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15 Best Gift Card Ideas That People Will Appreciate

Best Gift Card Ideas

The Uncommon Goods gift card takes the crown because it allows recipients to purchase their gifts from zillions of options, such as fashion accessories, apparel, or home décor items. Meanwhile, Etsy gift cards let users buy hand-crafted items. 

Somewhere along the line, gift cards have earned the reputation of being the perfect gift, and why not? Gift cards open up a world of possibilities for recipients, allowing them to pick out their own presents. 

However, choosing the right one will make a world of difference. To get you started, here are 15 creative gift cards that will delight everyone on your holiday list, from a cook to an avid gamer. 

15 Best Gift Card Ideas

1. Uncommon Goods Gift Certificate

For your picky spouse, best friend, or teen child, the Uncommon Goods Gift Certificate is a great gift option as it will allow them to pick whatever present they want. 

Be it gua sha tools and beauty products or custom embroidered sweatshirts, this gift card will help them shop for whatever they’ve been eyeing. Navigating the online store of Uncommon Goods is pretty much like walking into a retail establishment where you’re sure to stumble upon an array of goods. 

Other than beauty, wellness, and apparel, your recipient can go on a shopping spree for wall art, pillows, necklaces, anniversary journals, gardener’s tool seats, and many more items. Drawing from experience, this gift card will cater to the taste of even the most finicky person. 

Somewhat surprisingly, the brand offers both an e-gift card and a paper card, so you can send it via email or in the mailbox with a message. Best of all, the gift card starts from as low as $5 and goes up to $1,000. 

2. Etsy Gift Card

Etsy gift card is the go-to pick for individuals who are fond of artisan-made, handcrafted products and prefer supporting small businesses. Jewelry, accessories, clothing, shoes, wedding gifts, party supplies, wedding decorations, toy trains, books, electronics, and art and collective- just name it, and Etsy has it. 

As I explored the products offered by Etsy, I saw many creative and customizable items. Even the gift card is available in eye-catching graphics and illustrations. Truly, this online marketplace has unique things to offer that fit the bill for many. 

Most e-gift cards are available in USD, but Etsy offers its gift card in 5 currency options- United States Dollar, Euro, Pound, Canadian Dollar, and Australian Dollar. You can send this thoughtful gift card in 2 ways: by emailing it directly to the recipient or sending it to yourself and then gifting it by printing. 

The recipient can choose their unique gift between US$ 25 and US$ 250. 

3. Airbnb Gift Card

What would make for a thoughtful gift card for your loved one rather than a staycation at their favorite destination? Absolutely nothing! 

Purchase an Airbnb gift card from among the 4 designs and gift it to your family member or friends, which they can use for a future getaway. With an Airbnb gift card, recipients can choose their destination, from apartments in the heart of the city to secluded beach houses. 

Airbnb gift cards unlock a one-of-a-kind experience by allowing recipients to go on hiking tours, take online classes, or howl with wolves. Based on my observations, what makes Airbnb gift cards among the best gift cards is that they can be used for both in-person and virtual experiences. 

Although the gift amount starts from $25, you can purchase it for up to $500. Oh, and did I mention that you can send it to not 1 but 999 other people? 

4. Wine.com Gift Card

For family members who love throwing BBQ parties during the Christmas and holiday season, a smart gifting solution is a wine gift card from Wine.com. 

Wine.com gift card is available for $25; however, you can add as many cards as you want to the cart. As soon as the payment is made, the company sends its e-gift cards online via email to the giftee, along with your message and a unique redemption code that they can use during checkout. 

Many people prefer this gift card, as it takes away the guesswork as to which wine is your giftee’s favorite. Although it ships in more than 20 states, I suggest checking the local shipping rules of the state your giftee lives in since alcohol rules vary from state to state. 

5. The Sill Digital Gift Card

Deciding which gorgeous plant would be a worthy addition to the lush indoor forest maintained by your plant parent friend isn’t as easy as it may sound. 

So, if you truly want to gift something your plant parent friend will cherish, you can’t go wrong with The Sill Digital Gift Card, as it’s a one-stop shop for plant lovers. With endless varieties of plants such as an olive tree, money tree, monstera deliciosa, and calathea rattlesnake, plant lovers are truly spoilt for choices.

Planters are also offered by The Sill in a plethora of styles, sizes, and colors. The e-gift card of The Sill starts from $25 and goes up to $500, so it will suit the budget of all kinds of gifters. 

After trying out this gift card, I discovered that biophilia-inspired home goods are supplied by the brand on the gift card amount. Among them includes a mini preserved living wall, a large majestic palm, a dried eucalyptus bunch, and much more. 

6. Netflix Gift Card

Invited to the birthday party of your best friend’s child? Then this Netflix Gift Card would be a perfect gift as they can binge-watch science shows on the platform. 

The Magic School Bus Rides Again, Ada Twist, Scientist, Brainchild, Octanuts, and Ask the StoryBots, to name a few, are famous science shows for kids. In addition, the Netflix streaming platform has TV shows and movies for little kids, such as CoComelon, Grizzy, and the Lemmings, Gabby’s Dollhouse, Masha and the Bear, and Bebefinn. 

Standard, Kwanzaa, thank you, and birthday- Netflix gift card comes in 9 designs, so you can choose one as per the occasion. My findings show that Netflix allows you to choose between $25 and $200. 

7. Uber Gift Card

From catching a quick ride to getting some late-night munchies delivered to the door, an Uber gift card is among the most useful e-gift cards. 

Uber gift cards are available in as many as 9 designs, from holiday gift boxes to traditional Uber eats. For Uber gift cards, the amount limit is $500, which is more or less similar to other gift cards. 

What I particularly like about Uber gift cards is that the company operates in thousands of cities in the U.S. That means the giftee can use credits from anywhere in the U.S. 

Within minutes of purchase, Uber sends the gift card to the giftee. So, if you haven’t decided on a gift for any of your friends and family members until the 11th hour, this Uber gift card would be an excellent option. 

In particular, I suggest you give this card to someone who travels from Uber a lot, like your office colleague. 

8. Starbucks Gift Card

If your friend is considered a coffee aficionado or a coffeeholic, consider gifting them a gift card from Starbucks. 

A Starbucks gift card is one of the easiest ways to buy your special person a cup of coffee every day while they head to work. Starbucks offers gift cards for almost every occasion- Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and birthday. 

As I explored the gift card, I found that Starbucks offers appreciation gift cards, too. That is to say, you can buy a ‘thanks teacher’ card for your or your child’s school or college teacher. Or, a nurse appreciation card would be ideal for your nurse friend who has been working hard day and night to serve patients. 

That’s not all; pumpkin spice latte, thank you, you are wonderful, red siren, and Easter gift cards are available. If you’re still in doubt as to what you should give your friend, simply opt for the ‘my treat’ card, and you’ll be good to go! 

Best of all is that you can reload the card over and over again. Now that’s a perfect way to show someone you care for them, right?

9. Chewy E-Gift Card

Based on my observations, nothing’s more special to a pet parent than their furry baby. 

So, if you know someone who raises dogs or cats, give them the Chewy e-gift card so that they can spoil their furry baby with lots of treats, toys, food, and apparel. Chewy sells e-gift cards in around 16 different designs, so chances are that finding the perfect card wouldn’t be challenging at all. 

One feature of the Chewy gift card that I like the most is that it doesn’t come with any hidden fee or expiration date. That means your friend can redeem it as and whenever they like. 

Typically, Chewy sends gift cards within 90 minutes of purchase. With this gift card, your friend can purchase many items for fish, birds, small pets, reptiles, farm animals, and horses, besides cats and dogs. 

10. Spotify Annual Gift Card

While it’s popularly known as a digital music streaming service, Spotify gives users access to millions of podcasts alongside music. But the only gripe about using Spotify is that the tracks and podcasts are interrupted by ads. 

Because music and podcasts are listened to by people of all ages, a Spotify gift card makes for an ideal gift for every occasion. Be it Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthday, Christmas dinner, or anniversary dinner- your Spotify gift card will be cherished for a year. 

Besides an ad-free experience, this year-long subscription card allows users to play their favorite podcasts and tracks even without internet connectivity. Instead of delivering it to the giftee via email, Spotify sends a physical card to their mailbox, which means the card will forever remind them of your thoughtful gesture.

11. Amazon Gift Card

Confused if you should buy a pair of new shoes or pantry staples for your mother this Mother’s Day? Well, surprise her with an Amazon gift card, where she’ll get everything she needs. 

With this gift card, your mother can shop for almost anything she wants. Be it a new wardrobe, non-GMO products, sheet masks, or treats for furry friends, anything available at the Amazon (company) marketplace can be purchased using this gift card. 

Besides email, Amazon allows users to send gift cards via other methods. Like, you can send this gift card to your mother’s doorstep via mail to surprise her. Or, you can choose animated gift cards, add a personal message and send it whenever you want in their inbox. 

After a thorough inspection of the website, I found that Amazon allows you to print the gift card at home and present it to your mother and witness her happiness. If none of the options appeal to you, add a special touch to the message by using your own photo or video along with a personal message before delivering it to her inbox. 

12. Spafinder Gift Card

Are you hunting for something special for your better half? Well, giving them a Spafinder gift card will let them know how much you care for them. 

With a Spafinder gift card, your loved one can access thousands of salons, wellness centers, fitness centers, and spas to pamper themselves. The best part about Spafinder is that it has partnered with world-renowned retreats such as Six Senses, Marriott, and Ritz Carlton. 

From specialized day spa treatments to week-long wellness retreats, the Spafinder gift card offers lots of options and your giftee will be spoiled for choices. There are 3 delivery options- email, print, and mail, while you can use the gift card at multiple locations. 

13. Blue Apron Gift Card

Anyone who needs a little help with meal planning will appreciate the Blue Apron gift card, as it will deliver their favorite delicacies to their doorstep. 

Recipients can redeem the meal e-gift card towards any market items or subscription meal, as and when they want. What’s more, recipients of Blue Apron gift cards will get to choose from more than 70 meal kits, which include seafood, chef favorites, and veggies. 

Though its $140 meal plan is much sought-after, you can go for a $70 or $280 plan. What’s more, the Blue Apron gift card doesn’t expire and can be redeemed through its website. 

14. Bookshop.org Gift Card

Got a friend who prefers snuggling under covers with a good read? In that case, a Bookshop gift card will make them the happiest. 

For you, Bookshop gift cards may appear a simple gift, but avid readers will appreciate them, as they can purchase their favorite books from local bookstores supported by the organization. The best thing about the Bookshop.org gift card is that the gift amount never expires. Instead, the amount gets credited into their Bookshop account, which they can use whenever they want. 

Notably, the gift amount starts as low as $10 and goes up to $1,000, so there’s one for every budget. 

15. Goldbelly Digital E-Gift Card

For family members away from home, the Goldbelly Digital e-gift card would be a thoughtful gift as it will deliver their favorite delicacies right to their doorstep. 

Goldbelly operates in almost all parts of the country, including the southwest, midwest, and northeast. Whether your loved one relishes the delicacies of New Orleans, Boston, Los Angeles, or New York City, Goldbelly can deliver everything from almost every restaurant in the country. 

To deliver it to your recipient’s inbox, all you need to do is choose a gift card amount, enter their name, email, and a message, before hitting ‘add to cart.’ From local specialties like muffuletta from New Orleans or wings from Buffalo to sweet treats like red velvet cakes or loaf cakes, your loved ones can order all that they want.

Which gift cards are most popular among women?

An Ulta gift card from Ulta Beauty is quite popular among women because of the variety of cosmetics it offers. For beauty-obsessed women who prefer online shopping, a Sephora gift card will also be an excellent choice. 

Are there gift cards available for grocery stores?

Yes, Instacart offers gift cards for grocery shopping, which you can gift to your mother. 

Is the Williams Sonoma Gift Card worth it?

Williams Sonoma gift cards will be a worthy choice for individuals who have scorched all their kitchen pans to learn cooking. It offers gift cards of various amounts with which individuals can take virtual cooking classes. 

Is Star Wars available on Netflix?

No, Star Wars isn’t available on Netflix. If your giftee is fond of Star Wars, a Disney+ gift card will be the best gift for them, as this streaming media is home to all Star Wars movies. 


Be it a Milk Bar gift card or Sephora gift card- if you’re giving it physically, wrap the gift card with fancy paper. Or, anyone who wishes to go that extra mile can put it in a box and wrap it to add a special touch.

Summing It Up

In a nutshell, gift cards make great gifts when they are thoughtfully chosen, keeping in mind the interests of recipients. After all, they take the pressure off you and give the receiver the decision-making power. 

Gift cards offer the giftee an opportunity to try something new, like relishing pizza from a new restaurant or adding one-of-a-kind accent pieces to the interior design of their homes. Such gifts are touching and more meaningful than wrapping a sweater, candle, bottle, or fashion accessory in fancy paper. 

Go ahead and give your food-loving friend a gift card for a fantastic restaurant or a spa card to your better half to indulge in self-care. Or, perhaps, a gift card that allows them to shop for new shoes, furniture, jeans, candle, mug, or other items will be a better bet. 

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