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21 Small Scandinavian Christmas Designs to Redefine Your Holiday

19 Small Scandinavian Christmas Designs to Redefine Your Holiday

It`s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and Winter happily is already here, with a cold shiver, awaiting our attention, our coziness and warmth. To embrace it in a splendid manner some of the most beautiful small Scandinavian Christmas designs follow, all simple, all pure and beautiful.

Airy ambiances, simple neutral colors and the extraordinary coziness and warmth define the settings above, here and there color steps in only to create the most beautiful, subtle elegance through contrast that one ought to embrace. Cast a glance at the following gallery and surge inspiration for the upcoming holiday, feel free to share your Scandinavian settiing in the comment section below !

Small Scandinavian Christmas Designs

1. nestle a tad of red in simplicity


The little bit of red in the setting above creates an extraordinary effect, a very elegant, sensible contrast.

via planete-deco.fr

2. use just a warm light for your Christmas tree


Simplicity can empower any setting. Simply use a warm light to sculpt a cozy, sensible ambiance in your decor.

via mokkasin.blogspot.it

3. create beautiful centerpieces for your coffee table


Source Unknown


via homesthetics.net


Pine-cones, candles and small decorations might be everything one needs.

via issuu.com

4. decorate petite trees with paper bags 


Paper bags and burlap simply have that something. Use it and win the day !

via atelierrueverte.blogspot.fr

5. use wooden boxes as epic planters


A wooden box can be realized swiftly, the results can be extraordinary ! Feel free to adapt this tutorial to your advantage.

via atelierrueverte.blogspot.fr

6. old soda boxes can be re-purposed


Wooden boxes work extraordinarily, an old re-purposed drawer can work just as well.

via feedly.com

7. coziness and warmth in an open fire


The scent of a candle or the warmth of a stove is something incomparable, impossible to reproduce. These are the tools of warmth and coziness during the winter through which one can find immense joy.

via lantliv.com

8. petite tree in a bucket decorated with simple colors


A bucket, green and white in a serene atmosphere is a recipe for success.

via scandinavianchic.com

9. apples, cinnamon and pine-cones awaiting winter


A combination of scents with which one cannot simply go wrong.

via vibekedesign.blogspot.com

10. share a ginger bread with loved ones


Probably one of the sweetest things to gift and one of the most beautiful scents to obtain in your home through baking.

via decordots.com

11. redefine a hallway with light


Simple yet diverse light installations can create an airy setting of extraordinary beauty, ready to uplift your mood as soon as you step into the hallway.

via modernmaggie.wordpress.com

12. create small wooden homes


A small saw, wooden pieces and patience is required for one of the most beautiful tree decorations that a man can have and use. Craft with love and patience .

via basiclabelsweden.blogspot.nl

13.  decorate with an old latter


Select your most beautiful decorations and find them a special place on an old, up-cycled latter. The results will be simply extraordinary, immense beauty and pure joy at little to no cost.

via elledecoration.co.uk

14. nestle a small red accent


In Scandinavian interior designs, black and white tailored with wood have their place yet every now and then, a spark of red does the interior great justice, becoming a great focal point, item of contrast soon to be appreciated by the inhabitant and guests alike.

via traditionalhome.com

15. cherish item with memory 


An interior aged, appreciated and vouched for by time tells a story, embrace it and emphasize it with carefully selected items. Here the airy natural allure of privileged materials, sculptural items defines the space.

via homeandgarden.nl

16. craft a city in the snow


Small little home ensemble on a wooden mountain, embraced by snow can constitute an extraordinary setting.

via myscandinavianhome.blogspot.se

17. wrap fire in birch


Surge coziness and warmth from a mason jar containing a candle and wrap it up in birch bark.

via myscandinavianhome.blogspot.se

19. one starry presence in the light


Simple twigs and one set of Christmas lights can change a setting, make it happen !

via showhome.nl

20. sculpt a space with a branch

43da72c6bad65d43bba19b0656e91bfb (1)

Your favorite five Christmas ornaments and one sculpted branch ought to help in your decorating experience for the holidays; use these decorations in narrow spaces.

via planete-deco.fr

21. One branch with lights


Small ornaments and lights can beautify a dry Christmas tree branch if everything is scaled properly, a different, beautiful holiday decoration worth pursuing.

via myscandinavianhome.blogspot.com

How do you see these small Scandinavian Christmas designs? We would love to hear from you !


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