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Sonia Voronoff | Ex Uneven Bar Gymnist, Fitness and Nutrition Expert

Sonia Voronoff is an ex-uneven bars gymnast, fitness enthusiast and advocate of a healthy lifestyle. She has devoted her life to helping people reach their health and fitness goals through the use of bodyweight exercise, adjustable dumbbells, and a basic home gym equipment as a sustainable and attainable approach to practice sport everyday, injury-free.
  • Former asymmetric bar gymnast
  • Fitness enthusiast
  • Advocate of a healthy lifestyle
  • Uses free weight exercises and home gym equipment
Sonia has been actively involved in the fitness industry since her teens. She has trained with some of the top athletes in the world and has gone on to compete in various international competitions. Her extensive knowledge of the sport and her passion for helping others have led her to become an active advocate for a healthy lifestyle in her simple, modest and extremely inspiring down-to-earth attitude towards fitness. Sonia today inspires a small community in Leeds where he trains with all age groups from teenagers to the elderly, permanently encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle through simple but efficient exercises and light exercise equipment.
  • Bodyweight exercise
  • Uneven bars, asymmetric bars
  • Fitness and Physical Education
  • Nutrition Expert
  • Gym & Exercise Equipment Specialist
Physical Education and Nutrition at the University of Warsaw, PolandMasters in Fitness and Nutrition at the University of Leeds, United Kingdom
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Sonia Voronoff

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