The Best Colors for Master Bedroom [All You Need to Know]

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Your bedroom walls are the first thing that you cast your eyes upon after waking up. Therefore, it is essential that it gives you an instant surge of happiness.

After being enslaved by productivity day in and day out, your sleeping place should be a sanctuary of comfort and peace. It is important to be mindful of the things you allow in your safe abode because visuals affect our subconscious mind more than we realize.

The color, design, and overall appearance play a tremendous role in setting the vibe of the living space. So, do you want to create a relaxing aura for your master bedroom? If yes, then we’ll let you in on our favorite color options and ideas.

The color palette of a room not just makes it aesthetically pleasing but also affects our psychology. By choosing the right shades, we can discover a whole new level of relaxation.

Let’s dig more into it!

Setting The Mood 

No doubt décor and organization are crucial, but it’s the colors that truly set the mood of a place. Before rushing to paint, you should have a clear picture of the environment and setting you are trying to create in your room. Once you have that image, it’ll become easier to decide the colors.

Light, soft, and neutral colors can make a place appear cool and spacious, whereas darker shades can make it look warm and small. Decide whether you want nice and minimalistic feels or warm, fuzzy, and comfortable vibes. 

For instance, red is the color of love and passion, but it can also be associated with certain negative emotions like aggression. Due to this reason, it is not advisable to have red tones in the bedroom. 

Meanwhile, warm colors have a cheery effect, but they can make you restless, so don’t overdo them. One smart way to balance out the energy of your bedroom is to create a nice dynamic among the décor pieces and wall color. 

If you opt for cool hues like blue, green, purple, etc., you can keep your interior neutral or warm. On the other hand, if you are going for slightly warmer shades, save the day with an earthly and cool décor. 

These aren’t any hard or fast rules, and you can go all sunny or all wintry too, but it’s typically better to create a balance. Our next section will help you understand all the colors in detail.

The Color Psychology

You might know that according to color psychology, shades and hues affect our perception of things. Different colors bring out different emotions in people, and there are a wide variety of colors to choose from. But don’t get carried away by the options while choosing one for your bedroom.

Some warm tones like red and orange incite a want of action in your mind and lead you to think actively. After being exposed to such shades, you’ll feel energized. It is nice to have these colors in your workplace or creativity centers, but they won’t be feasible in a space you want to sleep in. 

Along the same lines, some hues can give a grounded persona to a room while others add a burst of sunshine. There’s always a risk of things turning out to be too gloomy or too frisky; hence, balance is the key. 

Now, you’ll want to go for your favorite color, but don’t be ruled by that temptation. The ideal situation for a bedroom is to keep it cozy, lighthearted, and free from responsibilities. Therefore, an overwhelming color palette should be avoided at all costs. 

All our color ideas are perfect for a comfortable mood-setting, so you need not worry about doing extensive research. Just keep reading to learn all about it.

Best Colors for Master Bedroom

Beautiful decorative bedroom. In the warm colors.

  1. Green

We’ll start with the color most widely found in a natural habitat and is a blessing bestowed upon us by mother nature – green. There’s no better relaxation than that found in the laps of nature; so, isn’t that just the best choice for a bedroom? 

The green color induces a sense of warmth and freshness, guaranteed to help you wake up in a happy mood.  you are fond of the great outdoors and love it when new flowers pop in the spring, this is the ideal choice for you. 

But that isn’t enough to reach a conclusive decision because, again, there are many shades of green. Let’s have a look at them one by one. We’ll start from the lighter ones and move towards the darker hues.

  • Lime Green

Lime Green Bedroom Ideas

If you are a fan of bright colors but not exactly bright like sunshine, then you might like lime green. It has the undertones of lime yellow with a hint of earthy green, which might prove to be the right amount of brightness for you. 

Thanks to the liveliness of yellow and the subtlety of green, this mixed color conjures up a tranquil environment in the bedroom. Not just that, the shade inspires a soothing effect on the mind and triggers deep and relaxing sleep. A little heads up: you might feel too cozy to actually leave your bed in the morning.

  • Sage Green

Sage Green Bedroom Ideas

You must have already seen your social media or Pinterest accounts flooded with this shade since it has been trending lately. It is indeed a beautiful color from the pastel palette, and no wonder everyone is crushing hard on this one. 

With a light finish, this shade of green has an array of colors to contrast with multiple hues. You can use it with a number of other shades to create an appealing combination in your room. 

Imagine yourself all snuggled up in your blanket with a hot cup of matcha to match your walls; everything’s calm, and life is good. If you resonate with this idea, then sage green might be the right color choice for you. Just light up incense, and it’ll feel like a zen garden.

  • Pea Green

Pea Green bedroom

Next up, we have another beautiful shade of green richer in blue undertones than the yellow ones. Consequently, it falls under the darker category of colors, and it’s pretty evident from the name what it looks like.

Pea-green isn’t a common choice in house décor since people don’t pay much attention to color psychology and go with their biases. A great balancer of emotions and heart, this shade not only creates an equilibrium between your heart and head but also helps align the chakras. It is the color of renewal, rebirth, and growth and will transform your room into a sanctuary. 

  • Moss Green 

Moss Green  Bedroom

The darkest tone of green on our list, the moss shade, is the color of non-flowering, non-vascular plants of the division Bryophyta. The division itself goes by the title “moss” and, hence the name.

The color gives the same contentment as sage green, except that it is significantly darker. It brings about the mystic beauty and serenity of a forest into your bedroom. Plus, it’s scientifically proven that moss green helps treat insomnia, so if you struggle to fall asleep on time, this shade will ease things out for you.

Moreover, it is the perfect color tone for you to keep your bedroom green and dark. If that’s the vibe you’re looking for, you know which color to choose.

  1. Purple

According to color theory, purple combines the passionate and vibrant energy of red with the stability and calmness of blue, thereby creating a unique balance. It symbolizes luxury, wealth, and extravagance, along with many other things.

There’s another interesting story behind this logic. Seen as an emblem of grandeur, purple is rarely found in nature. That’s the reason people see it as an intriguing, extraordinary sight and relate it with richness. 

In ancient times, when royalty was thriving, a purple dye produced from the shells of sea snails, known as the Phoenician dye, was quite famous. Only regal and wealthy people could afford it. This association with aristocracy still lives in peoples’ psyche to date, and hence, purple is seen as a royal color.

If you want your bedroom to give off all the regal feels, then painting it purple is a fantastic idea. Let us now discuss its different shades in depth.

  • Lilac

Purple Liliac Bedroom

The lilac shade is one among the lightest tone of purple that has a recognizable tinge of pink. Symbolic of youthfulness and vanity, this color will bring the freshness of flowers to your room. 

Lilac is also associated with emotional expression and socializing; hence there’s a good chance that you’ll grow out of your anti-social behavior if you surround yourself with this shade while sleeping. Furthermore, it will create a sense of peace and harmony in the room, bringing your loved ones closer to you.

As a result, this soft and pale color is symbolic of innocence and youth, creating a tranquil aura in kids’ rooms.

  • Lavender

Lavender Bedroom

You must already know about the soothing effects of lavender-scented candles and essential oils, which are the best stress-busters. This color derives its name from the flowers of lavender and has a similar impact on the mind.

People often can’t differentiate between lilac and lavender, but it’s simple to distinguish if you pay attention. While lilac has pink undertones, lavender is dominated by blue undertones. The latter brings about stability and serenity, which is why lavender is better for bedrooms than lilac.

Not just that, lavender is a beautiful color that is soft and lively yet has the regal touch of purple. It complements well with many other shades, so you can create contrast if you find monochrome boring.

  • Violet

Violet Bedroom Color Design

Moving to the darker shades, we have another luxurious purple suggestion for you. According to our estimations, this is a common wall paint choice among people, given its gorgeous color and aristocratic feel. But that’s where our sense of sight betrays color psychology.

Violet, and medium purple shades, in general, have an invigorating and inspiring effect on our minds. These shades are a splendid choice for creative spaces but don’t go so well as far as bedrooms are concerned.

If you are a violet lover and badly want a touch of this shade in your resting space, you can use it in a little corner or small study area in the room. Position it such that it stays out of your sight while going to bed as they stimulate the brain and often leads to sleeplessness. 

  • Royal Purple

Royal Purple Bedroom Color

The last shade of purple on our list is purple in its full royal vigor. Loaded with majestic and pampering sensations, royal purple can add an elegant effect to your master bedroom. 

Coupled with satin bed sheets and fluffy pillows, this color will provide all the lush feels of strolling in a garden full of fresh violets. On the whole, we’ll advise you to choose the purple shades that have lesser red undertones (like lilac, plum, etc.) because warm shades counter sleepiness. 

Go with the ones that lie on the blue palette, and you’ll wake up refreshed and recharged.

  1. Blue

What comes to your mind when you think of the color blue? Can you see the vast ocean or the limitless sky? Blue is the color of peace and vastness, and when you’re surrounded by it, you can feel all your worries slowly fading away.

When you are uncomfortable or stressed out, being around blue shade will help your mind relax, that’s why it’s a great idea to have a blue bedroom. Being a color of contentment and joy, it’s the go-to choice for decorating any common areas or places.

  • Sky Blue

Sky Blue Bedroom Color

It’s easy to keep your mind off minor problems once you realize their insignificance. When we start looking at the bigger picture, all our worries and stress take a back seat. Blue is a color that reminds us of the vastness of our world, and frequently looking at it can help in letting go of the things that are beyond our control.

Being the color of sky pale blue can create an enlarging effect in the room. That means it can make your bedroom appear spacey and huge. If you’re not happy with your bedroom area, you can save it from looking cramped with the help of blue color.

  • Teal

Teal Bedroom

Teal is a perfectly balanced shade between blue and green. It has the undertones of both the cool colors, which can keep the sweats away. If you live in a hot and humid area, using this paint will help you keep your bedroom a few degrees colder.

It’ll likely be your favorite if you are a nature fanatic who loves blue and green combinations. This hue brings about elegance and poise in a room while making you feel close to nature. Teal also releases optimistic vibrations, so it’s good for the overthinkers too. You can rest easy and let go of all your negative thoughts around this one at the end of the day.

  • Navy Blue 

Navy Blue Bedroom

Navy is a rich and dark shade of blue that is packed with all the royal vibes. It is a profoundly philosophical color that invokes thoughtfulness in the human mind. If you are someone who loves to dwell on things, the deep tone will let you think but with tranquility and at a restful pace. 

Blue spreads contentment, and the warmer undertones bring coziness, making navy blue an ideal option for a bedroom. This shade is all about stability, so you might get bored, but you can create a monochrome using a combination of different hues of blue to keep things lively and dynamic.

  1. Yellow

No color is more lively and cheerful than yellow, and we have our facts in check to back up this claim. Color psychology states being the palest hue in the color spectrum, it is illuminating and offers hope.

It is good to retire in a refreshing haven at the end of the day. Yellow is symbolic of fun and happiness, so no matter how your day goes, you can at least rely on your bedroom to lift up your spirits. Different hues of this color have a different impact on the psyche, so let’s get to know them in detail. 

  • Lemon Yellow

Lemon Yellow Bedroom

If it’s easier for you to be gloomy, lemon yellow is a good color to make your bedroom peppy. This color of sunshine reminds our subconscious mind of all things joyful and chirpy. 

This tone of yellow is warm enough to keep you in the snuggly feels but not that hot to stimulate your brain unnecessarily. In fact, this one is the best pick for sleeping areas since it has just the right amount of warmth. 

It’s natural to find it difficult to leave your comfortable beds when it’s cold outside, but seeing this shade right after waking up can help you start the day on the right foot. 

  • Sunny Yellow

Sunny Yellow Bedroom

The Sun is the ultimate source of power in our solar system, and it’s the very reason that we’re alive. All living beings derive their power from the sun, and sunny yellow has similar impacts on our psychology.

It is a proven fact that people who have yellow-themed rooms tend to wake up earlier and well-rested, with a positive outlook for the day. Another surprising fact is that yellow in some way helps in suppressing late-night comfort cravings. That’s because you’ll be too happy and comforted to indulge in comfort eating. 

  • Mustard Yellow

Mustard Yellow Bedroom Design

Mustard is the most muted and earthen shade of yellow, having healing and soothing capabilities. It is a color of creativity and diversity that can add a “homey” touch to your living space. Some of you all might find it reminiscent of spring or the calm countryside.

This one is better for creating a warm and connected environment in the bedroom. However, if that is not your goal, then you should avoid this one. 

  1. Neutral Shades

For peace-loving folks, neutral shades are a star attraction. If you don’t want your bedroom to be too loud or vibrant, then these shades are your best bet. What’s better than going straight to bed without overthinking about anything after a tiresome day? Neutrals are perfect for that purpose because they don’t have any ‘thinking effect” on the mind.

These shades will make your bedroom feel serene, like an oasis of peace, and lull you to sleep comfortably. The neutral palette is huge, and it includes various tones of black, brown, gray, and white. It wasn’t possible to include all of them, so we went ahead and chose only the best ones.

  • Pure White

Pure Bedroom Color

White paint on the walls is a huge trend these days because of the uprising in minimalistic culture. Low key and low maintenance, this one is all about calmness and composure. It is also the shade of truth, so you’ll find it easier to find a path to self-acceptance while resting in your white bedroom.

It is comparatively easy to meditate and focus when white tones surround you. But we cannot neglect how high maintenance white walls can be. They have high chances of getting dirty and require retouching quite often. That’s kind of a hefty task and will demand commitment from your side. 

  • Off-White

Off-White Bedroom Color

While white can seem a little bland at times, off-white might be your jam. It has all the qualities of white and slightly fewer chances of collecting dirt.

Versatile and elegant, off-white creates a cool and soothing aura in the room. It also makes the room appear spacious, inciting a feeling of abundance in mind. The cherry on top, off-white, goes well with most of the neutral tones.

  • Gray

Gray and white Bedroom

“Don’t define your world in black and white because there’s so much hiding amongst the greys.” Alright, that’s pretty dramatic, but is it wrong? Not even a shred. Grey is a powerful and sophisticated color, and if used right, it can bring out a level of luxury in your bedroom that no other color could. 

Counted as one of the most flexible shades of neutral, gray can be perceived as both cool and warm. It is a perfectly balanced color holding the qualities of both black and white tones. 

However, it is really important to know that gray can appear rather boring if not used well. Make a mental note to avoid painting all the walls a dull gray; rather, take it up a notch and mix it with whites or blacks.

Popular Bedroom Color Combinations

Do you want your bedroom to be drenched in just one color, or would you prefer it to have a contrasting color scheme? Using just one color is old-school and outdated. There are no judgments if you prefer it that way, but our advice is to play a little and add a personal touch. 

There are a few color combinations that can rarely go wrong, so to give you a few creative ideas, we’ll talk about these fool-proof color schemes. 

  1. Beige And Muted Green

This impeccable combination is all about earthly groundedness. If you are someone who struggles with being too frisky or finds it difficult to wind down, then this earthy duo will help you relax. It has the healing capabilities of nature and will help you hold your grounds with serenity.

  1. Sage Green And Lilac

The best thing about pastels is that they are vibrant but muted at the same time. Going three-sixty degrees from low-key green and beige, we have a dynamic pastel combo of sage green and lilac. The colors are beautiful yet soft, creating a peaceful combination.

Despite being colorful, this duo is muted and doesn’t create any mental turbulence. Sage green has the freshness of nature, and lilac brings in youthfulness. It is safe to say that it will help you get up feeling alive and excited for life.

  1. Shades Of Gray

There are fifty shades of gray, and you wouldn’t use a combination to decorate your bedroom? Not very wise. Jokes apart, we already told you neutrals are the new go, and gray blends spectacularly with its different tones. If you want your bedroom to be classy yet minimalistic, gray monochrome is the perfect option.

  1. Royal Purple And White

The combination of a deep color and white can never fail, especially if you want a luxurious bedroom. Royal purple imparts a regal vibe, and white balances out its richness of color. Overall, the colors create a great combination of warmth and coolness and make the room look aesthetically pleasing. That’s what we call a win-win situation.

  1. Beige And White

It might be clear by now that we root for neutrals and their combinations. Beige is a fantastic color to have in your bedroom. It inspires an appreciation for a slow-paced lifestyle and relaxation. Coupled with the peace and innocence of white, it makes a duo that is unbeatable.

Beige And White bedroom color combo

Final words

Colors can bring life to a place, and they have the incredible power to change the aura of a room. Combined with a thoughtful and well-organized interior decoration, your living space can become heavenly.

After an elaborate discussion and quite a few color ideas and suggestions, we have finally reached the end of this comprehensive guide.  Now you know everything about colors and their relationship with psychology. 

We have also provided some combination ideas to headstart your bedroom décor journey. Hopefully, our insights will help you choose the best possible color for the bedroom that is aesthetically pleasing and good for your psyche. On that note, we’ll be signing off.

Until next time!

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