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10 Best Brush Cutters of 2023 Right Now

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Among the many tools you require for the maintenance of your garden, a brush cutter is probably one of the most essential.

A brush cutter steps in when lawnmowers and string trimmers fall short and is ideal for carrying out tasks that demand a high degree of finesse. Incredibly versatile, these handheld tools make quick work of tough vegetation and serve you well for a considerable period of time.

As an investment, they are quite unparalleled and if durability is what you are going for, then this is a must on your list.

As for the price, brush cutters aren’t expensive. But then again, nobody wants to spend money on something that’s not a good fit. To this end, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best brush cutters available in the market right now. The options are many and varied; it will surely help to have the research done for you!

To select the ideal model, you must keep your individual requirements in mind. The rest, we hope, will be a breeze.

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Best Brush Cutters

String trimmer and protective face mask on grass

  1. Husqvarna 128LD Gas String Trimmer

By now, are you even surprised to see Husqvarna right at the top of a list? Given its unmatched expertise in garden machinery, we surely aren’t. The 128LD is a product that meets the expectations of any Husqvarna loyalist and makes for one of the best buys when it comes to brushing cutters.

Husqvarna 128LD 17" Cutting Path Detachable Gas String...
  • Husqvarna 128LD Straight Shaft Gas String Trimmer is a great...
  • T25 Trimmer Head: Gas powered weed wacker is equipped with...

Why Did We Like It?

When it comes to products from Husqvarna, we are prepared to be impressed. The 128LD is no exception to that and is equipped with a 28cc 2-cycle engine, it functions as a powerful and reliable appliance that offers incredible operational efficiency as well.

Speaking of which, the model boasts of a Smart Start feature and is fitted with a number of intuitive controls that allow for hassle-free use. If you’re on the lookout for a device that gets the work done without requiring much effort, then this one’s for you.

In addition to that, the 128LD is a multi-tasking tool. Highly functional on large landscapes, this battery-operated appliance is quiet in operation and also ensures user comfort while at it. The grip is designed for prolonged use while the X-Torp engine improves fuel efficiency. All in all, this is a tool you don’t want to miss.

What Could Have Been Better?

The only minor issue that this otherwise excellent tool suffers from is the speed. When compared to its capacity for work, the 128LD works quite slowly and its speed starts to dwindle with use. However, this is in no way a dealbreaker, especially given the kind of utility it offers!

  • Versatile and fuel-efficient
  • Suitable for residential as well as commercial landscapes
  • Ergonomic design
  • Additional features for operational efficiency
  • Scores low on time-efficiency
  1. Makita 4-Stroke Brush Cutter

The last item on our list is no less than any of its predecessors. On the contrary, it employs sophisticated technology to deliver the best results on any turf. Featuring a smart design and a wide range of features that add to its functionality, it is without a doubt one of the most efficient brush cutters available out there!

4-Stroke Brush Cutter - 25.4 cc.
  • Multi-position lubrication system enables engine to be...
  • Mechanical Automatic Engine Decompression for quicker,...

Why Did We Like It?

Some reserve the best for the last and we are definitely one of them. This a brush cutter par excellence from a trusted brand, one that utilizes a mechanical automatic engine decompression system to ensure a smooth startup. From then on, it’s only uphill!

What takes the cake in this appliance is the design. Ergonomic and built with operational efficiency in mind, the appliance is a compact powerhouse of cutting. Not only are the blades sharp enough for small trees and heavy debris, but they are also fitted with a dual-air stage filter and polished to commercial standards.

Moreover, this is a unit that allows for great longevity and, in turn, cost-efficiency. Parts of the filter are resealable and allow the user to maintain its quality for longer. Last but not the least, the steel driveshaft ensures less vibration which reduces strain on the unit. All in all, with Makita’s brush cutter, one’s gardening experience is nearly hassle-free and thoroughly comfortable.

What Could Have Been Better?

The unit is close to perfect and it’s difficult to be critical of it. Our only concern was that it is not ideal for prolonged work. However, there is seldom any malfunction, and given its capacity for work, this model certainly makes for a worthwhile choice.

  • Quick and smooth startup
  • Compact, ergonomic design
  • Low vibration level
  • Enhanced durability
  • Not well-suited to long hours of work
  1. Remington RM2700 Ranchero Brushcutter

Next up is another powerful brush cutter, the RM2700, from Remington. Equipped with a strong engine, it is flawless on most lawns and does an excellent job of fine-tuning the end result. What you get is a lush garden trimmed and cleaned to perfection. Read on to learn all about this power tool!

No products found.

Why Did We Like It?

Powered by a 27cc 2-cycle engine, the RM2700 from the well-established brand works incredibly well to deliver a performance that leaves you with little to desire. Its engine is complemented by a robust, metallic cutting blade that is 18 inches in width. Needless to say, superior cutting is the tool’s strongest suit.

In addition to that, the cutter offers a high degree of operational efficiency. The Quickstart technology is designed for smooth pull-start performance and results in time-saving. Alongside this, the sleek body of the RM2700 is a breeze to maneuver and gardening seems far from being a chore.

No discussion of this appliance is complete without a mention of its design. Ergonomic and optimized for high functionality, the straight and long shaft makes quick work of areas difficult to access for most cutters. Lastly, Remington’s product comes with an attachable bump head. This means this is a brush cutter that functions as a string trimmer as well!

What Could Have Been Better?

As great as this appliance is, the RM2700 is not the most ideal brush cutter for properties of large dimensions. It works perfectly on small to medium-sized gardens, however, and is a great choice for the homeowner passionate about beautiful lawns manicured to perfection.

  • Lightweight, portable, easy to maneuver
  • Well-suited to residential properties
  • Advanced features for superior cutting
  • Ergonomic design
  • Not ideal for larger properties
  1. Husqvarna 128CD Gas Shaft String Trimmer

Our next recommendation is another Husqvarna product par excellence, the 128CD brush cutter. Known for its tremendous capacity for cutting, this workhorse makes light of the toughest of turfs and comes with a ton of attractive features. Reliable and powerful, the 128CD is a model to reckon with.

Husqvarna 128CD 17" Cutting Path, Detachable Gas String...
  • Features a 28cc 2-cycle engine which powers the 17 inch...
  • The curved shaft design helps to evenly distribute the...

Why Did We Like It?

First up, this is a device that prioritizes user safety, a primary concern when it comes to heavy-duty machinery. The feature that ensures safety is the auto-return stop switch which automatically resets itself if stopped. Not only does this act as a safeguard against accidents, but it also enhances the operational efficiency of the tool.

Speaking of which, the 128CD boasts of a smart start system that allows for work from the get-go; you need not spend much time and effort in starting up your cutter. This way, delays are eliminated, leading to superior cutting in less time.

Last but not the least, this piece of garden machinery is a breeze to store as the shaft is detachable. This also affords greater mobility to the user as the tool becomes more manageable and easier to transport. What also helps, is its ergonomic design; it keeps in mind user comfort and makes gardening a thoroughly enjoyable activity.

What Could Have Been Better?

This machine is hard to find fault with. However, the only aspect that could be looked into is its performance with regard to weeds. When in contact with weeds, the cutter loses power and slows down significantly. But such technical problems can be easily dealt with and we would recommend contacting the customer support team for assistance.

  • Enhanced features for greater safety
  • High operational efficiency
  • Impressive range of compatible attachments
  • Ergonomic design
  • Not suitable for lawns with weeds
  1. Ryobi RY34427 Curved Shaft Gas Trimmer

The unique selling point of Ryobi’s products has always been their design, which is relentlessly optimized for maximum performance. The RY34427 is no exception and features elements of outstanding utility and efficiency. Read our review of it to learn more!

Why Did We Like It?

The RY34427 is a thoroughly impressive brush cutter that leaves no stone unturned to deliver nearly flawless and versatile performance. As a gas trimmer equipped with a 4-cycle motor, it allows for the separation of oil and gas; the two never mix. This enhances the safety of the device and reduces the cost of operation.

In addition to that, the motor itself is incredibly strong and enables the appliance to take on heavy-duty tasks with ease. What sets it apart is that in spite of its capacity, the motor does not weigh down the cutter or hinder the ease of control. 

61wecrV9qKL. SL500

The curved shaft is a unique addition to the tool. It allows for smooth handling and reduces operational hassles considerably. All in all, the RY34427 is one of the most lightweight, durable brush cutters out there, one that stays put throughout any task in the garden!

What Could Have Been Better?

The only aspect where the Ryobi falters is the startup. It often faces delays and issues in that respect which require considerable effort on the user’s part to be resolved. Barring that, however, the appliance is quite flawless and promises to deliver once it’s up and working.

  • Sophisticated technology for greater safety
  • Compartmentalizes oil and gas separately
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Faces startup issues
  1. Blue Max 52623 Extreme Duty Brush Cutter

The 52623 from Blue Max is a worthy recommendation that deserves a mention among the likes of Husqvarna and Poulan Pro. A versatile device with multifarious utility, it can be used as both a trimmer and cutter. It’d be safe to say, then, the 52623 would make for a great addition to your toolkit.

No products found.

Why Did We Like It?

Right off the bat, this brush cutter impressed us with its two-in-one quality. Not only does it fulfill multiple functions with ease but it also saves you the price of a string trimmer. Highly efficient, this is a gardening tool that simplifies application and comes with a number of features for added operational efficiency.

Speaking of which, the cutter features a two-start recoil starting system along with anti-vibe handles for hassle-free functioning and easy management of the tool. Such features add to the utility of the device and make it a clear favorite among professional landscapists.

Amidst all the features, the unit makes no compromises on its primary task – that of cutting. To augment this, it makes use of a straight shaft that is easy to maneuver and reaches the most inaccessible corners with ease. Last but not the least, being robust, it tackles dense foliage with ease and is therefore ideal on various terrains.

What Could Have Been Better?

Nearly flawless, the appliance is hard to criticize. One aspect which we felt could improve was the rope hosing which is often prone to breakage. However, given the features on offer, this is certainly a minor issue and the device is in our best books!

  • Dual functionality
  • High operational efficiency
  • Ease of maneuverability
  • Rope hosing prone to breakage
  1. Troy-Bilt TB42 BC Gas Brushcutter

No list of garden machinery is complete without a mention of Troy-Bilt. A brand of repute, Troy-Bilt excels in quality, high-functioning tools that exhibit a commendable degree of longevity as well. The TB42 BC brush cutter is the perfect example of such a product and adds another feather to the brand’s cap!

No products found.

Why Did We Like It?

With Troy-Bilt’s brush cutter in possession, you can easily do away with most of your other gardening appliances. Powered by a two-cycle, full-crank engine, this makes quick work of thick weed growth and vegetation. Along with its tremendous capacity for heavy-duty work, this cutter also scores high on operational efficiency.

In this respect, the Jumpstart feature of the device definitely stands out. By incorporating it, the need to pull a chord is done away with, which leads to a considerably smoother startup. Once revved up, the 8-inch 4-tooth cutting blade slices through the grass and tackles tough turf with ease.

Last but not the least, the TB42 BC is ergonomically designed and built to last. What adds to this is the low vibrating action that allows for greater longevity. In addition to durability, the tool’s versatile functioning is enhanced by the provision of various attachments that are readily compatible with it!

What Could Have Been Better?

Excellent in its functions, the only issue with this device is that it isn’t the most ideal brush cutter for larger properties. However, with the plethora of appliances designed specifically for large yards, such a drawback hardly blacklists the product in our books.

  • Powerful motor and blade for superior cutting
  • Ease of use
  • Allows for user comfort
  • Versatile and durable
  • Not suitable for large farms
  1. SUNSEEKER Multi Tool with Grass Trimmer

Next up, is another excellent brush cutter from SUNSEEKER, a tool quite unmatched in versatility. Equipped with a ton of features, it promises to deliver well and can hold its own on a wide range of terrains. Read on to find out more!

Sunseeker BCI26 26cc 2 Cycle 2-in-1 Straight Shaft Grass...
  • 26cc 2 cycle full crank shaft engine straight shaft...
  • The full crank shaft design reduces exhaust, increases fuel...

Why Did We Like It?

There is a lot to like about this powerful tool from SUNSEEKERS, starting with its power source. Strong and sturdy, the 26cc two-cycle engine provides ample support to the appliance for functioning with a high degree of expertise and efficiency. Alongside this, the brush cutter comprises a number of features that enhance operation.

For instance, the full-shaft crank design boosts fuel efficiency by reducing emissions; this, in turn, increases the longevity of the machine. Also adding to that is the aluminum support. Thanks to this, vibration is greatly diminished which allows for greater user comfort and control.

Last but not the least, SUNSEEKER’s product offers excellent value for money by including four different attachments that ably tackle a variety of landscaping tasks. By utilizing a universal connection, the attachments pair with other brands and models with equal ease as this one. All things considered, the Multi-Tool is an option definitely worth keeping an eye on!

What Could Have Been Better?

SUNSEEKER’s brush cutter itself is quite flawless; it is only the service that, we feel, could improve. Also, the instruction manual requires a few revisions so that users may have a better understanding of its controls. Apart from such slight problems, this is a win-win.

  • High on fuel and time-efficiency
  • Versatile functioning
  • Great value for money
  • Sturdy and durable
  • The instruction manual needs rework
  • Customer service could improve
  1. Chikura Multi-Gas Brush Cutter

Another highly versatile device, the multi-gas brush cutter from Chikura serves as a fine example of performance combined with durability and efficiency. Equipped with a powerful engine and a number of attractive features, this is a tool that promises to deliver on tough turf with ease.

CHIKURA Multi Powerful 52cc Gasoline Brush Cutter 4 in 1...
  • 【4-in-1 Multiple Attachments】: 14-in-1 combo! It can...

Why Did We Like It?

Most brush cutters that score high on functionality are not the most portable models out there. But this versatile unit from Chikura is an exception to that rule. Powered by a 54cc engine of incredible capacity, it makes light work of heavy-duty landscaping tasks while allowing for the smooth functioning of a number of additional features.

Moreover, the model is extremely light in weight which allows for easier operation and greater portability. Further, the multiple blades lead to superior cutting which results in a clean and well-maintained lawn. This makes the product ideal for tackling thick foliage, grass, and weeds. 

Lastly, this multi-purpose appliance is well-suited to both large and small-sized properties and thus may be used for commercial as well as residential tasks. As a gas-operated gardening tool, Chikura’s product offers good value for money and proves to be a reliable companion on a variety of yards.

What Could Have Been Better?

It is quite a task to find fault with this brush cutter as it is both high-functioning and durable. The only issue is the setup operation which is slightly complicated and leads to delays. Barring this minor glitch, the model is excellent and we’d highly recommend it.

  • Incredibly strong engine
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Suitable for residential and commercial use
  • Difficult to assemble
  1. Snapper XD 82V

Although technically a brush cutter attachment, this excellent product from Snapper is a versatile addition to your gardening toolkit. With the promise of hassle-free and efficient cutting, it delivers excellent performance on lawns of diverse kinds and dimensions. Read on to learn all about it.

Snapper XD 82V MAX Cordless Electric 21" Push Lawn Mower,...
  • Up to 90-minute run time with (2) Briggs & Stratton 82V MAX...
  • 21-Inch Steel mowing deck with 3-in-1 design to mulch, bag,...

Why Did We Like It?

Snapper’s brush cutter attachment is a suitable companion for the professional landscapist as well as the amateur gardener due to its supreme cutting capacity and ease of use. Fitted with a razor-sharp 10-inch cutting blade, it makes quick work of grass, weeds, and stubborn overgrowth and leaves you with a lawn trimmed to perfection.

Further, the three cutting blades are complemented by three grease fittings that together allow for efficient functioning while affording greater control to the user. This also leads to better maintenance of the appliance, thus giving its longevity a considerable boost.

In addition to that, the XD 82V is a highly versatile attachment that is compatible with any Snapper XD 82V string trimmer. This way, it makes for a cost-efficient option as well. Last but not the least, operational efficiency is clearly prioritized as seen in its trimmer head that can be locked down at any angle between 0 and 90 degrees and also pivots to 90 degrees with ease.

What Could Have Been Better?

The model is thoroughly satisfying on yards but suffers from a minor issue. With a fully metallic body, it weighs more than its counterparts and is heavy to carry around. However, given its superior capacity for trimming, this is hardly a dealbreaker and the appliance is in our best books regardless!

  • Clean, efficient cutting
  • Additional features for greater longevity
  • Cost-efficient and high-functioning
  • Weighs more than other attachments

young man in shorts with a professional brush cutter mowing grass in the yard. green lawn, old fence as a background. sunny spring weather.

Brush Cutter Buyers’ Guide 

It must be clear by now, that your garden could do very well with a brush cutter, especially with so many excellent models available out there. Tough, durable, and offering an incredible performance, these multifarious tools keep a garden looking spick-and-span throughout the year.

Whether you are a homeowner or a professional landscapist, there are a few things you must bear in mind while making a selection. Along with the individual needs and specifications of your lawn, it pays to look into a few attributes of the gardening tool itself.

Below we have outlined three key points in our comprehensive buyers’ guide that are sure to take you closer to your ideal brush cutter.


Brush cutters are a good investment for a reason; they are highly durable, far more than their counterparts in garden machinery. However, each model differs from the other, and before shelling out your hard-earned dollars on an appliance, it would be worthwhile to ensure it is sturdy. 

To check for a brush cutter’s longevity, one needs to be mindful of the material and formation of the shaft. Metal shafts offer longer shelf lives and since the tools are specifically geared toward heavy-duty tasks, finding one with such a shaft is necessary.

Multi-Purpose Features

It may sound like a stretched claim, but in essence, your brush cutter can replace all other gardening tools. Most of the models on our list also exhibit a high level of versatility and are fitted with attachments that last long. For example, Chikura’s product is one such item while in the case of the Troy-Belt TB42, the attachments may be purchased later.

The multipurpose utility of brush cutters also makes the tools economical as it eliminates the need for other equipment. Lastly, it helps to make sure the device can tackle a variety of terrains so that you don’t need to spend money on a second item.

Universal Attachments

It’d be safe to say economical efficiency is a brush cutter’s most unique selling point. What enhances this, is the universal attachment connection. Most models are compatible with attachments from other brands, something particularly attractive to homeowners for better value for money.

workman holding lawn mower machine cutting grass in garden on morning


With that, we have come to the end of our review and guide and we hope we’ve been able to resolve most, if not all, of your doubts.

In 2022, there is no dearth of products in the market, and brush cutters are no exception to the rule. What makes it harder to choose one is that most brands place great emphasis on quality. Each model comes with its own set of pros and cons and that leads to stiff competition. In such cases, it helps to know what you, specifically, need for your garden.

To make the task slightly easier, we have rounded up some of our favorites among the top 13 on the list. Our first recommendation is the Husqvarna 128LD for exceptional overall functioning, while the PP28LD from Poulan Pro offers great value for money. If it’s versatility you’re looking for, it might be worth checking out Remington’s RM2700.

Let us know below what you think of our suggestions; we look forward to hearing from you.

Till next time!

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