13 Best Fertilizer for Zoysia Grass of 2022 [Buyer’s Guide]

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A lush green lawn with thick Zoysia grass not only looks beautiful, but can also better tolerate frequent foot traffic and extreme weather conditions.

But like everything else, growing strong and healthy grass on your lawn requires proper care and maintenance. And buying the right fertilizer is the first and most important step in this process. It would ensure that your grass gets the ideal nutrients to thrive and grow in the right way.

However, we understand that there are lots of options available out there, so making an ideal choice becomes difficult. Don’t worry, we have tried to make the job easier for you by presenting a carefully curated list of the 13 best fertilizers to consider. Each option also has its pros and cons mentioned, to further help you in making a wise decision.

Read on to know more.

Best Fertilizer for Zoysia Grass

Our Top PickOur Top Pickhstcstbl-table__imageScotts EZ Seed Patch and Repair Sun and Shade
  • Super-absorbent growing material
  • Controlled-release fertilizer technology
hstcstbl-table__imageSimple Lawn Solutions Advanced Lawn Food
  • Has a N-P-K ratio of 16-4-8
  • Concentrate lawn fertilizer
hstcstbl-table__imageScotts Green Max Lawn Food
  • Unique 2-in-1 formula
  • Available in a pack of 1 pound
hstcstbl-table__imageThe Andersons PGF Complete Fertilizer
  • Has a N-P-K ratio of 16-4-8
  • Contains Humic DG
hstcstbl-table__imageAndersons Super Juice All in One Lawn Fertilizer
  • Water soluble dry mix
  • Available in a pack of 14 lb
hstcstbl-table__imageEasy Peasy Plants All-Natural Muriate of Potash Granules
  • Has a 0-0-60 formula
  • Available in packs of 2, 5, 10, and 20 lb.
hstcstbl-table__imageSafer Brand 9334 Lawn Restore Fertilizer
  • Has a N-P-K ratio of 9-0-2
  • Covers up to 6,250 ft
hstcstbl-table__imagePennington Smart Sun and Shade Grass Seed
  • Covers up to 3,330 sq. ft.
  • Developed using Penkoted technology
hstcstbl-table__imageLawnStar Liquid Fertilizer'
  • Has a N-P-K ratio of 16-4-8
  • Covers 4,000 sq ft
hstcstbl-table__imageGreenView 2829337 Fairway Formula Grass Seed
  • Three varieties of grass seeds
  • Seeds are uncoated

A closeup shot of beautiful green leaves and grass covered in morning dew

  1. Scotts EZ Seed Patch and Repair Sun and Shade

Scotts EZ Seed is one of the best seeding mixes that you will find out there and lets you grow healthy and beautiful grass almost anywhere. This seed-fertilizer combination takes proper care of the seeds and guarantees successful germination, provided you follow the instruction for application. You can get this mix in a pack of 2, 3.75, 10, and 40 lb.

Scotts EZ Seed Patch and Repair Sun and Shade for Grass:...
  • Grow grass anywhere, guaranteed (subject to proper care)...
  • Grass seed: Scotts best high performance seed; Mulch:...

Why Did We Like It?

We begin by discussing the water absorption capacity of this mix, since we found it to be one of the most striking features. This fertilizer absorbs as such as 6 times its weight in water and expands to form a moist protective layer over the seed.

As such, you can rest assured that the seeds are getting the moisture they need and are protected from rough weather conditions. It also keeps the seeds and sprouts safe from any harmful plant diseases that may attack them during germination. Plus, a tackifier helps to prevent the seed from washing away.

Apart from this, another great benefit is the controlled release technology of this product. Thanks to this technology, the seedlings are fed for a long time to jumpstart their growth. And that’s not all; it can grow in all areas including those under dense shade, direct sunlight, and amid high traffic. Note that each 10 lb pack of the mix can cover as much as 225 sq. ft.


What Could’ve Been Better?

The only issue that we had was the variation in grass density in some patches of land. So, to promote denser growth in those areas, we had to apply the fertilizer more frequently than what was recommended in the instructions.

  • Forms a moist protective layer over seeds
  • Provides protection from rough weather conditions
  • Prevents any plant disease
  • Helps to jumpstart seed growth
  • A few patches of grass may be less dense
  1. Simple Lawn Solutions Advanced Lawn Food

The next product in line is this Advanced Lawn Food that provides complete nutrition to your Zoysia grass. Its high-quality ingredients are blended perfectly in a manner so as to ensure that your grass gets the nutrients just when it needs. You can get this fertilizer in convenient spray bottles of 32 oz.

Advanced 16-4-8 Balanced NPK - Lawn Food Quality Liquid...
  • Complete NPK Lawn Food: 16-4-8 is the perfect blend of key...
  • Contains High Quality Feed Grade Ingredients: Nourish your...

Why Did We Like It?

The best thing about this fertilizer is that it has balanced quantities of all the ingredients to ensure that your Zoysia grass receives the perfect nutrition. Also, as evident from its N-P-K ratio, it contains a higher proportion of nitrogen that promotes quicker green-up of the grass blades and nourishes the plant thoroughly.

As a result of its rich nitrogen content, the grass also gets just enough energy for increased root vigor and becomes stronger. Further, this lawn food is very useful in treating various nutrient deficiencies. This is also owing to the ideal proportion of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium content.

Additionally, the fertilizer can be easily applied by using the sprayer attached to the bottle, which has an on, off, and water switch. You can dispense the fertilizer solution by just connecting the bottle with a hose and adjusting the switch between areas of application.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Although this product fares quite well in terms of efficiency, we found tiny weeds growing in a small portion of our Zoysia grass. We dealt with this problem by applying a weed killer to the grass just the day after we spotted the weeds. And we were relieved that they didn’t come back.

  • Provides complete nutrition
  • Helps in quicker green-up
  • Treats nutrient deficiencies
  • Designed for easy application
  • Weeds may infest portions of the grass sometimes
  1. Scotts Green Max Lawn Food

If you want much quicker results for your lawn than the average performing products, this one from Scotts will be a great choice. It consists of a dual-action formula that nourishes all parts of the grass thoroughly to promote the ideal growth. You can get this product in a pack of 1 pound that can cover as much as 10,000 sq. ft. of lawn area.

Scotts Green Max Lawn Food - Lawn Fertilizer Plus Iron...
  • Feeds for deep greening in just 3 days for greener grass
  • Dual-action, 2-in-1 formula feeds and supplements with iron

Why Did We Like It?

To begin with, we loved how this product enhanced the process of greening to give quicker results. As such, we could see much greener and denser grass within a couple of days. If you are wondering what’s behind this “magic”, it is the 5.17% iron content of the product.

Also, note that each granule of the product provides 100% nutrition to the grass, which makes sure that your lawn grass gets all food and zero filters. Hence, you are sure to observe healthy and vigorous growth within a week of the first application.

Besides, this product is specially formulated to ensure that driveways, concrete walls, and other such surfaces around the lawn are never stained. Note that you have to feed and water the grass regularly to get the best results.

Additionally, a tip for keeping the grass moist would be to leave the grass clippings on the lawn after a mowing session. This will allow the grass to absorb water more effectively to synthesize the nutrients provided by the fertilizer.


What Could’ve Been Better?

If you have ordered the product online, be sure to check the package immediately. That’s because the packaging may often be improper, with the fertilizer bag open and a lot of granules strewn all over the box. In some cases, there might even be big clumps in the bag. During such situations it is best to report the issue to the manufacturer and get a replacement.

  • Enhance the process of greening
  • Doesn’t stain any surface around the lawn
  • Each granule provides 100% nutrition
  • Promotes healthy and vigorous growth
  • Packaging may be improper
  1. The Andersons PGF Complete Fertilizer

Our next pick for you is this high-quality fertilizer from The Andersons which has been formulated through extensive research. It combines all the beneficial ingredients present in different products in one place and has a N-P-K ratio of 16-4-8. You can get this product in packs of 18 lb. and 40 lb.

The Andersons Professional 16-4-8 Fertilizer with Humic...
  • Super fine particles which give you TWICE the number of...
  • Lower nitrogen strength allows you to apply more particles...

Why Did We Like It?

First and foremost, this fertilizer consists of super-fine particles and hence a much lesser amount offers the same coverage as any other product. As such, this becomes a cost-effective option, and each pack can be utilized for a longer time than most other fertilizers.

Added to this, the slow-release formula of the product feeds the grass for as long as 8 weeks. Hence it doesn’t involve the hassles of frequent application.

Further, this plant food also contains Humic DG, a combination of humic and fulvic acid. Note that this mixture enriches the soil quality and improves synthesis of nutrients by the grass, which further boosts its growth.

In addition to offering such benefits, the product also contains high amounts of nitrogen, which makes the grass lush and beautiful.


What Could’ve Been Better?

This product worked quite well on our Zoysia grass, making it denser, greener, and more beautiful. However, we were expecting to get faster results since it was rich in nitrogen. We could spot the growth nearly a month after the first application. So, if you choose to go for this fertilizer, you may have to be a little more patient to seed the results.

  • Offers the same coverage with lesser amounts
  • Feeds the grass for 8 weeks
  • Enriches soil quality
  • Improves synthesis of nutrients
  • May take a bit longer to show results
  1. Andersons Super Juice All in One Lawn Fertilizer

If you are on the lookout for an all-in-one fertilizer for your Zoysia grass, this is another great product to go for. It features a new and improved formula and comes in a water soluble dry mix. You can purchase this fertilizer in a pack of 14 lb which can cover as much as two acres of lawn area.

Super Juice All in One Soluble Supplement Lawn Fertilizer
  • New Improved Formula with 4% Iron !
  • Super Juice Lawn Fertilizer is the first ALL-IN-ONE,...

Why Did We Like It?

Right at the start, let us tell you that this fertilizer has to be applied as a spray on the grass blades. This enables more effective absorption of nutrients into the grass via foliar uptake. As such, the action starts within 1-4 hours of application. So, you no longer need to wait for several weeks to see the results, as for slow-release granular fertilizers.

Also, this Super Juice is a light coat of fine water-soluble minerals that enters the ground easily after the grass is watered or after the first 30 minutes of rain. Thereafter, it works down slowly and gets locked into the soil. In comparison, granules remain on the top and continue to melt and release chemicals onto the soil surface.

Further, you can apply this product in either a 14-2-4 ratio, which is ideal for one full acre of land, or in a 7-1-2 ratio, which is half its original strength. The latter ratio can be used for treating two entire acres of land, and is hence suitable for lawns, gardens or fields with larger land area.


What Could’ve Been Better?

This product contains about 14% nitrogen which translates to 1.904 lb per acre or 0.0437 lb per 1,000 sq feet of area. This is too little compared to the nitrogen requirement of Zoysia grass and might result in slower green-up of the grass blades. Thus, if making the grass greener is your main aim, you should rather choose any other product.

  • Enables more effective absorption of nutrients
  • Begins to act within 1-4 hours of application
  • Water soluble minerals enter the ground easily
  • Can be applied in two ratios for different coverage
  • Nitrogen content is lower
  1. Easy Peasy Plants All-Natural Muriate of Potash Granules

As the name suggests, this product is mainly composed of potash which is one of the three macronutrients essential for healthy plant growth. And we can assure you that it would nourish your Zoysia grass to make it look much healthier and prettier than before. You can purchase this fertilizer in bags of 2, 5, 10, and 20 lb, as per your requirements.

All- Natural Muriate of Potash | Potassium Fertilizer with...
  • Potassium rich fertilizer to help your indoor and outdoor...
  • Potash fertilizer promotes root growth and healthy fruit...

Why Did We Like It?

The best thing about this product is, of course, its high potash content which promotes vigorous grass growth and increases root strength. It also makes the grass more tolerant to various types of plant diseases. Plus, by using this fertilizer, you can improve the ability of the grass to uptake water and synthesize beneficial plant sugars.

Also, note that this fertilizer makes for a 100% natural source of potash, since it is mined from large rock formations within the crust of the earth. So, you don’t need to worry about any harmful chemicals affecting your Zoysia grass either.

Finally, the potash granules are quite easy to apply, as you just have to spread them evenly on the soil and water the plants regularly afterward.


What Could’ve Been Better?

Although this product works perfectly on Zoysia grass to show the desired results, we found the instructions on the pack a bit difficult to comprehend. For instance, for using the product on 1,000 sq ft of land, the recommended amount reads 1/16 which is vague. Hence, for larger lawns, you may have to apply the product as per your own estimate.

  • Makes grass more tolerant to diseases
  • Promotes vigorous growth
  • Increases root strength
  • Contains no harmful chemicals
  • Instructions for application not clear
  1. Safer Brand 9334 Lawn Restore Fertilizer

This Safer Brand fertilizer keeps your Zoysia grass in the right shape throughout all seasons, thanks to its unique super-effective formula. Also, you can achieve the right growth just by three applications every year, which makes it much more cost-effective than other products. Note that you can get this product in bags of 25 lb.

Safer Brand 9334 Lawn Restore Fertilizer – 25 lb
  • Revitalizes lawn to a thick turf by strengthening root...
  • Lawns will green up within 3 to 5 days

Why Did We Like It?

To begin with, this product uses naturally obtained materials like blood meal and feather meal. These don’t harm the grass in any way and supply all the essential nutrients for proper growth and development of your Zoysia grass.

Ultimately, the grass gets a robust as well as healthy root system that makes it much stronger than before. And this, in turn, gives it the ability to withstand stressful weather conditions such as extreme cold or drought.

Plus, having a N-P-K ratio of 9-0-2, the product is rich in nitrogen and hence promotes faster and more sustainable growth. Also, it can help in revitalising half-fed lawns by repairing long stretches of grass that is thinning out. And that’s not all. This fertilizer can even improve the soil quality by feeding the soil microbes with all necessary nutrients.


What Could’ve Been Better?

Although we have no complaints regarding its efficiency, on opening the bag for the first time, we found that it produced a strong smell. To deal with this problem, we watered the grass more frequently for the first two weeks.

  • Promotes a robust and healthy root system
  • Gives the ability to withstand rough weather
  • Enhances faster and more sustainable growth
  • Repairs grass that is thinning out
  • May produce a strong odor
  1. Pennington Smart Sun and Shade Grass Seed

Our next pick for you is this grass seed pack from Pennington which is ideal for growing the beautiful, thick grass that every gardener desires. It also provides quicker results than many other products on our list. You can get this fertilizer in packs of 7 lb that can cover up to 3,330 sq. ft.

Pennington Smart Seed 100086839 Sun and Shade Seeds
  • Uses up to 30% less water versus ordinary grass seed
  • Grass establishes quickly

Why Did We Like It?

The most striking feature of this product is that it contains a mix of high-quality cool-season grass seeds. These seeds are picked especially for your growing season and thrive equally well in areas with different exposure to sunlight.

Further, this seed mix requires up to 30 percent less water than ordinary grass seeds when they are planted in your lawn. Plus, it is developed using Pennington’s exclusive Penkoted technology that protects the seeds from fungus and ensures healthier plant growth.

Note that this product is the result of years of research and breeding, so as to offer just the grass quality that you desire. Hence, the varieties of seeds in this versatile mixture have earned the label of Smart Seeds. Finally, this product is highly resistant to adverse weather conditions such as heat and drought and various plant diseases as well.

What Could’ve Been Better?

This product works wonderfully to produce thick and healthy grass that is also very tolerant to rough weather conditions. However, it takes a bit longer to show the results than other seed mixes. At most, you may need to wait for a month to spot the tiny grass sprouts on your lawn.

  • Thrive equally well in areas receiving different levels of sunlight
  • Requires 30 percent less water than other seeds
  • Contains a mix of high-quality cool-season grass seeds
  • Prevents growth of fungus
  • May take longer to show results sometimes
  1. LawnStar Liquid Fertilizer

Having decades of experience in manufacturing high-quality lawn care products, LawnStar is a trusted brand among gardeners. And this fertilizer does live up to the reputation of the brand, thanks to its advanced and well-balanced formulation. You can get this product in bottles of 32 oz. and 1 gallon.

Balanced 16-4-8 Nutrient Liquid Fertilizer (32oz Ready to...
  • SUPERIOR, PREMIUM INGREDIENTS: Including a premium blend of...

Why Did We Like It?

What appealed to us the most about this fertilizer was its rare 1:2 blend of slow and fast release nitrogen sources. It promotes rapid green-up of your Zoysia grass and increases its longevity substantially.

Added to this, the LawnStar lawn food is fortified with 100% natural seaweed extract to ensure maximum bioavailability in the root zone. As such, you are further assured of getting superior-quality results. Also, it makes the root system stronger and more resilient to adverse weather conditions.

Plus, the balanced 16-4-8 formula delivers large amounts of macronutrients directly to the soil and root system. So, your grass is protected from all common nutrient deficiency diseases. Note that this product should be used on the grass during Spring and Summer seasons.

 In addition to offering all these benefits, the fertilizer covers up to 4,000 sq ft, which ensures that you get the best value for your money.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Although we were more than satisfied with the performance of the product, we had problems in dispensing the fertilizer with the hose-end sprayer. Often the solution didn’t come out even though the switch of the sprayer was turned on. As such, we poured the contents in a spare spray bottle that we had.

  • Promotes rapid green-up
  • Increases longevity
  • Ensures maximum bioavailability
  • Prevents common nutrient deficiencies
  • Hose-end sprayer may not work properly
  1. GreenView 2829337 Fairway Formula Grass Seed

The next product in line is this all-purpose grass seed mix which helps you achieve a beautiful cool-season lawn much quicker. These grass seeds can be grown in all areas of the yard, irrespective of the exposure to sunlight in that portion. You can get this mix in packs of 3, 7, and 20 lb.

GreenView 2829337 Fairway Formula Grass Seed Sun & Shade...
  • For use in both sun and shade areas of the lawn, best with...
  • Fast seed germination in 7-10 days for quickly established...

Why Did We Like It?

First and foremost, this mix combines high-quality perennial grass seeds of rye grass, fescues and Kentucky bluegrass. As such, the lawn gets the versatility that every gardener desires, making it look as beautiful as ever. Also, these seeds are totally weed-free and insect-resistant, which ensure that your grass is protected from any fungal infection or insect attacks.

Another great benefit of this seed mix is that it promotes fast-seed germination in about 7-10 days to establish thick, beautiful lawns much quicker. So, you no longer need to wait for weeks and months to see the fruits of your labor, as is the case with other mixes.

Added to this, the product consists of uncoated seeds, which ensures that you get maximum seed coverage. Note that if you are seeding a new lawn, this mix will provide coverage of 1,750 sq. ft. Whereas, when you are overseeding an existing lawn, you can get a coverage of as much as 3,500 sq. ft.

Plus, this mix also comes with a money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the performance.


What Could’ve Been Better?

Although this grass seed mix gives great results most of the time, in a few cases it might be patchy in a few areas of the lawn. This may happen if the soil is not prepared properly before planting the seeds, which results in uneven distribution. Hence, you need to put in extra effort to rake the soil so that it loosens up and then spread the seeds and the raked topsoil.

  • Makes your lawn more versatile
  • Prevents growth of weeds
  • Shows quicker results
  • Ensures maximum seed coverage
  • Grass may be patchy in a few areas
  1. American Hydro Systems 2655 GrassSoGreen Fertilizer

Another excellent product that helps to maintain a greener and thicker lawn is this one from American Hydro Systems. It has a N-P-K ratio of 19-0-0 and is available in a large bottle of 1 gallon which covers as much as 4,000 sq ft of lawn area.

American Hydro Systems 2655 GrassSoGreen Fertilizer,...
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: GrassSoGreen Maintenance Formula...
  • EFFECTIVE: Gentle, yet effective, GrassSoGreen is versatile...

Why Did We Like It?

The proprietary Bio Builder blend in the product is what sets it apart from other fertilizers for Zoysia grass. Consisting of humates and several other organic ingredients, this blend is entirely natural and helps in building healthy soil ideal for growing high-quality grass.

Plus, this fertilizer consists entirely of nitrogen, which helps in maintaining the color and thickness of the grass. Also, it can help in replenishing the nitrogen lost from some lawns due to excessive mowing. And you can be assured that this macronutrient will be absorbed by the grass quickly to prevent any run-off or mineral gas formation.

Furthermore, this product is completely safe for use on all lawns and would never burn the grass if applied as instructed. Note that you must water the lawn frequently to ensure that the grass is receiving the nutrients from the fertilizer.

41aQmvy UFL

What Could’ve Been Better?

If you order the product online, make sure that you check the package and the product thoroughly as soon as it arrives. In our case, it arrived in a plastic bag which was damaged and the seal of the bottle was broken. That said, the manufacturers are quite responsive and sent a replacement after we reported the issue.

  • Helps to build healthier soil
  • Maintains color and thickness of grass
  • Replenishes nitrogen lost due to mowing
  • Doesn’t burn grass if used as advised
  • May not be properly packaged
  1. BioAdvanced 704840B Weed and Feed Fertilizer

Our next pick for you is this superior-quality product from BioAdvanced which provides all-round care to your Zoysia grass. It is specially formulated for Southern Lawns and is available in packs of 12.5 and 25 lb. Purchasing one pack of the product is enough for 6 months of nourishment and protection for your Zoysia grass.

BioAdvanced 3-In-1 Weed and Feed for Southern Lawns,...
  • Southern lawns: specially formulated for southern lawns
  • 6-Month protection: prevents broad lead, grassy weeds, and...

Why Did We Like It?

With this product at home, you can feed your lawn with all essential nutrients and protect it from weeds at the same time. Firstly, a blend of weed killers and a certain residual herbicide kills weeds from the root and prevents them from coming back for up to 6 months. Note that this blend is effective on all kinds of weed including clover, dollarweed, nutsedge and dandelion.

Added to this, the product contains a fertilizer that feeds and strengthens your Zoysia grass adequately. The feeding is also much more long-lasting than other fertilizers, thanks to its 50% slow-release formula. Besides, its rich nitrogen content facilitates quicker green-up of the grass.

The ideal time to apply the product is when the weeds in your grass are small and actively growing. Also, you should make sure that the temperature is between 50-90°F and that the lawn has been mowed 2 times.


What Could’ve Been Better?

Although the product works perfectly on Zoysia grass, sometimes the granules may clump together when placed in the spreader. This may happen due to temperature differences, and can be dealt with by breaking the clumps using a spoon or simply by hand. If most of the granules have formed clumps, this might take quite some time.

  • Kills weeds from the root
  • Prevents regrowth for up to 6 months
  • Feeds grass for a long time
  • Strengthens the grass
  • Granules may clump together sometimes
  1. Covington Naturals Liquid Lawn Fertilizer

The Covington Lawn Fertilizer contains the perfect blend of macronutrients to enable healthy and sustained growth of your Zoysia grass. Besides, it also contains a balanced amount of all other essential nutrients and is available in a bottle of 32 oz.

Liquid Lawn Fertilizer, 3-18-18 NPK Grass Fertilizer,...
  • ✔️ POWER GROW N.P.K. is a complete blend of Nitrogen...
  • ✔️ SIMPLE TO APPLY: We have formulated this liquid...

Why Did We Like It?

We found the 3-18-18 blend of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potash in this fertilizer to be its most significant feature. This proportion of macronutrients is rarely found in fertilizers and helps in maintaining the ideal balance in the performance of the plant. As such, you get grass which has the right color and a strong root system and grows uniformly on all areas of the lawn.

Besides, this product is quite easy to apply, as it needs no prior mixing or blending. Just make sure you shake the product well before using it and spray it slowly in a side-wise motion. This will help you to cover the lawn area with the fertilizer evenly.

For getting the best results, the ideal rate of application is 5-10 oz. per 1,000 sq. ft. Note that you should apply the product after every 2 to 4 weeks and also water the lawn frequently.


What Could’ve Been Better?

If you choose to go for this product, you’ll need to be a little more patient. That’s because at times it might take as long as a month to show the results. That said, you can be assured that your Zoysia grass will be much healthier and greener than before.

  • Promotes balanced growth
  • Strengthens the root system
  • Ensures uniform growth in all areas
  • Easy to apply
  • May take longer to show results

Blue different shape chemical fertilizer granules in glass on green grass. High quality photo

Zoysia Grass Fertilizer Buyer’s Guide

Buying the right fertilizer for your Zoysia grass is of utmost importance if you want to ensure that the grass is perfectly healthy and strong. So, making a hasty decision may lead you to land up with the wrong product, which would only give you partial results. Here are some essential factors that you need to take into account before proceeding to purchase an ideal fertilizer.

  1. Grass Growth

Considering the growth rate of your Zoysia grass is important before you choose a fertilizer. A slower growth rate would make the grass much thinner than usual and signifies that your lawn desperately needs nitrogen. So, to deal with this problem, you should go for a nitrogen-rich fertilizer. Make sure you check the nitrogen content of a product while going through its details.

  1. Weather and Disease Resistance

Some gardeners might find their grass to be weak and unable to tolerate adverse weather conditions such as heat, drought, or extreme cold. Also, the grass might be affected by common nutrient deficiencies. In such cases, purchasing a potassium-rich fertilizer will be ideal, as it will increase the immunity of your Zoysia grass.

  1. Root Development

Development of a strong root system is important for the healthy growth of your Zoysia grass. Hence, it is another very essential factor to consider before choosing a fertilizer. Phosphorus encourages efficient root development and as such, should be present in the fertilizer in sufficient quantity. So, make sure you also check the phosphorus content of a product while going through its details.

Close-up image of fresh spring green grass


With this, we come to the end of this guide and we hope it will be easier for you to choose the best fertilizer now.

But before we sign off, we would like to recap our favorites from the list. The Advanced Lawn Food from Simple Lawn Solutions is an ideal option if you are looking for a high-quality yet budget-friendly product.

However, if you wouldn’t mind purchasing a reliable product that’s slightly more expensive, the Scotts Green Max Lawn Food will be a great option to go for.

Let us know whether you agree with our verdict in the comments section below.

Till we meet again!

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