700-Year-Old Cave Morphed Into Intimate Hideout

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The constant work with the landscape humanity struggles with dwells in the primary necessity we have to find and secure ourselves shelter. The cave with its primordial form and natural formation has represented the ideal medium to host life. Nowadays, after having subdued the natural we find the beauty in its pureness and we re-seek shelter in its context. The Rockhouse Retreat in Worcestershire, England represents such a primordial formation, an 700-year-old cave that has been transformed in “Britain’s first luxury cave house retreat”. the sandstone cave features a walk-in shower, a modern elegant kitchen, heated floors and even a dressing room, and although this strays far away from the natural, the intention of rethinking such a space should be noted.

The kitchen ceiling has been directly illuminated to expose the sandy texture.

The bedroom is the one that expresses the raw texture of the sandstone walls.

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