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15 Best Binding Machine Of 2022 [Reviewed & Buyer’s Guide]

Best Binding Machine of 2021

Are you dealing with shabbily bound documents or pages missing from the presentation files at your workplace?

The problem lies with the outdated binding machine that you’re using, so replace it with a better quality product as soon as possible. With the rapid progress in technology, modern binding machines have become more equipped in handling different kinds and sizes of documents. 

Such a product will take care of all your binding work and keep your documents safe and protected. But there are a ton of options available out there, so choosing a suitable product is difficult. 

That’s why we have tried to simplify things for you by compiling this comprehensive list of the 15 best options to consider. We’ve also added a buyer’s guide to help you make a wise decision. 

So, without further ado, let’s get going! 

Best Binding Machine

Our Top PickOur Top Pickhstcstbl-table__imageMAKEASY 8541731862
  • Binding capacity of 450 sheets
  • Edge guide
hstcstbl-table__imageFellowes 5006501
  • Vertical loading
  • Comb measurement device
hstcstbl-table__imageTIANSE 7545878384
  • Binding capacity of 450 sheets
  • Adjustable edge guide
hstcstbl-table__imageGBC 2515650
  • Slim design
  • ProClick bindings
hstcstbl-table__imageFellowes Pulsar 5006801
  • Built-in tray
  • Binding capacity of 300 sheets
hstcstbl-table__imagePPE Coilbind S20A
  • Comes with plastic coils
  • Full handlebar
hstcstbl-table__imageYaekoo 8541731852
  • Binding capacity of 450 sheets
  • Weighs 8.28 lbs
hstcstbl-table__imageBNC Office Supply U12
  • Has 21 punching holes
  • Weighs 8.58 lbs.
hstcstbl-table__imageHFS 7545878388
  • Guide rail
  • Comes with 21 punching holes
hstcstbl-table__imageFellowes 5218301
  • One-touch button functionality 
  • Enhanced edge guide

book with ring spine on white background

  1. MAKEASY 8541731862

If you are on the lookout for top-notch quality and absolute ease of use, this product is the one to go for. This MAKEASY binding machine saves a lot of labor and also punches your pages for greater convenience. It comes with a binding capacity of up to 450 sheets and weighs 8.14 lbs.

MAKEASY Comb Binding Machine, 21-Hole, 450 Sheet, Paper...
  • 【Great Value for Money】Our binding machine come with...
  • 【Humanized Design, Light but sturdy】Durable Metal...

Why Did We Like It?

We liked how easy it is to bind the papers in just a few simple steps with this effective binding machine. Simply insert the papers, press the handle to punch them, get them out and then place the comb ring in the right position by pushing back the handle. 

After this, put the perforated paper and pull the handle to complete the binding. You need to apply a slight force on the handle, which simplifies the process. As for its construction, the sturdy metal body and non-slip feet extends its life considerably. 

Next, we’ll talk about the different adjustments that this machine lets you make as per your needs. The machine is suitable for making holes on A4 size, A5 size, and letter size paper. Moreover, it allows for pinpoint punching wherein an accurate edge guide helps you adjust the punch margin by 3, 4, and 5 mm. 

In addition to this, the high-quality oiled blade of this machine protects the punch from dying away due to rusting. 

51qYXMwIS1L. SL500

What Could’ve Been Better?

The only thing which we felt could’ve been improved was the size of comb spines included with the product. That’s because it comes with very small-sized combs that everyone may not find useful. So, including bigger comb spines will be more beneficial. 

  • Easy to use
  • Low force handle
  • Sturdy metal body
  • Adjustable punch margin
  • Comb spines could’ve been bigger
  1. Fellowes 5006501

This model from Fellowes is ideal for use in classrooms and smaller offices. Whether it’s preparing an important presentation or distributing some classroom documents, this machine can be of great help. It comes with a range of impressive features which simplifies the process of binding and punching considerably. 

Fellowes Binding Machine Star+ Comb Binding (5006501), 3.1"...
  • Manually punches up to 15 sheets of paper at a time
  • Binds up to 150 sheets with a 3/4" comb

Why Did We Like It?

Load the document vertically into the machine to ensure that the punches are accurately aligned. As such, every document being bound is punched in the right manner with absolute precision and ease. Along with this, an edge guide is included to center the documents accurately. 

Long story short, you get a properly centered and tidy binding devoid of any loose pages or misaligned holes. Also, you can bind a maximum of 150 sheets using a ¾-inch comb. 

Another great feature is the built-in comb measuring tool that lets you choose a suitable-sized comb for a document. Moreover, the machine has a built-in storage tray so that you can keep all your supplies stored in an organized manner.  

31i0zfLEyHL. SL500

What Could’ve Been Better?

In case you need a binding machine for heavy use, this may not be the perfect option. Given its capacity of 150 pages, we feel that punching and binding documents for larger workplaces will take longer if you use this machine. So, you may need a product with greater binding capacity. 

  • Ensures all punches are aligned
  • Centers documents accurately
  • Lets you choose the ideal comb size
  • Stores the papers in an organized manner
  • Not suitable for heavy use
  1. TIANSE 7545878384

Our next pick is this TIANSE binding machine, which yields perfect results each time. Be it at work or at home, you can complete all your binding work effortlessly with this efficient product. What’s more, it comes with a two-year warranty for greater peace of mind among users.

TIANSE Binding Machine, 21-Holes, 450 Sheets, Comb Binding...
  • 【Great Value for Money】: Our binding machine comes with...
  • 【Humanized Design】:TIANSE comb binding machine is...

Why Did We Like It?

Coming in a compact design, this binding machine gives you the perfect punch alignment for each document. Furthermore, it lets you punch A4, A5, and letter size papers with an adjustable punch margin. As such, you can create documents suitable for professional purposes anytime you want. 

Weighing at just 6.3 lbs, it’s one of the most lightweight models on the market. Hence, it can be a great addition to a small office or school. This machine has a relatively simple operation, as all you need to do is grab the handle located at the middle of the baseboard. 

Moreover, it comes with a beneficial two-year warranty making any repair free of cost within that period. Lastly, customers can request a full refund if they are not satisfied with its performance. 

51XXRbvLOLL. SL500

What Could’ve Been Better?

While adding more papers to the machine, we noticed that they got stuck in it sometimes. Though the product description says that 12 sheets can be inserted at once, we’d recommend inserting not more than 7 at a time. 

  • Gives the perfect punch alignment
  • Lightweight makes it portable
  • Simple to use
  • Comes with two-year warranty
  • Papers might get stuck
  1. GBC 2515650

The GBC 2515650 comes with sturdy construction and is suitable for most workplaces. It offers quite a few efficient features that makes it highly versatile. Plus, it can be beneficial for personal use and punches upto 6 sheets at a time. Based on our experience, we can vouch that this product won’t fail to impress you.

Swingline GBC Binding System, Manual, Desktop Binding Punch,...
  • SIMPLE & STURDY FOR SMALL TASKS: Slim, sleek binding punch...
  • PROFESSIONAL PROCLICK: ProClick bindings offer users maximum...

Why Did We Like It?

As we mentioned earlier, this product offers great versatility, which is a rare find in otherwise ordinary binding machines. It consists of high-quality ProClick bindings, which facilitate easy editability and also make the machine suitable for different document sizes. Thus, it can accommodate both oversized and regular documents with ease. 

What’s more, the machine is made with high-quality materials that ensure long-lasting performance. The brand offers a limited one-year warranty that makes you eligible to get minor faults repaired free of cost. 

Additionally, we found the slim and sleek design of this machine to be beneficial, as it took minimal space when used in any workplace. Finally, its lightweight construction means you can carry it along anytime, anywhere. 


What Could’ve Been Better?

The only disadvantage of going for this product is that it’s more expensive than several products on our list. That said, the higher price is justified owing to the impressive performance it offers and the sturdy material that is used to build it.

  • Offers great versatility
  • Provides a long-lasting performance
  • Comes with a one-year limited warranty
  • Occupies minimal space
  • More expensive than other products
  1. Fellowes Pulsar 5006801

Yet another Fellowes product that delivers effective results is the Pulsar 5006801. It is designed to ensure maximum user convenience and maintains absolute accuracy in all the work that it does. This unit comes with a binding capacity of 300 sheets and weighs 15.8 lbs.

Fellowes 5006801-99 Binding Machine Pulsar+ Comb Binding...
  • Manually punches up to 20 sheets at a time
  • Binds up to 300 sheets with a 1-1/2" comb

Why Did We Like It?

First and foremost, we really liked the tray built into the machine that facilitated convenient storage. So, you can store all your supplies in an organized manner inside it without misplacing them. 

Notably, this tray consists of a measuring device that allows you to choose the suitable comb size for a particular document. Besides, it makes setting up the machine almost effortless. The document loading for this product is vertical, ensuring that the holes remain aligned. An edge guide is also included to allow easy and precise centering of all documents. 

Furthermore, the machine can punch up to 30 sheets and bind up to 300. It generally uses a 1 ½-inch comb, which gives you the ultimate perfection that you desire. 

51A p6XGQFL. SL500

What Could’ve Been Better?

Although this machine does its job quite well with letter size and A5 size papers, it is not suitable for A4 size papers. It can’t punch 21 holes, and as such, won’t work at all for this size. Also, we noticed that this was not mentioned in the product description.

  • Built-in tray stores all your supplies
  • Lets you choose a suitable comb size
  • Ensures that holes are always aligned
  • Can punch up to 30 sheets at once
  • Not suitable for A4 size papers
  1. PPE Coilbind S20A

Get an enhanced binding experience with this premium-quality binding machine from PPE. It’s straightforward operation delivers superior-grade results suitable for professional purposes. Note that this machine comes with a box of 100 plastic coils and a crimper and weighs 15.5 lbs.

Coilbind S20A Coil Punch & Binding Machine - with Electric...
  • ELECTRIC COIL INSERTER - Enhance the binding experience of...
  • VALUE KIT - Free box of 100 plastic coils 8mm (52 sheets) +...

Why Did We Like It?

The full handlebar of this product is one of its best features as it allows for flexible punch operation. As such, you can punch the sheets with the right hand, left hand, or using both hands. This lets you effectively bind presentations and books anytime you want. 

What’s more, the efficient 4:1 plastic coils that are included with the machine give you the best quality coil binding. 

These coils are also very easy to use as you just need to insert them with the spinning coil roller or by twisting them manually into the sheets. You can easily bind 2 inches thick documents with this machine. 

Moreover, you can punch 7-8 sheets at once and use each of the given coils for binding 52 sheets. The two-year warranty that is included with it lets you get any defective part repaired free of cost. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

This machine might be a bit difficult to operate for beginners, as the booklet provided with it doesn’t have very descriptive instructions. Some of the steps are too briefly mentioned; hence it would be better to search the web in case you are finding it difficult to use. Likewise, there is no information on the process of disengaging the pins. 

  • Allows for flexible punch operation
  • Gives you best quality coil binding
  • Lets you bind 2-inch thick documents
  • Can punch 7-8 sheets at once
  • Instructions not descriptive enough
  1. Yaekoo 8541731852

You can also go for this smart product from Yaekoo, which lets you complete all the binding work smoothly. It is constructed keeping in mind the safety of users and is one of the most convenient binding machines you’ll come across. This machine has a binding capacity of 450 pages and weighs 8.28 lbs.

YaeKoo 21-Hole 450 Sheets Paper Comb Punch Binder Binding...
  • Model:21 Rectangle Holes Binding Machine
  • The Max Punching Ability:12 Pages(80g),PVC 3 Sheets

Why Did We Like It?

While most ordinary binding machines can’t hold more than 7 to 8 sheets at once, this product can punch 12 sheets. So, you can complete the binding work much quicker than other machines, making it ideal for both professional and residential use. 

Additionally, the binding capacity of this machine is 450 sheets, as found in standard machines. It is very lightweight and comes with a foldable fuselage, which facilitates easy portability and saves considerable space. 

Furthermore, it has an elegant appearance and unique tone that helps eliminate the boredom associated with binding. Lastly, you get all these attractive features at a more affordable price than many other products in the market. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

This model might seem a bit difficult to use, with the instructions manual not being very user-friendly. You may not be able to bind the papers on the comb at once and may need to look for online help. That said, once it is set-up, you can rest assured about getting the best results. 

  • Can bind 12 sheets at once
  • Standard binding capacity
  • Perfectly portable
  • Saves considerable storage space
  • Instruction manual not user-friendly
  1. BNC Office Supply U12

The BNC Office Supply U12 binding machine is an all-rounder that is sure to impress you with its performance. It is also available at a budget-friendly price and comes with a range of advanced features. Besides, you can get 450 sheets bound by this machine, which weighs 8.58 lbs.

Why Did We Like It?

We will first talk about the durability that this machine provides since we felt that was its best feature. Built with premium quality materials, its binder strip and plastic comb will continue functioning efficiently for the years to come. 

Coming to the pages that the machine can handle at a time, it is better than many other products. You can comfortably insert up to 12 pages at once for punching, and it can bind 450 sheets, which is a considerably good quantity. So, you will get the effective performance needed for your work. 

What’s more, this machine is quite lightweight, which enables portability and doesn’t occupy much storage space. Lastly, you never need to apply too much force to punch the sheets, as it works with minimal effort. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

One disadvantage of this binding machine is that it doesn’t allow you to insert the pages vertically. As such, positioning the paper is not easy, and sometimes it might be pushed back on its own, resulting in some of the holes punched diagonally. 

  • Functions efficiently for years to come
  • Can punch 12 pages at a time
  • Portable
  • Low force handle
  • Doesn’t allow vertical positioning of pages
  1. HFS 7545878388

Here’s another cost-effective model for those who want a high-performing product on a tight budget. The HFS 7545878388 gets the job done in the best way possible without compromising user convenience. While the binding capacity is 450 sheets, it comes with 21 punching holes. 

HFS (R) 21 Hole Punch Binding Comb Machine with Binding...
  • [MATERIAL]: Mainly made of steel
  • [SIZE]: Distance between holes:0.56"/14.3mm; Machine...

Why Did We Like It?

The multi-use feature of this machine is what really appealed to us. You can create reports for both professional and academic purposes. Hence, it is preferred by many small schools, factories, and offices for all their binding work. Plus, the binding is of high quality so that it serves varied user needs with utmost precision. 

Moving on to the punching margin offered, it consists of an efficient guide rail that lets users adjust the distance of the holes from the edge. As such, you can get the holes punched at distances of 3, 4, or 5 mm away from the edge, as per your needs. The distance between two holes is 14.3 mm, which is ideal for any document. 

Additionally, it allows you to punch 12 sheets at a time and bind up to 450 sheets. Finally, the strong steel surface of this binding machine provides great durability. This ensures that you never face major problems with it, as in the case of ordinary models. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

We felt this machine was only suitable for light-duty work since larger workplaces will need a greater punching and binding speed. Nonetheless, you can rest assured that most of the binding and punching work will be done effortlessly using this model. 

  • Suitable for professional and academic needs
  • Provides high-quality binding
  • Offers adjustable punching margin
  • Steel surface provides great durability
  • Not ideal for heavy-duty work
  1. Fellowes 5218301

If you are searching for a binder machine suited for large workplaces, look no further than this unit from Fellowes. It offers a variety of features designed to meet different binding needs. Both existing and new customers have praised the brand for its reliability of bringing some of the best models into the market. So, let’s go ahead and check out what all it offers. 

Fellowes Binding Machine Galaxy E Electric Comb Binding...
  • Automatically punches up to 25 sheets of paper at a time in...
  • Enhanced accuracy edge guide centers documents with ease for...

Why Did We Like It?

Though most of the features of this machine are praiseworthy, we absolutely loved the punching capacity at first glance. It automatically punches up to 25 sheets at once with the touch of a button. In hindsight, its punching capacity is more than the majority of products out there. 

Not only that, but the punching is also done with high precision, thanks to an enhanced edge guide that centers all documents effectively. Hence, you get professional-grade documents ready for use. 

As for its binding action, you can complete binding up to 500 sheets using a 2-inch comb. This is a great advantage since most other products offer a binding capacity up to only 400 sheets. 

Plus, the documents have to be loaded vertically, which simplifies the overall process considerably. You can also use the removable binding feature separately for greater productivity. 

Last but not least, a convenient storage tray is built into the unit and it also comes with a tool to help you select the appropriate comb size. 

41msJrPNhYL. SL500

What Could’ve Been Better?

Although this product ensures that you always get a smooth and effective performance, it is much more pricey than most models. This is, of course, due to its premium features that are rarely found in the market. But this becomes a disadvantage for people who have a limited budget. 

  • Can punch 25 sheets at once
  • Binding capacity of 500 sheets
  • Vertical loading of documents
  • Comes with convenient storage tray
  • Is more expensive than other models
  1. Tamerica 210PB

Next, we’ve selected this superb product from Tamerica for you, that offers a powerful performance. It is built to ensure optimum user satisfaction and offers many more beneficial features than the majority of average binding machines. What’s more, this machine comes with a binding capacity of 425 sheets and weighs 22. 2 lbs.

Tamerica 210PB Manual Comb Binding Machine, 20 Sheets Max....
  • Punches 5,000 sheets/hr up to 12" or 21 holes
  • Blinds 250 books/hr up to 2" thick

Why Did We Like It?

Firstly, we loved the adjustable punching depth offered by this product. This feature lets you adjust the distance of the holes from the edge of the sheets by 4 positions, compared to other units that provide only two or three adjustable positions. 

In addition to this, 20 sheets can easily be punched at a time. So, you can rest assured that the job will be done at a great speed. Since it can bind up to 250 books with a thickness of 2 inches in one hour, you may well use it for heavy-duty purposes. 

Moreover, it comes with 21 dies that are disengageable to facilitate binding a wide variety of documents by allowing users to punch the correct pattern of the hole. 

41O6SsXDOsL. SL500

What Could’ve Been Better?

The metal body of this machine is not as durable as other high-performing products, and the  surface may be scratched over time with regular use. Hence, it is not as long-lasting as you would want it to be. We also felt that the guide for the left margin could’ve been sturdier.

  • 4 positions for punching margin adjustment
  • Can punch 20 sheets at a time
  • Can bind 250 2-inch thick books per hour
  • Can bind a greater variety of documents
  • Not durable enough
  1. GBC 7706172

This GBC product is highly suitable for your regular binding needs and is best suited for small to medium-sized offices. It is also designed to facilitate maximum ease of use and comes with a beneficial one-year limited warranty. With a binding capacity of 330 sheets, this product measures 22.04 x 19.29 x 9.84 inches and weighs 7.88 lbs.

GBC Binding Machine, Manual, 320 Sheet Binding Capacity, 20...
  • 330-SHEET CAPACITY – Classic CombBind Machine provides an...
  • CONVENIENT COMBBIND – CombBind spines allows pages to lie...

Why Did We Like It?

First of all, the CombBind spines caught our attention as they accounted for the convenient operation of this machine. These spines let you lay the pages flat to facilitate easy reading. Apart from that, these are built to be very durable and won’t discolor, scratch, or peel over time. 

Coming to the functionality, it can work with multiple-sized documents, accommodating A4, letter-size, and oversized documents with ease. Most importantly, it gets the job done with maximum precision so that you get a professional finish. Additionally, this product can punch up to 20 papers at a time and bind up to 330 papers. 

You will find a handy guide imprinted on the machine so that you can easily figure out the right spine size for a project. Finally, this machine is built with the best-quality materials, which ensures its durability with prolonged use. 

41IN9tUHADS. SL500

What Could’ve Been Better?

The only problem with this product is that it is a bit difficult to clean. Though the removable tray is convenient for storing supplies, the small paper punches may get trapped into the interior of the machine and can be difficult to remove. 

  • Lets you lay the pages flat
  • Can hold multiple-sized documents
  • Can punch up to 20 papers
  • Guide helps you know the right spine size
  • Difficult to clean
  1. BUYOR 8541731856

Bring home this binding machine from BUYOR to get durable and high-quality binding for all your projects. Enhanced with a slew of super-efficient features, it is a top-notch product that you’ll find on the market. This unit can bind up to 250 sheets together and comes with a 3.8-mm comb hole.

21 Hole Metal Binding Machine Comb Binding Manual Punch and...
  • Material:Plastic Comb and Binder Strip with Metal outfit...
  • Max Binding Machine Capacity: 250 Sheets

Why Did We Like It?

If you are specifically looking for a machine with very durable parts, this model can be your got-to unit. It comes with binder strips and plastic combs that are designed to be long-lasting and durable for delivering years of smooth performance. 

Speaking of the quality of work, it consists of 21 3.8 mm comb holes that can punch 12 sheets at a time and bind 250 sheets together. These holes are designed to ensure maximum efficiency, giving you a flawless performance each time. So, getting perfectly bound documents within minutes for small offices or schools is no longer a problem. 

Furthermore, the model is fairly light weight since it only weighs around 10 lbs. Hence, you’ll have no difficulty in carrying it from one place to another, and can be stored conveniently in smaller spaces. 

21VsamgZKpL. SL500

What Could’ve Been Better?

Similar to the TIANSE 7545878384, this machine is also not suitable for heavy-duty work due to its limited binding capacity. Larger jobs require a greater speed, so you should consider another product such as the Fellowes 5218301. That said, this machine does its job quite well without showing any major problems. 

  • Delivers years of smooth performance
  • Can punch 12 sheets at a time
  • Perfectly portable
  • Convenient to store
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty work
  1. Akiles Wiremac-Duo

Now that we are near the end of the list, here’s the Akiles Wiremac-Duo binding machine, which offers optimum versatility by incorporating various features to work on different-sized documents. As a result, you are provided with an efficient performance that very few products can compete with. Besides, it comes with both 3:1 and 2:1 double loop spines. 

Akiles Wiremac Duo 14" Punching & Binding Machine Heavy Duty...
  • Has two independent punching die sets to punch & bind...
  • Single punching capacity: up to 20 sheets (20lbs paper/...

Why Did We Like It?

Your binding needs may differ according to the purpose for which you’ll use the books or copies. If you require a machine for use in academic as well as professional purposes, it must be more versatile. 

And thanks to the availability of two independent die sets, this unit will take care of the diverse needs most comfortably. As such, you can easily bind and punch documents with different pitches. What does the trick is a set of 2:1 and 3:1 double loop spines, along with two different punch handles, rulers, and punch throats. 

Coming to the margin depth adjustment, you can rest assured to get the correct margin depth for every wire size. Also, it makes the documents more resistant to tear, while the punching guide and throat facilitate easy punching and alignment of long documents. 

Lastly, this machine has a master selector to accurately figure out the correct diameter of the wire, depth margin, wire pitch, and closing position. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

We found this machine to be much heavier than other models, so carrying it from one place to another is a bit difficult. You may need to make a few trials to get used to measuring the margin depths accurately and the cruncher that closes the binding strips. 

  • Takes care of diverse binding needs
  • Provides the right margin depth each time
  • Increases resistance to tear
  • Enables accurate measurement
  • Heavier than other models
  1. VEVOR Manual Coil Binding Machine

We’ve also included this sturdy product from Vevor, which is built to last for a lifetime. It provides quality binding and punching that is suitable for publishing houses, graphic stores, conference documents, and schools. Thus, you can comfortably use the product weighing 16.75-lb for heavy-duty binding work.

VEVOR Manual Wire Binder Machine A4, Wire Binding Machine...
  • Efficient Punching: With 34 punching holes, 12-sheet...
  • Margin Adjustable: The edge distance can be adjusted to suit...

Why Did We Like It?

The structure of this machine is built with superior-grade metal for long-lasting use. Hence, you don’t need to worry about its durability even with regular use. Plus, the punching blades are made from high-quality alloy material that provides a stronger punching performance. 

Another great feature of the product is the efficient positioner, which fixes the position of the paper so that it is symmetrical to both its right and left sides. As such, the book or copy gets the best-quality binding. 

Furthermore, a rotary knob is fixed on the machine, which determines the scale that the document should be pressed to. This knob requires low force to be operated and makes the document more comfortable to read. Lastly, its punch handle is straightforward and convenient to use, while a waste box is provided for easy disposal. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

This machine comes with limited instructions that are not enough for setting it up comfortably. Many of the steps are mentioned in brief, which makes it essential to refer to the internet. Nonetheless, we were satisfied with its performance and durability. 

  • Provides long-lasting performance
  • Positions the paper to be symmetrical
  • Makes document more comfortable to read
  • Straightforward and convenient punch handle
  • Comes with limited instructions

Blank notebook isolated on white background

Binding Machine Buying Guide  

Going through the details of various products will be of no use unless you consider some key features common to all binding machines. These features will determine its performance to a large extent. 

Additionally, it is essential to consider your needs and preferences to ensure the product meets your needs perfectly. So, let’s take a closer look at the vital points that you need to keep in mind before proceeding to buy a suitable product. 

  1. Weight And Size

A large and heavy binding machine may not be suitable for all spaces, thereby having limited applicability. As a result, you may not be able to carry it easily from one place to another. On the other hand, machines that come with a more compact design and are relatively lightweight will be suitable for use in most spaces. 

A huge size also implies that you’ll need more storage space for the product. Note that if you are buying a product for your home, it will be best to search for a smaller and lighter product. Likewise, a heavy-duty and more efficient product will be better for workplaces. 

  1. Binding And Punching Capacity

This is, of course, a key feature to consider when you are purchasing binding machines, and will specifically depend on your needs. For instance, if you need a model that can handle many sheets at once or works faster, you will have to look for one with a binding capacity of 500 or more. Such models will be highly suitable for bigger workplaces.

Similarly, a high-end model is not always essential, especially for smaller projects. So, you should surely consider the purpose to figure out the best machine for you. 

  1. Supplementary Features

Note that each binder consists of a slew of extra features, which put it a step ahead of its competitors. These features play a crucial role in enhancing the overall performance. 

For example, a ruler to maintain accuracy is an important feature that lets you punch sheets larger than the capacity of the machine. On the other hand, a scrap drawer allows you to dispose of paper scraps that fall off when you are punching the sheets. 

Ultimately, these features increase the value of the binding machine and are mostly different in different models. So, ensure that you look into these features thoroughly before making a choice. 

  1. Binding Type

Documents can be bound using various methods, including spiral thermal, coil, and comb binding. But in most cases, the machines are not capable of delivering more than one binding method. 

Due to this, you should determine how you need to tie the documents. Based on this, you should get a product that uses the desired method. 

Other than that, the binding method will also depend on the type of work or project. For example, spiral binding is suitable for academic use, while other types are favorable for professional purposes. Hence, in this case too, you will need to keep in mind the purpose that must be served. 

Best Binding Machine of 2021 04


So, here was our guide on the best binding machines available out there. We hope that by now, you have found it easier to make the right choice. 

But before we bring down the curtains, let’s take you quickly through our favorite options from the list. We found the MAKEASY 8541731862 Binding Machine to be a quite cost-effective and efficient option. 

However, if you don’t mind going for a high-performing product that’s slightly more expensive, the TIANSE 7545878384 Binding Machine will be the ideal choice. But if you require a product suitable for light use, the TIANSE 7545878384 Binding Machine will be the perfect option to go for. 

With that, we’ll take your leave. Till next time, take care!

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5 Best Screen Printing Machine

11 Best Sublimation Printers

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Anna Vaughn

Anna Vaughn

Immense painting experience recommends Anna. She shaped The Little Painters, a small local painting workshop for children that invites the little ones to explore painting through simple and creative means in a safe, loving and extremely colorful environment. In her home panting studio she plays with all paint mediums but watercolor is her expertise.

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