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5 Best Copper Fire Pits to Enjoy This Fall

With the start of September, we are now fully and officially into the fall season. Evenings are getting more pleasant. A bit of nip in the nights is foretelling what to expect in the upcoming winter. When it comes to enjoying home outdoors, the fall season doesn’t get the due it actually deserves.

Best Copper Fire Pit

For instance, the moderate temperatures of the season provide a great opportunity to have comfy bonfires in the backyard or the lawn without freezing yourself. A lit-up fire pit in the center of your outdoor space makes for quality time during calming fall evenings and nights.

Copper fire pits are the best option for making any such arrangement. To begin with, their rustic reddish-brown finish is great for accenting your patio/deck/ backyard. On top of that, their portable nature allows you to use them at your convenience in different locations. Lastly, the durability of copper is ideal for withstanding heat and rough weather conditions, thus extending the service life of a fire pit.

In short, a copper fire pit can be a valuable addition to your household this fall. In fact, it can even prove to be a great hot spot for the upcoming winter holidays as well. To make the selection process less of a hassle for you, we are going to review 5 of the best copper fire pits available in the market right now. This list will give you enough options to decide from.

Before we jump into the reviews, it is important to mention here that the fire pits are not listed in any preferential order. The numbering sequence is maintained just for the convenience of the readers.

Best Copper Fire Pits

Here is the list of the 5 best copper fire pits that you can use to make your outdoor seating area cozy and inviting.

1. Titan 40" Copper Fire Pit Bowl - Best Copper Fire Pit for Large Spaces

  • 100% copper bowl
  • 40-inch wide and 8-inch deep pit
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee

Titan Great Outdoors is a reliable name for quality deck/patio accessories in the US market. Therefore, we are starting off our list with one of its copper bowl pits. It is a 100% copper pit with steel grates and an iron base in a cauldron shape. The use of high-gauge pure copper makes this Titan product stand apart in many ways.

Titan Great Outdoors 40in Copper Outdoor Fire Pit, Solid...
  • MADE FROM COPPER: This gorgeous fire bowl is constructed...
  • USE FOR OUTDOOR HEATING AND LIGHTING: Warm up your winter...

For instance, its reddish-brown finish is going to add a dash of elegance and class to your backyard/patio. Moreover, the use of pure metal ore ensures that the bowl doesn’t oxidize over a period of time. It is not going to discolor and corrode like cheap copper variants.

It is worth mentioning that Titan has made it a long-lasting outdoor accessory in all aspects. Its thick steel grates don’t corrode easily and can hold heavy logs of up to 2 feet. Then the grates are spaced such that they offer perfect aeration to the burning logs to ensure a strong big flare.

The copper cauldron and steel grates are fixed on a thick iron base, which is then further reinforced by iron bands. In short, the pit is made of sturdy material from top to bottom. While offering great value for money, its large size might be a deterrent for some users.

Nonetheless, Titan 40” 100% Copper Fire Pit Bowl will be a great addition to any large lawn or deck—to complement the pleasantness of fall and contrast the coldness of winter.


  • Copper cauldron doesn’t oxidize
  • Well-thought-out steel grating
  • Ideal to accent large outdoor spaces
  • Gives more bang for your buck


  • Difficult to move around
  • Not suitable for small patios and backyards

Diameter: 40" | Weight: 94 lbs | Material: Alloy Steel, Iron, Metal, Copper | Assembly Required: Yes

2. Sunnydaze Large Copper Finish - Best for Reliability & Portability

  • 30-inch steel cauldron with copper finish
  • Features a poker, wood grates, and spark screen
  • Comes with 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

Sunnydaze Décor fire bit bowl is not made of copper. However, it doesn’t matter because the manufacturer has used a copper finish that gives this fire pit the right reddish brown appearance of pure metal ore. This 30-inch fire pit is actually made of steel with a traditional cauldron design.

Sunnydaze 30-Inch Raised Outdoor Fire Pit Bowl - with...
  • Great for large or small gatherings: This patio fire pit...
  • Durable construction: This backyard fire bowl is made from...

What we like the most about this copper-finish fire pit is its one-piece construction. Here, the pit is not standing on a separate base or legged stand. The design of copper cauldron from the top continues and narrows down into a 20-inch solid base. This gives the pit better traction and grip on all sorts of surfaces. Steel grates are also part of the package so you can arrange the firewood in a better manner.

The base of the pit features two holes for drainage and ventilation. This feature of construction ensures that the ash is automatically disposed of as the logs burn. A fire poker and a spark screen are also part of the deal to give you a complete outdoor fireplace setup. We also like the handles of this copper-finish fire pit. They actually cut down the weight of the pit into half. These handles will prove to be a blessing if you bring the pit in your camping gear and need to move it around quite often.

Go for this Sunnydaze offering if you want a reliable and portable fire pit for your outdoor space as well as camper trips.


  • Steel body and copper finish, a perfect combination of durability and aesthetics
  • Easy to move around (fitted with handles)
  • Accessories come in the price of the fire pit
  • Spark screen is quite impressive


  • Copper finish may erode with time
  • A bit expensive in comparison to similar fire pits

Diameter: 30" | Weight: 30 lbs | Material: Alloy Steel | Assembly Required: Yes

3. Global Outdoors Copper Pit - Best Pure Copper Pit for Medium-Sized Patios

  • 26-inch copper cauldron (19 pounds)
  • Fitted with compact bronze-finish legs
  • Comes with a poker, cover, and spark guard

There is some sort of unsaid rule that fire pits only go with large patios, lawns, and backyards. You can use them while camping somewhere in the open and wild. You don’t need to conform to that bizarre presumption just because you don’t have enough outdoor space. Global Outdoors has designed a copper fire pit that can easily be set up in any medium-sized patio or backyard.

Global Outdoors 26-in Genuine Copper Deep Bowl Fire Pit with...
  • 26 inch Genuine Copper Deep Bowl Fire Pit
  • Real 100% Copper to prevent rust

This 26-inch wide and 11-inch tall copper cauldron is fixed on a sturdy and compact base that doesn’t extend outwards with its design. This makes it really convenient for you to place the pit in your outdoors without over-cramming it. It is important to mention here that the compact and space-efficient design doesn’t take a toll on its fire-burning capability. The deep-tub construction ensures that you can use it with a large number of logs to have a big fire.

Apart from having great value due to its space-efficient design, it also proves to be a cost-effective pit option for homeowners. You get a poker, a meshed spark screen and a polymer cover within the price of the pit. If you want to create a comfy and cozy spot in your patio/deck/backyard this fall and winter, then this Global Copper Deep Bowl Fire Pit is worth your spend.


  • Space-efficient, ideal for small and medium-sized outdoor spaces
  • Lightweight, easy to put in the car/truck trunk and bring on camping trips
  • Copper construction ensures life-long use
  • Provides great bang for your buck


  • The design is too simple
  • May not suit large spaces and serve large gatherings

Diameter: 26" | Weight: 19 lbs | Material: Alloy Steel, Copper | Assembly Required: Yes

4. Fire Sense 60859 Fire Pit Copper Rail Steel Fire Bowl

  • Comes with a copper rail
  • 28-inch diameter
  • Alloy steel bowl

The Fire Sense 60859 Fire Pit Copper Rail Steel Fire Bowl is an elegant and functional addition to any backyard or outdoor entertainment space. Designed with a distinctive copper rail surrounding the painted steel fire bowl, this fire pit delivers both a visually appealing aesthetic and practical utility for outdoor gatherings. The 28-inch diameter fire pit uses wood as fuel, promoting a cozy atmosphere for friends and family to gather around and enjoy the warmth.

Fire Sense 60859 Fire Pit Copper Rail Steel Fire Bowl with...
  • FIRE SENSE FIREPIT COPPER RAIL: This unique fire pit...
  • SAFE & EFFICIENT: This fire pit comes complete with mesh...

What sets the Fire Sense 60859 Fire Pit apart is its inventive design that combines style and functions beautifully. The copper fire ring not only enhances the fire pit's overall appearance but also offers a comfortable spot for users to rest their feet while basking in the fire's glow. The fire bowl, crafted from alloy steel, provides a lightweight design, making it convenient to move and arrange in your outdoor setting. In addition, this fire pit presents a good value for the high quality and unique design it brings to the table.


  • Creative design
  • Distinctive copper fire ring that adds style and practicality
  • High-quality and lightweight construction
  • Fair pricing for the design and features offered


  • Fire bowl made of alloy steel susceptible to rust
  • Low-quality mesh cover provides limited safety and protection

Diameter: 27.5" | Weight: 37 lbs | Material: Alloy Steel | Assembly Required: Yes

5. Safavieh Outdoor Collection Bonaire Fire Pit

  • Cast iron construction
  • Comes with a grate and fire poker
  • Compatible with fire pit grill attachments

Experience warmth, elegance, and functionality in your outdoor gatherings with the Safavieh Outdoor Collection Bonaire Fire Pit. This fire pit is carefully crafted from durable cast iron and finished with an attractive copper coating, making it a visually stunning and reliable outdoor centerpiece. With various features and accessories designed to enhance your outdoor experience, the Safavieh Bonaire Fire Pit is sure to be a valuable addition to any backyard or patio setting.

Safavieh Outdoor Collection Bonaire Fire Pit, Copper and...
  • This fire pit will add a focal point to any deck or patio
  • The copper and black finish of this fire pit will add an...

There are several noteworthy aspects of the Safavieh Bonaire Fire Pit that captured our attention:

Firstly, the fire pit's cast iron construction offers remarkable durability and superb heat retention, ensuring that users can enjoy its benefits for years to come. This material choice strikes the perfect balance between performance and aesthetics, as the copper finish complements any outdoor space with a touch of sophistication.

In addition to its core construction, the fire pit comes complete with useful features and accessories such as a grate and fire poker to help users manage fires safely and efficiently. Furthermore, compatibility with fire pit grill attachments provides versatility in adapting the fire pit for cooking purposes, transforming casual gatherings into memorable cookout experiences.

Lastly, the lightweight design of the fire pit enables users to move and store it with minimal effort, catering to those with space constraints or those who prefer to have more control over the placement of their fire pit.


  • Effortless assembly process
  • Lightweight design for user-friendly maneuverability and storage
  • Elegant appearance compatible with a variety of outdoor settings


  • Compact size limits fire capacity, best suited for smaller gatherings
  • Prone to wear over time, requiring regular care and maintenance

Diameter: 28" | Weight: 18.7 lbs | Material: Cast Iron | Assembly Required: Yes

Best Copper Fire Pits Comparison Table

ProductDiameterWeightMaterialAssembly Required
Titan Fire Pit Bowl40"94 lbsAlloy Steel, Iron, Metal, CopperYes
Sunnydaze Copper Finish Fire Pit30"30 lbsAlloy SteelYes
Global Outdoors Copper Pit26"19 lbsAlloy Steel, CopperYes
Fire Sense 60859 Copper Rail Fire Pit27.5"37 lbsAlloy SteelYes
Safavieh Copper & Black Finish Fire Pit28"18.7 lbsCast IronYes

Buying Guide For The Best Copper Fire Pit

Whether you are picking anything from the above-reviewed fire pits or going to shop anything outside of this list on any online or brick-and-mortar store, these are the three most essential features you should factor in before making the final call.

1. Bowl/Pan Size

Before anything else, assess the size of a fire fit in line with your specific needs. We are going to break down fire pits into three categories in terms of their sizes.


A cauldron or pan with a diameter or length larger than 3 feet (36 inches) is considered a large fire pit. These pit sizes only look good in large lawns and gardens (above 200 sq-ft). Even large patios are not able to accommodate such large fire pits without looking congested.  

Apart from creating space issues, large fire pits are also not considered functional for households because they need a large amount of firewood to look alive. On the safety front too, large fire pits are not that good since their grand blaze is susceptible to getting out of control.

In short, a large copper fire pit is only a good option when you want it for an extra-large space, and also know how to fire and control a large pile of logs.


A bowl with a diameter in between 35-30 inches is considered a medium-sized fire pit. This is the ideal size in copper fire pits for all sorts of uses. Whether you want to use it in a patio/deck or lawn or planning to take it on an off-road trip, a medium-sized assembly will come in handier than a large unit.


Copper fire pits with diameters less than 30 inches are considered small units. They are ideal for small patios and backyards. Moreover, small-size fire pits can also be easily used indoors given that they bear a nice and design-oriented finish.  Similarly, they prove to be a better option than medium-sized units when your vehicle doesn’t have a large luggage space.

2. Material

After settling on the perfect size as per your utility, move on to the type of material you want your fire pit in. You can find fire pits in different materials including stone, steel, copper, and cast iron. We have only discussed copper and copper-finish fire pits here because it is the most suitable material choice in all aspects. It is affordable, durable, and looks good.

Moreover, there is one unique characteristic of copper that gives it an edge over all the other materials used in the construction of fire pits i.e. it improves with the exposure of heat. While other materials corrode, erode, discolor, and warp under heat, copper becomes stronger and also improves its finish by developing a patina under high temperatures.

3. Cost

The cost of any fire pit will depend on its size, accessories, and the goodwill of its manufacturer. For instance, a pure copper fire pit of a large diameter from a reputable manufacturer will be more expensive than a similar model with copper finishing only.

We would suggest that don’t compromise on the quality to save a few bucks. A top-quality copper fire pit is a lifetime investment. So, even if you have to spend an extra amount on its upfront cost, go for it because its extended service life will make up for it.

Different Uses of a Copper Fire Pit

Apart from the obvious use of creating a cozy and warm spot in your outdoors during fall and winter, a copper fire pit can be used in many capacities.

For Cooking. As you have noticed, many fire pits come with grates. Some of these grates are constructed to extend the functionality of a fire pit as an outdoor cooking/grilling spot. From grilling hot dogs and steaks to roasting marshmallows, you can use a copper fire pit in this capacity all year round.

As An Accenting Item. You are not bound to use a fire pit for its literal function. A uniquely designed fire pit particularly the copper ones with antique finishes make a great focal point and accent piece for both indoors and outdoors. With a bit of customization, you can also transform a pit in a fire table, which is in vogue these days.

For Camping.  A copper fire pit can serve as a great portable fireplace for camping and RV trips. In comparison to stone pits, they are lightweight and their detachable stands make it easy to transport them in light vehicles.  

In short, by buying a copper fire pit for your abode, you can stretch its functionality to a range of different applications. We hope that this comprehensive list of 3 copper fire pits will provide you with enough options to choose from for creating a perfect fireside and hot spot in your outdoors.

Copper Fire Pits FAQs

  • Are copper fire pits weather-resistant?

    Yes, copper fire pits are weather-resistant due to the natural properties of copper, which can withstand various elements including heat, cold, and humidity.

  • Is a copper fire pit safe to use on a wooden deck?

    To use a copper fire pit on a wooden deck safely, place a fireproof mat or barrier between the fire pit and deck surface to avoid potential fire hazards or damage. Also, ensure you have ample clearance around the fire pit.

  • Can I use a copper fire pit indoors?

    Copper fire pits are designed for outdoor use only. Burning a fire pit indoors poses significant fire and carbon monoxide risks.

  • What type of fuel does a copper fire pit use?

    Copper fire pits typically use wood logs, charcoal, or propane as their fuel sources, depending on the design. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when selecting fuel.

  • Can I cook on a copper fire pit?

    Yes, you can cook on a copper fire pit by using a grill grate or cookware designed for use with fire pits. Just ensure that your fire pit is designed to support these accessories.

  • How do I extinguish a fire in a copper fire pit?

    To safely extinguish a fire in a copper fire pit, cease adding fuel and let the fire burn down naturally. You can also use a fire extinguisher, fire blanket, or sand as needed.

  • How do I maintain and clean a copper fire pit?

    To maintain and clean a copper fire pit, clear the ash and debris after each use and wipe down the copper surface using a soft, damp cloth. You can also use a copper cleaner occasionally to remove any tarnish or discoloration.

  • Conclusion

    Choosing the perfect copper fire pit can be a daunting task, given the wide range of options available on the market. However, focusing on factors such as durability, aesthetics, size, and additional accessories can make the decision-making process easier.

    From the above 5 best copper fire pits, here are the top three expert recommendations:

    For those looking for the best copper fire pit for large spaces, the Titan 40″ Copper Fire Pit Bowl is an ideal option, offering a 100% copper bowl and a reliable design.

    If reliability and portability are your top priorities, the Sunnydaze Large Copper Finish Fire Pit is a good option, featuring a copper finish and practical handles for easy maneuverability.

    For medium-sized patios and backyards, the Global Outdoors Copper Fire Pit is the right choice, with its 26-inch copper cauldron and compact design.

    Owning a copper fire pit is an excellent way to enrich your outdoor experience and create a warm, inviting atmosphere for gatherings with friends and family. Whichever option you choose among our top recommendations, you can rest assured that you're making a worthy investment in a striking and functional addition to your outdoor space. Here's to memorable moments around the fire!

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