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Square Acrylic Coffee Tables

Clear acrylic furniture has always been appreciated for its strong powerful impact in a room and, at the same time, the ability to preserve an airy, transparent, light feel, becoming a solution for small interior designs. Their transparent aspect makes them perfect as coffee tables in small crowded living rooms, as they appear to take up little no space whilst empowering other decorating objects place on them or even enhances a beautiful carpet or rug placed underneath them.

We will present you a selection of acrylic coffee tables containing  from simple small pieces to special one of a kind selections that will amaze you. Depending on your space and interior design, your choices may vary but keep in mind that even though they are transparent, the size and shape of an acrylic table matters and influences your desired design effect. Further on we will offer you a few choices and we invite you to peruse these options and state your opinions in the comment section below.

Square Acrylic Coffee Tables

The square has long time been considered a perfect shape. And an acrylic coffee table can be perfectly placed in an open space layout where it can be put into value. Keep in mind to leave enough space around it to avoid accidents from happening. A good example is the Avino Cocktail Table [from HStudio] which keep clean minimal lines and makes a string statement through its shape and size. you can choose it in clear transparent form as shown below or in other different shades and ou can even purchase an optional glass top to add a plus of glamour.

Avino Cocktail Table
Avino Cocktail Table

A similar product can be found at Wisteria, with a glass top to enhance the surrounding decor and specially L shaped legs that are placed on the outer margin of the acrylic coffee table.This piece is a perfect example of modern design, although its origins come from past times, being inspired by a piece of furniture from the 1930s.[image from Houzz]

Wisteria Acrylic Table with Glass
Wisteria Acrylic Table with Glass

Acrylic Innovations has designed an acrylic table that also evokes the past  thanks to neatly-tapered legs, being finished with a glass top and placed into a classical decor.

Acrylic-Innovations-Cocktail-Table homesthetics
Acrylic Innovations Cocktail Table

If you are not a fan of classical decorations and want to keep things modern and simple, try mixing metal with acrylic and glass and obtain a piece of furniture that screams contemporary as the one showed below.

Acrylic Coffee Table with Mettalic Legs
Acrylic Coffee Table with Metallic Legs

Bent Acrylic Coffee Tables

Although us designers, we would plead for the maintenance of the square, simple shaped coffee table, one of today’s most popular acrylic coffee table is the  bent one, with soft curved edges. They are safer choice for families with kids and offer a more delicate sensation to the interior design. The Peekaboo Clear Coffee Table is such an example, merging beautifully into the colorful pop decor. [from CB2]

CB2 Peekaboo Coffee Table
CB2 Peekaboo Coffee Table

Of course, the models are endless and if you like the soft edges try one bent even more like the one below.

Curved Acrylic Coffee Table
Curved Acrylic Coffee Table

A similar piece is the Waterfall Cocktail Table which seems to be heavier and has a long narrow shape. [from Acrylic Decor, Inc.]

Acrylic Decor Inc. Waterfall Cocktail Table
Acrylic Decor Inc. Waterfall Cocktail Table

And of you are one that loves to have a lot of decorating objects and space on your coffee table  check out this curved acrylic coffee table handmade.  [from Ralphmarks]

Ralphmarks Curve Acrylic Coffee Table
Ralphmarks Curve Acrylic Coffee Table

Dual-Purpose Acrylic Coffee Tables

Of course that tables now have overcome their initial purpose and can now be utilized in q multitude of ways. The Lucite trunk by Serge de Troyer is, as the name states, a trunk and a table in one piece. You can use it as a display case, fill it with something shiny or just store books in it. Either way, its simple shape and clear lines makes it a statement. Similar pieces can be found at  Plexi-Craft[image from Apartment Therapy]

Lucite Trunk by Serge de Troyer
Lucite Trunk by Serge de Troyer

And the latest trend…The Fish Tank Acrylic Table! With an acrylic base and a glass top, this table entitled  The Midwest Tropical Fountain Aqua Coffee Table doesn’t contain actual fish but just the corresponding decor. And you can even choose the desired  aquatic plants. [from Wayfair.com]

Aquarium-Coffee-Table homesthetics
Aquarium Coffee Table

Acrylic Side Tables as Coffee Tables

Today we are all about efficiency so try purchasing modular furniture that you can adapt to your own liking. The Gus Modern Acrylic I-Beam Table can be used as a side table when single or transform into a center piece when grouped in a number of 4. Just be flexible and play with it. [from AllModern]

Gus Modern Acrylic-I-BeamTable
Gus Modern Acrylic I-BeamTable

 Alexandra Von Furstenberg  has come up with an unique collection of acrylic side tables. The M-16 Cube Acrylic End Table comes in shades of smoke, black and white and can be matched to create a cocktail table.

AVF-M-16 Acrylic End Tabl
AVF-M-16 Acrylic End Table

Another collection from designer Alexandra Von Furstenberg has caught our attention through its unique appeal and shape. The Trillion Acrylic Side Table is materialized into a jewel  shape top that reflects light beautifully. 

Trillion Acrylic Side Table
Trillion Acrylic Side Table

 Long Acrylic Coffee Tables

Long coffee tables are narrower and take up less space, being so space efficient and  more elegant.The Milano Fine Leg Coffee Table made form clear acrylic reflects the light beautifully and has a strong presence in an interior decor. [from innerspace]

Milano Fine Leg Coffee Table
Milano Fine Leg Coffee Table

 The Bullet Acrylic Coffee Table by Alexandra Von Furstenberg is a truly work of art, resembling an emerald shaped diamond.

AVF-Bullet-Acrylic-Coffee-Table homesthetics
AVF Bullet Acrylic Coffee Table

Other examples are bulkier and not as elegant, but remind of traditional furniture pieces whilst keeping the modern look.

Acrylic-Innovations-Coffee-Table homesthetics
Acrylic Innovations Coffee Table
Acrylic Cocktail Table
Acrylic Cocktail Table

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