11 Best Garden Benches of 2022 [Reviewed]

Best Garden Benches

Setting aside a spot in your garden for resting is always a wise thing to do, it sets a perfect atmosphere for chilling with friends and family on pleasant days.

For an important spot like this, you’ll need a comfy garden bench to go with it.

While there are multiple options for you to choose from, we have listed 11 of the best benches that get the attention of garden lovers all around.

Before we explore our choices, it’s important to first make sure the space reserved for sitting down is suitable for the kind of bench you’ll be setting up. This will help ensure the durability and longevity of the bench. It will also determine the number of times it needs maintenance to keep it in perfect condition.

Best Garden Benches

outdoor bench the best

Our aim is to make sure you get the most suitable garden resting bench which will enhance, as well as complement the beauty of your garden.

So with that in mind, let’s get started!

1. Pineapple Metal Bench by Plow & Hearth

Let’s kick off this list with one of the best options we came across on our hunt for garden benches.

From the renowned company Plow & Hearth, the Pineapple Metal Garden Bench is constructed pure steel which is then coated in a green shade of verdigris to provide a classy color-fading appeal.

Plow & Hearth Pineapple Metal Garden Bench, Timeless...
  • SIMPLE, ELEGANT STYLE - Simple design with slatted seat and...
  • INDOOR/OUTDOOR - Versatile bench also looks great indoors;...


Because of the verdigris coating, the bench is weather-resistant. This means that we do not have to maintain it often as the coating prevents it from rusting or facing abrasion.

We love the pineapple design on the back which is done in fine detail. The carvings bring a welcoming feel to the whole concept of the bench. And since it has this design, we feel this is one of the most perfect benches to put up in a green garden.

Besides the looks, the seat is also pretty comfortable to rest on. Any moisture or stains can be wiped off easily with a piece of cloth without having to trouble us too much.

The bench also comes with two resting arms on each side to provide support and comfort.


What is more interesting about owning this bench is that buyers get satisfying customer support from the company. Some of the buyers who reviewed the bench stated that they got suggestions for fitting the right cushions on it too.

We like the tie-style cushions available within Plow & Hearth of model number 35652. They come in both different colors and patterns. If you’re looking for cushions with the right fitting, we recommend giving their selection a look.

Also, keep in mind that it is recommended by customer care to use polyurethane to coat the bench if you want to improve its weather or moisture resistance.

We can say that the best feature which comes with the bench is that the company allows any exchange or returns within a period of 90 days of buying. This ensures we get back our money in case the bench we purchased arrives damaged.


  • Weighs – 37.4 pounds
  • Dimensions – 33.5” x 50” x 21”
  • Colors – Verdigris and Gold
  •  Design – Colonial
  • Supports – 400 pounds of weight
  • Bench is not pricey which means it will fit most budgets
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around when moving
  • Strongly built to support a lot of weight 
  • It can get too hot to sit if exposed to sunlight for long hours

2. Member’s Mark 4′ Teak Glider Bench

Next on the list, we have the Member’s Mark which is manufactured by Member’s Mark.  Its total weight capacity is about 450 pounds.

The bench is entirely made of teak which resist water as well as insects. It has a traditional appeal to it. For making these benches, manufacturers made sure to use only sustainable grown teak in order to ensure their quality and durability.

Member's Mark 4' Teak Glider Bench
  • Solid grade-A teak construction | Constructed of beautiful,...
  • Smooth, relaxing glide movement | Teak is naturally rot and...


The traditional design is one big bonus for any owner because it complements all types of garden decors. Unlike with other benches, there is no need to worry about matching it with the overall surroundings of your garden.

Don’t let the size of this small bench fool you as it can actually hold up to about 450 pounds of weight.


We can say the only drawback of this bench is that its price can be too much for someone with a restricted budget. But that is because it is made solely out of teak, a type of wood that repels insects and water for a long period of time.

It also requires very less maintenance and polishing. We can use soap and water to wash it and at times, apply teak oil for reviving the original look.

We love how comfortable the seat is because of its glider design. Even adults can enjoy sitting for long hours to feel relaxed.


  • Style – Traditional
  • Material – Teak
  • Weighs – 40 pounds
  • Weight capacity – 450 pounds
  • Sustainable grown teak used to construct this bench ensures life-long durability, quality, and resistance to water and insects
  • It does not require often maintenance
  • You can easily assemble its parts
  • The pricing may be too high if you’re on a tight budget

3. Guyapi Outdoor Wood Bench by Trent Austin Design

The chic retro design applied to this model supports its comfortably distributed model that accommodate a trio.

Wayfair makes the Guyapi Garden and outdoor wooden bench available to us.

3. Guyapi Outdoor Wood Bench by Trent Austin Design


The brown colour of the planks of the seat brings a sense of warmth and are made of natural acacia whilst the arm and back rests provide a sense of comfort, they are formed by neat lines of black tubular iron. The mod generation of 60’s has been depicted by the triangular shaped iron legs that are tapered to each other.

Due to the durability of this acacia provided at reasonable prices, it’s the preferred choice for Trent Austin , who are known for shaping hip wood and metal structures for urban enlightened oases.

Though made in China, the product is available completely assembled for an additional charge or else the product arrives dismantled and its a task to assemble it by ourselves though it isn’t as cumbersome, require that little effort.


  • Style – Retro
  • Weighs – 31 pounds
  • Weight capacity – 352 pounds
  • Material – Acacia Wood with Tubular Iron
  • Comes at an affordable price and has a unique retro style
  • Resistant to insects, weather, and is highly durable
  • Tiny-shaped feet can sink deep if the ground is soft

4. Wexform Natural Shorea by Oxford Garden

A neat and crisp craftsmanship makes this bench design perfect for native or contemporary arrangements.

This bench is made of a dense and oil-rich Southeast Asian wood called Shorea that could be considered a more reasonable supplement to teak. Its dimensions read 43” W X 24” D X 35” H and is 51 pounds heavy, it resists infestation by insects and rotting of the wood.

No products found.


Oxford Garden is an environment friendly company which is located in Louisville in the State of Kentucky, USA that produces its products keeping the natural surroundings within consideration. The encouraging usage of quality materials, appealing designs and superior craftsmanship are the hallmarks of the company.

This is an untreated model and ages with slight colours of gray. Though it is recommended by the manufacturer that one may preserve the original colour by applying a product similar to Cabot Australian Timber Oil on a yearly basis. A lifetime of 15 years in the outdoors could be expected from this product.

The company Oxford Gardens is confident in their product and list their products with 1, 3 or 5 Year warranty cards. With reference to structural defects, a coverage of three years applies to this product, a three year coverage against rotting of the wood or infestation and a year’s protection against replacing the parts.

Oxford Garden is approachable by mail, as a matter of fact a personal query was solved by an employee of the company who provided me with knowledge on Shorea wood and its capacity to weigh. The Wexford Shorea patio bench is available Ultimate Patio.com

What to keep in mind about Shorea Wood – Though Shorea isn’t harvested from rainforests rather from cultivations, cultivation of it might cause displacement of those people who are indigenous and might have negative environmental impacts.


  • Quality – Shorea Wood
  • Dimensions – 43” W X 24” D X 35” H
  • Weight – 51 Pounds
  • Lifetime – 15 Years
  • Capacity – 500 pounds
  • Ages either by Natural process or can be maintained by oiling annually
  • Style – Craftsman
  • Assembly – DIY
  • Its resistant to rotting as well as insect infestation, durability is a characteristic
  • Teak could be used as a Supplement to Shorea
  • A trestle setting is in place to maintain stability
  • As the wood ages colour may vary especially near hardware though it is avoidable if oiled yearly
  • Concern about the Natural surroundings

5. Indoor/Outdoor Reclaimed Wood by Richland

A grandly painted backless seat of Shorea wood which is reclaimed  lies upon bold and strong steel legged frame which are coated with black powder for a versatile piece that could be either used as a coffee table for the indoors or a bench for the outdoors.


Commercial meets rustic in this functional and show-piece style design.

It measures 48”L x 16”W x 18”H, it is 80 pounds heavy and can have a capacity upto almost 250 pounds. Assembling of the Bench/Coffee table is a requirement.

Shorea has been used in Southeast Asia for railroad crossties and unlike USA ties, it isn’t treated with creosote, hence there is no need to be hesitant in using railroad ties for furniture and Shorea is making its reclamation in a diligent and efficient way to justify its durability and eye pleasing look.

An Indian made product, UV protectant like SunGuard, is recommended by Plow & Health to extend the lifespan of the product in the outdoors. Plow & Hearth makes this bench available to you.


  • Quality – Steel which is powder-coated and shorea wood reclaimed from railroad ties
  • Dimensions – 48”L x 16”W x 18”H
  • Weight – 80pounds
  • Style – Commercial Style/Backless and looks rustic
  • Capacity – 80 pounds
  • Assembly – DIY
  • Every product has a distinctive wood grain, color differentiations, and textures
  • Small natural footprint including reclaimed wood
  • Could be either used as an indoor coffee table or an outdoor bench
  • Wood which isn’t uniformed might have places that are uneven
  • Outdoor products demand maintenance

6. Traditional Curved by Campania International

The traditional bench by Campania International, which is curved in design is our recommended choice

Manufactured in Pennsburg in the State of Pennsylvania, USA, this design is made up of three cast stone pieces, weighs 229 pounds, and 40” W x 15” D x 16” H in dimensions.

Campania International BE-03-CB Traditional Curved Bench,...
  • Patina or finish hand applied by trained artisans
  • Designed to weather naturally and last a lifetime


A pair of ornate legs give support to a seat that is gently bowed and for a timeless and signature appearance it is artistically chiselled. For an original experience it is made available in about 11 earth-shade patinas that is natural and applied by hand.

A view from the top of a hill, overseeing numerous farm fields and beds of flowers, this is the design of a bench that could be used to seat one’s great-grandparents where they could enjoy the natural beauty in front of their eyes.


When I came across it during my childhood, it had already aged about half a century old and nevertheless today I expect it to be still standing firm out there.

With the lifespan of a lifetime, this design of a bench is better placed on a firm and flat ground where it can stand firm and age naturally as well as become an essential part of your outdoors for decades to come by.

Being made out of cast stone, one can estimate that the seating capacity surpasses that of the other products, though a query on the same is left unanswered by the manufacturer as I still await a response.

Amazon makes this Curved Outdoor Bench available to you.


  • Quality – Cast Stone
  • Style – Classic
  • Dimensions – 40” W x 15” D x 16” H
  • Weight – 229 pounds
  • 12 finishes
  • Usage for a lifespan
  • High capacity to hold weight
  • It is cumbersome to move and relocate it as it is considerably heavy

7. X60 Wooden Backless by Glodea

This modern style highlights a backless and slatted seat with triangle shaped legs. Ignacio Santos of Brazil and Fabian Ramos of Columbia, two gifted designers have combined together to produce a model this fancy.



The structure is manufactured in the USA and is made of Alabamian southern longleaf yellow pine, this design showcases its nature-resistant finish of satin that comes in a wide variety of 22 colours. Its dimensions are 55” L x 16” W x 16.5” H, has a capacity of about 600 pounds and is 33 pounds in weight.

GloDea boasts about its environment friendly functions that includes its packaging being designed from recycled mass.


Naturally pine isn’t weather or insect resistant though it has a sound framework and most often used in building.

In order to maintain integrity, oils like linseed or Danish can be applied, although it is mostly pressure treated. Storing the product indoors during a dry season could be beneficiary as well.

Products made of pine maintain their natural fragrance to which a few people are allergic.


  • Quality – Stainless-steel hardware and Southern longleaf yellow pine wood
  • Dimensions – 55” L x 16” W x 16.5” H
  • Weight – 33 pounds
  • Style – Backless modern
  • Capacity – 600 pounds
  • Variety – 22 different colors
  • Assembly – DIY
  • Reasonable and affordable
  • Bench comes with a firm structure for stability
  • Comes in a unique design
  • Storage during dry-season
  • Allergic symptoms might be caused due to the smell of the pine

8. Antique Rose Style by Bezelle

The settee of antique-style has a frame made of cast iron and its dimensions read 39” W x 20” D x 31.5” H. The product is just about 30 pounds heavy and has a seat of cast aluminum.

It’s beautifully designed as the seatback of the bench and its legs have beautiful roses, twigs and leaves whilst a design of three wheels makes up the design of the seat. It is manufactured in China.

BELLEZE Outdoor Bench, Patio Outdoor Garden Bench Cast Iron...
  • 【STURDY STRACTURE】 The outside bench is made of cast...
  • 【WATERPROOF & WEATHER-RESISTANT】 The wrought iron bench...


The bench comes in three variants of green, bronze or white and its separated legs bring about a firm base for this comfortable seat for a pair of love birds.

The antique style settee has a framework made up of cast iron, hence, the bench isn’t heavy and weighs a minor 30 pounds and easily movable, its seating is made up of cast aluminium.


The design pattern at the backrest is a beautiful sight as it has a construction of roses that are interwoven and leaves whilst the seatbacks are curved, along with the legs they are adorned by constructed branches. Three open heart wheels complete the design to form a seat.

The diverged legs provide stability to seat two peas in a pod. We have the choice between three attractive colours of green, white and bronze. Overall a design worth the expense to be incurred.

Design of this nature takes us back to the Victorian time period, lemonade socials and parasols, It is perfect for a garden setting.


  • Quality – Aluminium and Cast Iron
  • Dimensions – 39” W x 20” D x 31.5” H
  • Weight – 30 pounds
  • Varieties – Green, Bronze, and White
  • Style – Vintage
  • Capacity – 330 Pounds
  • Assembly – DIY
  • It is convenient for relocating
  • The bench has parted legs for bringing about stability
  • Might get really hot if exposed to direct sunlight for a long time period

9. Leora Acacia Wood by Beachcrest Home

We have here a slatted back and a solid one piece plank that makes this design a comfortable treat for a couple.

As it is made of acacia wood, it is both firm and reasonable. The company, Beachcrest Home has constructed it with a timeless and vintage look to go with any kind of set up or decor.

Teak Leora Wooden Garden Bench


Acacia overtime reduces to a dark gray kind of colour unless it is oiled on an annual basis and could be easily preserved by applying light soap and water.

The plank piece which has been made the seat is slat back and is cozy to spend time with our spouse. It does prove to be the best seat in the house to resolve an argument.

The resilient acacia wood proves to be sturdy and for a middle class earner it proves to be affordable enough. The antique and timeless look gives us the freedom to place it at any preferred place as it blends into its surroundings, this design by Beachcrest Home can actually be complemented.

Over time the bench has weathered to a colour of dark gray but it could have been prevented if it were oiled annually, though mild soap and water could be used as well.

The product is manufactured in China and a 90-day warranty duration is issued on this product by Beachcrest Home. So, if unsatisfied we could get a refund with the help of this warranty card that comes along with the bench.

Joss & Main makes the Leora Acacia Wood Outdoor bench available among its seven designer colours.


  • Quality – Acacia with details of Teak
  • Dimensions – 35.25” H x 48.5” W x 25” D
  • Weight – 26.5 pounds
  • Style – Classic slatted and plank kind
  • Variants – 7 colours
  • Assembly – DIY
  • The bench is affordable so it’s perfect if you’re on a tight budget
  • It has good durability as well as resistant to insects and rotting
  • Limited 90-day warranty period offered by the company
  • Reduces to a gray color over time if not maintained by oiling
  • Misses the trestle support for enhanced stability

10. Cedar Countryside by Creekvine Designs

This is a durable product and is made with the intention to last for a long period of time, it is manufactured by Creekvine Designs in Pennsylvania, USA and is made of Western red cedar which is rot as well as insect resistant.

Creekvine Designs 6' Cedar Countryside Porch Swing
  • Overall: 26"D x 24"H. Seat and Back: 18"D x 20"H. Weight:...
  • Not Included: Hanging Hooks. Optional Stain/Sealer in Cedar...


It becomes an important part of your outdoor setup and ages to a soft gray colour, it resembles picnic tables and Adirondack chairs.

Its dimensions read 60” W x 23” D x 33” H and weighs about 35 pounds, its usage brings about a sense of satisfaction and it isn’t cumbersome to assemble as well.


For the finishing, the product is smoothened out and the edges being evened out for comfort and safe usage.

The Western Red Cedar is maintained to retain its colour rather than being left to age and gain a greyish colour. According to the manufacturer, red cedar should be treated with a liquid based stain rather than being polyurethaned.

Amazon makes this outdoor bench called 5’ Cedar Countryside Garden Bench by Creekvine Designs available to us.


  • Quality – Western Red Cedar and zinc-plated steel
  • Dimensions – 60” W x 23” D x 33” H
  • Weight – 35 pounds
  • Style – Adirondack inspired
  • Capacity – 690 pounds
  • Assembly DIY
  • Highly durable as well as resistant to insect infestation and rotting
  • Its weight capacity or capacity to hold is commendable
  • If not oiled and stained yearly, color changes may come about especially in those areas near the hardware of the bench
  • Some people may be allergic towards red cedar wood

11. Classic Vineyard by Little Cottage Company

Recycled resin products like this classic backless bench is produced by a company called Little Cottage and its Wildridge division.

This product is made to stand against extremes of temperature changes and is manufactured from highly dense polyethylene (HDPE), it is UV- protected as well.

No products found.


A trestle support branches the two legs for improved firmness and the contoured shaped seats contributes to comfortable seating and a fancy appearance.

The measurements of this traditional piece reads 47” Lx 18” W x 18”H and it weighs about 35, its capacity can go up to almost 500 pounds.

Resin, unlike wood isn’t a common victim of decay or infestation by insects. In order to main its appearance, one could from time to time give it a wipe down using mild soap and water, though it can be taken that the product is free from any cumbersome maintenance.

This seat comes in a variant of 16 colors, and this is one of the largest shade collections we found while on the hunt for garden benches. And to assemble it, an additional fee has to be incurred.

The Little Cottage Classic Vineyard Bench is available on Amazon.


  • Quality – HDPE resin with stainless steel fasteners and 95% recycled materials
  • Protection – Protected from harmful UV rays
  • Style – Backless traditional with contour
  • Dimensions – 47” Lx 18” W x 18”H
  • Capacity – 500 pounds
  • Variants – 16 colors
  • Assembly – DIY
  • It boasts of comfortable design and is nature-friendly
  • The weight capacity is encouraging
  • Factors such as cracking and melting are protected against, thanks to the high-density composition of the product
  • Maintenance is low and it trestle for firmness
  • Some people around are resistant to plastic


During our search for the best benches to suit any kind of garden environment, we made sure to take all necessary features into account. And our listed options have most of the characteristics that fit the right criteria which will make them some of the top picks among garden benches.

We highly recommend taking a look at any option which catches your eye on the sites available for purchase.

And with that, we’ll wrap up today’s guide and hope to see you again soon!

Good Luck!

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