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13 Best Chainsaw Chap of 2022

woodcutter man in the forest - the woodcutter serie

Picture this – you’re cutting wood and then suddenly lose control of the chainsaw, and it ricochets towards your legs. Not the best scenario, right?

Believe us when we say that it’s a dangerous situation and can even cause loss of a limb. That’s why we want loggers, lumberjacks, and forestry professionals to wear the safest pair of chainsaw chaps to avoid grievous injuries and nasty gashes.

To make things easier for you, we went on a spree, looking for the best, high utility gears available on the market right now. After thorough research and consultation with multiple industry experts, we ended up with the 13 best chainsaw chaps of 2022.

Also, you’ll be pleased to know that all our recommended products are quality tested and in compliance with safety standards.

Without further ado, let’s get down to business.

Top Chainsaw Chap 

Our Top PickOur Top Pickhstcstbl-table__imageHusqvarna 587160704 Technical Apron Wrap Chap
  • 1000 denier polyester with PVC coating
  • Adjustable waist size up to 42 inches
hstcstbl-table__imageForester Chainsaw Apron Chaps
  • Meets ASTM F1897, OSHA 1910.266 regulation
  • Allows full range of motion
hstcstbl-table__imageRedneck Convent 37in Safety Chainsaw Chaps
  • Made of 1200 Denier Oxford Polyester
  • Water and oil resistant
hstcstbl-table__imageLabonville Full-Wrap Chainsaw Safety Chaps
  • Made from Kevlar and 1000-denier cordura
  • Provides a comfortable fit
hstcstbl-table__imageOregon Chaps Protective Chainsaw
  • 600 Denier Oxford shell
  • Easily adjustable waist size
hstcstbl-table__imageMakita 841008-A Chain Saw Chap
  • 38-inch long model
  • Bright color ensures easy identification
hstcstbl-table__imageCold Creek Loggers Chainsaw Apron Safety Chaps
  • Outer fabric made of 1200 Oxford Polyester
  • Comes with a pocket
hstcstbl-table__imageHusqvarna 587160702 Chain Saw Chaps
  • Made with 600 denier polyester with PVC coating
  • Adjustable waist size
hstcstbl-table__imageWoodlandPro Chainsaw Safety Chaps
  • Four layers of fabric
  • Available in four sizes
hstcstbl-table__imageJonsered Protective Apron Chaps
  • Heavy-duty design for added protection
  • Includes a tool pocket
hstcstbl-table__imageForester OEM Arborist Forestry Professional Cutter's Combo Kit
  • Includes helmet, ear protection, eyewear, and chaps
  • Made out of ripstop nylon
hstcstbl-table__imageSTIHL Protective Apron Chain Saw Chaps
  • Made with Entex cut-retardant material
  • Deep cargo pocket
hstcstbl-table__imageHusqvarna 531309565 Chain Saw Apron Chaps
  • Made with 5 layers of Kev-Malimot material
  • Product is UL listed

A worker with a helmet works at a height in the trees. Climber on a white background. Arborist man cuts branches with a chainsaw and throws it to the ground. Lumberjack works with a chainsaw

  1. Husqvarna 587160704 Technical Apron Wrap Chap

When it comes to power tools and accessories, Husqvarna is a renowned brand, offering a wide selection of items, ideal for professionals and DIY-ers alike. So, if you’re looking for the ultimate pair of chainsaw chap, get your hands on this Technical Apron for superior protection and safety on the job.

Husqvarna unisex adult 36-38 In. Orange/Gray Tech. Technical...
  • 1000 denier polyester with PVC coating with Tek warp...
  • Adjustable waist size to 42 inches. Overall length is from...

Why Did We Like It?

First and foremost, this safety gear is made from PVC-coated polyester, reinforced with protective layers of Tek Warp. The material combination is suitable for resisting sudden impact and can significantly reduce the severity of an injury, allowing users more reaction time. Also, unlike some other chaps, these cover your calves as well, lending additional safety to the wearer.

Apart from that, the fabric sports a vibrant orange get-up, the signature look of most Husqvarna products, adding visibility and aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, this chap features pockets, buckles for size adjustment, and reflective strips around the ankles for improved visibility. Moreover, it is easy to wear and take off, which is quite an advantage at busy job sites.


With these on, you can not only protect your legs from a chainsaw but also from briars, thorns, and nettles, especially if you’re working in the woods. All in all, it’s an excellent choice that meets all the pertinent ANSI, OSHA, and ASTM regulations, thereby offering superior protection to users.

What Could’ve Been Better?

They’re comparatively heavier than most other chaps and can be very hot to wear, especially in peak summers. However, this is not a defect in the product as the additional weight further protects your legs from machinery-related accidents. Hence, we recommend using this item as it can genuinely save you a trip to the ER.

  • Tek Warp protective layers improve user safety
  • Apron includes pockets, buckles, and reflective strips
  • Protects legs from briars, thorns, and nettles
  • Product meets ANSI, ASTM and OSHA regulations
  • Too heavy and hot for the summer
  1. Forester Chainsaw Apron Chaps

For our second position, we’ve selected the Forester Chainsaw Apron Chaps, a high utility product available in multiple designs, colors, and sizes. They’re comparatively cheaper than our top pick but provide adequate safety to your legs while operating the chainsaw. Therefore, we suggest keeping this pair handy for heavy-duty wood cutting tasks.

FORESTER Chainsaw Chaps for Men - Adjustable Belt - Chain...
  • FORESTER: Chainsaw Safety Chaps - Apron Style Adjustable...
  • Each set of chaps comes with a deep utility pocket for easy...

Why Did We Like It?

This product is an apron-style chainsaw chap that can be worn around the legs, meaning you can simply strap it over your pants before working with a chainsaw. They’re a snap to put on and take off and more comfortable to wear as they are made of lightweight materials. So, if you’re looking for an inexpensive, reliable pair, you can never go wrong with this durable option.


Furthermore, this technical gear meets ASTM and OSHA standards, in addition to UL certification, providing accident-proof experience to users. Design-wise, we like the spacious side pocket and the flip adjustment belt, ensuring a perfectly secure fit at all times. We also like that it’s oil and water-resistant, which lets users wash it when required.

However, the manufacturers clearly state that this is not suitable for use with electric chainsaws. Therefore, we suggest buying this only if you work with gas-powered units on the job.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The waist clasp tends to loosen a bit every time you bend or stoop while working, allowing the chaps to slide a little. We would’ve liked it better if the gear consistently stayed in position as adjusting it now and then can get a bit annoying. If you can overlook this inconvenience, this is still a good purchase.

  • Affordable, user-friendly safety gear
  • Chap features a large pocket and flip adjustment belt
  • Product is oil and water-resistant
  • UL certified, accident-proof chap
  • Waist clasp loosens with movement
  1. Redneck Convent 37in Safety Chainsaw Chaps

The Redneck Convent 37in Safety Chainsaw Chaps is a versatile, multi-purpose safety gear that you can wear while cutting wood, logging, weed eating, and trimming. We love how unassuming it looks and yet offers first-rate protection against live chainsaws without compromising user comfort. Therefore, we suggest using this to avoid mishaps during professional applications.

Why Did We Like It?

As woodworkers, we understand the need for protective gear that can safeguard individuals from life-threatening injuries. That’s why this Redneck Convent item ranks high on our list as it’s made with high quality 1200 Denier Oxford Polyester to ensure maximum protection without hindering mobility.

Furthermore, these are designed to allow easy movement across hilly, rocky, or sloping terrain, thereby adding to the user’s convenience. Other than that, the waist belt on the garment, lets you customize the fit and can accommodate everyone between sizes 30-inch to 42-inch. Also, to provide a tighter fit to the wearer, the chap features 2 smaller cinch clips down the back of the legs.


Apart from that, this item is ASTM compliant and also meets part 8 of WorkSafeBC standard. But they are not meant for use with electric chainsaws, due to their high torque motor operation. Nevertheless, it’s a dependable product and can be used for protection against traditional chainsaws.

What Could’ve Been Better?

We are very pleased with the gear’s overall design and applicability and don’t have any complaints regarding its features either. However, this apron-style chap does not protect the back of the legs and keeps them exposed. We would’ve preferred if the fabric stretched a little further and provided better coverage.

  • Polyester fabric offers high protection and comfort
  • Allows users to maneuver across hilly and sloppy terrain
  • Accommodates waist sizes from 30-inch to 42-inch
  • Product is ASTM compliant and meets WorkSafeBC standard
  • Back-open design
  1. Labonville Full-Wrap Chainsaw Safety Chaps

The Labonville Full-Wrap Chaps is a premium quality protective clothing designed for heavy-duty performance and excellent coverage. Sometimes, covering just the front of the legs is not enough, especially if you’re working in a crowded workshop amid a lot of large-scale machinery. That’s why we suggest investing in this product as it can do a better job than cheap, skimpy chaps.

Why Did We Like It?

First things first, this one of a kind chainsaw chap sports a durable design and can sustain under severe weather conditions. This strap-on gear has an exterior made from 1000 denier nylon Cordura with urethane coating, which makes it sturdy and flame resistant. Underneath that, there are five layers of kevlar and polyester blend, protecting your legs from serious harm.

This chap performs exceedingly well under all situations thanks to its cut-resistant build, which slows down and ultimately stops the live chain. Therefore, if you’d instead take matters into your own hands than depend upon luck, keep this technical gear ready for use at all times on the job.

21UewGlXNkL. SL500

Besides the fabric composition, we like that this item is available in four sizes and does not go by the one size fits all formula. Also, to add to your convenience, this model is resistant to water, oil, and stains, so you don’t have to clean it too often.

What Could’ve Been Better?

This military-grade product deserves all our praises as it continues to be one of the highest-rated chainsaw chaps, owing to its unique fabric quality. Nevertheless, the only chink in this armor is its weight, which in turn compromises comfort. Clocking in at 3lbs, it’s quite heavy and difficult to wear for long.

  • Thick, durable fabric material offering great protection
  • Cut-resistant material slows down and stops chain
  • Available in four sizes to accommodate maximum users
  • Item is flame, water, oil, and stain resistant
  • Item is too bulky and uncomfortable for long wear
  1. Oregon Chaps Protective Chainsaw

Now that we’ve reached the end of our list and we would like to finish off with the Oregon Chaps Protective Chainsaw. However, its bottom position is not a comment on the overall quality of this safety gear as we simply consider it the last of our best 13 performers.

Oregon Protective Chainsaw Chaps for Cutting and Logging, 8...
  • Protective apron chainsaw chaps: Comfortable chainsaw pants...
  • Protective apron design PPE: Chainsaw pants with 8 layers of...

Why Did We Like It?

Our final entry comes in black and is engineered to stall chainsaws from causing any grievous harm to the leg. Built with 8 layers of breathable warp knit material, this gear is further reinforced with 600 Denier Oxford outer shell, ensuring superior protection and comfort.

Additionally, it has an adjustable waist of up to 46-inch, which is easily a higher upper limit than most other chaps can provide. Plus, you also get to tailor the length of this apron-style gear to conveniently wear over layers of clothing. That being said, this item can work for the majority of the users as its dimensions can be customized to a greater degree.

51Kw6Bqkm L

Apart from that, we like the inclusion of the interlocking leg buckles that keep the chaps from slipping off while moving around at work. And to convince you, even more, let’s just say that this product is ASTM and UL classified, so your safety will never be compromised.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The chaps sport an open-back design and hence cannot provide complete protection of the legs. Also, if you’re 6 ft or taller, these are not suitable for wear as it’s far too short and will leave your lower calves, shins, and ankles exposed. So even though it’s quite inclusive in terms of waist size, it does not do anything for taller people.

  • 8 layers of breathable, protective material for added safety
  • Adjustable waist up to 46 inches
  • Interlocking leg buckles to firmly secure chaps
  • Gear length can be adjusted up to 36 inches
  • Product is ASTM, and UL classified
  • Open-back design keeps legs exposed
  • Not suitable for users 6 ft or taller
  1. Makita 841008-A Chain Saw Chap

For our sixth slot, we’ve picked the 841008-A Chain Saw Chaps from the house of Makita. This bright orange gear is ideal for use in hot weather conditions as it’s quite lightweight and does not weigh down the wearer. So if you’re looking for a practical piece of safety clothing, we suggest opting for this item.

Why Did We Like It?

First off, these chaps are a well-made pair that can offer great comfort and ensure mobility to the users. Even though they’re more lightweight compared to other chaps, they effectively minimize the risk of injuries and contact with a chainsaw.

The best thing about this model is that it’s 38 inches long, accommodating taller workers, unlike many other brands, who miss out on their requirements. Also, it fully wraps around the legs so you can work with complete peace of my mind while handling dangerous machinery.


Furthermore, since it’s made with polyester and reinforced with PVC, you can expect it to last longer than ordinary plastic chaps. Besides, the 841008-A weighs only 1lb and hence does not affect your movement, which also makes it wearable even in hot weather conditions.

 Lastly, we especially recommend this item if you work in the forestry industry as you’ll need a reliable pair to wear all day long.

What Could’ve Been Better?

This item is relatively new on the market and has already garnered a lot of interest for its unique design and features. However, we would’ve liked it more if the brand did a better job on the straps as we found some quality control issues with it. Other than that, it’s an excellent buy for professionals on the field.

  • Lightweight design; item weighs only 1lb
  • Ideal for tall professionals
  • Durable polyester build, reinforced with PVC
  • Wearable in hot weather conditions
  • Straps suffer from minor quality control issues
  1. Cold Creek Loggers Chainsaw Apron Safety Chaps

We’re halfway through our recommendations, and now is a good time to introduce the Cold Creek Loggers Chainsaw Safety Chaps. They have very little going on when it comes to looks, but they do a decent job of protecting your legs from a live, out of control saw. So if you want a safe day at work, be sure to get one of these.

Cold Creek Loggers Chainsaw Apron Safety Chaps Pocket (40",...
  • Comfortable, oil resistant, water resistant, pocketed, 1200...

Why Did We Like It?

To begin with, we’re very impressed with the fabric quality of this model, ensuring optimal protection without leaving any critical area exposed. Furthermore, it’s constructed using a combination of materials and reinforced with a 1200 Oxford Polyester outer shell, lending additional strength and durability.

Other than that, this sturdy gear is resistant to oil and water, which means you don’t have to clean it too often. Also, it’s quite comfortable and lightweight, allowing users to wear the chaps for long hours at a stretch.


What we liked most about this product is that it comes with a conveniently placed pocket. You can carry some handheld tools in the pocket while working and easily access them when required. Plus, the pocket is zippered, so you don’t have to worry about dropping an item.

The viability of this product can be further confirmed with the fact that it meets ASTM and OSHA regulations and is also UL certified. So, you can buy this to keep things safe and accident-proof at the job site.

What Could’ve Been Better?

While the fabric itself is quite durable, the color of the chaps will most likely fade with time. Although, it is not much of an inconvenience considering that its appearance won’t make a difference in terms of protectiveness. So, if you can live with a faded pair, we suggest getting this option.

  • Combination of fabrics for improved strength and durability
  • Item meets ASTM and OSHA mandates
  • Suitable for wearing for long hours
  • Zippered pocket for safekeeping of tools
  • Color of the chaps fade over time
  1. Husqvarna 587160702 Chain Saw Chaps

We may seem a little partial to Husqvarna products, but a list of the best chainsaw chaps on the market would be incomplete without our eighth recommendation. That being said, the 587160702 model is highly functional and works exceedingly well to protect your legs. So if you believe in owning tough gears for tough jobs, this item will not disappoint.

Husqvarna 587160702 Chain Saw Chaps Protective Functional...
  • Includes one pair of Husqvarna Functional Apron Chainsaw...
  • Reduce Chainsaw Injuries: This chainsaw safety equipment is...

Why Did We Like It?

The 587160702 is an exceptional item, primarily for its high-quality fabric material, providing superior protection against sharp chainsaw blades. Thanks to 5 layers of warp knit Kev-Malimot combined with the 600 denier outer shell, the gear can resist substantial impact and minimize the possibility of an injury.

We like that the product is quite lightweight yet does not skimp on protection, allowing users to engage in woodwork, even on sunny days, comfortably. But what seals the deal is that this black number can also withstand an electric chainsaw, resisting contact and keeping you unharmed.


Other than that, we like the felling wedge pocket on this item, which simplifies carrying small tools on the job. Also, we’re very impressed with the Acetyl Delran buckles, ensuring a secure grip to keep the chaps firmly in place. But if you’re wondering about its viability viz-a-viz security standards, then let’s just say that it meets ASTM F1897, ANSI Z133, and OSHA regulations 1910-266.

What Could’ve Been Better?

This item is on the pricier side, but we suggest using this premium quality product if you want to be sure that your chap will work if the occasion arises. Also, not all chaps can hold against electric chainsaws, so if you primarily work with them, you must not skimp on quality just to save a few dollars.

  • Sturdy construction works against electric chainsaws
  • Comfortable to wear on hot, sunny days
  • Features a felling wedge pocket and Acetyl Delran buckles
  • Product complies with ASTM, ANSI and OSHA regulations
  • Item is a tad bit expensive
  1. WoodlandPro Chainsaw Safety Chaps

If you did not like the price tag on our previous item, the WoodlandPro Chainsaw Safety Chaps would surely fit the bill. This budget option is easily one the best in this price range and works great against gas-powered chainsaws. So if you’re looking to cut costs but not at the expense of your legs, we suggest buying this product.

WoodlandPro Chainsaw Safety Chaps

Why Did We Like It?

Loggers need to have gears that they can count on, but not everyone has the budget to buy premium quality. That’s why we’ve included this dependable pair as it can fulfill all safety requirements without burning a hole in your pocket.

For starters, these chaps are a fusion of strong fabrics, blended to provide unmatched impact resistance and protection. To explain further, the product has a nylon 400-denier fabric outer shell with layers of polyester felt and Kevlar underneath. So in case, a chainsaw spins out of control, this gear will clog the mechanism and stop the blades.

31rVlviLqZL. SL500

Besides, this item is OSHA mandated, and UL certified, so that confirms the credibility of the gear. Other than the safety features, we like that it comes in a muted shade of forest green and is available in four sizes to accommodate the majority of the users. Also, they’re not too heavy, so the chaps are wearable round the year, regardless of the weather condition.

What Could’ve Been Better?

We are, for most parts, satisfied with this low-cost item and do not have any complaints regarding its functionality or design. Nevertheless, they are not meant for large-scale industrial use as the item is not strong enough to sustain that kind of impact or environment. Therefore, we recommend buying this only for low-intensity wood cutting applications.

  • Affordable, high-performance safety gear
  • Made with 400 denier nylon, kevlar and polyester felt
  • Product is OSHA mandated, and UL certified
  • Comfortable and lightweight chaps, suitable for wear all year round
  • Not meant for heavy-duty industrial applications
  1. Jonsered Protective Apron Chaps

For our 10th position, we’ve decided to introduce another brand, and this time it’s the Protective Apron Chaps from Jonsered. Some of us prefer more substantial designs to lightweight options simply because they’re difficult to cut through, and if you think along those lines as well, these apron-style chaps are bound to impress.

No products found.

Why Did We Like It?

Design-wise the Jonsered Chaps are pretty standard and can be worn over regular pants like an apron. They have an adjustable waist size, so you don’t have to bother purchasing the right size. Furthermore, this model weighs about 2.4 lbs, which, although may limit your mobility, increases your overall safety, and diminishes the risk of injuries.

Besides, the gear is in compliance with ASTM and ANSI standards, meaning product failure will be the least of your troubles. We like that it comes with a tool pocket as it’s quite useful for carrying small parts, gadgets, and even snacks if you’re looking for a quick break mid-project.

Overall, we recommend this high utility gear, especially if you’re looking for something affordable yet effective. Also, if your job does not entail extensive movement, you can consider this sturdy option as the weight, in that case, will not be much of an inconvenience.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Well, there’s no sugarcoating this, but these protective chaps do nothing to safeguard the back of the legs, which could be a major issue if you’re looking for full-leg protection. Therefore, we advise selecting this item only if you’re sure that your job does not require a chap with full coverage.

  • Heavyweight construction reduces the risk of injuries
  • Product meets ASTM and ANSI standards
  • Tool pocket for convenient storage of small items
  • Affordable, high utility protective gear
  • Does not protect the back of the legs
  1. Forester OEM Arborist Forestry Professional Cutter’s Combo Kit

Why just buy a chap when you can get a whole kit? That’s reasoning applied by a lot of professionals on the job, and hence we have the Cutter’s Combo Kit from Forester as our 11th product. Thus, if you’re eager to get kitted out while saving costs, get your hands on this set stat.

Forester Protective Clothing - OEM Forestry Cutter Combo Kit...
  • Chainsaw Chaps - Provides protection while working with a...
  • Safety Helmet - This high quality helmet system is designed...

Why Did We Like It?

As a professional, it always makes more sense to invest in a complete kit instead of buying one item at a time. That’s why we recommend investing in this option as it includes a protective helmet, earmuffs, eye gear, and of course, the chaps. However, since the chaps are the priority here, we would like to discuss a bit more about its effectiveness.

For starters, the chainsaw chap is designed for sustaining heavy-duty applications as it’s made with strong and durable ripstop nylon and polyester. They offer ample protection in the most hazardous environment and can stop a gas-powered chainsaw from causing bodily harm. Other than that, we like the 37-inch long design of this item, which can perfectly accommodate taller lumberjacks.


Also, the gear features two reliable leg buckles and in-built pockets to provide maximum convenience to the users. Lastly, the product is ASTM, OSHA, UL certified, so there are no red flags in terms of safety.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The chaps work fine more or less as we couldn’t find any noticeable flaws in its design. But the helmet is hardly the best in the market and leaves a lot to be desired, quality-wise. Even though manufacturers claim that it meets ANSI standards, the headgear is too fragile for industrial applications.

  • All in one, affordable kit for professionals
  • Durable design protects against gas-fuelled chainsaws
  • Suitable for taller loggers and lumberjacks
  • Features leg buckles and pockets
  • Helmet is not meant for industrial use
  1. STIHL Protective Apron Chain Saw Chaps

The STIHL Protective Apron Chain Saw Chaps is a rugged yet comfortable gear that can insure your legs from close calls with chainsaw blades. We’re very impressed with their superior fabric quality and design, offering high safety and comfort even during intensive applications. So if you would rather spend a little more and buy top-notch quality, hands down this is one of the best options.

Why Did We Like It?

Despite being placed so low on our, this orange pair is still one of our favorites primarily for its unique design and functionality. To begin with, we like that this gear accommodates everyone from waist size 30-inch to 42-inch, which is quite an inclusive range for a safety garment.

However, what takes the cake is the 6 layers of protective retardant material that stops the chainsaw blades much ahead of time. You can choose between the 6 and 9 layer variety, depending on your need. Nevertheless, this bad boy will do the job without fail and save you from dangerous machinery malfunctions.


Although these chaps are quite thick, they sport an open-back design, so it doesn’t weigh you down and impede overall mobility. Apart from that, we very much like the deep cargo pocket on the front, which allows you to carry tools, spare parts, and other items for on-demand access.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Just the price. It may be worth the protection and peace of mind, but honestly, we would’ve placed it much higher on our list only if it was more reasonably priced. Therefore, we recommend buying it only if you do not find a cheaper and equally reliable alternative on the market.

  • Build with 6 layers of protective retardant material
  • Open-back design for improved mobility
  • Accommodates waist sizes between 30-inch to 42-inch
  • Deep pocket for access to tools and parts
  • Product is quite expensive
  1. Husqvarna 531309565 Chain Saw Apron Chaps

Wearing suitable safety clothing while dealing with heavy, powerful machines is of paramount importance as it can make all the difference when it comes to avoiding serious harm. That’s why this Husqvarna Chain Saw Apron Chaps has gained immense popularity and become the go-to protective gear for most professionals.

Why Did We Like It? 

First off, this chainsaw chap can be securely worn under the waistline of the jeans or trousers and adjusted for a perfect fit. We like how snugly it goes over the legs while the layers of Kev-Malimot fabric ensure superior protection and comfort. Also, this model features a 600 Denier outer shell with PVC coating for improved durability.

Unlike other chaps, this apron-style item wraps entirely around your legs, offering complete coverage. And honestly, we appreciate the thoughtfulness of the makers as the design of this protective clothing aims to keep the user’s legs guarded from all sides.

However, if that does not convince you, let’s just say that it meets the standards of ASTM F1897, ANSI Z133.1, and OSHA regulation, besides being UL certified. Lastly, if you’re looking for a low-maintenance, highly efficient pair that works without weighing you down, we recommend investing in this option.

What Could’ve Been Better?

You must be wondering what could be wrong about this product, especially when we couldn’t stop praising its quality and features. Well, even though it’s easy to adjust, this chap won’t fit anyone over 6 ft and above. It is rather short, and thus we suggest buying it only if you know for sure that your legs will be fully covered.

  • Can be adjusted and secured for a perfect fit
  • Wraps around the legs for improved coverage
  • Outer fabric is made of 600 Denier polyester with PVC coating
  • ASTM, ANSI and OSHA compliant product
  • Not suitable for users 6 ft or above

13 Best Chainsaw Chap of 2020 03

Chainsaw Chap Buyers’ Guide

Knowing all about the 13 best chainsaw chap of 2022 may seem like an information overload. But we don’t want to leave you all confused and worked up with all this detail. That’s why to help you choose better, we’ve put together a summarized guide for quick reference.

The following are the factors that you must consider before getting yourself a chainsaw chap. Take a look now!

  1. Material

As with most clothing products, chainsaw chaps are also available in different materials or fusion of materials, providing comfort and security to the wearer. Some of the most commonly used fabrics include Denier, Kevlar, Ballistic, and Polyester.

Each material is available at different costs, and consequently, the level of protection also varies. Polyester and Denier are the most readily available fabric combination, and they are quite easy to maintain and comfortable. Kevlar is comparatively thicker than these materials, but it offers more safety in the long run.

  1. Size & Length

We cannot stress enough how important the dimensions of the gear is as the size and length can make a lot of difference in terms of coverage. This is especially a significant consideration for taller professionals as not all chainsaw chaps provide optimal protection to individuals around 6 ft or above.

Ideally, the chaps should cover the thighs, crotch area, and the shins. Therefore, make sure that the length and width of the chaps do not leave any area exposed to the chainsaw blades.

  1. Design

By now, you already know that the chaps come in two styles primarily – the apron-style and the wrap-around style. While the former is a cinch to wear and take off, they keep the back of the legs exposed.

On the contrary, the wrapper-style provides full protection to the legs even though they weigh you down a bit. We suggest going for the latter if you’re looking for advanced protection on the job site. However, the apron-style works fine if you’re mostly engaged in light-duty wood cutting applications. So based on your line of work, make the right choice to protect your legs.

Man with safety equipment and chainsaw pruning pine tree.


When it comes to safety gears like chainsaw chaps, there’s only one rule we live by – don’t leave home without one. Also, do not compromise on protection and get lured into buying cheap as hospital trips are pretty expensive.

On that note, we’ve come to the end of our comprehensive guide, and we hope you could select the most suitable option from our itemized reviews. However, if you’re still in two minds about what to buy, here’s a quick recap.

Husqvarna 587160704 Technical Apron Wrap Chap is the best overall, while Labonville Full-Wrap Chainsaw Safety Chaps has great resistant qualities. Moreover, WoodlandPro Chainsaw Safety Chaps is the best budget buy and Makita 841008-A Chain Saw Chaps is the most size-inclusive option.

Let us know in the comments section below if you have some more safety tips to share.   

Till next time, safe logging!

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