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11 Best Crabgrass Killers Right Now

Gardeners are spraying.

Lawn maintenance isn’t easy – you’d need to be very picky about what you’re using to grow the grass healthily.

One of the most common issues faced by gardeners and landscaping professionals is, without a doubt, unwanted weeds. In a matter of days, these plants may ruin the lawn you’ve probably spent months trying to build.

That’s why it’s essential to remove these uninvited guests as soon as they come to your attention. Luckily, we now have various international brands manufacturing premium crabgrass killers that do the job efficiently.

If you’re searching for one, you’ve come to the right place. We have handpicked 11 of the best crabgrass killers that you can buy and a short guide on the factors to consider before making a purchase.

That said, let’s get started!

Best Crabgrass Killers

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  1. Scotts Turf Builder Triple Action Crabgrass Killer

Scotts is one of those names you’ll commonly hear in conversations with DIY homeowners who always go for the best when it comes to lawn maintenance. The brand has recently shaken the market with its brand new Turf Builder solution, undoubtedly a gem when it comes to intensive grass treatment. Let’s check out what it brings to the table!

Scotts Turf Builder Triple Action - Weed Killer & Preventer,...
  • Triple Action kills, prevents and feeds
  • Kills the weeds you see and the ones you don't, including...

Why Did We Like It?

Just as the name suggests, the USP of this product is its multi-functionality, making it an excellent choice for those searching for an all-in-one solution without spending a fortune. It’s famous for its killing, protecting, and feeding properties, which combine to lead to its patented “triple action” formula.

Most of us are fed up with weeds trying to hamper our garden’s visual appeal, and the regular anti-weed solutions fail to offer a long-lasting solution. However, this product is tested to be highly effective at killing weeds from the roots, making it quite a value for money choice.

Whether it’s the weeds that are visible to your eyes or the ones that aren’t, it ensures to put a stop to it for good.

Last but not least, it is not only useful in preventing crabgrass growth, but also works equally well on barnyard grass, foxtail, broadleaf weeds, prostrate spurge, purslane, and various other sorts of plants.

What Could’ve Been Better?

As per the customer reviews, this solution is a very fine granule that comes with its share of problems. It’s advised not to use the Scotts Triple Action formula when there’s any breeze, as a great deal of it tends to fly all over the surface, thereby leading to wastage.

  • Multi-functional solution
  • Value for money product
  • Kills weeds effectively
  • Boosts grass growth
  • Very fine granule
  1. Compare-N-Save Concentrate Grass and Weed Killer

Are you searching for a no-nonsense weed killer that gets the job done with precision? The all-new Compare-n-save weed killer is one of the most effective solutions recommended by professionals worldwide. Under a fair price, this product puts an end to the annual and perennial weeds. What more does it offer? Let’s find out!

Compare-N-Save 75324 Herbicide, 1-gallon, white
  • Rainproof in 2 hours
  • Visible results in as little as 2 to 4 days

Why Did We Like It?

One of the most convenient features of this high-performance solution is that it can be used almost anywhere. For instance, you can use it along with the patios, sidewalks, paths, or even driveways to eliminate the growth of annual weeds. Only a little spraying can be highly effective in killing the unwanted weeds that harm the development of flower beds and ornamental trees.

According to many customer reviews, this product is quite useful for landscaping as it provides the necessary protection to your plants. You can use it to prepare the areas to be used for landscaping by killing the existing weeds.

Once the treatment is performed, the site would be ready to grow flower beds. Other than that, it also helps with stump treatment, thereby preventing weed regrowth for months to enable healthy landscaping.

Quantity-wise, the manufacturers aim to offer a sheer value-for-money experience. You get 85 gallons of ready-to-use solution that can efficiently cover up to 25,000 sq. ft. With such an immense volume, it’s guaranteed to last for months of commercial usage. And the fact that the brand guarantees visible results in 2-4 days makes it a no-brainer, overall.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Despite being a powerful solution, we advise you to be extremely careful while using it as it can also have detrimental effects. It has 41% Glyphosate in the composition that can instantly kill plants it comes in contact with. So, it’s vital to ensure that you’re not spraying it over the useful plants.

  • Great for landscaping
  • Affordable pricing
  • Kills weeds effectively
  • Immense quantity
  • Needs to be used very carefully
  1. Green Gobbler Vinegar Weed & Grass Killer

Green Gobbler has established a reputation for itself with its highly effective gardening and lawn maintenance solutions. Ranging from full-fledged gardening professionals to DIY homeowners, this brand has catered to every customer’s needs with various products. For instance, the Vinegar weed & grass killer is a very eco-friendly solution to your day-to-day weed removal jobs.

Green Gobbler 20% Vinegar Weed & Grass Killer | Natural &...
  • CERTIFIED FOR ORGANIC USE — Completely eliminates and...
  • KILLS WEEDS FAST — Eliminate any type of weed in just a...

Why Did We Like It?

The USP of this all-action solution is how it begins to show visible results within a couple of hours. To be precise, the brand guarantees you 100% desiccation of the unwanted weeds within 24 hours, which is comparatively faster than most of its peers in the market. That’s possible because the Green Gobbler Weed killer solution comprises 20% acetic acid, which instantly speeds up the process.

Furthermore, it also stands out to be a very environment-friendly product as the composition does not consist of any toxic chemical. It’s made from corn grain and is certified for organic usage. Other than that, it’s also Glyphosate-free, which makes it capable of being used on almost any plant.

Last but not least, it’s remarkable how the brand values customer satisfaction more than anything else. Due to this, the product comes with an exclusive 30-day money-back guarantee as an assurance of quality. In case you’re not observing any results or aren’t pleased with its efficiency, the manufacturers will reimburse the purchase.

What Could’ve Been Better?

You’ve to be very careful about not leaving it open on the patio as the acetic acid reacts and leads to concrete disintegration. It’s also very harmful to your pets, so be a little careful. Slight negligence can cause you irreversible damage.

  • Instantly kills weeds and grass
  • Certified for organic use
  • 30-day money-back offer
  • Affordable pricing
  • Toxic for animals
  1. BASF Drive XLR8 Crabgrass Herbicide

For the impatient bugs that want to fast forward time and get instant results, BASF has the right product that can put an end to your worries. Just like the name, the XLR8 Crabgrass herbicide is famous as one of the quickest weed killers under a fair budget. Does it live up to its hype? Let’s find out!

Why Did We Like It?

BASF is undoubtedly one of the most reliable brands when it comes to instant herbicide solutions. Likewise, the XLR8 crabgrass herbicide is an excellent choice to stop the unwanted weeds from destroying your backyard garden.

This selective post-emergent herbicide has been clinically tested to show instant results, once used. Although the solution helps in controlling crabgrass by a great deal, it doesn’t end there. According to many customers, it’s equally effective on various other types of grasses such as broadleaf and grassy weeds. This way, it makes an excellent all-rounder for both personal and commercial use.

Do you know why this solution is comparatively faster than other recommendations on our list? That’s because the XLR8 is a water-based solution. Due to this, it can be absorbed more quickly by the targeted grass plants. It’s rainfested in about an hour, due to which it can efficiently translate throughout the grass and reach the roots.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Most user complaints revolve around a common issue- although the solution kills the weeds efficiently, you’d need to put high dosages for it to work the magic. Smaller dosages mostly result in zero results, which gives it a significant disadvantage.

  • Water-based solution
  • Shows results in 24 hours
  • Reaches the roots effectively
  • Value for money product
  • Small dosages are mostly ineffective
  1. BioAdvanced All-In-One Lawn Weed and Crabgrass Killer

As we’re almost halfway through the list, why not look at some versatile products that can kill almost weed? The all-new BioAdvanced All-in-one formula indeed raises the bar for versatility with its exceptional ability to kill over 200 different broadleaf weeds. If you’re dealing with clovers and dandelions in your garden, we couldn’t have a better recommendation!

BioAdvanced All-In-One Lawn Weed and Crabgrass Killer I,...
  • ALL-in-ONE FORMULA: BioAdvanced's All-in-One formula kills...
  • WEED KILLER: Kills over 200 listed broadleaf weeds like...

Why Did We Like It?

First and foremost, this product has the catbird’s seat when it comes to killing different weeds. To be precise, it can kill more than 200 types of weeds, which is remarkably higher than 90% of the same price segment’s alternatives. However, the advantage that it gets here is that the lack of Glyphosate in the composition makes it safe to use anywhere.

In other words, you don’t have to worry about killing the other plants while using this solution. That’s because it is made from a very safe formula consisting of non-harmful chemicals such as Quinclorac, Dicamba, dimethylamine salt, and various organic ingredients. Unlike some of its peers, this composition doesn’t impose any serious threat to humans and animals, making it even safer to use.

Speaking of quantity, this product offers an immense volume that lasts very long. To be exact, the quantity that you get is sufficient to treat around 6,250 sq. Ft. without any issue. Not only that, but you also get 25% more solution for free, which makes a great deal for the price.

What Could’ve Been Better?

One of the most significant issues here is that you’ve to be a little patient while using this solution. It doesn’t show instant results, and you may need to spray over two or three times to get the best results. Nevertheless, good things are always worth the wait!

  • Kills crabgrass efficiently
  • Effective on more than 200 types of grass
  • Immense volume
  • Meager price point
  • Not an instant solution
  1. Southern Ag Amine 24-D Weed Killer

Southern Ag is one of the most renowned brands in the lawn maintenance market that boasts a rich history of eliminating weed problems from the core. We’ve recently had a hands-on experience of the Amine 24-D weed killer, which instantly stood out as a highly effective broadleaf weed control agent. Let’s check out why it deserves your attention!

Why Did We Like It?

Hands down, the Amine 24-D solution is currently one of the top trending weed killing agents in the market. If you’re tired of stubborn weeds plaguing your lawn continuously, this product should be your go-to option. When it comes to selectively targeting crabgrass and controlling its growth for a healthier garden, the efficiency it offers is second to none.

Unlike some of the toxic chemical-infused alternatives, this product ensures zero damage to your garden’s primary plants. Whether it’s poison ivy or dandelions, it works on any broadleaf weed precisely.

Similar to our previous pick, this product offers you an excellent bang for the buck. In other words, its 32 oz bottle can be used to cover a wide area of 20,000 sq. Ft. The manufacturers recommend an ideal dosage of 2-3 tsp of the solution with almost 3-5 gallons of water for the best results. However, excessive dosages can lead to detrimental effects, as usual.

Last but not least, this product is mostly recommended to be used on broad surfaces. So if you’re looking forward to performing high-end commercial jobs like park maintenance, golf course treatment, or cemetery renovation, this solution should be your go-to option.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Although the solution is effective on weeds, it’s a little disappointing that it’s only limited to a few types. Unlike some of its peers, it isn’t useful in a broad category of weeds, which gives it a significant disadvantage.

  • A selective broadleaf weed control agent
  • Covers larger areas with precision
  • Best value for money experience
  • 32 oz bottle for sufficient volume
  • Not effective on all types of grass
  1. Roundup Safe Weedkiller For Northern Lawns

Roundup is yet another major brand that has been around long enough to become a typical American household name. If you’re comfortable paying a little extra for 100% guaranteed weed removal without damaging the crops, Safe Weed Killer is one of the best options out there to consider. Let’s take an in-depth look at its core features!

Roundup For Lawns1 Refill (Northern), 1.25 gal. - Lawn Safe...
  • Convenient, ready-to-use refill is easy to pour right into...
  • Kills over 250 weeds, including crabgrass, dandelion,...

Why Did We Like It?

What’s impressive here is that the Roundup weed killer is a ready-to-use weed removal solution that starts taking action almost immediately after being sprayed. Thanks to the excellent water-based solution, it gets an instant advantage over some of the highly concentrated alternatives. It can easily reach the roots, which helps it work comparatively quicker.

We’re very impressed with how the manufacturers aim to offer a very satisfying user experience with this product, mainly because it can be used in almost any weather. Mostly, the selective crabgrass killers lose efficiency while being used during rainy temperatures, However, this solution is rust-resistant for up to 3 hours, which makes it an appropriate choice for those who live in tropical regions.

Moving on, this product has been tested to be 100% effective on Northern grasses, which is evident by the name itself. We couldn’t have a better recommendation in mind if you’re dealing with fescue, buffalograss, zoysiagrass, perennial ryegrass, and Kentucky bluegrass. It gets the jobs with utmost precision without harming the harvest.

Last but not least, the icing on the cake is that this solution can quickly kill over 250 different types of weeds, raising the bar higher in versatility.

What Could’ve Been Better?

As mentioned above, this product is priced towards the higher end. Due to this, it may not seem feasible for many customers. Other than that, we couldn’t find any such area that’d need improvement.

  • Ready-to-use solution
  • Kills a wide range of weeds
  • Can resist rain for hours
  • Controls crabgrass growth
  • May appear expensive
  1. Ortho WeedClear Lawn Weed Killer

Ortho has been recently creating waves in the market with its all-in-one Weed Clear lawn weed killer, a product that offers a handsome bang for the buck experience. We’re very impressed with its capability of controlling the growth of a wide range of crabgrass, which makes it an excellent choice for DIY homeowners. Let’s check out what more it offers!

Ortho WeedClear Lawn Weed Killer Ready to Spray: For...
  • Kill weeds without harming your lawn (when used as directed)...
  • RESULTS IN HOURS: This weed killer is rainproof in 1 hour...

Why Did We Like It?

When it comes to higher efficiency, this product takes the cake with its highly impactful solution. The manufacturers boast that it can get the job done quicker and more efficiently with only one application, which is remarkable.

Moving on, we’re very impressed with how this product selectively targets the weeds without harming the main grass. Various customers have also appreciated its efficiency at precisely controlling the crabgrass growth, making it a very safe option to consider. However, such results can be best achieved when you’re using it right as per instructions.

This product also offers great values, as you get a 32 oz bottle that can last very long if used as directed. Only 2 tsp of solution at once is sufficient to run your routine lawn maintenance errands. Not to forget, it has been tested to cover around 5,000 sq. ft per bottle.

What Could’ve Been Better?

This product isn’t rainproof, so it’s better not to use it during cloudy weather to play safe. Other than that, it isn’t available in certain regions such as Florida and Los Angeles, so that’s a bummer.

  • A selective weed removal solution
  • Covers large areas
  • Value for money
  • 32 oz bottle volume
  • Not completely rainproof
  1. Scotts Turf Builder Starter + Weed Preventer

Looking for a multi-functional concentrated formula that helps you grow a healthy turf and control weed growth simultaneously? Give the Scotts Turf Builder + Weed Preventer a try! Under a very affordable budget, this product gives you the best of both worlds. Let’s check out its key features!

Scotts Turf Builder Starter Food for New Grass Plus Weed...
  • 2-in-1 formula feeds new grass and prevents weeds for up to...
  • Prevents crabgrass, dandelions, and other weeds from...

Why Did We Like It?

Right off the bat, the Scotts weed preventer takes the cake for versatility with its incredible 2-in-1 formula. If you’re building a beautiful turf on your own, this is something you need to have for maintenance purposes. As advertised, the USP of this product is that it merges growth control and boost at the same time. To be precise, it feeds new grass for a healthier life while destroying the underlying weeds.

When it comes to preventing weed growth, this product offers quite a value for money experience. It can easily handle and control a wide range of weeds, including dandelions and crabgrass. Besides, it doesn’t also harm the main grass- instead, it provides proper nutrition for better growth. This way, it makes an excellent maintenance solution for sod farms as it enhances seeding results.

Last but not least, one packet of this solution can last for very long. For such an affordable price, it’s incredible how it can cover a wide area of 5,000 sq. ft.

What Could’ve Been Better?

As this product is ultra-fine granule, the chances of it spreading all over the place is a little high. Thus, it’s recommended to be a bit careful while laying it on the ground. Otherwise, it may get inside your eyes and create major inconvenience while working.

  • Kills crabgrass efficiently
  • Effective on various grass types
  • Covers 5,000 sq. ft.
  • Meager price
  • Not a water-based solution
  1. Primesource Quinclorac 1.5L Select Liquid Crabgrass Killer

Our penultimate recommendation is one of the most premium weed removal solutions in the market, the Primesource Quinclorac 1.5L select liquid crabgrass killer. We’re fans of its selective targeting capabilities, making it an excellent alternative for high-end commercial jobs. Let’s take an in-depth look at its features!

Primesource Quinclorac 1.5L Select Liquid Crabgrass Killer...
  • KEY FEATURE: Selective, post-emergent herbicide that can be...
  • USE SITES: Residential Turfgrass & Non-Residential Turfgrass

Why Did We Like It?

To begin with, this product has amazed us with how selectively it can target the stubborn weeds. The manufacturers guarantee that the product doesn’t harm the primary grasses, making it an excellent choice for routine lawn maintenance jobs. You can use it on both residential and non-residential turfgrass without any worries.

The main reason why this product is so efficient at selective killing is its chemical composition, which includes 18% Quinclorac. As the solution contains such active ingredients, the controlling and removal efficiency is instantly doubled. It can efficiently target different weeds, including foxtail, torpedo grass, bindweed, dandelion, etc.

Last but not least, this product is guaranteed to last for months if used as directed. You get a 64-ounce bottle that consists of 1.5L solution, which is significantly higher than most of the recommendations on our list.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Although this product consists of active ingredients, it’s not at all safe for humans and animals. It’s recommended to use necessary safety gear while spraying this solution to avoid direct contact.

  • Instantly kills weeds and grass
  • Kills various types of weeds
  • Ideal for non-residential sites
  • Affordable pricing
  • Toxic chemicals included
  1. Spectracide Weed Stop Crabgrass Killer

Now that we’ve reached the end of our list, it’s the right time to introduce a DIY-friendly product that offers good values for the price. The Spectracide Weedkiller is good enough at what it does and makes a smart choice for the personal lawn caretakers searching for a quick fix to their weeds problems.

Spectracide Weed Stop For Lawns + Crabgrass Killer...
  • KILLS WEEDS, NOT THE LAWN: Controls listed weeds –...
  • KILLS CRABGRASS: Apply the first time you see crabgrass in...

Why Did We Like It?

Although it isn’t the most effective product on our list, it’s ideal for those with a low budget and basic maintenance requirements. When used as directed, it manages to get the job done by killing the weeds by selective targeting. The real catch here is that it doesn’t impose any serious threat towards the lawn.

Don’t underestimate its efficiency for the price, as it’s tested to show visible results within 8 hours of application. Once used, it manages to penetrate itself to the roots and kill the crabgrass from the core. It’s rainproof, so you can just spray and let it be for a few hours to work the magic.

What Could’ve Been Better?

As it’s a basic low-budget solution, it misses out on various trending features. For instance, it only works on minimal types of weeds, limiting its versatility by a great deal. However, if you’re buying it, you shouldn’t have higher than average requirements.

  • 32 oz, bottle quantity
  • Kills weeds within hours
  • Doesn’t harm the grass
  • Very affordable price
  • Ineffective on various grass types


Crabgrass Killer Buyer’s Guide  

It’s important to know what factors determine the efficiency of the products you’re spending your money on to make a smart purchase. The same applies here, and thus, our buyer’s guide aims to walk you through the fundamental essentials to keep in mind.

  1. Selective/General

The most critical part of using crabgrass killers is choosing between selective and non-selective alternatives. If you’re planning to keep the plants and only wipe away the weeds, which comes handy while detailing. However, non-selective ones kill entirely any plant in the area, useful for tasks like landscape renovation.

  1. Method of Application

These types of products are usually available in two variants, such as granular and water-based solutions. If you prioritize ease of use over anything, always opt for granular herbicides. However, if you’re all about unmatched efficiency and convenience, liquid variants make a better choice.

  1. Toxicity Level

Let’s not forget that some of these solutions are infused with toxic chemicals for quicker and long-lasting action. Although it works in a few situations, it’s never recommended to those who plan to renovate their residential landscape.

If you’re living with pets and children, even the littlest negligence can lead to hazardous consequences. That said, it’s better to opt for organic-based alternatives to play safe.

  1. Rain-proofing

One of the biggest issues with cheap weed killers that if it comes in contact with rainwater, it’s rendered useless instantly. On the other hand, good quality alternatives come with certain rainfesting capabilities that help them remain unaffected for hours.

Adult male treats pesticides from Colorado beetles young green potato bushes.


Proper lawn maintenance is just as important as interior renovation, mainly because it contributes equally to enhance the visual appeal of your home. That said, we hope that you’ve enjoyed going through our list.

Are you still confused about which product fits your needs the best? Allow us to help you out!

If you’re searching for incomparable efficiency, the Scotts Turf Builder is the best there is. Are you looking for a higher quantity for commercial use? Try the Compare-N-Save weed killer. Hate to wait for the results to show? The BASF XLR8formula should be your go-to option.

That said, we’ll take your leave for now! Stay tuned for more.

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