Backyard Landscaping Ideas-Swimming Pool Forged as a Stradivarius Violin

illuminated swimming pool Backyard Landscaping Ideas-Swimming Pool Forged as a Stradivarius Violin homesthetics design (22)

Smart backyard landscaping ideas are like aces in the sleeve, they can always save the day. A beautiful backyard can brighten your day and enlighten your mind, an oasis of relaxation and serenity they might become.

In this organized chaos in which we currently live any object can take any shape and form, everything can be realized with the right amount of money, this aspect being both thrilling and worrying at the same time. Ahead we have a living proof of the phrase ahead, a beautiful violin-shaped swimming pool, an almost perfect replica of a Stradivarius violin built professionally  by the  Cipriano Landscape Design & Custom Swimming Pools. The swimming pool is definitely as close as a swimming pool can be to a Stradivarius violin.

extraordinary pink Backyard-Landscaping-Ideas-Swimming-Pool-Forged-as-a-Stradivarius-Violin

For those are not up to date with the rich heritage of the Stradivarius violins it might seem a really extravagant design and from many points of views it actually is. Even so, you should keep in mind that very few of those original violins can be found in the world today and many of them have been auctioned easily over ten million dollars. We can see this beautiful swimming pool as a tribute them, a memento to an extraordinary heirloom passed to the whole world.

We find this extravagant as well but what`s wrong with something extravagant after all? It`s a remarkable design with a splendid line, at night it`s animated by colorful lights better then any other swimming pool reviewed by us and it`s surrounded by vegetation in a wonderful manner . We are not even going to mention the mansion in the background. We would love to hear your opinion on this swimming pool in the comment section bellow along with pro and cons.

PS: The swimming pool actually has strings, tailpiece, a chin rest and f-holes!


Backyard Landscaping Ideas-Swimming Pool Forged as a Stradivarius Violin homesthetics design (22)

breathtaking modern mansion Backyard Landscaping Ideas-Swimming Pool Forged as a Stradivarius Violin homesthetics design (22)

Backyard-Landscaping-Ideas-Swimming-Pool-Forged-as-a-Stradivarius-Violin design

mosaic tiles Backyard-Landscaping-Ideas-Swimming-Pool-Forged-as-a-Stradivarius-Violin

Backyard-Landscaping-Ideas-Swimming-Pool-Forged-as-a-Stradivarius-Violin from above

mosaic detail shot Backyard-Landscaping-Ideas-Swimming-Pool-Forged-as-a-Stradivarius-Violin


supreme Backyard-Landscaping-Ideas-Swimming-Pool-Forged-as-a-Stradivarius-Violin

blue Backyard-Landscaping-Ideas-Swimming-Pool-Forged-as-a-Stradivarius-Violin at night


extravagant colorful Backyard-Landscaping-Ideas-Swimming-Pool-Forged-as-a-Stradivarius-Violin at night

staircase in the swimming poolBackyard-Landscaping-Ideas-Swimming-Pool-Forged-as-a-Stradivarius-Violin

blue Backyard-Landscaping-Ideas-Swimming-Pool-Forged-as-a-Stradivarius-Violin illuminated at night

green Backyard-Landscaping-Ideas-Swimming-Pool-Forged-as-a-Stradivarius-Violin


Backyard-Landscaping-Ideas-Swimming-Pool-Forged-as-a-Stradivarius-Violin illuminated at night

blue and green illuminated Backyard-Landscaping-Ideas-Swimming-Pool-Forged-as-a-Stradivarius-Violin


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2 thoughts on “Backyard Landscaping Ideas-Swimming Pool Forged as a Stradivarius Violin

  1. What makes it a Strad? It’s violin shaped, yes, but a Stradivarius? I see the scroll represented, but no sign of a peg box or pegs. The chin rest should be better placed, and the bow (which is strangely shaped at the end) is too short. I play the violin and cello. My cello is modelled on a Strad cello. Being a Strad copy is all about mathematical proportions and how accurately the back and belly woods’ contours are carved, to create the optimum sound. I don’t think you can call a violin shaped swimming pool a Stradivarius. It’s a violin shaped pool. It is pretty cool though when all said and done.

    1. Good day Helen and thank you for your comment. We definitely can`t argue with you, being an experienced musician.We are relating the intention of the builder, a constructor will probably never understand the refinement of a Stradivarius, golden proportions, Fibonacci and so on, but their initial intent was to build something that would come as close as possible, considering that it is after all a swimming pool.

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