20 Epic Accent Walls For a Splendid Home Decor

1 20 Epic Accent Walls For a Splendid Home Decor

A simple beautiful way to change the ambiance of the room is by creating an accent wall, one that would become a focal point in its spatiality, an accent with the potential to change everything. A simple mundane room can become extraordinary through simple, inexpensive means and a fresh portion of inspirations follows to serve you in this endeavor. In the curative process the filter was broad in order to showcase a wide array of possibilities in a gallery of only twenty pictures. Needless to say that there are no limits, endless patterns, colors and textures await you.

Create Contrast and Identity –  The DIY Headboard


The headboard can make a bedroom decor, it is a feature that one could change fast and personalize to a great extent. The headboard can complement or contrast the interior decor, here it supports the ambiance overall yet it contrasts slightly with the blue wall behind it. Notice how the turtle shells in plaster work elegantly in this decor as focal points through their shape.

via cyndiparkerinteriors

World map wall art working as an accent


The world map is a recurring element in interior designs; in the sepia-vintage looking versions they`re commonly used due to their intricate detailing in a neutral look, a presence with great balance.

Accent wall across the room


A color can make or brake a decor. The location of color is often as important as the color itself and choosing the furthest wall from the room entrance, the one to which one’s view falls perpendicularly is quite relevant, it could generate a vibrant, inviting atmosphere that could welcome the guest, help him feel comfortable.

via chrissnookphotography

modern twist with a GEOMETRIC accent wall


A simple geometric presence can create the right ambiance through its presence as it can add multiple types of rhythm, this rhythm plus the color can change everything. One can realize this accent wall at home with ease with simple tape.

via projectnursery

create a wood accent wall with pallets


The wood in a pallet is almost free yet it equals others in beauty, a great resource used world-wide. The rustic look can be manipulated through color and various wood finishes yet the coziness and warmth of wood will emphasize your decor regardless.

Create a bold Accent Wall flooded by Light


A dark presence indoors is not always an option, a dark accent wall in particular cannot be easily installed if the room lacks light. One ought to be sure that light is sufficient in his home before going down this road; darker furniture pieces are also an option.

install a stone accent


Highly sophisticated presence filled of richness, stone inspires calm, stability and resilience alike. Using natural materials is never a wrong decision as long as things remain in balance, an accent wall in stone can work beautifully, relatively narrow and tall areas in particular are recommended as the heavy-effect of stone is minimized.

epic diy sharpie accent wallpaper


The craft might require time and effort but the results are well worth it. Permanent markers can have a great effect when wielded by the hand of the enthusiast, the decor will be filled with personality, depth and richness. Needless to say that it can be a budget friendly solution when patterns are simple.

via vintagerevivals

a wall mural as an accent

Modern hallway. 3d render.

Murals scenes are here to stay as their immense capabilities are transforming settings beyond belief. In small spaces in particular the wall mural accent is highly efficient as it creates depth, charm and character.

via Pinterest

Faux wallpaper accent


A stencil can create a simple contrast between flat and high-gloss paint. The stencil can create rhythm with ease and the luxurious look can be achieved with little to no costs, subtle, elegant and imposing at the same time the effect is worth pursuing.

via kfddesigns

highlight elements through an accent


A beautiful piece can be highlighted through an accent wall; one can greatly emphasize a fireplace, a painting or a window that brings in extraordinary views through the rightly colored background. The pattern or texture can also be enhancing elements yet the denser the wall becomes the harder is to keep things in balance.

Source Unknown

Chalkboard accent wall


The smooth look of chalkboard is epic, it can be a realm that imaginations calls home, a gallery setting for your most precious pieces. The balance between a formal elegant look and authenticity, personality can be found with a chalkboard accent.

by inspiredbythis

focal point that highlights the staircase


Having the wall next to the staircase colored, highlighted through pattern or texture, across two or three stories may be a great way to tie things in the home vertically. It can become the backbone of the home if rightfully used. The wall can also help one to showcase a sculptural staircase beautifully.

accent wall with STRIPES of wood


Coziness and warmth can be invited through stripes of wood indoors. These matched with a color create a great effect. Notice how herringbone patterns and checkered ones have also been used in this setting without unsettling the space. Balance is at home.

via projectnursery

stripes of GRASS-CLOTH defining an accent wall


Boards wrapped in grass-cloth are an extremely elegant solution with a 3D effect; glamorous and chic they gain popularity with each passing day.

via beachchicdesign

accent wall behind a bookshelf


A beautiful way to obtain depth is by creating contrast between layers; here the white stark in the front is doubled by bold green back-end that sculpts the white, it brings it forward. To emphasize this effect each item placed in the bookshelf has been dress into white, everything becomes a practical design statement.

One wallpaper as an accent


In the nursery above great contrast has been created at both color and pattern level. The wallpaper wall plays its part greatly creating the cherish ambiance about to be contrasted by the rug. The visual impact is powerful, joyful yet balanced.

accent wall dressed in fabric


The fabric with hand-written writing has been the subject of many diy projects and here too it`s present as it can swiftly become a great accent. The yellow of the lamp creates just the right amount of contrast between black, white and yellow.

move the Accent Wall on the CEILING


The fifth wall of the room can become a focal point too, it is not a practice of contemporaneity and it is curious that to many today this practice comes as a surprise. The ceiling can receive powerful colors and patterns  where the vertical ones require one`s attention differently; the practice is recommended in interiors with great amounts of natural light.

via bengebo

art showcase doubling as a wall accent


A permanent wall accent is not an option that one would take swiftly, if this is the case there are transition elements that one could considered, less permanent solutions involve the proud displaying of art collections, personal collections and family photos that one would showcase to spread pure joy. Embrace change in a comfortable way and emphasize your walls through what art truly means to you. Things will change,  beauty will surface.

Color, patterns and textures are extraordinary powerful means through which one could easy change his decor. What do you choose to do with yours? We would love to hear your opinion on accent walls in the comment section below.

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