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11 Best Gas Cooktop With Griddle [Reviewed & Buyer’s Guide]

Best Gas Cooktop With Griddle

If you are a homeowner or a housewife, you will know the importance of a cooktop. It can make cooking easier than ever before! 

What’s more, when cleaning up becomes easy post-cooking, you will be inspired to create and experiment with more types of cuisines. And a good griddle will help move pots and pans easily, keeping your glass or steel surface safe. So, it is time to bring out the talented chef in you with an amazing cooktop that fits your needs. 

To help you out in the selection process, we have curated and reviewed the top 11 gas cooktops with griddle. We have even added a buyer’s guide in the end to help you make the right choice. 

Dive in to find out more! 

Top Gas Cooktop With Griddle Reviewed

Best Gas Cooktop with Griddle Reviewed 02

  1. Empava Professional 5 Italy Sabaf Burners Stove

If you are looking for a burner to cater to your family at home, the Empava Professional 5 Italy Sabaf Stove is an excellent option. It comes with all the latest features and is known to be versatile. We were able to cook multiple items at the same time, thanks to it.

Empava 36 Inch Gas Cooktop Professional 5 Italy Sabaf...
  • Designed and Engineered in USA with 2 Years US Based...
  • LPG/NG Convertible (Both Nozzles Included) delivers the same...

Why Did We Like It?

We will begin with the 5 different burners that this product boasts of. You will be getting a dual-ring 12000-BTU, a 10000-BTU, a 4000-BTU, and a double 6500-BTU burner. They will allow you to heat, simmer, fry, and steam food at the same time. 

Along with this, you will get durable knobs and laser-cut full-width edge-to-edge heavy cast-iron grates. All the components can be cleaned in a dishwasher, and the process will be entirely hassle-free and effortless. 

Coming to safety, this one is equipped with an auto shut-off protection technology that will prevent any kind of gas leak. You can work with it efficiently, and it is safe to be used in both your vehicle and home. 

Also, the surface will not get discolored due to excess heat or food. On cleaning, all the stains leave so that you get a sparkling clean surface.


What Could’ve Been Better?

We found that it can be cumbersome to clean the entire unit as you will have to remove the 3 heavy burner tops. They can be cleaned separately but the process is time-consuming, so we prefer doing it once a week. However, if you plan to cook a lot, you might need to clean it every day as there will be grease and food stains. 

  • Equipped with auto shut-off protection
  • Prevents stains and heat discoloration
  • LPG conversion kit included
  • Comes with 5 burners
  • Takes time to clean
  1. Frigidaire FGGC3047QS Gallery Gas Cooktop

One of our best recommendations is the Frigidaire FGGC3047QS Gallery Gas Cooktop, which is known for its reliability. This is a 30-inch device that can be used in RVs and during camping trips. If you were looking for a small stove to take around, this would work well. 

Why Did We Like It?

To begin with, this product is very user-friendly and comes with angled front controls. Meaning, the front is angled in a way so that you can work with the knobs easily. 

This is accompanied by continuous corner-to-corner grates, which will allow you to move pots and pans without any hassle. You will not have to lift the utensils, and they can remain on the same surface while you move them around. 

Coming to the efficiency, the grates are dishwasher-safe and easy to clean. You will only need soap and water, and that should take care of all the stains. Just remember to disconnect the gas pipeline before operating to prevent any kind of mishap. 

Also, you will be getting 5 burners including a big one in the middle. They will allow you to cook a 4-course meal at once. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

We found the customer service to be inefficient as we could not get in touch with them. It is best to watch Youtube videos if you face any issues with the installation process. But we will not be holding this against the product because of the host of features that it comes with. 

  • Grates are dishwasher-safe
  • Made of sturdy cast iron and stainless steel
  • 450 to 18,000-BTU center burner
  • Corner-to-corner well-built grates
  • Inefficient customer service
  1. Deli-kit Dual Fuel Sealed Cooktop DK157-A01S

Up next is a beautiful black colored product with a shining and attractive top. The Deli-kit Dual Fuel Sealed Cooktop DK157-A01S will not only be extremely efficient but will add to the ambiance of the space. It is versatile enough to fit into kitchens with all kinds of color combinations. 

Deli-kit 30 inch Gas Cooktops NG/LPG Sealed 5 Burners Gas...
  • Note: This gas cooktop offers 3-year guarantee! Deli-Kit is...
  • Burner Heat Input: This gas cooktop provide 4 different...

Why Did We Like It?

The product boasts of 5 burners of different sizes to take care of all your cooking needs. There is a triple ring 11262BTU burner, 2 5972BTU burners, and a semi-rapid 9385BTU one. Along with it, there is an auxiliary 3413BTU burner. These together will allow you to stir fry, simmer, boil, steam, and melt a number of items. 

These burners are protected by cast-iron grates, which help in increasing the durability of the stove. They are very stable, and you can easily keep heavy cookware on them. 

Coming to the material used, it is made of brushed aluminum steel, which is resistant to corrosion and is pretty easy to clean. We were able to clean the top with soap and water. The glass surface, once cleaned, looks beautiful and adds to the kitchen décor. 


What Could’ve Been Better?

The only issue is that the flames will not go too high and hence wok cooking is not possible. If you are a professional chef looking to cook on high flames, then this might be slightly problematic. The cooktop is perfect for domestic cooking and will work out for homeowners indulging in regular cooking. 

  • 5 versatile burner sizes
  • Known to distribute heat evenly
  • Strong cast-iron grates
  • Easy to clean glass top
  • Wok cooking is problematic
  1. Thorkitchen Pro-Style Gas Rangetop HRT3618U

If you are a professional chef looking for 6 burners, then the next option is for you. The Thorkitchen Pro-Style Gas Rangetop HRT3618U is a brilliant device that is reliable and will help you work with a lot of food at once. You can boil, fry, steam, and simmer simultaneously, thanks to this. 

Thorkitchen Pro-Style Gas Rangetop with 6 Sealed Burners 36...
  • Your purchase includes Thorkitchen Pro-Style Gas Rangetop...
  • Gas Range top dimensions – 36” W x 28.38” D x 8.72" H...

Why Did We Like It?

Let us begin with the 6 burners which stand out in this product. There are 2 with a capacity of 18,000 BTU, another with 15,000 BTU, and 3 rear ones with 12,000 BTU. These will take care of different cooking functions, and you can get the entire meal made in less time than normal. 

To control these burners, this product comes with 6 premium quality zinc alloy knobs. These are easy to clean and will not catch rust. Also, the position of every burner that each knob controls is depicted with an image on the side of every knob. 

Along with it, it has some additional features like a porcelain drip pan to collect the grease. This makes the cooktop safe and easy to use, and you can save time that would have otherwise been spent cleaning the body. Also, an automatic safety reignition feature makes the product safer, and you do not have to worry about gas leaks. 


What Could’ve Been Better?

We had a small issue with the alignment of the grates. When we tried putting the grates and burner lids back after washing them, it took some time to align them and fix their position. And we wish the company would take this into consideration. A slight change in design could make this product flawless. 

  • Excellent quality zinc alloy control knobs
  • Equipped with a porcelain drip pan
  • Auto-reignition safety feature
  • 3 cast iron sturdy cooking grates
  • Difficulty in aligning the grates
  1. GASLAND Chef GH60BF 4 Burner Gas Hob

Moving on, if you were looking for a basic cooktop that will look attractive and be reliable, we have an incredible option. The GASLAND Chef GH60BF 4 Burner Gas Hob will be an excellent choice and will meet all your cooking requirements. 

24" Built-in Gas Cooktop, GASLAND Chef GH60BF 4 Burner Gas...
  • 🎁【Black Tempered Glass Finish】The 4-burner built in...
  • 🎁【4 Powerful Cooking Burners】This dropin 24-inch gas...

Why Did We Like It?

This comes with 4 burners, which include a 2,800 BTU auxiliary burner, a 9,500 BTU wok burner, and 2 5,000 BTU semi-rapid burners. These will give you a total power of 22,300 BTUs, which should work well for all domestic needs. 

Next, we will mention how effortless it is to clean the top. This product has a tempered glass top and cast-iron grates that are very easy to clean. The top does not catch stains easily, and we generally use just a wet soft cloth to wipe the surface. 

Also, the knobs are melt-proof and will not lose shape even when exposed to a lot of heat. We have been using the product for 8 months now, and the knobs are still shining like new.  

51YBF7tCJBL. SL500

What Could’ve Been Better?

We found the installation process to be time consuming, and a part was missing. But the customer care was very supportive and provided us with the part within 2 days. However, the entire process did get delayed. We would recommend that you check for all the parts before beginning to assemble. 

  • ETL certified for the US and Canada use
  • Very easy to clean
  • 2 different gas supply options
  • 4 melt-proof bakelite knobs
  • Installation process is difficult
  1. HBHOB 12 Inches Gas Cooktop

If you are looking for a small product, then the HBHOB 12 Inches Gas Cooktop will suit your needs. It provides a flawless experience and is perfect for those trying to conserve energy. We found this to be a great fit for smaller kitchens and studio flats. 

12 Inches Gas Stove High Gas Cooktop Gas Hob Stove Top 2...
  • HBHOB- is professional household cooktops manufacturer with...
  • EFFORTLESS CLEANING- Built to last Tempered Glass Surface...

Why Did We Like It?

Although this product is smaller in size, it is equipped with cast iron grates and a tempered glass top. The grates are very durable, and you can keep heavy cookware on them with no extra effort. Also, the surface is resistant to corrosion and is very easy to clean. You will not find it difficult to remove stains, and that is a plus point. 

Also, it is very heat resistant and will not rust easily. All kinds of kitchen equipment are supposed to be exposed to moisture, and hence this is a very important quality to have. 

To top it all, the customer service was brilliant, and they handled our issues immediately. There were some damages in the shipping process, and we needed a replacement. It arrived within 2 days of us contacting the representatives, and we were pleasantly surprised with the quick response.


What Could’ve Been Better?

To be honest, we have no issues with the efficiency of this product, but there was a slight problem with the paint. So, the stainless steel body showed no signs of discoloration, but the brand name was chipping off within a few months. This is not really an issue and but if you wish to prevent this, be careful while cleaning the unit. 

  • Tempered glass surface
  • Heavy cast iron pot stand
  • Is very durable
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Slight discoloration
  1. Thermomate Gas Rangetop

Do you want a stable option that will keep your plates and cookware of all sizes in the right position? The Thermomate Gas Rangetop with 5 burners will help you achieve just that. It comes with a stylish body and is pretty easy to clean. Read on to know more about its extensive features. 

thermomate Gas Cooktop, 30 Inch Built In Gas Rangetop with 5...
  • 【HIGH EFFICIENCY BURNERS】The gas cooktop equipped...
  • 【FLAME OUT PROTECTION】The ignition is controlled by...

Why Did We Like It?

This product is equipped with a 9500-BTU triple ring wok burner, 1 2800-BTU auxiliary, and 2 5000-BTU semi-rapid burners. These work well in distributing the heat evenly and are perfect for simmering, heating, frying, and boiling. 

Moreover, a push-type rotary switch is provided, which is child safe and will not switch on the ignition when touched. This is an important feature, especially if you have pets or kids in the house. 

Moving on, this unit has a thermocouple flame out fault system which will switch off the gas supply if no flame is detected. This is another safety measure that can prevent fatal accidents, and we were very happy that the brand had taken it into consideration. 

Also, this can be used for multiple purposes for RVs as well as homes. Because of its weight and compact size, you will not face any issues with transportation.


What Could’ve Been Better?

We would have preferred if the spark igniter worked better as it took more than one try to light it up. This might require more patience than usual, and you will have to hold down the knob with enough pressure. But with time, you will get the hang of it, and it will stop being an issue. 

  • Efficient push-type rotary switch
  • Very versatile in nature
  • Sturdy metal composite knobs
  • 304 stainless steel grade material
  • Spark igniter might malfunction at times
  1. Cosmo 850SLTX-E Gas Counter Cooker

If you want a safe ignition process, the Cosmo 850SLTX-E Gas Counter Cooker will provide you with it. It is one of the safest products on this list and comes with a host of features. We were able to let our teenagers handle the stove after bringing this home. 

COSMO 850SLTX-E 30 in. Gas Cooktop with 5 Burners,...
  • 5 SEALED BURNERS: 5 high performance sealed burners for a...
  • MODERN AND STYLISH: Designed to perform as well as it looks....

Why Did We Like It?

The unit is equipped with 5 sealed burners that include 2 6,800 BTU and an 8,500 BTU one along with a 5,000 BTU burner. The biggest one on the left-hand side has a heating capacity of 16,000 BTU, which will take care of large vessels and pots. 

Moving on to the design, it has a sleek stainless steel top, which is designed for modern kitchens. Cleaning the top was pretty easy, thanks to its brilliant craftsmanship.

Coming to the safety features, this one boasts of electronic ignition, which helps in safely lighting up the burners. Electronic ignition makes the process quicker and is accompanied by flame failure technology. This is for extra safety and will prevent any fires in the house. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

We were not pleased with the customer service as they could not provide us with enough help. We could not get through in the beginning, and then we had to spend extra and hire a local technician for minor issues. This could have been easily prevented, and we hope the company looks into this. 

  • Safe and efficient ignition
  • Sturdy flat cast iron cooking grates
  • Flame failure technology included
  • Resistant to stains
  • Inefficient customer service
  1. ZLINE 48 in. Rangetop RT48

Do you wish to bring a handcrafted piece of cooktop home? The ZLINE 48 in. Rangetop RT48 is handmade and shipped from Italy and is a beautiful addition to the kitchen. It also has 7 burners, which can be perfect for professional cooking. We found this to be one of the biggest options in the current market.

ZLINE 48 in. Rangetop with 8 Gas Burners (RT48)
  • Professional gas stovetop can be installed into a counter or...
  • Every rangetop comes equipped with an LP conversion kit to...

Why Did We Like It?

This unit has been built to last and flaunts a very durable body. The grates are made of cast iron, which is solid and sturdy. You can easily place heavy utensils on it without fearing about the surface. 

Also, the surface has no crevices, and hence food particles will not get stuck in corners. This helps in the cleaning process, which is pretty simple. You will just need a wet cloth, and that should do the job well. 

Next, we will talk about its power capacity. There are different sized burners with varying capacities, and it ranges from 4,200 to 18,000 BTU. You can easily simmer as well as deep fry at the same time on 2 different burners. The knobs are also easy to operate and will not catch rust easily. They are resistant to stains and corrosion, making them more durable.


What Could’ve Been Better?

We faced no issues with the product itself, but the shipping process took a lot of time. We will recommend ordering it a week before you need it to be on the safe side. However, the customer service was very helpful and had helped us track our package till it arrived. 

  • Power ranges from 4,200 to 18,000 BTU
  • Solid and sturdy cast iron grill
  • Handcrafted and imported from Italy
  • Easy to clean surface
  • Takes time to ship
  1. Loblich 30 Inch Gas Cooktop LW5S02

As we are nearing the end of this list, it is time to introduce the Loblich 30 Inch Gas Cooktop LW5S02. This will help you in meeting all your cooking needs and will easily fit into any kitchen. It comes with a 1-year guarantee, and that will provide you with peace of mind. 

30 Inch Gas Cooktop, Built-in Stainless Steel Gas Stovetop 5...
  • [Meet All Cooking Needs]-This gas cooktop offers 5 different...
  • [Safety Protection]-Featuring a flame failure device for...

Why Did We Like It?

There are 5 burners, to begin with, and that includes a triple ring 11262BTU(3.3KW) and 2 5972BTU(1.75KW) burners. There is a semi-rapid 9385BTU (2.75KW) one and an auxiliary 3413BTU(1.0KW) burner, which functions superbly well. We were able to work with large and small cookware all at once on the different sized burners. 

Furthermore, this unit is very easy to operate, and it comes with automatic ignition facilities. You will just have to rotate the knob to turn it on. There are natural gas nozzles that are already set, and a liquid propane conversion kit is also provided. We found this to be cost-effective and were very happy with our purchase. 

To top it all, the product is very durable, and it comes with cast iron grates and sturdy knobs. These will make it easy for you to use heavy woks, and you can experiment with cooking. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

While this product comes with a beautiful glazed surface, it does catch stains easily. We cook a lot because of the number of members in the house. And hence, it takes longer to clean the corners and sides of its burners where the most amount of food particles get stuck. 

  • Easy to install
  • Automatic ignition via rotating control
  • Comes with a liquid propane conversion kit
  • Pre-installed 110V power cord
  • Difficult to remove stains
  1. HBHOB 5 Burners Gas Stove

Up next is a product that uses advanced technology and functions very well. The HBHOB 5-Burner Gas Stove is a very efficient device and features five burners of different sizes. You can cook multiple items at varying heat levels, thanks to this. 

Gas Stove Gas Cooktop Tempered Glass Built in Gas Stove 5...
  • SPECIFICATIONS - Product Dimensions: 34 inch(W) x 20 inch(D)...
  • EFFORTLESS CLEANING- The gas cooker is made of Tempered...

Why Did We Like It?

This product comes with an advanced tempered glass surface that keeps the top protected from corrosion and stains. It also has an anti-explosion cloth in the back, and the glass slopes down towards its edges. This makes it more stable and beautiful to look at. 

Adding to this, the unit comes with a thermocouple flame-out failure system, which shuts off the gas completely in case no flame is detected. Like some of its peers, this one too has its safety mechanisms in place, so you will not have to worry about gas leakage. 

Moving on, it comes with melt-proof metal knobs and a body that can handle high heat levels. This is important, especially because we deal with hot objects and food in the kitchen. 

All-in-all, this is perfect for domestic as well as professional use. You will be getting a stable and safe source of gas, and you can work in peace. 


What Could’ve Been Better?

So, when this product arrived for the first time, it was damaged as the packaging was not done well. It could have been the fault of the shipping company too, and we immediately called up customer service representatives. They sent a replacement within 2 days and so, we are not going to hold this as a significant drawback. 

  • Advanced tempered glass
  • Melt-proof metal knobs
  • Enamel coated cast iron grates
  • Thermocouple protection
  • Inefficient packaging

Gas Cooktop Buyer’s Guide

Gas Cooktop Buyer’s Guide

Gas stoves can be more complicated to use when compared to electric ones as these need gas fuels to operate. However, these last longer and are more reliable. In case of power cuts, these will help you cook and will not leave you starving.

Moving on, now that you know about the top 11 variants, we will take you through the major factors that have to be kept in mind. Read on to know all about the factors. 

  1. Cooking Range

So, the first essential thing to keep in mind is the cooking power of a cooktop. It is usually measured in BTU, which helps in understanding the amount of heat generated by the source. Now on average, the entire cooking power should be around or more than 20,000 BTUs with multiple burners. 

On the other hand, it should also be able to handle minimal output levels. This is important in the case of melting chocolate or boiling cheese when you need a constant source of heat, but the heat level has to be lower to prevent burning. 

Now most products will come with multiple burners for various purposes, and you should check if there is a mixed range with different sizes. This will help you operate on low and high heat easily. 

  1. Material

The kind of material will determine how durable the product is. Always check for the materials that have been used and only settle for thick and study ones. It should also have clean edges and a sleek design to make it stand out in the kitchen. 

We will recommend that the body should be made of stainless steel, and the grills should be made out of cast iron. That will provide it with enough strength and will not show signs of daily wear and tear.

  1. Safety

It is best to select a model with a thermocouple flame out fault system, which can go a long way in preventing fatal accidents. Also, if there are kids, choose a model with safe knobs that require you to push and turn. So, even if kids decide to turn the knob, there will be no flames or gas leakage. 

Gas Cooktop Buyer’s Guide


With this, we have reached the end of our guide, and we hope you have a clear idea about the different kinds of gas cooktops with griddles available today. Remember to measure the space that you can spare to choose a model that will fit in. 

Now before we take your leave, let’s take you through our favorites. The Empava Professional 5 Italy Sabaf Burners Stove is a great option to use both indoors and in RVs. 

But if you are looking for the most reliable product, then the Frigidaire FGGC3047QS Gallery Gas Cooktop will be an excellent fit. On the other hand, the Deli-kit Dual Fuel Sealed Cooktop DK157-A01S is an attractive option.

We will bid you adieu for now, but do let us know about your favorites in the comment section below. 

Happy shopping! 

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