The Allen Key House is a project by Architect Prineas, an Australian architecture studio, it is a contemporary home is located in Lane Cover, a suburb of Sydney, Australia. This project wasn’t a complete design, it was a renovation and an addition project that aimed to bring a new sense of space to the existing house which is a Californian Bungalow that dates back to the 1930’s, was the project successful ? You tell us !

The architects approached this renovation and extension project through the kitchen and living spaces. They were completely changed and turned them into interior spaces that simply show off with their minimalism and simplicity in design as the budget of this project was quite limited the architects had an quite challenging task on their plate. In order to give the small home a sense of space, they had the internal spaces connected to the garden through a large window that when opened, grants full access.

“Allen Key House” is a renovation to the rear of a 1930s Californian Bungalow, located in Sydney’s leafy North Shore.

The brief was to reconfigure the existing house, creating generous kitchen and living spaces with a connection to the garden.

The rear addition is connected to the original dwelling via a small link, distinguishing between the old and new. The link creates two internal courtyards that serve the ensuite and study.

Faced with an extremely tight budget, the design started with a shed-like structure that would be simple to build. Ways to bring in light were explored through the manipulation of the roof. The highlight windows draw views of the treetops into the kitchen and living areas, creating a strong connection between the interior and leafy surrounds.

Architect Prineas

Allen Key House Floor Plans

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Fidan Jovanov