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A-Escaped in a Heart-beat in Sierra Wilderness

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If you’ve spent the night in the wild gazing at the stars before, then you know you have to do it again. If not, you have to try it. Either way, this A-framed log cabin is the perfect retreat choice.

Sierra Wilderness is definitely a place to visit if you want to experience nature’s finest. Here you’ll find countless meadows, forested ridges and rocky peaks filled with a great diversity of flora and fauna. This rather arid landscape features more than 30 miles of trails suitable for all ages, be it families or couples. A tent or camper van are surely great choices for visiting 20 acres of pristine Sierra wilderness but this modern A-framed log cabin house might just offer something extra and it’s worth the money, 250$ per night to be exact.

For nature lovers who prefer a touch of comfort, it is the perfect retreat as it combines the amenities of a house with the wild feeling of spending the night in a tent, faraway from the city noise. It’s small size and tapering roof ensure a near perfect blend in the landscape without compromising the delightful spacious interior. However, it’s not the design that makes this cabin a must-go-to but the experience. There’s nothing like drinking a hot cup of coffee in the cold of the morning whilst listening to the endless ripple of the river. Or gathering around the fire to warm up in a chilly night and tell stories or sing after having the best barbeque. At night, large 16 foot skylights offer great views and allow its visitors to gaze at the stars whilst hearing the wood crackling in the fireplace.

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Bogdan Profir

Bogdan Profir

Bogdan Profir | Architect Contributor

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