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37 Deep Cleaning Tricks And Ideas For The Entire House

Deep Cleaning Tricks And Ideas For The Entire House

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Be it spring or autumn, there is never a good time for deep cleaning, yet it is a process we all must undertake for a healthier, safer environment to live in. Or just call house cleaners Brisbane – We Clean, You Relax – Maid Easy. Offering attention to certain areas is important, insisting on the bathroom and kitchen areas as well as properly dusting and cleaning linens and all the fabrics you have around the house.Let’s take a loot at some deep cleaning tricks and ideas for the entire house meant to speed up the dreaded process.

Deep Cleaning Tricks And Ideas


1. apply vinegar on paper towels and use them to remove buildup from all your faucets


Allow the towels to sit for a few hours on the faucets before rinsing them. Read the full how-to here.

2. use bleach to deep clean your shower curtain


Andhal / Getty Images / Via
Germs and mold will most certainly gather up in your shower curtain, make sure you clean them periodically.

3. after every three uses  wash your towels


Use a disinfecting cycle n your washing machine or bleach to properly clean the towels.

4. apply bleach-soaked cotton coil on the mildew in your bathtub


Natalie Brown / BuzzFeed


Natalie Brown / BuzzFeed

5.  spray down  bleach on your shower door’s tracks


When working with bleach follow basic safety precautions. Here’s the complete how-to.

6. give your shower head a proper vinegar bath


Use the plastic bag trick to periodically clean your shower head.

7. the shower glass can be removed with an acidic cleaner

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 Use the recipe Here to create your own cleaner, bleach free.

8. remove rust stains using a half of lemon dipped in salt


The lemon’s acidity will do wonders on all those hard removing stains.

9. clean the siphons of your toilet



 Use duck tape and vinegar to clean them. Read the full tutorial on how to make this work here.

10. use Barkeeper’s Friend to revive the kitchen sink


11. deep clean the microwave by microwaving a bowl of lemons and water

Facebook: buzzfeednifty

Full tutorial can be found here.

12. fill a bag with ammonia and place the stove burners in them for the night


Use ammonia in well ventilated spaces.  Here’s the tutorial.

13. for electric stove burners apply some elbow grease


14. apply baking soda to a glass cook-top, a wet towel than allow the mixture to sit before removing it all away



Cheap, easy and effective.

15. remove grease and stains from the oven glass by using a melamine sponge


16. remove greasy dust with  mineral oil



If you are keen on deep cleaning try the method presented Here.

17. remove odors from a fabric couch by sprinkling baking soda than vacuuming it



18. use a lint roller to remove dust form lampshades


19. wash  your own rugs with laundry soap and water and save money


20. use a coffee filter to remove dust from your tv screen



It’s an easy cheap method for removing dust.

21. to remove dust from electronics use a microfiber cloth, the n use  compressed air to get all the dust out of the crevices


22. never forget to regularly wash your pillows


Use this tutorial to have deep cleaned healthy pillows.

23. diy reusable cleaning wipes are a must craft


Use them to clean all sorts of surfaces.

24. clean the fan blades using a pillow case


Tutorial here.

25. clean your air vents in the dishwasher


Careful on plastics, avoid high water temperatures.

26. keep your floors spotless


27. bleach all the grout from around the house


28. a pair of tongs and a couple of microfiber cloths will help you dust your blinds


Apply a cleaner on the cloths to speed up the process and avoid the spreading of the dust in the entire room.

29. use  a lint-free rag and a window cleaner to thoroughly clean the glass and the frame as well

Deep Cleaning Tricks

Find a DIY cleaner recipe Here.

30. remember to Sanitize and clean your vacuum cleaner


31. run vinegar through the washing machine to clean it and remove smells



You can use bleach as well before applying vinegar.

32. clean under the seal of your front loading washing machine



33. clean your garage trash cans properly


34. apply vinegar than baking soda to clean your iron


a href=”” target=”_blank”>

Use the treatments individual, do not mix the substances.

35. remove oil stains from the driveway

Deep Cleaning Tricks

Here you can find several methods of doing just that.

36. apply diluted detergent to your basement wall and scrub to remove mold


Kelly Lawrence / Demand Media / Via

37. give your patio furniture a good scrub

Deep Cleaning Tricks

Feel free to share your feedback on the topic of deep cleaning in the comment section below.

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