12 Best Christmas Glass Tree Toppers for a Jolly Xmas

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For some, it represents the angel Gabriel from the Nativity scene, for others, it’s the depiction of the Star of Bethlehem; and for all, it’s the final touch to the decoration of a Christmas tree. We are talking about Christmas tree finials here, now more commonly known as tree toppers.

The use of tree toppers gained popularity during the Victorian era when every home in England had started to adorn their interiors with richly decorated Christmas trees.

Now, tree toppers are available in all materials and shapes. From blown glass to plastic and from the fairy outlines to the Santa Clause, you can find tree toppings that you can match all sorts of aesthetics and Christmas traditions.

Glass tree toppers are a combination of several elements. At one hand, they look delicate and stunning. On the other hand, they also appeal to the zest of centuries-old tradition that plastic and paper tree toppers can’t bring forth.

As we are not really far from “the Season to be jolly”, so let’s have a look at 12 of the best Christmas glass tree toppers that you can choose from to finalize your winter decorations.

Best Christmas Glass Tree Toppers

1. Morawski Tree with Birds Tree Topper Glass Nests — A Miniature Tree Christmas Finial

  • Miniature tree with thick crown
  • Green matt and glitter finish
  • Made in Poland

We are starting off our list with Morawski Tree with Birds tree topper. As the product title suggests, it is a tree topper that is itself a miniature glass tree along with bird nests.

No products found.

With a light-green glittery base and matte-green crown, there are small spherical apertures on it from where cute little birds are peeking. The dark green crown of the topper is also festooned with leaf-like glittered patterns. If you are looking to amuse the kids in the house with Christmas tree decorations, then Morawski Tree Topper is worth your money.

Also, if you are a fan of visual gimmickry and illusions, then you would like this glass tree topper as it creates imagery where a larger Christmas tree is begetting a smaller one from the top.

Morawski Tree with Birds tree topper is made in Poland by seasoned craftsmen.


  • Great for Christmas tree decorations in homes with kids
  • A cost-effective glass tree topper
  • Doesn’t exhibit the delicacy of glass finish

2. Morawski Cardinals Tree Topper Glass Tree Branches — A Delicate Miniature Tree Tree-Topper

  • Miniature tree with branched stems
  • Green finishing with white glittering
  • Made in Poland

If the earlier Morawski Tree Topper is a miniature of a thickly crowned spring tree, then this one is a branched one that is coming back to life after a long winter season. Morawski Cardinals Tree Topper is also made of glass and finished with different shades of green. This Tree Topper is a bit shorter and lighter than the previous one.

Morawski Cardinals TREETOPPER Glass Tree Branches Poland...
  • Product Material: Glass
  • Approximate Item Size 16.0 In H X 9.0 In W X 2.0 In D

The white glitter on the branches is used to represent snow, which hints that the season of festivity is around the corner. Meanwhile, the delicate glass trunk is branching into six stems with a red bird sitting on each one. One bird is sitting right at the top of this miniature tree topper. The union of green, white, and red colors produces an interesting visual palette.

Morawski Cardinals Tree Topper is also a perfect example of the fine craftsmanship of Polish glassmakers.  


  • Branched pattern and various colors make it a visually enriched tree topper
  • Stunning under incandescent lights
  • Prone to falls and tumbles

3. Inge-Glas Reflectortree Top, Black Pearl — Best Mouth-Blown Glass Tree Topper

  • Mouth-blown crystal glass
  • Hand-painted
  • Comes in the wrapping of acid-free tissue

Inge-Glas is a well-known name in making mouth-blown and handcrafted delicate glass ornamental pieces for Christmas. And its Reflectortree finial is the manifestation of the expert craftsmanship of German artists.

Inge-Glas Reflectortree top, Delightful Reflections, Black...
  • Inge-Glas Item Number 20727R032…………13"Tall
  • Delicate mouth-blown clear crystal glass, precious sterling...
  • Carefully wrapped in acid-free tissue and packaged in the...
  • The worldwide recognized and registered 5-point Inge-Glas...

Reflectortree is a delicate 13-inch tall glass structure with a pointed end and an expanded glittered base that carefully holds a dome-like structure, which has been masterfully painted by the artisans at Inge-Glas. Then this golden dome has an extension that looks like a stretched totem—this is where you can see the artistry of Inge-Glas at the display.

Among many good things about Inge-Glas Reflectortree, the way it is packaged and delivered by Inge-Glas is also noteworthy. This premium tree topper comes in a beautiful gift box wrapped in acid-free tissue.  

If you are looking for something supremely classic in a glass ornament, then go with this Inge-Glas Tree Topper. 


  • A delicate glass piece with stunning focal design
  • Quality black finishing elicits the premium feel
  • Too fragile

4. Morawski Thin Santa Tree Topper Glass Finial Poland — Best Thin Santa Tree Topper

  • Finial with Santa statuette
  • A colorful finial
  • Made in Poland

Morawski Thin Santa Tree Topper is actually what the product title says: A finial crafted from glass in a thin Santa Clause figurine. Morawski has definitely shown exemplary glass artistry in the making of this tree topper. Carving a figure of Santa from a glass piece of few inches and then draping it with the right combination of colors is definitely a challenging work.

No products found.

Nonetheless, the experienced Polish artists have succeeded in pulling this off. In this Morawski Tree Topper, the thin Santa is standing atop of a ball finished with glittered green and white patterns that are outlined by golden.

Although the over 20-inch height of a finial seems prone to tripping, the base of Morawski is solid enough to easily hold that length. The other feature that saves Thin Santa Tree Topper from falling is its lightweight. With so much design details, it doesn’t like a product that weighs only 1.7 pounds. 


  • A lightweight finial that is heavy on design
  • Considered ideal for homes with kids
  • Its full length might not get displayed

5. Christopher Radko Golden Radiance Finial — Best Star Tree Topper

  • Carved out of blown glass
  • 14-inch tall
  • Ideal for golden-themed decorations

You can never go wrong with a shimmering star as your Christmas tree finial. A star tree topper is not just revered from a traditional standpoint but it genuinely looks good while hanging from the highest bough of your Christmas tree.

Christopher Radko Hand-Crafted European Glass Christmas...
  • This shimmering gold star will be the perfect crowning glory...
  • Size in inches: 15.5x14x3
  • For over 30 years, Christopher Radko has captured hearts of...
  • This Ornament is carefully packaged in an official...

Christopher Radko is a well-known name among Christmas ornament artists. People eagerly wait for Radko’s new ornaments range. With its Golden Radiance Finial, Radko has shown why he is considered the top player among Christmas ornamental makers.

Christopher Radko Golden Radiance Finial is a seven-pointed star that is decked with patterns. The border of the star is lined with silver glitter. The shimmering combination of golden and silver definitely makes this finial the focal point of the tree.

The star is made of blown glass and rises to 14 inches height. Its heavyweight is balanced by the solid base that let you easily place it at the top of the tree.  


  • A carefully detailed star finial
  • Features the winning combination of golden and silver
  • A bit heavy in weight
  • A bit heavy on the pocket too

6. Metzler Brothers Christmas Dance A Tree Topper — Tree Topper with Paintings

  • A 16-inch tall finial
  • Features two handmade paintings
  • Carved out of mouth-blown glass

Metzler Brothers has introduced a really thoughtful tree topper for your Christmas decorations. This tree topper is not just good because of its delicate glass construction or the combination of colors used in its finishing. The thing that makes Metzler Brothers Tree Topper stand apart among others is its detailed hand-painted pictures.

Joy To The World Metzler Brothers Christmas Dance Around...
  • Joy to the World
  • Metzler Brothers Christmas Dance Around Polish Glass...
  • Brand New in Original Packaging

The tree topper has two crystal globes that are thoroughly painted from all sides. The one globe has the painting showing children dancing around a Christmas tree and the other one shows a snow-laden landscape with two cozy homes.

These two painted globes are placed on top of each other and supported by a red glittered base. Meanwhile, a pointed dome-like structure completes this finial from the top. From afar, this tree topper looks like a stunning stand of color-shifting balls. 


  • Ideal for more deliberative Christmas decorations
  • Can be used even as a standalone ornamental piece
  • A bit expensive

7. Pinnacle Peak Trading Company Santa Claus with Garland and Bell  Topper — Most Detailed Santa Tree Topper

  • A Santa statue with a garland and a bell
  • Handcrafted in Poland
  • Comes in original Pinnacle Peak packaging

For children waiting for Santa to put their gifts under the Christmas tree, having a Santa-shaped finial topping the tree is definitely an exciting prospect. For that matter, Santa tree toppers are always sought after among parents shopping for Christmas decorations.

Pinnacle Peak Trading Company Santa Claus with Garland and...
  • Pinnacle Peak Trading Company
  • Santa Claus with Garland and Bell Polish Glass Christmas...
  • Handcrafted in Poland. Ships From Our USA Warehouse.

Pinnacle Peak Trading Company has introduced a tree topper for all those buyers. The company has crafted a Santa tree topper that wins with its attention of details. Apart from getting the costume details right, Pinnacle Peak has also incorporated a garland and bell in the topper to make it looks closer to what has been living in our imagination for centuries.

And not just that, the Santa statue is standing on a crystal globe that is brimming with colors and designs. There is a flower pattern in the middle finished with crimson red and golden and bordered with glitter. Then the entire crystal ball has a wide red band sandwiched between two off-white strips.

All this construction stands on a sturdy stand so you can easily adjust it on the treetop.  


  • The most detailed Santa tree topper out there
  • Can be used as a standalone ornamental piece as well
  • Too heavy
  • A bit expensive

8. Glass Inge-Glas Owl Bird Tree Topper —  Unique Christmas Glass Tree Topper

  • An 8.7-inch tall tree topper
  • Handcrafted in Germany
  • Comes in original packing

Inge-Glas has been making glass ornaments for years. The German company is also known for making some of the best glass pieces for Christmas decorations. For instance, its Up in the Tree Owl Tree Topper is a fine piece of glass craftsmanship. The inclusion of owls in Christmas celebrations is not as old as the other established traditions.

Inge-Glas Enchanted Forest Up in The Tree Tops Owl German...
  • Inge Glas
  • Inge Glas Enchanted Forest Up in the Tree Tops Owl German...
  • Brand New in Original Packaging

Some people believe that it has started in the early 19th century. The owl’s intelligence and wisdom actually illustrates a Christmas wish. Inge-Glas has taken this motif in the making of this tree topper. The topper consists of globe finished in dark brown with a light brown glittering pattern. On top of it, an owl is sitting with a side pose.

The owl statue features many colors and patterns. From brown to bronze and green to yellow, the craftsmen at Inge-Glas have ingeniously incorporated so many colors on the owl’s figure without making it look excessive. This fine piece of glasswork sits on a glittered expanded base. 


  • Ideal for individualistic Christmas decor
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Might not go well with traditional Christmas decorations

9. Tree Topper Finial Carnival Tree Topper — Minimalistic Christmas Glass Tree Topper

  • A 17-inch tall tree topper
  • Carved out of hand-blown glass
  • Weighs 1.1 pounds

If you are looking for a tree topper that is simple and elegant and yet captures the essence of winter festivity, then we would strongly recommend you to consider Tree Topper’s Finial Carnival Tree Topper. It’s a simple glass construction with crystal ball and totem-shaped top standing on a gold-glittered base.

Tree Topper Finial Carnival Tree Topper Glass Christmas...
  • Product Material: Glass
  • Approximate Item Size 17.0 In. H X 5.0 In. W X 5.0 In. D

The crystal ball in the middle is finished with a silver coat which is then painted with golden stars and magenta red confetti design. The globe is then joined with a pointed circular totem and tied with a ribbon. The totem is also finished with a magenta red. The tip of the totem is finished with shimmering silver glitter.

All these seemingly subtle color and design elements collectively make a really strong festive statement. For Christmas trees that are not decked with too many ornamental items, the finish of Carnival Tree Topper seems quite reasonable. 


  • An elegant tree topper option
  • Goes well with any Christmas tree
  • Quite heavy given its construction
  • An expensive finial option

10. Inge-Glas Exquisite Nikolaus Topper  — Best Standalone Santa Christmas Topper

  • A 12.75 tall finial and standalone Christmas ornament
  • Made from hand-blown glass
  • Crafted by German artisans

Inge-Glas is a premium manufacturer of glass ornaments. That’s the reason why this is its third product on our list of the best glass tree toppers. This tree topper is another Santa Statue standing on a crystal globe. The good thing about this final is it’s not just a tree topper. You can also use it as a standalone Christmas ornament, thanks to its free-standing base.

Inge Glas Exquisite Nikolaus Tree Topper Free Standing...
  • Product Material: Glass
  • Approximate Item Size 12.25 In H X 3.75 In W X 3.75 In D
  • European Mouth Blown Glass Tree Topper Embellished With...
  • Hand-Painted & Glittered In Germany In A Series Of...

In the design of Inge-Glas Exquisite Nikolaus Tree Topper, what we found most striking is its blood-red crystal globe that also bears a stunning pattern.  The same pattern can also be seen on the gown of the Santa. It yet again shows that the craftsmen at Inge-Glas know how to produce the best glass ornaments with all the delicacy and attention to details. 


  • Features a stunning blood-red crystal globe
  • Can be used as a standalone Christmas ornament
  • Extremely lightweight
  • The finishing of the Santa statue could be better

11. Inge-Glas Red Shiny Blossom Reflector Finial – Best Red Glass Tree Topper

  • A 13-inch tall tree topper
  • Handcrafted in Germany
  • Comes in original packing

It won’t be wrong to say that red is the color of Christmas. There is no way you can complete your Xmas decorations without deluging your abode with red all around. Inge-Glas caters to Christmas décor market with a range of its high-quality products. Here too, we have reviewed a bunch of its tree toppers of some of them can also be used as separate ornamental objects.

Inge Glas Red Shiny Blossom Reflector Finial German Glass...
  • Inge Glas
  • Inge Glas Red Shiny Blossom Reflector Finial German Glass...
  • Brand New in Original Packaging

Inge-Glas Shiny Blossom Reflector Finial is also one of a quality product of the German glass master. The most striking feature of this tree topper is its finishing. Finished in the same red shade from top to bottom, this finial definitely looks a crimson marvel. The golden stand and some pattern highlight the red in a more effective manner.

We will strongly recommend this fine piece of glass ornament if you are looking to add more red to your decoration. 


  • A fine red glass Christmas ornament
  • A lightweight tree top piece
  • A bit expensive

12. Tree Topper Finial Holly Reflector — Best Combination of Red and Green in a Tree Topper

  • A 14-inch tall finial
  • Made from hand-blown glass
  • Weighs 12.8 ounces

This finial by Tree Topper is quite similar to Inge-Glas product that we discussed above. However, it’s more wholesome in terms of having Christmas colors. The pointed totem is draped in both green and red colors in a beautiful pattern. This color contrast looks more stunning when illuminated by ambient light fixtures.

Tree Topper Finial Holly Reflector Tree Topper Free Standing...
  • Product Material: Glass
  • Approximate Item Size 14.00 In H X 3.50 In W X 3.00 In D

Tree Topper has given this finial a free-standing base so you can use it as a separate ornament to line a shade or shelve. The crystal ball contains the mixture of different colors and painted in a way that it looks a more natural and handcrafted piece of Christmas décor. 


  • A perfect combination of green and red in a Christmas tree finial
  • Can be used as a standalone decoration piece
  • Too heavy

 Christmas Glass Tree Topper Buying Guide

With the above list of 12 best glass tree toppers, we have tried to save you from the tiresome searching from your Christmas décor shopping. Moreover, we are going to share some important points that will help you in picking the right tree topper and finial, even from outside of this list.

1. The Topper Type

By type, we mean the distinctive shape that any tree topper has. From a star to a Santa and totem to miniature figures, you have noticed that a tree topper can have many different shapes. The star and totem-shaped tree toppers are the evergreen choice for Christmas tree décor. Nonetheless, Santa statues as finials are also popular in households with kids.

If you are in a mood to do a bit of experiment with your Christmas decoration, then you can do so with miniature trees and owl statues as well.

2. The Size

Many people often overlook this aspect while buying a tree topper and, as a result, end up with a finial that can’t be used in the right manner. For instance, getting anything taller than 9 inches for a tree that is already touching the ceiling is not a good idea.

So, keep in mind what space you have between the top of the tree and the ceiling. Also, get a topper in proportion with the size of the tree. Buying a 13-inch topper for a small Christmas tree will only make it look awkward and out of place.

3. All-Side or One-Side Finishing

Many Christmas trees are placed in the corners or beside the wall thus keeping only its front visible.  This is the reason why many tree toppers come with only one side finished. Such partially finished finials won’t go well on a tree that stands in the center of your lounge. Similarly, if you want to use tree toppers also as standalone décor pieces then go for options that are finished from all sides.

The best glass tree topers we have reviewed here all finished from all angles and aspects. You can pick any of them without worrying about the issue of multiple viewpoints.

We hope that this piece will effectively help you in getting the right tree topper for the finishing touch of your Christmas tree decoration.

Merry Xmas!

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