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5 Tips For Getting The Right Interior Lighting For Your Home

5 Tips For Getting The Right Interior Lighting For Your Home (1)

It is important never to underestimate how important the interior lighting is in the home. The way in which you illuminate your space can have a huge impact on the overall mood of the home. It is not possible to simply choose one lighting style for the entire home because every room has its own purpose and its own mood. In some rooms you will need direct lighting for completing detailed tasks while in others you will need only ambient or mood lighting.

5 Tips For Getting The Right Interior Lighting For Your Home (3)
1. Staircase lighting is very important, but many people overlook it. You will need sufficient lighting for safety reasons, especially because stairs are often in corners and have off angles to deal with. The best choice for illuminating your staircase is to choose direct lighting at floor level at regular intervals up the stairs. This lights the treads making going up and down stairs much safer. You can also include additional overhead lighting if you prefer, but this is not really necessary.

2. It is important to really think about interior lighting when you are dealing with a multi-purpose space in your home. For example, the lounge will be used for socializing, relaxing, watching tv and maybe reading. Soft ambient lighting from led lights or wall sconces can be great for just chilling out, but if you want to read a book you will need more direct light. You can either supplement your soft lighting with additional table lamps or reading lights, or you could think about installing a dimmer switch to allow you to vary the lighting in that room.

3. You will also need to consider how to make your lighting blend in with the overall style of your home. Recessed lighting can be a great way to keep things looking sleek in a modern home, especially if the ceilings are fairly high. Another way to tie lighting in with the rest of your look is to use plaster moulding around the light fittings. You can see some beautiful examples of this by visiting Hayden’s Plastering Interiors.

4. It is important to choose the right lighting for the nursery or children’s rooms. Many kids are afraid of the dark and parents often use night lights to combat this. However, you could simply build this into your lighting plan for the room. This could mean installing a dimmer switch, or using soft wall sconces that are on a separate switch than the main lights. This is useful for keeping baby from becoming too awake during night feeds or diaper changes.

5. Spotlights can highlight features and light dark corners. Often homes have little design quirks that create nooks and recesses. Using spotlighting can stop these areas being cloaked in shadow and can turn them into a feature. Why not put some artwork in those corners and shine a light on it?

5 Tips For Getting The Right Interior Lighting For Your Home (3)

Why Is Choosing The Right Lighting Important?

Choosing the right lighting for your home because not only can it impact the overall look of your home, but it can also have an effect on how you carry out day to day activities. A dimly lit room might be cosy for movie night, but if you are working on paperwork or reading a book you will need brighter, more direct light. Similarly in some cases having the right lighting is important for safety reasons. Staircases should be well lit as should kitchens so that you do not trip or end up cutting yourself because you cannot see clearly.
Take some time to think about the effect of lighting inside your home and you will be plesantly surprised by the result.

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  1. It got me when you explained how spotlight is able to highlight the features of the dark corners of the house and turn the places cloaked with shadows into features. The garden is usually cloaked in darkness when night time comes, and I think we should do something about it since it makes the place look a little gloomy. It might be a good idea to use spotlight as a pathway light, but I will still talk to my husband about his ideas.

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