10 Best Dehumidifiers for Mold | Reviews + Buyer’s Guide

Dehumidifier with touch panel, humidity indicator, uv lamp, air ionizer, water container works at home while cat walking by on kitchen. Air dryer

The double whammy of hot and humid weather is not just the enemy of your physical comfort. While dousing you in sweat, humidity amid high temperatures also makes a perfect breeding ground for many organisms that no homeowner wants to welcome in their house.

For instance, mold growth is an inevitable problem for places that are damp and experience high thermometer readings. This is the reason why kitchen and bathrooms under such conditions become the proliferation places for mold. When not attended to in time, mold can grow to the other parts of the house especially attics and basements to create significant structural and hygiene problems for the household.

At one hand, mold’s musty smell permeates the entire house to stain the pure and hygienic ambiance of the house. A lot of mold spores from its grown patches become airborne to cause a range of allergic and respiratory complications. Mold is able to take a toll on the general wellbeing of the house, causing health issues like wheezing, itchy skin and eyes, fever, and asthma aggravation.

On the other hand, its growth can stain walls, ceilings, and floors to give any homeowner a headache of extensive and expensive paint and refurbishing jobs. Then, there are some insect species that feed on mold. So, the growth of mold can also catalyze pest swarming in the house.

While regular cleaning and mopping are important to keep mold growth in check, a good quality dehumidifier comes in really handy in tackling this problem by drawing out all the excess moisture from the air during hot weather. With the use of a dehumidifier, you can actually create a successful preventive action against all the aforementioned problems that a mold infestation can cause.

Now, there are a lot of quality dehumidifiers available in the market. However, it is always difficult to search through the laundry list of models to settle on one that serves you the required utility. We are going to smooth over this process for you by reviewing 10 of the best dehumidifiers for mold in 2022.

It is important to mention here that the numbering is done just for reading convenience and not to show any preferential order.

Best Dehumidifiers for Mold

Dehumidifier with touch panel, humidity indicator, uv lamp, air ionizer, water container works at home while cat relaxing on kitchen. Air dryer

1. Ivation 50-Pint Dehumidifier — The Best Dehumidifier for an Entire House

Ivation 4,500 Sq Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier, Large Capacity...
  • This Compressor Dehumidifier Keeps Spaces Up to 4,500 Sq....
  • Built-In Humidity Sensor - The LCD accurately displays the...
  • Features auto-defrost and auto-start
  • Fitted with smooth-rolling casters
  • Energy Star-certified

The best humidifier is the one that can take care of the humidity of your entire floor plan. The product from which we are starting off our list is one such dehumidifier that caters to 3,000 sq feet area and can extract 50 pints of moisture from the air in a day. Set it up in one room and you can experience its dehumidifying results in the adjacent rooms as well.

But Ivation dehumidifier is not just ended up on our list due to its supreme dehumidification ability. With its range of features, you can easily call it one of the best dehumidifier. To begin with, the humidistat of Ivation 50-Pint is all digital-based. You can set dehumidification settings of 24 hours to make its use hassle-free. Moreover, the digital meter will continuously show the humidity levels of the surroundings.

Although 0.8-gallon transparent reservoir is enough to carry the collected moisture of many days, you can still use a hose with it to set up continuous draining. Moreover, the efficient air filter fitted in the machine is washable and reusable. After the dehumidifier has worked for 50 pints, remove the filter and give it a simple water wash. The digital humidistat will notify you when it’s time for cleaning it.

The other striking feature of frosting of Ivation 50-Pint Dehumidifier is its state-of-the-art frost sensor and the auto-defrost mechanism that makes its energy consumption efficient and protects the evaporator coils. Ivation has also transformed its dehumidifier into a portable machine. With 4 caster wheel, the dehumidifier can easily be towed around different rooms.

Many times homeowners set up the dehumidifier at a spot just because it is closer to a power outlet. However, it’s not necessary that setting up a dehumidifier on that spot will yield the required results. With 6-feet power cord of Ivation 50-Pint, you are not bound to set it up next to an outlet. 

  • Gives exceptional dehumidification coverage
  • Can be used with a drain hose as well
  • Programmable thermostat ensures hassle-free use
  • Reusable air filters
  • Re-installation of the water container is a bit difficult
  • Some occasional glitches in the humidistat

2. Frigidaire 60-Pint Dehumidifier- The Best Heavy-Duty Dehumidifier

Frigidaire FFAD6022W1 Dehumidifier, High Humidity 60 Pint...
  • Easy-to-Clean Washable Filter: Capture dust from the air and...
  • Custom Humidity Control: Maximize your comfort with...
  • 3-level fan speed
  • Low-temperature operations
  • An Amazon’s Choice product

Frigidaire 60-Pint Dehumidifier is an upgrade to Ivation 50-Pint with its dehumidification and reservoir capacity. It can extract 60 pints of moisture from the surrounding air in a single day, Frigidaire offered a 70 pint dehumidifier but that is not avaialble anymore. The reservoir tank can also hold more water so that you don’t need to empty it out every so often. 

If you have any nearby drainage system (e.g. floor drain) where you are planning to set up Frigidaire Dehumidifier, then we strongly recommend you to use it its continuous draining mode. Attach the hose with the drain outlet of the dehumidifier and you won’t receive any alert regarding the full tank. All the collected moisture will directly be dumped into the drainage. Frigidaire is also offering a 15-feet connecting hose separately.

But even if that’s not the case, the high-capacity tank of the dehumidifier is enough to take care of the collected moisture. The 13-pint tank has the pull-out construction and fitted on the front of the machine. You can easily take it out through a handle and without getting a single drop splashed on yourself because it also features a splash guard.

And you don’t need to constantly look at the water level indicator of the tank. When it’s full, the digital humidistat will issue the full-tank alert and automatically switch off the machine to prevent overflow and backflow. 

Like Ivation, this amazing dehumidifier machine is also fitted with a digital humidistat. However, its fan works on three different speeds and has a feature to run the dehumidifier even on low temperatures for the same efficiency.  

What we like most like in Frigidaire 60-Pint Dehumidifier is its sleek construction. Even with such heavy-duty dehumidification capacity, its body is really aerodynamic and can easily be set up at any spot without creating any space issue. And if you think it needs to be moved to someplace else, then its ergonomic top handle, side handles, and caster wheel assembly will come in handy.

If you are looking to get rid of humidity in a spacious lounge or a basement, then we will strongly recommend you this amazing dehumidification unit. Its impressive features and valuable functionality are also authenticated by the tag of “Amazon’s Choice”. 


  • Ideal for spacious humid spaces
  • Features highly-effective continuous draining option
  • Noiseless operation
  • A more handy fan control
  • Quite heavy
  • Humidistat can sometimes give incorrect readings

3. TTosot 30 Pint Dehumidifier – The Best Dehumidifier for Smaller Spaces

TOSOT 20 Pint 1,500 Sq Ft Dehumidifier Energy Star - for...
  • 1,500 SQ FT: Removes up to 20 pints (30 pints 2012 DOE) of...
  • AUTO DRAIN: This dehumidifier will stop running if the water...
  • Features 3 fan speeds and a timer
  • Comes with 1-month money-back guarantee
  • An Amazon’s Choice product

Bathrooms and kitchen bear the most brunt of humid conditions. They also experience slightly high temperature due to their confined constructions as compared to the rest of the house. For that matter, they are most susceptible to mold growth. If you are looking for dehumidification solution for your bathroom/kitchen or any similar space, then Tosot 30-Pint Dehumidifier is the answer. 

It can provide dehumidification coverage to up to 1,000 sq-ft. However, its low-capacity operations don’t have any bearing on its features. With features, you will find it as good as any heavy-duty dehumidifier. For instance, it also features dual-drain i.e. you can collect the moisture in a bucket or attach a gravity hose to direct the collected water directly to a floor drain or sump pump.

Similarly, its digital humidistat has all the necessary features. You get 3-level fan speed control, a timer and the power button with digital display of humidity levels. The most remarkable thing that Tosot has achieved with its dehumidifier is an extremely low sound operation. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that Tosot Dehumidifier works inaudibly. It only produces 45 decibels of sound when running while all standard dehumidifiers make noise up somewhere in between 50-60 decibels. To put this noise-free operation into perspective, remember that the sound of a light rainfall produces these much of decibels. 

One thing where Tosot Dehumidifier somewhat lacks is its water tank capacity. It is so small that you have to empty it our every 5-6 hours. However, the compact body of the dehumidifier justifies its lesser reservoir capacity. Also, the availability of hose connection makes up for that (any standard ¾ inch garden hose can be fitted with Tosot Dehumidifier).

The air filter of Tosot is another winning feature of Tosot Dehumidifier. It is washable and reusable. After 250 hours of use, you have to clean it with warm water and mild detergent. You don’t have to keep the track of those 250 hours. A filter light on the control panel will notify when it’s time to wash the filter.

Due to its impressive utility in smaller spaces, Tosot Dehumidifier enjoys the tag of “Amazon’s Choice” in the category “dehumidifier 100 sq ft”. 


  • Ideal for smaller spaces
  • Features continuous draining option as well
  • Produces negligible sound
  • A robust air filter
  • The water container is too small
  • No auto-defrost mechanism

4. OXA Smart Mini Dehumidifier- The Most Reliable Mini Dehumidifier

Electric Mini Dehumidifier for Home, 1200 Cubic Feet(215 sq...
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY: OXA Smart Mini dehumidifier with cube...
  • Dehumidification capacity of 350 ml/day
  • Comes with 2-year service warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee
  • An Amazon’s Choice product
  • Lightweight

Air conditioners have a built-in dehumidification mechanism. However, sometimes when temperatures are soaring and humidity is notching up, they need the assistance of a mini dehumidifier to maintain their cooling operations. OXA Smart has introduced a really compact mini dehumidifier that can be used for this purpose. 

Moreover, you can also use it to keep the moisture out of your cabinets, closets and small kitchens and bathrooms. The compact machinery of OXA Smart dehumidifier is enclosed in a state-of-the-art cubical casing. The majority of dehumidifiers have a single air inlet in the front.  However, OXA Smart has given its mini dehumidifier a continuous inlet on the three sides, which adds up to the efficiency of the machine.

The other good thing about this OXA Smart model is that it doesn’t have single-mode operations like most of the mini dehumidifiers. You can run it on Normal (when humidity levels are high) and Sleep modes for day and night respectively.

OXA Smart Mini Dehumidifier doesn’t feature hose outlet and rightly so since the collected moisture is not in the amount that needs continuous drainage. It is interesting to note that the dehumidification and reservoir capacities are reversed in OXA Smart mini i.e. the reservoir is bigger (650 ml) than the per day dehumidification capacity (350 ml) of the machine.    

However, these are the two features that cement OXA Smart mini’s place on this list. Firstly, this compact body of dehumidifier features Energy Recycle System that ensures complete dampness removal even when you are using it in small and mobile areas. Moreover, the auto-shutoff system ensures that the machine doesn’t collect moistures after the tank is full. A red LED light will tell you that now it’s time to drain the water collecting bucket.

OXA Smart is really sure about the reliability of its mini dehumidifier. Therefore, it simultaneously offers 2-year service warranty, 30-day money-back guarantee and 24-hour satisfaction warranty on this single machine. All its impressive features have earned OXA Smart mini dehumidifier the tag of “Amazon’s Choice” in the category “electric dehumidifier”. 


  • Extremely energy efficient (operates at just 23 watts)
  • Features ERS technology
  • Auto-shutoff ensures hassle-free use
  • Two mode operations for lower energy consumption
  • Some users notice rapid heating up of the parts
  • Doesn’t feature drain hose outlet

5. hOmeLabs Small Space Dehumidifier- A Mini Dehumidifier that Doesn’t Overheat

hOmeLabs Small Space Dehumidifier with Auto Shut Off -...
  • Small and compact dehumidifier with 16 ounce / 500 ml...
  • Features low noise thermoelectric peltier module and energy...
  • 500 ml tank capacity, 250 ml dehumidification capacity
  • Compact and portable
  • An Amazon’s Choice product

hOmeLabs Small Space Dehumidifier is rightly titled “small space”. If we compare it with OXA Smart, then it appears to be more popular among homeowners to dehumidify smaller spaces particularly bathrooms. This small space dehumidifier is compact and lightweight featuring 6-feet power cord so you can easily set it up anywhere. 

hOmeLabs dehumidifier has the capacity to draw out 250 ml of moisture from the surrounding in a single day, which is collected in a 500-ml water tank. The tank is fitted at the front with pullout construction.  When it’s full, a red light turns on at the top right of the dehumidifier. What we like most in this mini dehumidifier is it is shaped as such that you can use it on both floors and shelves. In other words, you are not going to require any space adjustments to set up hOmeLabs Dehumidifier.

The other striking feature of hOmeLabs is its state-of-the-art power adaptor. In many small size dehumidifiers, users often complain about overheating. hOmeLabs has got around this problem by using an ETL-certified adaptor that relays 25 watts to the machine while ruling out any chance of overheating.

Despite all its impressive features, hOmeLabs Small Space Dehumidifier also has one shortcoming i.e. it only operates in switch on/off mode. You don’t get variable speed adjustments that are pretty common in almost all the modern electric dehumidifiers. But if you just want to have a uniform dehumidification mechanism, then you won’t be bothered by this limitation. 

hOmeLabs Small Space Dehumidifier is also popular among homeowners because it doesn’t entail any extensive upkeep. By mopping the surface with a damp cloth and scrubbing the air inlets with a soft-bristle brush, you can keep the dehumidifier in a mint condition. Go for hOmeLabs Dehumidifier if you have to use it in a small room to control moderate humidity levels.

The popularity of hOmeLabs Small Space Dehumidifier also reflects from the tag of “Amazon’s Choice” in the category “small dehumidifier”. 

  • Long power cord to ensure easy use
  • Adaptable design (can be placed on both floors and cabinets)
  • Modern adaptor prevents overheating
  • Full tank alert
  • Operates on a single mode
  • The absence of continuous draining mechanism

6. MANZOKU Electric Mini Dehumidifiers- The Most Reliable Mini Dehumidifier

MANZOKU Dehumidifier Electric Mini Dehumidifiers Home...
  • Small Dehumidifiers for Home - This dehumidifier remove...
  • Automatic Shut-off - Safety feature turns the unit off...

  • 400 ml dehumidification capacity (per day)
  • Designed to give 250 sq feet coverage
  • Features automatic shutoff  

Mini dehumidifiers are a great solution for small spaces where the dehumidification of air conditioner doesn’t reach. Moreover, they are great for increasing the cooling effect and comfort of a running air conditioner. MANZOKU Mini Dehumidifier exactly does that. By using it in tandem with your air conditioner, you can make the surrounding air more pleasant.

MANZOKU mini dehumidifier is a compact and lightweight vertical body within an aerodynamic shape. It can collect up to 400 ml of moisture in its 2000-ml container.  The air inlet and outlets of MANZOKU mini dehumidifier are arranged in a really effective manner i.e. the damp air comes in from the back and purified dry air leaves from the sides.

What we most like in MANZOKU is its one-touch operation. While the market is swarming with models that bear intricate control panels, MANZOKU has introduced a dehumidifier that only features one button that is also an indicator. When the container is filled to its capacity, the ring-shape button changes its color from blue to yellow.

The dehumidification capacity of MANZOKU indicates that it can easily be used in any space of 250-sq ft. In other words, it is an ideal option for offices, small rooms, and RVs where you are tackling with moderate levels of humidity. The other good thing about MANZOKU dehumidifier is its ultra-low noise operations. The machine generates a sound of 20-40 decibels, which is akin to faint whispering.

If you are looking to make your congested RV interior or office more breathable, then you will definitely love this dehumidification product. In order to make a more trustworthy offer, MANZOKU is offering 12-month service and replacement warranty on its machine. And when a lot of reputable manufacturers are offering a 30-day money-back guarantee on dehumidifiers, MANZOKU has stretched it to 60 days. 


  • No use of chemical with the internal dehumidifier assembly to ensure eco-friendly operations
  • Noiseless operation (you can put it beside your pillow!)
  • Design is easy on the eyes
  • Ease of use (one-touch operations)
  • Not compatible with drain hose
  • A bit heavy for its dehumidification capacity

7. Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier- A Mini Dehumidifier for Required Practical Results

Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier, 2200 Cubic Feet (250...
  • SMALL & COMPACT: Lightweight, compact and portable. Capable...
  • AUTO SHUT-OFF: When full the dehumidifier will automatically...

  • Dehumidification capacity of 530 ml and a tank capacity of 1500 ml
  • Features easy-to-handle container
  • Suitable for 250 sq-ft spaces

Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier is called ‘mini’, but its dehumidification capacity and container size don’t seem to reflect that description. It can take care of around 530 ml of moisture per day in any space measuring 250 sq-ft.  The spacious tank is one of the winning features of this mini dehumidifier. When other mini dehumidifiers require you to empty their containers within some hours or in a day, Pro Breeze gives you the 3-day relief from this exercise even if it is running on its full dehumidification capacity.

One reason to have a dehumidifier is to infuse comfort in an interior, be it is a lounge or bedroom. However, the noisier operations of traditional dehumidifiers offset a large portion of the relief it provides from the humid weather. Pro Breeze has taken care of this shortcoming in its mini dehumidifier and designed it with thermo-electric cooling technology. In this technology, the compressor of the dehumidifier doesn’t produce persistent wheezing that makes any machine loud.

Apart from ensuring noise relief, Pro Breeze has also ensured that people can use it with the utmost ease. For instance, there is no cluster of buttons and lights on the control panel. With a single button and two lights (power, tank-full indicator), you don’t need to read the user manual to operate Pro Breeze Mini Dehumidifier. Similarly, the container is fixed in a way that you don’t need to wrestle and splash the water while taking it out. You can move it in and out of the dehumidifier just like a freshly cut piece of cake. 

Even though all mini dehumidifiers are brandished as ideal options for small house spaces, RVs, offices, and boats, but not all of them give the required results in practical conditions.  We can’t say this for Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier. Its dehumidification and tank capacity are clear indicators that it’s a pitch-perfect for all the aforementioned spaces.  

Customers approve of the good practical use of Pro Breeze is also reflected through its 4.2-star customer rating. 


  • Features Peltier technology for noise-free operations
  • Better dehumidification capacity than other mini models
  • Easy-to-navigate control panel
  • No spillovers due to auto-shutoff
  • No drain hose attachment
  • Doesn’t work below 41 degree Fahrenheit

8. Afloia Electric Dehumidifier- A Dehumidifier with Best Aesthetic Finish

Afloia Electric Home Dehumidifier, Portable Dehumidifier for...
  • ❤High-Efficiency Dehumidifier: The maximum capacity of the...
  • ❤Portable Dehumidifier: One-touch switch design helps you...

  • 750 ml dehumidification capacity along with 2000-ml container
  • Features auto shutoff
  • Comes with 2-year replacement and service warranty

If you are looking for a dehumidifier for your lounge that can get the work done without taking too much space and can also assimilate with the aesthetics, then we would strongly recommend you to consider Afloia Electric Dehumidifier. It’s another modern dehumidifier that can capture moisture of up to 750 ml in a day and dumps it in a 2000-ml container. 

Afloia Electric Dehumidifiers are deemed good for buzzing spaces like lounges because of their vertical construction. This means they occupy lesser square footage than the regular dehumidifiers. Moreover, the aerodynamic design draped in a white and blue pastel color is neutral and can go with any decor.

Afloia has used Peltier technology in the making of its dehumidifier so it doesn’t produce a running sound to an extent where it can disturb your comfort. Another good thing about this dehumidifier is its energy-saving and eco-friendly working. You can use it 24/7 without worrying about energy bills. Similarly, is working and construction is 100% BPA free, which can be your little but meaningful contribution to the environment.

On the design front, there are some additional features that are worth mentioning. For instance, the top of the dehumidifier is attached with an ergonomic handle that gives it a shape of a smart briefcase. Moreover, the container features a dark blue transparent plastic body that also gives the dehumidifier a pleasantly unique finish. These design elements collectively make Afloia a bonafide modern dehumidifier that doesn’t look like any traditional model.

There is another feature of Afloia that adds up to its credentials for being one of the best dehumidifiers for mold. It is fitted with reusable filters that require a simple mop up after certain days of use. By maintaining the filter cleaning, you can make the most of Afloia Electric Dehumidifier.

The customer rating of 4.4-star on Amazon indicates that users have liked this electric dehumidifier to put in places where they remain visible and becomes part of the interior. 


  • Easy to use (one-button control)
  • Features Peltier technology for ultra-quiet running
  • Saves you utility expenses with low energy consumption
  • Eco-friendly (100% BPA free)
  • No hose connection
  • A bit heavy on the pocket

9. Colzer 140 Pints Portable Dehumidifier- The Best Commercial Dehumidifier

COLZER Commercial Dehumidifier 140 Pints up to 6000 Sq. Ft,...
  • 💧「Large Moisture Removal Capacity」: This...
  • 💧「Intelligent Control Monitor」: With a big...

  • Covers 6,000 sq-ft with 17 gallons container and hose connection
  • Comes with 2-year service warranty
  • Amazon’s Choice product

If you are looking for a single heavy-duty dehumidifier for your abode that can help you in lowering the moisture level indoors and can also help in drying the clothes during rainy weather, then consider Colzer 140-Pint Portable Dehumidifier. This hardwearing dehumidifier is designed to serve up to 6,000 sq-ft of area. 

The entire array of features in Colzer Portable Dehumidifier is worth discussing. For instance, it features a state-of-the-art control panel on the top. Here, you can see the real-time humidity level on a digital screen. Moreover, it allows you to set required humidity value, a timer for 24 hours and a fan in two different modes (dry, dehumidify).

The majority of dehumidifiers can’t work in low temperatures due to frosting on the coil. Colzer has taken care of this issue in its Portable dehumidifier. The dehumidifier automatically goes into defrosting mode amid low temperatures.

However, the winning features of this heavy-duty dehumidifier are its spacious water container and continuous drainage system. The dehumidifier is fitted with 17 gallon container along with a drain outlet from where you can set up 24/7 hassle-free continuous draining. Colzer has also outshined its competitors because it is also offering a 3.2-ft drain pipe with the dehumidifier. 

The hardwearing dehumidification mechanism of Colzer is enclosed in a sleek and ergonomic body with smaller footing. This compactness, which features on the assembly of four caster wheels, makes the use of this dehumidifier “portable”. 

With 4.4-star customer rating and the tag of “Amazon’s Choice” in the broad category of “dehumidifier”, it is pretty evident that Colzer is dealing in one of the best dehumidifiers right now.


  • Impressive dehumidification coverage
  • Smart and easy-to-use control panel
  • Operates on “dehumidify” and “dry” modes
  • Comes with money-back guarantee
  • Factory-fitted hose is too short
  • A bit heavy on the pocket

10. Yaufey 30 Pint Dehumidifier – Best 30-Pint Dehumidifier

Yaufey 2000 Sq. Ft Home Dehumidifier for Medium to Large...
  • CONVENIENT AND SIMPLE TO USE. Home appliances never need to...

  • 4-gallon dehumidification capacity
  • Comes with 5-feet hose pipe
  • Comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee

30-Pint dehumidifiers are considered great for all-around use. You can use them in basements and as well as your main interior and even in RVs. They are neither heavy-duty nor mini so can easily be set up in any space. Yaufey 30-Pint Dehumidifier is also one of those machines that entail versatile use. You can use them anywhere to get rid of high moisture causing mold problem in the house. 

It can serve to up to 1500 sq-ft of space with its dehumidification capacity. Like any good medium-to-large capacity dehumidifier, Yaufey 30 Pint Dehumidifier also features two types of drains. You can collect the extracted moisture in a 1.8-liter container or get on with continuous draining by fitting around 6-feet long pipe to the hose outlet of the machine.

Similarly, the control panel of Yaufey also entails many operations. You can see the digital display of the humidity percentage in the surrounding air at the current time. You can also use the panel to set a timer or toggle the fan speed between regular and turbo.

Users also love Yaufey’s quieter operations. It produces such low noise that you can set it up beside your bed and it won’t disturb your sleep. Even though 30-pint dehumidifiers are not that heavy, but you can’t comfortably move them from one room to the other with the handle only. Yaufey has taken care of this seemingly trivial but really important issue and give its 30-pint version a caster wheel assembly just like large heavy-duty dehumidifiers. The handy wheels have made Yaufey 30-Pint Dehumidifier a truly portable unit. 

Yaufey has successfully earned the trust of customers by offering its product with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It includes 12-month free replacements and 30-day money-back guarantee. The 4.5-star rating on Amazon indicates that users approve of the high quality and function of this 30-pint dehumidifier. 

  • Exceptional dehumidification coverage for a 30-pint model
  • Portable 
  • An easy to use detailed control panel
  • Comes with money-back guarantee
  • Not for entire floor
  • A bit expensive

Best Dehumidifiers for Mold 1

 Best Dehumidifier for Mold Buying Guide

While the above 10 products have all sorts of options for you to choose from, we are still going to share a short general buying guide that can help you in purchasing the right model of dehumidifier outside of this list.

  • The Coverage

As you have noticed, a dehumidifier can offer the coverage of anything in between 200 to 4,000 sq-ft. No matter how good the dehumidification mechanism of a machine is, if its coverage doesn’t match the area that you are looking to treat then it won’t prove to be the best use of your money. So, always determine what particular area you want to ‘dehumidify’ before buying a dehumidifier.

For instance, for spacious lounges, basements, and more than one room you will require anything above 2,000 sq-ft. Meanwhile, mini dehumidifiers ranging from 150 to 250 sq-ft are good enough to dehumidify individual bathrooms, kitchens, smaller offices, and RVs.

  • Water Collection Mechanism

Up till now, you must be well aware of the two ways a dehumidifier takes care of the collected moisture. If you are going to buy a dehumidifier for a space located in a hot humid tropical region, then go for options with continuous drainage mechanism. It will take out the constant attendance that any regular dehumidifier unit requires. Just set it up with the hose to nearby drainage and it will automatically take care of the collected moisture.

However, not every model features a continuous draining system and not every spot is feasible to set up the hose with a drain system. In that case, try to find the models that come with larger tanks. Irrespective of the humidity levels you are dealing with, it is always better to have dehumidifiers that feature large containers.

  • Noise Levels

If you are going to run dehumidifiers for the most part of the day, then it is better to factor in this feature as well. The majority of above-reviewed dehumidifiers operates with low noise production (and hence considered the top of the line). But if you are going to buy any other option that is not included in this list, then we would suggest you to try to choose something below 50 decibels.

A low-noise dehumidifier can only provide the holistic dehumidification comfort for which we decide to get one in the first place.

  • Warranty

It goes without saying that warranties put the seal on the reliability of a product. Therefore, always choose among the options that offer certain warranties and guarantees. For instance, a money-back guarantee is an indicator of any high-quality dehumidifier. Similarly, service and replacement warranties also ensure that you are dealing with some trustworthy manufacturers.

  • Humidistat

There was a time when humidistats were only featured in the high-end dehumidifiers. However, the propulsion of technology has enabled the manufacturers to have it in standard models as well.  As the name suggests, a humidistat just works like a thermostat but for humidity i.e., you can program it for particular humidity levels that you require inside your house.

If the price of a dehumidifier with humidistat is not straining your budget, then definitely go for it. Otherwise, you can get the same optimal dehumidification from a regular dehumidifier model as well.

  • Adjustable Fan Speed

You must have noticed that not all dehumidifiers come with adjustable fan control. This again is not the most critical feature of a dehumidifier. Even if a dehumidifier works on a single speed, it can do the work. Nonetheless, you can control the dehumidification output and level of noise if a dehumidifier is fitted with a fan regulator.

By taking these six features into account while buying a dehumidifier from whether online market or a brick and mortar store, you can get the model to fulfill your dehumidification needs well within your budget.

But before we conclude the article, let’s answer the two most important and frequently asked question regarding dehumidifiers.

Best Dehumidifier FAQ

  • Is dehumidifier the ultimate solution against mold growth?

    No, it is definitely not the ultimate solution. By renovating leaky roofs and plumbing systems along with sealing off some structural points in the house, you can reduce the levels of moisture inside the house causing mold proliferation. However, opting for such extensive work will need you to dish out a considerable amount of money.

    On the other hand, dehumidifiers can give you the same result against mold growth in the fraction of those extensive renovation plans. A dehumidifier is not an ultimate solution against mold. But it is certainly the most cost-effective one.

    Anton Giuroiu

    Anton Giuroiu

    As a sheer idealist, Anton’s approach in architecture and content curation is tedious and meticulous this clearly reflects in his work here on Homesthetics with each and every article, after a decade of work on Homesthetics, the content creation guidelines still being improved every month.

  • Using Dehumidifier in Cold Weather?

    Mold needs a combination of hot and damp weather to thrive. So, you won’t need to run a dehumidifier during the winter in the first place. Moreover, running a dehumidifier in cold weather is also dangerous to its internal coils. For that matter, some dehumidifiers have a built-in shutoff mechanism that activates when the temperature drops a certain level

    Anton Giuroiu

    Anton Giuroiu

    As a sheer idealist, Anton’s approach in architecture and content curation is tedious and meticulous this clearly reflects in his work here on Homesthetics with each and every article, after a decade of work on Homesthetics, the content creation guidelines still being improved every month.

  • We really hope that these detailed reviews of 10 of the best dehumidifiers along with the section of a buying guide will help you in sorting out an ongoing mold problem in your house.

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    Anton Giuroiu

    Anton Giuroiu

    As a sheer idealist, Anton’s approach in architecture and content curation is tedious and meticulous this clearly reflects in his work here on Homesthetics with each and every article, after a decade of work on Homesthetics, the content creation guidelines still being improved every month.

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