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13 Best Fogless Shower Mirror

Modern Bathroom interior with stone wall, mirror and shower. Real photo.

Imagine running late for work and then having to wait for your mirror to clear up so you can shave! That doesn’t sound good, right?

Well, it is time to bid goodbye to such problems with a fogless mirror that will allow you to shave in the shower itself. It not only saves a lot of time but also prevents messy sinks. We were even able to take it along on business trips and vacations, as most of the options are lightweight and detachable.

While there are many benefits, the problem that occurs is that there are multiple choices in the market, and it can be challenging to choose one. But we are here to save you from this tedious process by providing a detailed guide of the 13 best fogless shower mirrors to consider.

So, without further ado, let’s get straight to the deets.

Top Fogless Shower Mirror

13 Best Fogless Shower Mirror 02

  1. The Shave Well Company Deluxe SW-002

Make your shower shaving experience effortless with a great looking mirror that will not fog while you take a hot bath. The Shave Well Company Deluxe SW-002 has been an incredible addition to our bathroom and has made shaving in the shower an effortless task.

The Shave Well Company Deluxe Anti-Fog Shaving Mirror |...
  • Fogless Shower Mirror: This fogless shaving mirror uses...
  • Superior Bathroom Shower Mirror: Measuring 6.75” tall x...

Why Did We Like It?

First of all, we loved the large size of this product; it is 33% bigger than other shaving mirrors, providing you with more space and better visibility. Paired with clear fogless vision, this is indeed a great addition to the bathroom.

Furthermore, to ensure that you get a complete fog-free experience, it is best to keep the mirror under the shower stream for a few seconds before shaving. This will make the surface temperature rise and prevent fogging.

While suction cups work well for smaller periods and lose their suction power in time, it uses adhesive hooks, which are much more powerful and will keep it in place throughout.

Also, we found the customer service to be extremely helpful. There was a minor issue with our mirror when we received it initially, and they immediately got it replaced without charging any extra shipping costs. The representatives are indeed very approachable and will reply promptly in case you have a query.

What Could’ve Been Better?

We felt that the packaging could be improved as it was placed inside a thin box when it arrived. Our unit did not get damaged, but the packaging may not work well for everybody. Adding another extra layer or two would have secured, but again, this did not affect its operational efficiency.

  • Handheld and removable
  • Impressive customer service
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Wasn’t packed adequately
  1. ToiletTree Products Deluxe Larger Fogless Shower Mirror

One of our top recommendations that features a large reflecting surface accompanied by a thin frame is the ToiletTree Products Deluxe Larger Fogless Shower Shaving Mirror. It can be wall-mounted and comes with a thin ledge at the bottom to keep your essentials. The shelf also has hooks to hold razors securely.

ToiletTree Products Deluxe Larger Fogless Shower Shaving...
  • The best selling fogless shaving mirror just got better!...
  • You’ll love the ultra wide water chamber and redesigned...

Why Did We Like It?

The best part about this product is that it does not shatter even when dropped from a considerable height. We accidentally dropped it multiple times while moving, but there were no scratches. This is very impressive and has been perfect for our teenager, who has just started learning to shave.

Another essential feature is that you can rotate it 360 degrees. While shaving, you can adjust it in any direction for proper vision. Accompanied by a fogless surface, it will give you every kind of convenience that you need for shaving in the shower.

Additionally, the surface is also rustproof. Now, this is essential as the product will be seeing a lot of water every day. We have been using it for a year, but there are no signs of rust at all.

Lastly, this item comes with a handy squeegee, which makes it very easy to clean its surface. All you got to do is wipe the surface with this, and you have a spotless mirror to flaunt.

What Could’ve Been Better?

We were slightly disappointed with the plastic body that this product has. Yes, plastic is very durable, but it bends under pressure. The mirror would not break, but the plastic could have been better. But again, if you hang it in one place and do not move it around much, you need not worry at all.

  • Shatterproof and safe to use
  • Capable of 360-degree rotation
  • Comes with a handy squeegee
  • Plastic frame bends under pressure
  1. HoneyBull HB-SSM-01 Shower Mirror

Are you looking for a mirror that can be taken around wherever you go? The HoneyBull HB-SSM-01 Shower Mirror is not only the perfect option for a shower but also an incredible travel companion. With a flat and compact surface, this can be easily taken around and packed in small toiletry bags.

HoneyBull Shower Mirror Fogless for Shaving - with Suction,...
  • Shave In The Shower: Save time by shaving in the shower with...
  • Does Not Fog: The anti-fog coating will keep the mirror fog...

Why Did We Like It?

The best part about this product is that you do not need to place it under the shower for a few seconds to warm up and prevent fogging. It stays fogless without any additional effort, which was truly impressive.

All you need to do is attach it to your tiled walls with the help of the suction cup provided. The cup is pretty strong and will make sure that the mirror never falls off. It was very easy to install, and the steps for installation are clearly mentioned on the pack.

Also, you can easily remove and carry it with you. The suction cup does not have any form of adhesive, and so, it will stick well no matter how many times you detach it.

Adding on, we also loved the swivel, which allowed us to adjust the height as needed. You can move it up and down according to your height and convenience.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Since this product uses a suction device, it may not stick well on textured or grainy surfaces. A smooth surface is a must for it to stick on securely. In case you do not have such a surface, keep the mirror on a shelf, and use it for safety. But this should not be a problem as most bathrooms will come with tiled walls.

  • Stays fogless in steaming hot showers
  • Easy to install
  • Can be used as a travel mirror
  • Does not work with textured surfaces
  1. Mirrorvana Fogless MVSF63A1X

Have a hassle-free shaving experience with the incredible Mirrorvana Fogless MVSF63A1X . This is specially designed to provide you with proper viewing and has a slightly curved design to enable that. Paired with a portable body, this product will indeed be a great addition to your toiletry kit.

Fogless Shower Mirror for Shaving with Upgraded Suction,...

Why Did We Like It?

First of all, the outer body is made of plastic, and it is equipped with a shatter-free design. You can easily use it around kids as even if they drop it, the mirror will not break. This made it a very safe addition to the bathroom.

If you are wondering how to attach it to the wall, the unit comes with a new and improved suction cup that works wonderfully well. The cup has a brilliant holding capacity and will grip on to the wall for days without needing to be reattached.

Also, since there is no use of adhesive, which would have otherwise prevented you from moving the mirror around, we found this to be a more user-friendly option. Our only recommendation here is to find a smooth and flat surface to attach this cup.

Besides, the item also has a fog-resistant coating. This prevents foggy surfaces, and you will not have to hold it under the water stream to enable this.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Although it does not fog in the beginning, the coating wears away with time. This was the one issue we found and once it wears off completely, we had to cover the surface with Mirrorvana anti-fog spray. This had to be bought separately and hence, cost us a few more bucks.

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Equipped with a fog-resistant coating
  • Weighs only 9.9 ounces
  • Dimensions of 7.13 x 6.69 x 3.62 inches
  • Needs an additional anti-fog spray
  1. ToiletTree Products Deluxe LED Fogless Shower Mirror

Are you looking for that perfect gift that will give your spouse the liberty to shave in the shower and not have to clean up afterward? The ToiletTree Products Deluxe LED Fogless Shower Mirror is an excellent choice and comes loaded with benefits. Read on to find out more about them.

ToiletTree Products Deluxe LED Fogless Shower Mirror with...
  • FOGLESS MIRROR- This shower mirror is guaranteed to be...
  • 20% LARGER- This fogless shower mirror is 20% larger than...

Why Did We Like It?

Shaving requires you to look in the mirror continually, and what can be better than LED lights attached around the surface? These lights can be switched on while shaving and they will ensure that there is adequate light for you, and your face is absolutely visible. We stopped accidentally cutting ourselves while shaving because of the clear vision.

This mirror can be attached to the wall with the help of an adhesive suction mechanism. This can be removed and attached again and provides much more support than normal suction cups.

Adding to this, the item does not need to be sprayed with an additional anti-fog solution. There is a slot behind the reflecting surface, which can be filled with warm water every time you shower. On filling this up, the temperature of its surface will match that of the surrounding, and fogging will be eliminated.

Lastly, it has got a 20% bigger viewing area in comparison to normal shaving mirrors. This will ensure a better vision.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Although the unit is very sturdy, we believe that the frame could have been stronger. It is made of plastic, and we had noticed there was a crack on one side. Although this hasn’t caused us any problems yet, it may lead to them in the future. We wish the company would look into this.

  • Fog-free sprays not required
  • Easy to mount
  • Lightweight and designed not to fall
  • Safe from rust and discoloration
  • Crack in the frame
  1. YEAKE Adjustable Flexible Gooseneck QS-6C

Up next is an incredibly versatile product that will work as a desk vanity mirror as well as a shaving mirror. The YEAKE Adjustable Flexible Gooseneck QS-6C is a brilliant option that is available in 3 different sizes. Paired with a square-shaped design and clear visibility, this is bound to impress you.

YEAKE Adjustable Flexible Gooseneck Makeup...
  • 360 DEGREE FREE ROTATION - Portable countertop travel...
  • PRECISION CLARITY MIRROR - High-end quality optical glass,...

Why Did We Like It?

To begin with, we found this to have an extremely flexible and bendable 6.5-inches swivel gooseneck. This will help you to bend the mirror in any direction to get a better view of your face.

Moving on, the versatility offered is truly outstanding. While it works excellently well as a shaving mirror, we have even been using it for applying makeup.

You can also place it anywhere from the wall to the countertop. It can stand on tables and desks easily, and it can even be hung from a smooth surface.

Since it is lightweight, we could move it easily and take it on all our business trips and vacations. Although it is compact, you will be able to view your face clearly from any angle.

Overall, we were very satisfied with the unit and the customer service too. The response time is very less, and they will attend to all your queries.

What Could’ve Been Better?

If you ask us, we felt that the mounting adhesive should be stronger. If you are not going to touch or move it, then you should not be facing any trouble. But if you do plan to move it multiple times, the adhesive may not work well. In such a case, you can try using double-sided tape for more stability.

  • Precision clarity mirror
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Mount and disassemble easily
  • The adhesive is not very strong
  1. Mirrorvana Fogless Shower Mirror

Now that we are halfway through the list, it is time to introduce the Mirrorvana Fogless Shower Mirror, which features an effective ball-joint swivel design. This will allow you to move it in all directions and you can achieve that perfect angle every time. Read on to know more about the bells and whistles offered by this company.

MIRRORVANA Fogless Shower Mirror for Shaving with Razor...
  • ⭐️ A FOGLESS SHAVE in the shower means a HASSLE-FREE...

Why Did We Like It?

Are you always worried about breaking the looking glass while showering as there is always a chance that you accidentally hit it while taking a bath? This option will let you shower in peace as it is completely made of plastic. The body never breaks, no matter how many times it falls.

Additionally, it is very easy to install, and you can do it in 3 seconds. There are no messy holes that need to be drilled, and you also get a razor holder with it. Keep the razor along with the mirror, and this will save time in searching for it all around.

Also, we loved the 1000 days returnable warranty that the company offered. They promise to take back the product in case the suction cup does not work with your bathroom wall surface or you have a change of mind after buying it.

What Could’ve Been Better?

In order to make the mirror fogless, the space behind it has to be filled with hot water. We noticed that in order to empty the old water, you would have to tip it by turning it over, but this would lead to the razor also falling off. This was slightly inconvenient, and we wished that they would prove for some kind of lock for the razor.

  • Shatterproof design
  • Made of durable and high-quality plastic
  • Handy razor hook
  • Simple installation process
  • Razor falls off if you want to empty the watercons
  1. Asani Fogless 8541786496

Worried about missing a spot or two while shaving? The Asani Fogless 8541786496 will help you shave easily in the shower with its superior clarity and vision. While some of its peers need an anti-fogging spray to function, this one just needs the reservoir behind the mirror to be filled with hot water. That will provide a fogless experience every time!

Fogless Shower Mirror with Built-in Razor Holder | 360°...
  • GUARANTEED NEVER TO FOG: While other bathroom shower mirrors...
  • SECURE SUCTION SYSTEM: No dealing with messy adhesives or...

Why Did We Like It?

This product offers a 6.7-inches of clear surface area for you to look into. We could shave with absolute precision, thanks to the clarity and the distortion-free reflection.

Adding to the convenience, this has an adjustable arm that will enable you to rotate the mirror in any direction. The 360-degree rotation feature makes it a great choice for individuals with different heights. You do not have to adjust the stand, just rotate to increase or decrease the height.

Besides, the suction cup is very strong and secure. You will not have to deal with adhesive and messy glue. The suction cup will easily stick on to tiles and smooth surfaces, and you have to rotate it clockwise to lock it in position. In case you want to remove it, rotate it the other way, and it will come off.

Finally, we were delighted with the affordable price of this unit. It did not leave a hole in our pockets while it gave us all the benefits that we wanted.

What Could’ve Been Better?

One area which needs improvement is the water draining system from the back. There is no drain plug at the bottom, and you will have to turn it over to empty the water just like the previous product. So, every time we had to empty the mirror, the razor had to be taken out beforehand.

  • 6.7″ anti-fog surface
  • Sleek, attractive finish
  • Built-in razor/toothbrush holder
  • Advanced locking suction cup
  • Does not have a drain plug
  1. XoYo- Large 8541786507

If you are looking for a large mirror, the XoYo- Large 8541786507 will meet your needs efficiently. It is scratch-resistant and will give you ample space to view your complete face. We have been using it for a few months now, and there are no marks on the surface.

XoYo-Large Fogless Shower Mirror(11inX7.48in), Includes...
  • ✿【Unique design】 :Fogless Mirror Fog Shower. Hold the...
  • ✿【Easy to place and Resistant Scratch,】:Stainless...

Why Did We Like It?

This is a large mirror providing for enough surface area for you to shave or apply makeup. With dimensions of 11″ x 7.48″, you will be able to view your face from all angles easily.

Another notable feature is that it is resistant to rust and corrosion. The unit can be exposed to water multiple times a day, without corroding at the edges.

While most of its peers have a reservoir that needs to be filled with warm water so as to be fogless, this one works in a simpler way. All you need to do is place it under hot water for a few seconds before mounting it on the hook.

We loved the packaging when it arrived. There were two layers of protection on the reflecting surface, which had to be peeled off. Also, it was clearly mentioned to use a soft cloth for cleaning. All you have to do is wipe the surface with it, and that should remove all the stains efficiently.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Although the hook was easy to install and it does fix the product in one place, you cannot detach and reattach it in another place. The hook will lose its adhesive once it is taken off the wall. So, this makes it a great choice if you want to attach it in one place but will not work well as a travel companion.

  • Resistant to scratches
  • Easy to install
  • Can be cleaned with a soft cloth
  • The hook cannot be taken off and attached again
  1. LUXEAR Fog Free Shower Mirror

If you are looking for a technologically advanced option, the LUXEAR Fog Free Shower Mirror will work very well. It is highly effective in remaining fogless and is known to be very durable. The glass is specially developed to ensure that they survive for long and do not break even if dropped.

LUXEAR Fog Free Shower Mirror, Anti Fog Adhesive Round...
  • 👌NOTE PLEASE: Our fogless shower mirror comes with a...

Why Did We Like It?

While most of the products here are made of plastic, this one stands out as it is made out of aluminum and stainless steel. The suction cup is made of stainless steel and is extremely strong. It will never fall off or lead to the mirror breaking. The aluminum frame also works wonderfully well in providing sturdiness to it.

Another notable feature is that the unit does not need to be filled with water or kept under a shower. It is fog-less by itself, and all you got to do is take it out of the pack and hang it on your wall. We are always in a hurry during our morning shower, and this proved to be very beneficial.

Finally, we liked the customer service, and the representatives were very helpful. Our call was attended to immediately, and our queries were answered.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The only issue we faced was the development of water spots on its surface. They were easy to remove, but you will have to keep doing it often to maintain a clean surface. This could be slightly time-consuming, and we would recommend you to keep a small cloth in the bathroom itself for this purpose.

  • Suction cup made of stainless steel
  • Commendable customer service
  • Does not need to be pre-heated
  • Comes with a razor holder
  • Water spots keep forming
  1. Mirrorvana 2022 Fogless Shower Mirror

Are you looking for a great gift for your man? The Mirrorvana 2022 Fogless Shower Mirror will be a brilliant choice and will be well appreciated. Shaving is difficult if you cannot see your face properly, and this will provide you with great vision. With no messy hole drilling, it takes only 3 seconds to install, and you can begin using it immediately!

MIRRORVANA Fogless Shower Mirror for Shaving with Razor...
  • ⭐️ 100% FOGLESS BY HOT WATER HEAT TRANSFER - Science has...
  • ⭐️ A FOGLESS SHAVE in the shower means a HASSLE-FREE...

Why Did We Like It?

Featuring a ball joint swivel design, this product is completely adjustable, and you can move it in any direction. We know how easy it is to miss a spot while shaving, but with this, you can adjust the reflecting surface in any angle to view your face completely.

Furthermore, this is made of 100% plastic, and hence, there is no chance of it breaking even if you drop it in the shower.

Additionally, the suction cup that is used is extremely sturdy and will hold the item in place at all times. We would only recommend that before you stick the cup on the wall, make sure that every bit of dirt and scum has been cleaned off. This will improve the grip and will make it very stable.

Plus, cleaning this product is extremely easy, as it does not catch water spots easily. Wipe it with a soft cloth and you are done.

What Could’ve Been Better?

We were a little disappointed with a design flaw that caught our attention. There are two notches to hold your razor, and there is a discrepancy in their sizes. While one is narrow, another is wider, and the razor falls off from it. Most razors are of the same width, and hence, we had not expected the sizes to be different.

  • Shatterproof
  • Ball-joint swivel design
  • Light and easily portable
  • 1000 day return/refund policy
  • Great gift for men
  • Razor tray notch is too big
  1. Minlin Decorative mirror

Now that we are nearing the end of this list let’s introduce the Minlin Decorative mirror for its superior quality and user-friendliness. Weighing just 340 gms, this is extremely light and portable and will fit into your travel toiletry kit easily. Read on to know more about its features.

Why Did We Like It?

We loved the convenience that is offered by this product with its superior locking mechanism. The suction cup has to be attached to the wall and turned to lock it in place. Once locked, even if you accidentally pull it, the mirror will not come off. You have to turn and unlock first before you can remove it from its place.

This is accompanied by a 360-degrees rotating arm, which will help you move the unit in whichever direction you want to. Hold the razor in one hand while you control the positioning with your other hand. This will give you the benefits of a handheld version without the fear of dropping it.

Another important feature is that the glass is clearer and comparatively brighter than most of its peers. It has a very sleek body and is round in shape, making it an attractive addition to your bathroom if you want to keep it mounted on the wall.

What Could’ve Been Better?

We found that this is not very resistant to scratches. The unit has fallen multiple times and has developed a few scratches here and there. Since the body is made of glass, this was bound to happen, and we would recommend you to be extra careful with it.

  • Locking suction mechanism for better grip
  • Made of polystyrene and glass
  • Can be used for shaving and makeup
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Not resistant to scratches
  1. LIFEI Shower Mirror

If you want a vanity looking glass which can be used for various purposes, the LIFEI Shower Mirror will suit you perfectly well. It is fogless and will be the best fit for tweezing, makeup, facial masques, and shaving. The sink can remain clean while you shave in the shower itself, eliminating all kinds of mess.

LIFEI Shower Mirror Fogless, Shaving Mirror, with Razor...
  • 【Gift For Him】- Husband gifts from wife, shower mirror...
  • 【Anti Fog Mirror for Bathroom】 - No longer worry about...

Why Did We Like It?

This is a 2-in-1 item that will provide you with the benefits of being fogless as well as provide the perfect place to hang your razor. We loved the ease of use that was offered and paired with a stylish round design; we could not have asked for more.

What’s more! You do not need to keep the unit under the shower or fill it with warm water to keep it fogless. It will stay fogless by itself without any added effort. This was indeed great as we are usually in a hurry every morning, and we are thankful for any amount of saved time.

Coming to the suction cups, there are 3 of them and not just one like its peers. These hold the item properly and will keep it in place till you decide to take it off. The power of three suction units makes sure that there is no chance of this falling and shattering.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Although the product will not fog up initially, we noticed that if we are in the shower for longer than 20 minutes, the surface steams up a little. Yes, it does not fog up completely, but you will not get a clear vision. So, make sure that you shave before that, and you should be facing any further problems.

  • Made of textured aluminum alloy
  • Comes with 3 powerful suction cups
  • Has a razor holder
  • Fogs up if kept in the shower for too long


Fogless Mirror Buyer’s Guide

A fogless looking glass is an important addition to your shaving experience, especially when you are trying to save time. But before you make a purchase, it is important to compare the features and take note of the ones that are required by you.

Now that you have gone through the 13 best products, you will have noticed that every one of them has some unique features. To help you make a choice, we have detailed down the critical points that need to be kept in mind. We hope this is helpful in making a decision.

  1. Mounting Style

There are three types of mounting process for shower mirrors. The most common type would be wall-mounted options which can be mounted on a wall with the help of adhesive hooks or via suction. This will save space and make sure that it remains accessible to you at all times. In the case of a suction cup, you can adjust the height according to who uses it multiple times a day.

Next is the hanging kind, which is usually compatible with rain showerheads. The 3rd type is the free standard ones where every mirror comes with a stand. The stand is attached to a wall, and a looking glass rests on it.

  1. 360-degree Angle Adjustment

This is an important additional feature that will prove to be extremely beneficial. It is easy to miss out spots while shaving, and we know how difficult it can get to look at every part of the face on a flat reflecting surface.

But with a 360-degrees swivel, you can move it around easily in all directions and angles. This is also great for adjusting the height as you can turn it upwards and downwards.

  1. Material Used

It is important to see what material is used because that determines the quality of the product. It is best to choose a shatterproof one, which will ensure that the unit never breaks into a hundred pieces.

The most common ones are made of plastic, which is unbreakable and lasts long. Also, these do not catch rust, and that is an added benefit.

On the other hand, mirrors made of stainless steel and glass are more study and will last longer. These come with enough protection on the sides and will not break on falling. But they can be heavier and more expensive.

  1. Razor Holder Tray

Some of these mirrors come with a holder tray with notches to hang the razors from. These will allow you to keep the razor or toothbrush right where you need it and will save time in searching for it in the bathroom cabinet. These trays also allow the water to drip off completely and will eliminate any chances of the blades rusting.

warm water bathroom with wooden floor 3d rendering


With a fogless mirror, step into the shower and shave while you are in it with ease. There will be no mess created, and the hot water will also work well in opening up the pores.

With this, we come to the end of our detailed guide of the best fogless shower mirrors. Now that you’ve gone through the different types and seen multiple options, we are sure that you have enough insight to make an informed purchase.

However, before you pick one, let’s go for a quick recap of our favorites. The Shave Well Company Deluxe SW-002 is our favorite overall because of its large size and incredible features, which is surely a win-win.

If you are looking for a product with a sleek frame, go for the ToiletTree Products Deluxe Larger Fogless Shower Shaving Mirror. And if you want a small product to take with you on business trips, the HoneyBull HB-SSM-01 Shower Mirror is the perfect option.

With this, we will take our leave. Happy shopping!

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