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8 Best Heat Transfer Vinyl [HTV] Options for Silhouette Cameo in 2023

[easyazon_link identifier="B01I51ME1S" locale="US" tag="homesthetics0a-20" type="link" link_id="273138"]Silhouette Cameo[/easyazon_link] is a modern age gift for crafters. It’s a low-cost-cutting machine that when given to a creative person can do wonders. 

Best Heat Transfer Vinyl

I got mine a while back and I’ve had so much fun with it that I can’t recommend it enough to everyone I know. Some of my peers have even started using it extensively on my recommendation.

Even my kids make little projects for school with this wonderful machine. It makes them stand out from the rest of their classmates because all of their projects no look crafty and beautiful.

If DIY and craftwork pique your interest, a silhouette machine can be an amazing experience for you. For that, I have come up with some of the best heat transfer vinyl options that you can use if you get one yourself. Even if you are already an avid user, some of these options can surprise you! 

So, let’s start with some products that are great for newcomers. These products are simple and reliable so that you can test out some basic designs and get handy with the entire game. Even though I say that these products are for beginners, I believe that even veterans will find these interesting because of their price and amazing quality.

Best Heat Transfer Vinyl [HTV]

From glitter and metallic finishes to soft, stretchy materials, this vinyl will help you create beautiful, long-lasting designs on a variety of fabrics. So without further ado, here's the list of the 8 best heat transfer vinyl.

1. Siser EasyWeed - Best for Durability and Quality

Meet Siser EasyWeed, a highly reputed heat transfer vinyl brand in the industry. Well-known for its diverse color offerings, EasyWeed is your go-to when you need high-quality, thin sheets that don't feel bulky.

Siser EasyWeed HTV Sheets 12 inch by 15 inch - 12 Pack...
  • 12 most popular Siser EasyWeed colors on the market
  • Easy and Ready-to-cut material designed for custom garment...

Why Did We Like It?

Siser EasyWeed is beloved for its durability and strong adhesion, which is perfect for larger projects. Users appreciate the 12"x15" size, allowing for more ambitious designs without sacrificing quality. Additionally, these sheets pair seamlessly with Silhouette Cameos, delivering sophisticated and easily weedable designs.

What Could've Been Better?

While users adore the quality and color range, the pricing could be more competitive. However, for those prioritizing longevity and versatility, Siser EasyWeed is worth the investment.


  • High-quality, thin sheets
  • Durable and well-adhering
  • Large size (12″x15″)
  • Compatible with Silhouette Cameos


  • Pricing could be more competitive

Size: 12" x 15" | Type: Heat transfer vinyl | Material: Polyurethane | Color: Multiple colors available | Quantity: Single sheets

2. EZ Craft USA - Best for Detailed Designs

Eager to work with well-defined and detailed designs? Look no further than EZ Craft USA, where quality and value blend seamlessly.

EZ Craft USA Glossy White Adhesive Vinyl Roll – Huge...
  • 🏆 HIGH QUALITY ADHESIVE BACKING! - With your new self...
  • 🛡 LONG LASTING AND DURABLE! - They key to High Quality...

Why Did We Like It?

EZ Craft USA vinyl products outperform cheaper options with a more effortless weeding experience. The edges of these designs are both sharp and sturdy. Coming in packs of 40 vibrant sheets, users can let their creativity soar. It's no surprise that Silhouette Cameo enthusiasts quickly take to this fantastic vinyl option.

What Could've Been Better?

We can't find many negatives, but availability may sometimes be limited due to popular demand.


  • Easy weeding experience
  • Sharp, sturdy edges
  • 40-sheet packs with vibrant colors


  • Availability might be limited

Size: 12" x 40 ft | Type: Adhesive vinyl | Material: Vinyl | Color: Glossy white | Quantity: Single roll

3. Firefly Craft - Best for Glitter Lovers

For those with extraordinary tastes and a flair for glitter, Firefly Craft Gold Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl is sure to dazzle!

Firefly Craft Gold Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl - HTV Vinyl...
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL CUTTERS: Works with plotting cutters...
  • SIMPLE TO USE: Our premium HTV vinyl bundle is the gold...

Why Did We Like It?

Off the beaten path in unique colors and textures, Firefly Craft offers more than 30 glitter-filled options that are bound to turn heads. Compatible with any Cameo machine, these 12"x20" sheets are worth the premium for jaw-dropping results.

What Could've Been Better?

While this premium product delivers standout quality and visual appeal, the price may not suit every budget. Additionally, Firefly Craft packs come with only three sheets, limiting the number of projects that can be completed in one purchase.


  • Glitter finish quality
  • Extensive variety of unique colors
  • Large sheet size (12″x20″)
  • Compatibility with all Cameo machines


  • Price may not match all budgets
  • Only three sheets per pack

Size: 12" x 20" | Type: Heat transfer vinyl | Material: Polyurethane | Color: Gold glitter | Quantity: Single sheets

4. Cricut

When searching for an alternative vinyl option, Cricut brings something fresh to the creative table. Equally effective with Cameo machines, it's an excellent choice for newcomers and experienced users alike.

Cricut Iron On Lite, Black
  • For use with all Cricut machines
  • One 12" x 19" roll Cricut Iron-on Lite material in Black

Why Did We Like It?

Cricut's Lite Iron-On Roll boasts over 20 color options and is an affordable, high-quality selection. Users rave about the impressive sheen, which is unmatched by lower-end alternatives. It's an excellent choice for anyone looking to expand their creative horizons.

What Could've Been Better?

Though Cricut products work excellently with Cameo machines, compatibility with other devices might be limited or more difficult.


  • Wide range of color choices
  • Affordable price
  • High-quality sheen
  • Works well with Cameo machines


  • Compatibility with other devices may be limited

Size: 12" x 19" | Type: Iron-on vinyl | Material: Polyurethane | Color: Multiple colors available | Quantity: Single sheets

5.  ARHIKY 38 Sheets Heat Transfer Vinyl

ARHIKY 38 Sheets Heat Transfer Vinyl is a fantastic option for those who want to customize their t-shirts, canvas shoes, bags, coats, and handbags with unique and colorful designs. Not only does this product offer a wide array of colors, but it also comes with high-quality, elastic vinyl that lasts through multiple washes.

ARHIKY 38 Sheets Heat Transfer Vinyl for T-Shirts 12"x10"...
  • Rich and Colorful Color: incomparable color...
  • High-quality Vinyl: After repeated tests, our products have...

Why Did We Like It?

ARHIKY's heat transfer vinyl stands apart due to its high-quality, elastic polyurethane material, which is thin, easy to work with, and environmentally friendly. The vinyl backing has excellent sensitivity to pressure and temperature, making weeding and transferring designs straightforward. Additionally, this product is compatible with hobby and professional heat press machines or even a regular household iron.

What Could've Been Better?

While ARHIKY's vinyl sheets come with many exciting features, one area for improvement would be providing more detailed instructions for beginners. Those who are inexperienced in using vinyl may find it challenging to correctly set parameters for cutting and weeding.


  • Rich and colorful combinations
  • High-quality, elastic, and environmentally friendly vinyl
  • Easy weeding and transferring
  • Compatible with various heat press machines and household irons


  • Instructions may not be beginner-friendly

Size: 12" x 10" | Type: Heat transfer vinyl | Material: Polyurethane | Color: Multiple colors available | Quantity: 38 sheets

6. Qbc Craft Permanent Adhesive Vinyl Sheets

Qbc Craft's 12x12 Permanent Adhesive Vinyl Sheets provide a diverse range of colors and sheets to customize various apparel effortlessly. The 3 MIL thick sheets are crafted in the USA, ensuring their durability and compatibility with multiple craft cutters and adhesive vinyl cutting machines.

Qbc Craft 12x12 Permanent Adhesive Vinyl Sheets (36 Pack)...
  • Durability Easy To Weed and Cut Vinyl for Indoor and Outdoor...
  • Easy and Headache Free self adhesive backed craft vinyl for...

Why Did We Like It?

The standout aspect of this product is the wide variety of vibrant colors provided in the pack, which enables users to create virtually any design. Qbc Craft's vinyl sheets are easy to work with, thanks to their 3 MIL thickness and compatibility with numerous craft cutters. Moreover, the sheets have a five-year indoor and outdoor durability guarantee when properly displayed.

What Could've Been Better?

Although these adhesive vinyl sheets offer many beneficial features, they are not suitable for use on interior painted walls or standard printers. Users should take note of these limitations before purchasing.


  • Extensive range of vibrant colors
  • Made in the USA
  • 5-year indoor and outdoor durability
  • Compatible with various craft cutters and vinyl cutting machines


  • Not suitable for interior painted walls or standard printers

Size: 12" x 12" | Type: Adhesive vinyl | Material: Vinyl | Color: Multiple colors available | Quantity: 36 sheets

7. HTVRONT Vinyl for Cricut

HTVRONT's 65-pack Permanent Adhesive Vinyl Sheets Set is designed to make customizing apparels a breeze. The pack includes high-quality sheets that are easy to cut and transfer in 32 different colors. Additionally, the product is compatible with most cutting machines, making it an excellent choice for both amateurs and professionals.

HTVRONT Vinyl for Cricut - 65 Pack Permanent Adhesive Vinyl...
  • 👕 Clear PET Backing 👕 - Say goodbye to paper backing,...
  • 💦 GREAT STICKINESS & DURABLE 💦 Unlike other permanent...

Why Did We Like It?

One of the standout features of HTVRONT's Vinyl Sheets is the Clear PET Backing, which eliminates the need for paper backing, preventing unwanted sticking and damage during cutting. The adhesive vinyl is also highly durable, withstanding washing and outdoor weather conditions without peeling or bubbling. Furthermore, the set comes with 10 Transfer Tape Sheets perfect for gifting to creative friends and family.

What Could've Been Better?

The primary limitation of this product is that it is not suitable for fabric or car applications. Potential buyers should be aware of this before making a purchase.


  • Clear PET Backing
  • Great stickiness and durability
  • Easy to cut and transfer
  • Vibrant colors and transfer tape sheets included


  • Not suitable for fabric and car applications

Size: 12" x 12" | Type: Adhesive vinyl | Material: Vinyl | Color: Multiple colors available | Quantity: 65 sheets

8. JANDJPACKAGING HTV Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle

JANDJPACKAGING's HTV Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle is perfect for customizing a wide variety of apparel. Coming in a 43-pack with 32 unique colors, it offers users a thin yet durable vinyl option that's easy to work with and adheres seamlessly to fabrics.

JANDJPACKAGING HTV Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle - 43 Pack 12"...
  • 2020 UPDATED HTV VINYL -Our heat transfer vinyl sheets is...
  • EASY & SAFE TO USE - Quickly and easily apply the adhesive...

Why Did We Like It?

2020 Updated HTV Vinyl is thin and has excellent dimensional stability, making cutting and weeding hassle-free. The adhesive-backed iron-on vinyl is SGS certified eco-friendly with excellent elasticity and softness, perfect for children's clothing and accessories. The package also includes a pack of Teflon sheets for added convenience.

What Could've Been Better?

While the JANDJPACKAGING HTV Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle ticks many boxes, it is essential to note that the product might not be suitable for beginners without proper guidance. New users may need additional support in adjusting cutting and weeding parameters.


  • Thin, precise vinyl that’s easy to cut
  • Eco-friendly with excellent elasticity and softness
  • Durable and machine-washable
  • Vibrant colors and compatibility with multiple cutting machines


  • May not be beginner-friendly without guidance

Size: 12" x 10" | Type: Heat transfer vinyl | Material: Polyurethane | Color: Multiple colors available | Quantity: 43 sheets

Best Heat Transfer Vinyl Comparison Table

Siser EasyWeed12" x 15"Heat transfer vinylPolyurethaneMultiple colors availableSingle sheets
EZ Craft USA12" x 40 ftAdhesive vinylVinylGlossy whiteSingle roll
Firefly Craft12" x 20"Heat transfer vinylPolyurethaneGold glitterSingle sheets
Cricut12" x 19"Iron-on vinylPolyurethaneMultiple colors availableSingle sheets
ARHIKY12" x 10"Heat transfer vinylPolyurethaneMultiple colors available38 sheets
Qbc Craft12" x 12"Adhesive vinylVinylMultiple colors available36 sheets
HTVRONT12" x 12"Adhesive vinylVinylMultiple colors available65 sheets
JANDJPACKAGING12" x 10"Heat transfer vinylPolyurethaneMultiple colors available43 sheets

Buying Guide For The Best Heat Transfer Vinyl

When it comes to purchasing heat transfer vinyl, there are several key factors to take into consideration. Here, we've compiled a comprehensive buying guide to ensure you find the best HTV for your needs.

1. Material Compatibility

Before purchasing HTV, make sure it's compatible with the materials you plan to use. The most common use for heat transfer vinyl is applying designs to fabrics – such as cotton, polyester, and mixed blends. However, some HTV products may also work on materials like leather or canvas, so it's essential to check the manufacturer's recommendations.

2. Quality and Durability

Quality is a vital factor when choosing heat transfer vinyl. High-quality HTV will have excellent adhesive properties, ensuring that it adheres to the material and that the design won't peel or crack over time. A durable HTV will also withstand multiple washes without fading, maintaining the vibrancy of the colors.

3. Thickness and Flexibility

HTV comes in various thicknesses, with thinner sheets offering more flexibility and ease of use. Thin sheets are generally best for intricate designs, as they conform better to the material's surface and allow for more precise cutting and weeding. Thicker vinyl, on the other hand, may provide more durability but could be harder to work with for detailed projects.

4. Color Selection

When it comes to color, heat transfer vinyl come in a wide range of options, including solid colors, metallics, and glitter designs. Choose a brand that offers a variety of colors that suit your creative needs.

5. Size and Quantity

Consider the size of the HTV sheets or rolls you're purchasing, as this will affect the scale of your projects. Additionally, the number of sheets in a pack will influence the cost and how many projects you can complete. Some packs may offer a variety of colors in a single purchase, providing increased versatility.

6. Application Method and Temperature

Different types of HTV may require specific application methods, whether it's a heat press, iron, or other tools. Check the manufacturer's recommendations for application methods and the required temperature settings.

7. Ease of Use

When selecting a heat transfer vinyl, consider how easy it is to cut, weed, and apply the material. Some brands offer superior ease of use, making them more suitable for beginners or those with less experience.

8. Eco-Friendliness

Opt for HTV which is made from environmentally-friendly materials and is free of harmful chemicals. Look for brands that prioritize sustainability and have a responsible manufacturing process.

9. Compatibility with Cutting Machines

Ensure that the HTV you choose is compatible with your cutting machine to prevent any workflow disruptions. Compatibility is especially important when using popular machines like Cricut or Silhouette Cameo.

Important Tip:

When starting with a new HTV, always perform a test run with a small piece of the material to ensure proper adherence to the substrate and iron or heat press settings. This test will help you troubleshoot any issues before committing to a larger project.

By considering these factors and following this buying guide, you'll be well-equipped to find the best heat transfer vinyl for your needs. Focus on creating helpful, reliable, and people-first content, and explore the limitless possibilities with HTV.

A Look at Products from Silhouette

Silhouette provides a great range of products for its own machines. Although I’d recommend these kits mostly to beginners, veterans can join in too because these are extremely handy.

I’d recommend the Silhouette Heat Transfer Starter Kit for beginners. It’s a handy little kit that is very helpful - as it was for me.

It comes with some quintessential tools, instructional guides, and various vinyl sheets to get creative.

If you want to get more crafty or have been using the Cameo machine for a while now, then try Silhouette’s Glitter Heat Transfer pack. As the Firefly Craft mentioned earlier, these come with glitter sheets but also have other tools and guides included.

There are 12 sheets in the back which are pretty huge in size - 12”x36”. The quality is splendid and the material is extremely durable.

There are also some basic options that Silhouette offers like the basic heat transfer vinyl sheets which are great for simpler projects. These come in 9”x36” and have more than 30 color variants. Perfect for any project that you want to keep simple and straightforward.

What’s the Best Vinyl for You!?

The most important thing about crafting with vinyl sheets is, of course, finding the right vinyl sheets for you.

I recommend going out and trying a variety of vinyl brands to find the right one for you. Don’t just tunnel yourself on the first brand you come across and works okay. Try other brands and other variants of sheets, you might just find something better.

I strongly recommend experimentation here because vinyl sheets are relatively inexpensive products and I’ve done a lot of testing myself before I settled on the products I have mentioned in my list.

Although I am sure that you’ll find great products on this list, I still believe that you should try other brands as well that I haven’t mentioned in this list. Sure that Silhouette, Siser EasyWeed, and Cricut are amazing brands that’ll do you justice but you may just find something better for yourself that I haven’t mentioned here.

Heat Transfer Vinyl FAQ's

  • What fabrics can I use heat transfer vinyl on?

    Heat transfer vinyl can be applied to a variety of fabrics, including cotton, polyester, cotton/poly blends, and some types of nylon. However, checking the manufacturer’s recommendations before applying HTV to a specific fabric is important.

  • Can I use an iron to apply heat transfer vinyl?

    While an iron can be used to apply heat transfer vinyl in some cases, it is generally recommended to use a heat press for the best results. A heat press provides more even pressure and temperature, which can lead to better adhesion and longer-lasting designs.

  • How do I cut heat transfer vinyl?

    Heat transfer vinyl can be cut using a vinyl cutter or craft knife. If using a vinyl cutter, the design should be created using software or an app that is compatible with the cutter. Following the manufacturer’s guidelines for blade depth, pressure, and speed is important when cutting HTV.

  • How long does heat transfer vinyl last?

    The longevity of a heat transfer vinyl design can vary depending on factors such as the quality of the vinyl, the fabric it is applied to, and how well it is applied. A well-applied heat transfer vinyl design can last for years with proper care and washing.

  • How do I apply heat transfer vinyl to fabric?

    To apply heat transfer vinyl to fabric, first cut the vinyl into the desired design or lettering using a vinyl cutter or craft knife. Then, weed the excess vinyl away from the design. Place the design on the fabric and apply heat and pressure using a heat press or iron according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Can I layer heat transfer vinyl designs?

    Yes, heat transfer vinyl designs can be layered to create multi-colored or multi-layered designs. However, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for layering HTV and to ensure that each layer is applied correctly to prevent peeling or cracking.

  • Can I wash fabric with heat transfer vinyl designs?

    Yes, fabric with heat transfer vinyl designs can be washed, but it is important to follow the manufacturer’s care instructions for both the fabric and the HTV. Avoid using fabric softener or bleach, and wash in cold water on a gentle cycle to help prolong the life of the design.

  • Conclusion

    So that’s it! I’ve mentioned all that is needed to get started with crafting and DIYing with Silhouettes Cameo.

    These are all the fantastic brands that I have come across over the time I have been crafting and I hope that you love these products as well as I do.

    Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should stop experimenting with different products, even if you find the right one for you. Crafting is all about experimenting and trying new things.

    With that, I hope that this guide was helpful to you and I wish you well in your crafting endeavor! Have a great time.

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