5 Steps That Will Help You Organize Your Kitchen Pantry

5 Steps That Will Help You Organize Your Kitchen Pantry

An organized and clutter free space is always exceptional regardless of the furnishing and materials used. As long as it`s clean, clutter free and personalized by you it is perfect, keep that in mind. Further on in only five steps we aim to help you organize your kitchen pantry fabulously. These steps are more of an imbold and we think they will help.

#1 Decide to get organized

There are a dozen reasons to organize your kitchen pantry from which we will mention just a few: you will save time when using it, you will have more money to spend because you will know exactly what you have in your pantry, you will be healthier and you will enjoy a  better life because it generate awareness and will probably determine you to eat healthier, be more fresh as well.  The determination has to come from you. Motivate yourself and start.

#2 Start by decluttering the pantry

It is obvious that this is the first action in the process. You have to start by taking everything out of the pantry, sanitize it and line it up on the counter or table , check every item for expiration date, ask yourself if you are actually going to use and you like it; keep only the items that you will use for sure.

#3 Arrange your items in a way that improves access and generates space-savings

Simply sort them in groups, not sizes. Boxes of grains should be all together in the boxes group, labelled; bottles of both oils and vinegars should be in the same group, labelled, same idea with the jars of spices and so on. Another useful advice would be placing items in shelves by correlating the height of the shelf and the item height. In this manner you will save space. Also place the items that you use regularly somewhere in the middle to ease the access and use.

#4 Select the proper solution for your storage

Depending on what items you use and store you should find the best solution for your pantry storage, this will encourage you to take care of the space more often and use it properly. A roll-out storage allows you to see the contents of each shelfs, an advantage that we consider interesting.

#5 Create a schedule and keep the pantry organized

You have to continue the cycle, create a routine, make it part of your schedule, you need to maintain everything clutter free and impeccable. At a certain point it will become a reflex and a splendour for your eyes. Enjoy your work!

5 Steps That Will Help You Organize Your Kitchen Pantry

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