the Christmas season, don’t doubt it, just plan a trip to the English country next year and be part of the many festivities; you might be aware of some of these:

  • Besides going to church or taking a warm pool bath, you can go to the South bank Christmas market.
  • Be part of the gliding at the ice skating Somerset House.
  • The Royal Albert Hall has carols by candlelight if cocktail bars aren’t your thing.
  • Afternoon tea is always available around Christmas at Claridge’s.
  • Other popular Christmas events include the Peter Pan Cup, the Great Christmas Pudding Race, Hyde Park Winter wonderland festival and New Year’s Eve fireworks.

Source: 500px.com

18 Of The Best Cities In The World To Spend Christmas (17)

With all these travel options to choose from around Christmas time, there’s no reason to spend a dull Christmas at home. So, which one would you add to your vacation list? We would love to hear your ideas and options in the comment section below.


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