21 Inexpensive DIY Ways to Keep Your Home Safe and Sound

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While burglaries may not be the most common occurrence in your neighborhood, they do happen. For most of us, having a burglary means we lose a lot of valuables that are close to our hearts. In modern days, sure, most of our money is in the banks anyway, but, losing that new Flat Screen LCD TV, you just got hurts as bad.

We also have to remember that most homeowners today are movers. People have traveling jobs, work out of many places, and maintaining a stable home is hard. So, for the modern homeowner, a permanently installed security system which costs thousands of dollars may be quite impractical.

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What to do then?

Here are some great hacks, so that you can get yourself the best protection around the space without spending your entire vacation budget.

  1. Don’t Check-in on Facebook

    Don’t brag about going out Look I get it, we are an over-sharing generation. However, posting your location on Facebook means potential burglars know when your home is unguarded. If you still wish to share, just keep it limited to a few people you trust.Trust me; the whole world doesn’t need to know.

  2. Get A Peephole

Yes, it is a very motherly device, and yes, it probably doesn’t go with your personality, but, peepholes can prevent a lot of problems. Police departments suggest this measure, and you can look at the guests before letting them in, that might be all you need.

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  1. Install a Deadbolt

Look, most burglaries occur through doors. In these cases, a single-cylinder could be a lifesaver. Get yourself a slightly expensive one if you will.

  1. Pay your neighbor’s kids

This is one of the most innovative ways I have heard of. Some of my friends pay the kids of their neighbors to come and light up lights in their home when they’re out. Remember, burglars are not looking for trouble, so, this might be a great way to save yourself from burglaries.

  1. Use curtains

You have seen enough heist movies by now to know that people always scope your house before trying to get in. Getting curtains that don’t let them see where you keep your keys and how your house is, is a great deterrent for the burglars.

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Plus, it is guaranteed to keep your homes cool in this summer.

  1. Get an alarm

I know a whole security system is not the most inexpensive idea, but, alarms come in as cheap as 10$ now, and you can simply install them yourselves.

  1. Use your old smartphone as a security camera

We all have an old smartphone at home, now, with Camio you can turn them into a handy security camera which you don’t have to spend a lot on. Security cameras make you feel safe, and also help you in knowing what’s happening outside.


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  1. Get a “beware of dog” sign

Your might not have a dog, but the sign is a deterrent to burglars who don’t want to get in trouble.

  1. Adopt a dog

Look, I love dogs. And personally, unless you have allergies, I think you should too. A dog’s bark is guaranteed to scare away unwanted visitors and will help keep thieves at bay for a long time. Plus, they are totally adorable.

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  1. Trim your bushes

We do NOT want to make it easy for the thief. So, try and trim your bushes so, that they do not have a place to hide in.

  1. Secure your sliding doors

Pretty nifty instruments are available for securing the sliding doors of your choosing. If you don’t want to buy anything, sliding doors can be reinforced even with wood.

  1. Get rid of Chain Locks

Guess what your dad did when he got locked out of the house with you inside? He broke the chain lock! In today’s day, chain locks are simply outdated, invest in a better design, cameras and peepholes are the way to go.

  1. Always! Always lock your doors!

This is obvious. Sometimes when you are tired after office, we can forget this step. But, those are the times when we are the most vulnerable. Deadbolt your doors and stay safe.

  1. Pull off a “Home Alone”

Love classic western movies with people cursing? You might put them up for the times when you are just out to get coffee. The burglars would think the house is still inhabited. The sound is a significant deterrent.

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  1. Free “Panic Buttons”

IFTTT devices have a high panic button which can help you inform the local agencies very quick. Police are just one click away, and you do not have to worry.  Do not fear to contact professionals such as Eurobyte prove it all day long if this doesn`t feel sufficient !

  1. Join the “Neighborhood Watch”

The neighborhood watch may seem tiresome but, getting there, and talking with your neighbors means you have a separate layer of insulation in case of any suspicious activity. You do not even have to parade in the streets, just talk with your neighbors and keep your home safe.

  1. “Family Watchdog” to keep kids safe

Family Watchdog is a free online service that informs you of any sex offenders moving into and out of your area. This means you can efficiently provide your kids with a warning, and help in case of any lurking dangers in the community.

  1. Get a CO alarm

You might not need this ever, but, sometimes, you will end up having a buildup of CO in your home, and you cannot detect it. CO alarms are neat little devices that help you with that. Remember, sometimes the threat is inside your home rather than outside.

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  1. Keep your phone charged

If an emergency comes up and your phone is not charge, it can easily spell danger. It is a natural step to keep your phone charged and handy at all times inside your house. This keeps you safe and makes you less worried.

  1. Do not hotbox your house!

Most fires occur because of smoking hazards inside your house. If you are smoking, try and do it in the open. This protects your kids from the second-hand smoke and helps you in not creating a fire hazard inside your home.

  1. Get and permit a Smoke alarm

Smoke alarms are ridiculously cheap nowadays.Get a permit, talk with the local authorities, and install one. It could save your life in case something unfortunate comes up.

So, that is it! Be careful, and follow the DIY steps to keep yourself safe and sound in case of burglaries or anything serious. With today’s technology, being safe takes almost nothing regarding money, but, what it provides is safety and peace of mind, neither of which can be quantified.

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