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11 Best Beach Carts & Wagons of 2023

little girl sitting in wagon while going camping.The concept of outdoor activities and adventures in nature.

If you love hitting the beach on weekends, it’s time to get the right cart for the occasion. But do you know which one to buy?

If you hate carrying all the gear and supplies to and fro between the car trunk and the beach, a cart or wagon is the ideal solution in such a scenario. However, not all carts are meant for use on sand. That’s why you must find something that will move smoothly and offer enough storage space at the same time.

Don’t worry, we did all the hard work on your behalf, and after extensive research – we shored up with the 11 best beach carts and wagons right now, cast a glance!

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Top Beach Wagons & Carts 

Father and son with wagon in snow forest

  1. Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon

The Mac Sports Utility Wagon deserves the top position on our list because of its sheer capacity and ease of use. Whether you’re at the beach, park, or any other place, you’ll love this high-utility model for its convenience. So, if you’re looking for something foldable with a little more space, get this item stat.

MAC SPORTS WTC-111 Outdoor Utility Wagon, Solid Blue
  • LARGE CAPACITY - Sets up in seconds, No assembly required!...
  • CONVENIENT COMPACT STORAGE - Wagon folds to only 8" thick!...

Why Did We Like It?

First things first, we’re very impressed with the design and functionality of this wagon, which allows you to rely on it for multiple applications. Made with 600D fabric, it’s UV and mildew-resistant, something you won’t usually find in many of its competitors.

We like the high-quality steel frames on this one as they increase its viability in the long run. While it adds to the total weight, which stands at 22.5 lbs, the wagon is still easy to carry and maneuver. Capacity-wise, we have no complaints whatsoever, as this blue number can hold up to 150 lbs. 

Therefore, if you’re looking for convenience and ample space, you can’t go wrong with this foldable option. Besides, we also like the smooth glide wheels and the adjustable handle that enable users to push the cart effortlessly. Plus, it comes with 2 mesh cup holders to carry your beverages and keep them instantly accessible.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Our top pick is a must-have for summer activities on the beach, and even though it’s not the cheapest option, it’s well worth the money. However, while testing it, we discovered that it struggles to move in rocky sand. So, unless you’re visiting a beach scattered with pebbles and rock, this will work great.

  • Made of UV and mildew-resistant fabric material
  • Superior quality steel frames for increased durability
  • Features smooth-glide wheels and an adjustable handle
  • Includes 2 mesh cup holders for beverages
  • Struggles to move on rocky sand
  1. Radio Flyer 3-in-1 Folding Wagon

For our second spot, we have picked the Radio Flyer Folding Wagon, a fun option for kids and adults alike. As the name suggests, this model is a multi-purpose option that you can use at the beach or anywhere around the house. It’s quite versatile that way and also cheaper than the top model.

Radio Flyer 3-in-1 EZ Folding Wagon Ride On For Kids,...
  • 3 WAGONS IN 1: This collapsible wagon has 3 riding features:...
  • FOLDS FOR STORAGE: Easy one hand fold allows convenient...

Why Did We Like It?

This folding wagon is a mini Transformer. If you’re not sure about the movie reference here, let’s just say that it can turn into a bench or a transport vehicle for children, depending on your needs.

Combining superior DuraClean fabric and a steel frame, this multi-purpose model allows 2 children up to 18 months old to ride on it. Also, since it comes with padded seat cushions and seat belts, the safety and comfort of its young riders are never compromised. 

The stationary bench seating configuration allows an adult to sit with a child; all you need to do is unhook the side panel. In the haul setup, it provides a capacity of 150 lbs, meaning you can load it with all the beach essentials without falling short in space.

Apart from that, it features 2 cup holders on the front and storage loops for beach slippers and sunglasses. Lastly, it comes with a telescoping handle and quiet ride wheels, simplifying transport.

What Could’ve Been Better?

You must be wondering why we placed it second on our list despite having better features than our top model. Well, it missed the top spot because, unlike the Mac Sports model, it has to be assembled. While that may not be a deal-breaker, many customers prefer something that can be used out of the box.

  • Allows 2 children up to 18 months old to ride the wagon
  • Bench sitting configuration accommodates a child and an adult
  • Comes with 2 cup holders and storage loops
  • Features a telescoping handle and quiet ride wheels
  • Model requires assembly
  1. Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler Wide Beach Cart

Next, up, we have the Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler Wide Beach Cart which has truly impressed us with its modern design and space solutions. This is another foldable wagon that can fit all your essentials for a trip to the sandy shores, allowing you to enjoy hassle-free as everything stays in one place.

Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler Wide Beach Utility Foldable Cart
  • Foldable beach cart with large all-terrain wheels
  • 15-cubic feet of storage and a 100-pound weight capacity

Why Did We Like It?

First and foremost, it provides an excellent weight capacity of 100 lbs, reinforced by a solid steel frame. The deluxe, tote bag attached to the frame, is also removable, meaning you can load it and carry it separately in case you do not want to make the cart too heavy.

What impressed us most is its all-terrain, 10-inch back wheels that create a larger footprint on the sand, enabling users to push the cart on dry, wet, and shallow surfaces. The articulating front wheels are much smaller and lend stability to the unit, thereby ensuring seamless maneuverability. 

We also like the extended stroller-type handle with a neoprene grip, enabling users to push comfortably without tiring out their hands. Furthermore, it includes a bottom tray and rack for stacking up to 4 full-size beach chairs and a separate umbrella holder for instant access. All in all, it’s a fantastic model that you’ll find much use for, especially if you have a small household.

What Could’ve Been Better?

We are happy with this item’s overall performance and capacity as it does exceedingly well in both departments. However, the back wheels are a little cumbersome, making it difficult to put inside a car. Also, they are noisy and emit creaking sounds while rolling over hard surfaces.

  • Comes with a removable tote bag
  • Stroller-style handle with a secure neoprene grip
  • Includes a bottom tray for stacking chairs and an umbrella holder
  • All-terrain wheels ensure easy movement on the dry and wet sand
  • Back wheels make it difficult to load in a car
  1. Sekey Folding Wagon Cart

The Sekey Folding Wagon Cart is available in an eye-catching red, providing you with all the space you need for your beach trips. So if you’re searching for a reliable model that looks and plays the part, we recommend opting for our 4th pick, as it combines all features in one attractive package.

Sekey Folding Wagon Cart Collapsible Outdoor Utility Wagon...
  • ✅Sekey: We at Sekey are a customer-oriented company whose...
  • ✅Multi-purpose outdoor folding wagon ----- Our wagon uses...

Why Did We Like It?

Firstly, we are delighted about the spacious loading area (98L) on the cart, allowing you to haul everything from gardening tools and fishing gear to grocery items. Furthermore, the cart basket is made of 600D double-layered, washable, oxford fabric; hence durability will be least of your concerns.

It features a sturdy frame and extra-large PU tires, equipped with bearings for 360° rotation, facilitating smooth movement on beaches and most road surfaces. Other than that, we like the adjustable handle with a lock that lends comfort while pushing the cart across uneven pavements, grassland, and beach. 

Besides, it can be used straight out of the box as it does not require assembly. Since it’s a collapsible model, the cart folds down to only 7 inches thick and fits into the included carry bag for convenient storage. Therefore, you can easily put it in the trunk of your car without any part sticking out.

What Could’ve Been Better?

There’s little to complain about this Sekey product given its storage space and durable design. But the thing that bothered us is its weight when loaded to full capacity. It gets really heavy, and thus it’s not a good idea to move the cart across the stairs. Other than that, it still makes a great choice.

  • Cart basket is made of 600D double-layered, oxford fabric
  • Comes with extra-large PU tires capable of 360° rotation
  • Includes an adjustable handle with a lock
  • Collapsible model ideal for storage in the trunk of a car
  • Cart gets too heavy when loaded to full capacity
  1. Mac Sports Collapsible Beach Cart

For our 5th position, we have yet another entry from Mac Sports, and this time it’s the Collapsible Beach Cart – the edgy black number we can’t get enough of. We may seem a little partial towards this particular brand, but a list of best beach wagons is incomplete without this high utility model.

Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding All Terrain...
  • UTILITY BEACH WAGON: Ideal for sporting events, outdoor...
  • DURABLE DESIGN: Heavy-duty steel frame allows loads up to...

Why Did We Like It?

If you enjoy spending time on the beach, this collapsible model is the ideal fit for you. However, do not limit its use to beach trips only as the model is equally reliable for use in the garden, sporting events, and other outdoor expeditions.

This multi-purpose cart is built with 600D polyester fabric, which is a cinch to clean and maintain. Also, the fabric is mildew-resistant, which indeed is a major plus. Besides, it features a heavy-duty frame that supports up to 150 lbs without compromising ease of maneuverability. 

What we like best is the built-in table with 2 cup holders that let you carry your drinks and other food items conveniently. Interestingly, it comes with extra-large all-terrain wheels so you can take it across all surfaces without the tires getting stuck. And when you’re done using it, simply fold it back and stuff it in any corner as it requires minimum storage space.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Hands down, this is one fantastic cart for the beach and backyard. However, the only thing that bothered us is that it does not stay upright once folded. Therefore, you’ll have to put it against the wall or on the floor. Nevertheless, if you overlook this drawback, it’s still a great buy.

  • Extra-large wheels for movement across all surfaces
  • Made of 600D mildew-resistant, polyester fabric
  • The sturdy frame supports a load up up to 150 lbs
  • Features a built-in table with a pair of cup holders
  • Cannot stand upright in the folded position
  1. Creative Outdoor Multipurpose Wagon Cart

We’re halfway through our recommendations, and now is a good time to introduce the Creative Outdoor Multipurpose Wagon Cart. Our 6th entry is available in multiple color options and can be used straight out of the box. Therefore, if you’re looking for an easy-to-use model with many features, we suggest getting this one.

Creative Outdoor All-Terrain Collapsible Folding Wagon Cart...
  • ✔️ BUILT TOUGH: The collapsible folding all terrain...
  • ✔️360-DEGREE SWIVEL WHEELS: The wagon is designed to be...

Why Did We Like It?

First off, this cart, like most other items on the list, is made of 600D fabric that can sustain hand and hose washing. However, it includes 6 pockets along the flaps, and 2 front pockets, which you won’t usually find in this price range. Other add-on features include loops for fishing poles, rackets, and umbrellas.

Whether you’re going for a beach excursion, fishing, outdoor games, or camping, you can rely on the wagon to provide you with ample space for all essentials. The cart holds up to 150 lbs and is sturdy enough to carry toddlers. So if your little one wants a fun ride in the backyard, take them out on this wagon express. 

Apart from that, we are very impressed with the all-terrain 4-inch wide wheels with rubber thread swivel, ensuring easy maneuverability on sand, snow or grass. Lastly, we also like the heavy-duty handle cleverly attached at a high point to avoid contact with the wheels.

What Could’ve Been Better?

We find this item incredibly useful and suggest investing in this if you want something meant for the long haul. However, we couldn’t help but notice that some of the screws on the frame and wheels were loose and made creaking noises. Tightening them with screwdrivers will fix the problem, but it shouldn’t happen in the first place.

  • 600D fabric suitable for hand and hose washing
  • Includes 6 pockets along the flaps and 2 front pockets
  • Sturdy enough to carry the weight of a toddler
  • All-terrain 4-inch wide wheels can move on sand, snow, and grass
  • The screws on the frame and wheels are a little loose
  1. Sandusky Lee CW3418 Muscle Carts

If you’re a no-frills person looking for a model that won’t skimp on space, the Sandusky Lee CW3418 Muscle Carts is the ideal pick. Unlike regular beach carts, our 10th entry is designed for heavy-duty applications and does not require much maintenance. So if that checks all the boxes, take a look at this item.

Sandusky Lee CW3418 Muscle Carts Steel Utility Garden Wagon,...
  • Crate wagon for transporting up to 400 lb. of supplies,...
  • Steel mesh crate with powder-coated finish for durability...

Why Did We Like It?

First things first, this high-utility steel crate wagon sports a powdered coated finish, rendering it durable and corrosion-resistant. So if you had any apprehensions regarding its build quality, this information should ease it out.

However, what seals the deal for us are the 10-inch pneumatic tires that support the wagon, ensuring easy transportation on all surfaces. Furthermore, this model can carry a load of up to 400 lbs, which is easily the highest capacity on our list. 

Also, it includes fold-down sides for easy loading and unloading and a padded pull handle for a secure grip. But if you want, you can even remove the sides entirely and use the wagon as a flatbed for moving large items.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Well, our complaint is with regard to the tires. While they’re quite durable and sturdier than most other models, they have that typical rubbery stench. But that’s a minor convenience at best and should not stop you from buying this cart.

  • 10-inch pneumatic tires ensure smooth transportation
  • Fold-down sides for easy loading and unloading
  • Provides a weight capacity of 400 lbs
  • Can be used as a flatbed for moving large items
  • Tires have a rubbery stench
  1. VIVOSUN Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding Wagon

Now that we’ve reached the end of our list, we would like to finish off with the VIVOSUN Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding Wagon. However, its bottom position is not a comment on its overall quality as we merely consider it to be the last of the best 11 performers right now.

VIVOSUN Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding Wagon Utility Outdoor...
  • Big Carrying Capacity: Dimensions unfolded: 36.22" x 21.65"...
  • Highest Quality: This collapsible wagon is made of 600D...

Why Did We Like It?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a beach cart that also doubles as a gardening appliance? Well, that’s no longer just a concept as this Vivosun model can do both. To begin with, the cart is made with a blend of 600D polyester and PVC, offering high durability and strength.

The frame is all-metal, thus capable of supporting a load of up to 80 kgs, which is good enough in this price range. Also, it’s completely waterproof and is suitable for carrying anything, including firewood, plants, rocks, and even children. 

Other than that, we’re very impressed with the 360° rotating front wheels that move smoothly, regardless of the direction you want to go. Lastly, it comes with an adjustable handle that can be locked in position to maintain a comfortable height.

What Could’ve Been Better?

We had to place this at the bottom of the list mainly because it suffers from quality control issues, which is a big downer given the price. We recommend buying it only if you don’t find a cheaper alternative on the market.

  • Cart is made with a blend of 600D polyester and PVC
  • Can support a load of up to 80 kgs
  • Suitable for carrying firewood, plants, and children
  • Adjustable handle can be locked in position for comfortable use
  • Suffers from quality control issues
  1. Timber Ridge Folding Camping Beach Wagon

If you are looking for a durable, easy-moving beach cart, the Timber Ridge Folding Wagon is a suitable option. Also, it looks attractive, thanks to the combination of blue fabric and a black frame. But we’re not all about looks as we find it genuinely useful for multiple outdoor ventures.

Timber Ridge Folding Camping Wagon/Cart - Collapsible Sturdy...
  • HUMANIZED DESIGN:Adjustable handle for different people to...
  • EASY FOLDING AND OPENING:fold and open in seconds ,can be...

Why Did We Like It?

Let’s just say, our 9th pick is the perfect utility wagon cart for the beach, garden, camping, and shopping needs. It opens and folds in seconds, which is a lifesaver when you have to handle a cart of this size.

However, what takes the cake are the all-terrain wheels, offering superior traction and support as you roll it across different surfaces. The front two wheels can rotate while the back ones are fixed. This way, you can maneuver the cart easily without facing any obstacles. Also, it features a telescoping handle, which helps you to push the wagon comfortably. 

Apart from that, the cart has a weight capacity of 150 lbs; hence you may confidently load it with all your essentials as it has enough room for everything. Also, when you’re done using it, simply operate the webbing pull handle in the middle to instantly fold the cart.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Honestly, this will make a great addition to your beach routine, and the best part is that it folds down to a fraction of its original size, ensuring compact storage. However, if we had to find one flaw, then it would be the short length of the handle. This is especially a problem for taller users since they’ve to bend.

  • Multi-purpose cart suitable for beach, camping, and shopping
  • All-terrain wheels offer superior traction and support
  • Provides a weight capacity of 150 lbs
  • Webbing pull handle fold down cart instantly
  • Handle may fall short for some users
  1. BeachMall Ultra Wide Wheeler Beach Cart

If you’re bringing beach equipment and gear for the entire family, the BeachMall Ultra Wide Wheeler Beach Cart is the way to go. Despite having a weight capacity lower than other models on our list, it offers plenty of organizational support when packing your belongings. So get this for your day plans to keep things simple and hassle-free.

Ultra Wide Wheel Buggy Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart with Big...
  • CONVENIENT AND EASY TO USE: Sets up in seconds, No assembly...
  • COMPACT COLLAPSIBLE, PORTABLE: Folds flat for easy storage....

Why Did We Like It?

Of all things, a beach wagon should be convenient and easy to use. There’s no point in buying something that requires a lot of work to set up. That’s where our 7th model comes into the picture, offering storage and transport solutions in one neat package.

For starters, we like the larger back wheels that can seamlessly roll on any surface without getting stuck. After loading, all you need to do is tilt the cart and push while the rear wheels glide smoothly, requiring minimum effort. It comes with a removable tote bag and has a maximum weight capacity of 100 lbs.

While that may seem substantially low, from a practical point of view, it can carry up to 4 full-size beach chairs and a cooler on the bottom rack. Furthermore, it has a side umbrella holder to keep it instantly accessible. All in all, it’s an excellent option for families that visit the beach often.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Well, there’s no sugarcoating here, but the front wheels on this model are slightly flimsy and may bend under the weight. So if you intend to buy this, be careful not to put a lot of pressure on them, especially while climbing stairs as they could buckle or worse, break.

  • Large back wheels ensure smooth movement on sand
  • Model can carry 4 full-size beach chairs
  • Comes with a removable tote bag and a side umbrella holder
  • Has sufficient space for storing a cooler on the bottom rack
  • Front wheels are very flimsy and can buckle under the weight
  1. REDCAMP Collapsible Wagon Cart

This Redcamp beach wagon is genuinely one of the best options when it comes to durability. The brand is renowned for making professional outdoor equipment and has some of the best products in the industry. Our 8th pick is no exception and is the perfect companion for camping, picnic, sports, and other occasions.

REDCAMP Collapsible Wagon Cart,Folding Utility Wagon All...
  • HIGH QUALITY: All-terrain wide rubber wheels with tough...
  • LARGE CAPACITY: This collapsible utility cart features large...

Why Did We Like It?

Most beach wagons available on the market are either walk-behind models that have to be pushed or pulled. But the Redcamp Collapsible Wagon Cart is one of those rare options that can be both pushed and pulled.

Since the cart handle is not locked in position, you can move it at any angle according to your convenience. Other than that, we’re very impressed with the 1200D oxford polyester canvas build of the model that is resistant to tearing and offers excellent support together with the heavy-duty metal frame.

Apart from that, it comes with all-terrain wide rubber wheels, featuring tough plastic rims for smooth movement over sand. What took us by surprise is the brake function on the wheels, which is a great addition, given the price tag.

But if that’s not enough to convince you, its 120 lbs weight capacity definitely will. Lastly, it requires minimal storage space, so it won’t be a hassle to put it inside the car trunk.

What Could’ve Been Better?

You must be wondering why we placed this so low on our list despite having superior features. Well, the only reason we did so is it has to be assembled. Even though the process is quite simple, some users may find it challenging to mount the wheels. But if that does not apply to you, go ahead with this one.

  • The model can be pulled and pushed from any angle convenient
  • Made of 1200D oxford polyester canvas material
  • Durable, all-terrain wheels come with a brake function
  • The collapsible model takes up minimal storage space
  • Wheels can be challenging to mount for some users

Red wagon small size on a green lawn

Beach Carts & Wagons Buyers’ Guide

By now, you may know everything about the 11 best beach carts and wagons, but there are still certain factors you cannot overlook while making a purchase decision. That’s why we have listed out a few points to help you choose better.

Take a look at this guide for more information.


Think about the typical beach must-haves — towels, chairs, umbrellas, and coolers. Ideally, your wagon should hold it all and leave some extra space for last-minute additions. On this list, most beach wagons can hold up to 150 lbs, although some models have a higher capacity than that. Therefore, make sure it all adds up, and you don’t have to carry extra bags for more space.


You’d want a beach wagon with oversized, treaded wheels to help you navigate sand in all forms. However, if you need something for use on rugged terrain, look for models with 360° rotation wheels and telescoping handles.


Let’s be honest here if you don’t hit the beach too often, you must buy a cart that provides compact storage. That way, during the off-season, you can simply stash it away under your bed or in your closet. Also, when it folds down to a smaller size, it’s easier to load inside the car trunk.

little girl sitting in wagon while going camping.The concept of outdoor activities and adventures in nature.


And that’s a wrap!

We hope you could find the most suitable option from our all-star collection. That said, make sure to use the cart with care as overloading or using it beyond its intended purpose could permanently damage the wheels and other parts. On that note, we would like to sign off. But before we leave, here’s a quick recap.

Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon is the best overall, and Timber Ridge Folding Camping Beach Wagon has high-quality wheels. Sandusky Lee CW3418 Muscle Carts is the best capacity-wise, and Radio Flyer 3-in-1 Folding Wagon is the best budget buy.

Till next time!

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