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The Best Greige Paint Colors | All You Need To Know

Best Greige Paint Colors

Over the years, people have considered gray to be a pretty boring color. But, the story is very different when you pair it with beige.

When you combine gray and beige, you get greige, and greige has pretty much become the talk of the town. Greige paint colors are perfect for giving your room a light and bright look as they are fresh, clean, and can easily lift up your mood. 

Also, you can pair greige paint colors with almost any furnishing or accessories owing to their neutral tones. Not to mention, they are ideal for reflecting natural light across the room. 

But, how to choose the right greige paint color for your living room or bedroom? That’s where we come in because after reviewing tons of options, we’ve made a list of the best greige paint colors.

So, without wasting any more time, let us get on with it! 

What Is LRV?

Modern studio apartment design with bedroom and living space. Hotel room panoramic window, king sized bed, couch and coffee table. City flat concept

We all want our bedrooms and living rooms to have a bright and welcoming appeal. They should look warm and comfy, but dark colors often set a gloomy tone. So, we mostly end up choosing light colors that can help in reflecting the natural light across the room. 

That’s why it’s important to know a thing or two about LRV or Light Reflective Value. It is basically defined as the amount of usable light reflected from a surface by illuminating a light source. 

Interior designers and color consultants often refer to LRV while choosing wall paint colors. You will find it mentioned on any paint chip, and the higher the LRV number of a wall paint color, the more light it will reflect. 

Greige paint colors having a light gray hue usually come with a higher LRV number. So, if you are planning to brighten up your room, look out for greige paint options. 

Why Choose A Greige Paint Color?

When it comes to painting your walls, greige can be a solid choice. Most light greige paint colors have a high LRV number making them ideal for reflecting natural light. They add an easy and subtle look to the room, while dark greige colors can make your room pop without being too loud or bright. 

On top of this, the greige color blends very well with other color accents since it is a mixture of gray and beige, forming the perfect neutral tone. Indeed, greige is so versatile that you can easily pair it with red, blue, orange, or green, whichever color you like. 

Not only that, greige paint colors have become widely popular on the market. In fact, some of the best-selling wall paint colors are greige. 

Also, some major paint brands, such as Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams, are known for their excellent greige paint colors. So, don’t hesitate to go for a greige paint color to decorate your walls.

Best Greige Paint Colors For Your Home

A. Sherwin Williams’ Best Greige Paint Colors

1. Repose Gray 

Repose Gray Sherwin Williams’

Repose Gray is a wonderful color for painting your bedroom and drawing room walls. It is a widely popular shade of greige that looks somewhat like true gray but comes with beige and subtle purple undertones. 

Repose gray has an LRV number of 58, making it a light-medium greige shade. So, it is good enough to reflect natural light and add a sense of freshness and brightness to the room. 

The color also works beautifully with bright accents and even neutral paint colors. On top of this, it goes very well with both wood and bright white trim. 

Plus, you can use it to paint any room, bedroom, living room, or dining space because of its versatile neutral tones. Realtors mostly recommend it when you’re selling the house as this greige paint color is very popular on the market. 

2. Mindful Gray 

Mindful Gray Sherwin Williams

If you look at the color wheel of Sherwin Williams, Mindful Gray comes just below Repose Gray as both these shades have very similar undertones. But, Mindful Gray is a touch darker than Repose Gray due to its dark beige undertone. 

The color has an LRV number of 48, so even though it is good at reflecting natural light, it is way darker than any light gray shade. Also, it is a true greige color that is highly versatile, and you can use it to paint your bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, or even the foyer space. 

However, it is best to pair Mindful Gray with some lighter and brighter accents as the color can be a bit dark for your room just by itself. What’s more, try to use it in large rooms with a lot of natural space to brighten up the place. 

3. Agreeable Gray 

Agreeable Gray Sherwin Williams

Agreeable Gray is one of the most famous greige paint colors. It is a gorgeous mix of gray and beige, leaning a touch more to the gray palette with subtle yellow undertones. 

The wall color is very popular among interior designers and decorators as it is pretty versatile. It looks grayer in a room with lots of white LED lighting or natural light. But, the beige undertones will come to the fore if you use them in a room with warm or incandescent LED lights. Hence, you can use it with any kind of lighting. 

Not only that, SW Agreeable Gray comes with an LRV of 60, making it ideal for reflecting a sufficient amount of light. The color belongs somewhere between the light and light-medium categories, but it definitely leans more towards the light color category. Lastly, it goes brilliantly with any warm backdrop as it is a warm greige color. 

4. Mega Greige 

Mega Greige Sherwin Williams

Mega Greige falls in the darker category of greige paint colors, having very similar undertones to that of Agreeable Gray. It has a darker mix of gray and beige but leans more on the beige side. So, with Mega Greige, you’ll get an enhanced shade of beige compared to other paint colors. 

It comes with an LRV number of 37, putting it in the medium color range in Sherwin Williams’ color wheel. Thus, it might be a bit dark for painting your walls. 

However, you can use Mega Greige to create an accent wall by pairing it with lighter greige wall colors like Agreeable Gray. In that way, you can ensure that this dark greige color doesn’t become too overpowering and goes perfectly with the lighter accents. 

5. Accessible Beige 

Accessible Beige Sherwin Williams

Another popular greige wall color is Accessible Beige. While it may look like a beige color, it is actually a greige shade, leaning on the beige side with slightly gray undertones. This subtle touch of gray keeps Accessible Beige from looking like a plain brown color. 

It has a pretty high LRV of 58, making it ideal for reflecting a good amount of light across the room. Understandably, this light and neutral color can be a perfect choice for painting the common areas of your home, such as the living room or the dining space. 

That said, if you plan to use Accessible Beige all over the wall, it might look a bit dull. So, spruce it up a little and try to pair it with some vibrant shades and color accents. 

6. Colonnade Gray

Colonnade Gray Sherwin Williams

Colonnade Gray is a greige shade that is more true gray than beige. If you compare Colonnade with other greige colors, it clearly belongs to the lighter shade category. So, you can consider it as a light-medium shade of greige. 

With an LRV number of 53, it reflects sufficient light around the room, meaning your room won’t feel small or dull if you choose to use it on the walls. Instead, Colonnade will add a lot more dimension to the room than popular lighter greige shades, like Repose Gray or Agreeable Gray. 

Other than that, you can use it for painting your basement or kitchen, as it will add more depth without being too dark. In fact, it can be a good pick for making the room look bold and aesthetically pleasing. 

7. Useful Gray 

Useful Gray Sherwin Williams

Useful Gray is a sophisticated and warm greige color, but we feel that it’s grayer than greige, featuring yellow and green undertones. However, it brings in the warmth of the gray color minus its coldness. 

Whether it’s the common areas of your home or the master bedroom, this color is a great choice. It has an LRV of 59, so it reflects a moderate to sufficient amount of light across the room. Moreover, as Useful Gray is a neutral color, it can be an excellent option for painting entire rooms. 

Not only that, you can pair it with wood tones because it goes very well with wooden or wood painted furniture and polished wood floors. Therefore, it can be perfect for delivering a sophisticated and posh look to any room in your home. 

8. Worldly Gray

Worldly Gray Sherwin Williams

Worldly Gray is a greige color that comes with warm and soft undertones. The shade is very similar to Agreeable Gray, but it is darker with more color saturation than the latter.

It has an LRV of 58, making it a lighter paint color if you have a well-lit room or if the room receives enough natural light. But, if you have a darker room, Worldly Gray can look a bit gloomy and muddy. 

Also, it can work beautifully with green accents as it comes with a touch of a green undertone. You can also pair it with white trim, blue or dark charcoal gray colors to create an excellent contrasting effect. 

9. Dorian Gray

Dorian Gray Sherwin Williams

Next on our list is Dorian Gray, which is the darker version of Mindful Gray. If you look closely, you’ll see that it comes with subtle brown and purple undertones. But, none of the undertones are heavy, and the color mostly looks gray. 

Also, as Dorian Gray lacks heavy cool green or blue undertones, it acts as a warm gray wall color. It has an LRV of 39, which is relatively low in the range, so you can consider it as a medium paint color leaning on the darker side. 

You can use it as an accent wall paint or pair it with lighter greige shades, such as Repose Gray. Aside from greige colors, Dorian Gray also goes beautifully with dark blue or turquoise colors, including wood tones, bright white trim, or even black metals. 

10. Anew Gray 

Anew Gray  Sherwin Williams

Anew Gray is a medium tone greige paint color that leans heavily towards gray rather than beige. But it definitely has some prominent beige undertones. It is not a true gray color because of the beige undertones, which make it a warm gray shade. Plus, it also comes with a touch of purple. 

The greige color has an LRV of 47 and falls somewhere between the light and light-medium shades in Sherwin Williams’ color wheel. It is light enough to paint an entire room. But, way too dark for painting the whole house. 

Moreover, if you use Anew Gray as an all-over paint, your room might end up looking darker and smaller. It is best to pair it with any lighter paint shade, like Pure White or Incredible White trim color. The purple undertones of Anew Gray will also go very well with blue accents 

11. Alpaca 

Alpaca Sherwin Williams

Alpaca is often known as the color chameleon because of its strong undertones. It is not a true gray color as it is warmer and leans more towards the taupe. Also, it is one of the light greige wall colors from Sherwin Williams, having slight purple undertones. 

It has an LRV of 57, meaning Alpaca belongs to the lower light range and can reflect sufficient light across the room. It is also a warm paint color having warm brown undertones, along with its solid purple undertones. Depending on the lighting of your room, the purple undertones of the color might shine over the brown ones. 

Additionally, you can use Alpaca anywhere in the house, including bedrooms, living rooms, or kitchens. It goes very well with any neutral backdrop. Also, the warm undertones of the color work beautifully in open spaces. 

B. Benjamin Moore’s Best Greige Paint Colors

1. Classic Gray 

Classic Gray Benjamin Moore

As you’ve guessed by the name, Classic Gray is essentially a gray paint shade. But, it’s not a traditional gray color as BM Classic Gray resembles a warm off-white hue. You may also find some warm undertones of soft pink and purple if the lighting is right in your room. 

Furthermore, as the color is an off-white shade, the undertones are very well-reflected depending on the environment. For instance, if there’s a lot of greenery outside the room, the paint color will reflect slightly green undertones. 

With a high LRV number of 74, it clearly falls under the light shade category. It can be perfect for lighting up small rooms and opening up their spaces. But, try not to paint the entire room with Classic Gray as it is way too light and might wash out. Also, it can look somewhat dull and boring if you don’t have proper artificial lighting in the room. 

2. Pale Oak 

Pale Oak Benjamin Moore

Moving on with our list, we bring you the Pale Oak neutral wall color. It is one of the most popular greige paint colors owing to its versatility. BM Pale Oak is a bit warmer than true greige paint colors, so you can consider it as a lighter and warmer shade of greige. 

Also, the warm off-white undertone of the color keeps it from resembling the cold and sterile look of traditional gray colors. Pale Oak can dramatically change depending on the natural or artificial light because of its warm undertones. Plus, it offers a neutral palette that goes well with almost any color accent. 

On top of this, its LRV is 70, making it perfect for opening up spaces in your room and lightening it up. However, try not to use it as an all-over paint as that might make the room look too bright and dull. It is best to pair Pale Oak with darker and vibrant paint colors that create an interesting contrast. 

3. Revere Pewter 

Revere Pewter Benjamin Moore

Another popular greige color is Revere Pewter that designers and homeowners frequently choose. It can be a good neutral color for your home that leans more towards beige instead of gray. So, it is basically a beige color having gray undertones. It also has some purple and green undertones. 

It has an LRV of 55, which makes it stand right in the middle of the range. While it may not lighten up a dark room, it won’t make your room look dark and gloomy either. Hence, you can think of Revere Pewter as a mid-tone greige color. It is a classic, well-balanced shade as it is not too bright and not too dark. 

Moreover, it is quite versatile owing to its depth and solid undertones. Revere Pewter looks best in a well-lit room because it shows off its golden and beige undertones. However, it might look a bit more gray and dingy if the room doesn’t have a good light source. So, best be careful about the lighting of your room before choosing this shade of greige paint color. 

4. Edgecomb Gray

Edgecomb Gray Benjamin Moore

Edgecomb Gray is a beautiful greige color that has solid beige and gray undertones. It is one of those few greige colors that doesn’t have any green or purple undertone. So, it won’t show a purple or green tint in any lighting. Instead, Edgecomb Gray will only highlight its gray and beige accents. 

The color is highly versatile and perfect for painting any room in your home. With an LRV of 63, it is definitely one of the lightest greige colors. Also, Edgecomb Gray looks mostly creamy off-white in a brightly lit room. But, it looks a bit more gray in a room with less lighting. 

On top of this, it offers a perfect neutral backdrop for different color schemes. You can beautifully pair it with any bright and vibrant paint colors. It coordinates very well with deep blue, green, or yellow accents to create a cohesive color scheme of the entire house. 

5. Balboa Mist 

Balboa Mist Benjamin Moore

Balboa Mist is a true greige paint color that comes with gray and beige undertones in almost similar amounts. It very closely resembles the Benjamin Moore Pale Oak. However, Pale Oak is more on the beige side, while Balboa Mist leans slightly more towards gray. 

Plus, Balboa Mist comes with an LRV of 67. So, you can consider it as a light greige color that will nicely show up on the walls. As it falls in the lighter range, it can reflect a sufficient amount of light across the room without getting washed out with light. Thus, it can easily brighten up the place.

In addition to this, BM Balboa Mist has some clear purple undertones, much like the SW Alpaca. Hence, you can pair it beautifully with any blue accents to add a pop of color to the otherwise neutral backdrop. Also, It is perfect for any room in your house. 

6. Gray Owl

Gray Owl Benjamin Moore

Gray Owl is a perfectly neutral gray paint color with a green tint. It is a widely popular greige color that appears somewhere between neutral and cool gray on the walls. Also, the soft green undertone offers a modern and fresh look. 

Gray Owl has an LRV of 65, which offers a certain depth to the color, and it appears clearly gray. Even though you can’t call this greige color heavy and dingy, it might not be light enough to brighten up a dark room all by itself. But, in a well-lit room, Gray Owl clearly shows off its solid undertones.

Not only that, but it also offers a clean, neutral backdrop to create a well-coordinated color palette throughout the house. You can pair it with any bright shades, including white, blue, and green, to add a splash of vibrant colors to your room. 

7. White Dove 

White Dove Benjamin Moore

White Dove is a versatile paint color that comes with different undertones. You may think from its name that it is a pure white color. But, the creamy, off-white undertones make it more of greige paint color. Thus, it offers a perfect, creamy neutral backdrop. 

With a high LRV of 85.38, White Dove is a super-bright color that can make your room look light and airy. It can also brighten up dark rooms and open up spaces. Additionally, it offers a warm and sophisticated appeal to the room when the lighting is good. You can also use it anywhere in the house, like bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, or common areas. 

Furthermore, White Dove reflects its yellowish-green undertones under natural, golden lights. However, it is best to pair the color with some vibrant accents so that the room doesn’t end up looking too bright or dull. Blue or green can go very well with White Dove. You can always pair it with darker colors to create a beautiful, contrasting color palette.

C. Other Brilliant Greige Paint Colors

1. Silver Drop 

Silver Drop Benjamin Moore

Along with Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore, Behr is also widely popular in the paint industry for its beautiful greige paint colors. And Silver Drop is one of the prettiest greige colors from Behr. It is a very light gray color that has soft and warm undertones, making it stand out from pure white colors. 

With an LRV of 68.87, Silver Drop falls in the category of light greige paint colors. It is light enough to brighten up your room by reflecting sufficient light. But, it will show different undertones depending on the lighting of your room. 

It is best to go for vibrant colors with Silver Drop so that the room doesn’t look too bright. Dark wood tones and blue accents usually work beautifully with this greige paint color. Also, it offers a warm, neutral backdrop to your room, so you can create any color scheme using almost any color accent. 

2. Wheat Bread 

Wheat Bread Benjamin Moore

It is very similar to the BM Revere Pewter but leans more towards the beige side. It has some solid brown undertones that make it a warm gray color. So, you can say that Wheat Bread is a tad bit warmer than Revere Pewter. 

Furthermore, it comes with an LRV of 55, just like Revere Pewter. It is a medium greige shade that works perfectly in a well-lit room. However, Wheat Bread is not light enough to brighten up your room. In a well-lit room, Wheat Bread shows off its brown undertones. But, it can look a bit dull if there’s no adequate light in the room. 

Also, this greige shade goes really well with any dark wood tones or bright white trim colors. So, you can easily pair Wheat Bread with any wooden furniture on a polished hardwood floor to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your room. 

Best Greige Paint Colors Benjamin Moore

Final Thoughts 

Choosing the right color to paint the rooms in your house might need some serious work. But, greige colors can always be a safe bet as they are extremely versatile. 

After going through our article, we hope you have a better idea about some of the best greige paint colors. You get tons of options, from light to dark greige shades that come with different undertones. 

So, take your pick and paint away. That said, check the lighting of your room before choosing the most suitable greige paint color, as it might look different, depending on the setting. 

On that note, we’ll sign off. See you next time! 

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