B.L.U.E. Architecture Studio Renovates Store in Guozijian Street

Lost and Found is located in Guozijian Street in the historic district of Beijing and it recently commissioned a store renovation, this has been handled by B.L.U.E. Architecture Studio.

Today more people live alone than in the heart of a multi-generation family and as a result the traditional family is gradually disintegrated this process indirectly transforming the public space into a “second home”; one that unites individuals, one that captures experiences. This effect has been considered in the renovation above, the architecture office attempted to create a sense of home into the store, shaping a new perspective for commercial spaces.

The traditional single-storey building has been transformed into a loft through the addition of an attic whilst maintaining the original wooden structure.  A terrazzo floor, a diatom mud wall paint and wooden furniture remain finishes of authenticity in a renovation that speaks of home.

One indoor garden in the center shapes the space into four living areas, independent yet united by sunlight through the large windows above; a cozy atmosphere is shaped by warm, friendly rough textures animated by light.

How do you see this beautiful store in Guozijian Street ? Its balance is  extraordinary, impeccable, a really special ambiance has been created don`t you think?

Photo Courtesy to © B.L.U.E. Architecture Studio

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