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4 Best Hot Chocolate Gift Sets For Kids And Adults Alike

On a chilly winter night, few things are more comforting than a toasty fireplace, a cozy blanket, and a cup of hot chocolate.

Best Hot Chocolate Gift Sets

Given the value of hot chocolate, I consider it one of the best Christmas presents. I bet it's the same for you, too. So, to help you choose the right one, here are the four best hot chocolate gift sets on the market.

The 4 Best Hot Chocolate Gift Sets [A Gift Giver's Delight]

As an avid gift giver, I always see that what I give is well-thought-out, and a sweet hot chocolate gift set is just that. So, here are the different sets you can give your loved ones over the holidays!

1. Cocoa Creations Hot Chocolate Gift Set - Best Overall

Whittard of Chelsea has been known for over a century as the home for great-tasting, now-vegan hot chocolate. So, when they offered the Cocoa Creations hot chocolate gift set for $42, it became a staple when gifting vegans.

To run through why this hot chocolate gift set is a must-have, I'd like to start with the fact that it offers six delicious flavors per set, including:

  • Rocky road
  • Luxury
  • Mint
  • Luxury white
  • Salted caramel
  • Orange

Most importantly, for its price, this whole hot choc set can provide for 36 people at the standard serving size of 20g per mug using its six 120-grams bottles.


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Format: Powder | Inclusions: Six hot chocolate flavors | Serve: Hot, ice cold, or for baking

2. Mexican Hot Chocolate Set -Best Value for the Money

Hot Chocolate Lovers’ Gift Set by Verve CULTURE | Villa...
  • CHOCOLATE GIFT SET Chocoholics know what’s best when it...
  • VILLA REAL HOT CHOCOLATE Made in Oaxaca using a traditional...

If you're looking for something to give your Mexican friends and family, few things hit closer to home than Verve Culture's Mexican hot chocolate set for $48.

It is unique because it includes hand-carved molinillo, a pair of clay mugs, and Villa Real chocolate, all rooted in Mexico's rich cultural traditions.

The molinillo is made of alder wood and was included in this hot choc kit to help you whisk the goodness of the chocolate after heating it with milk in the mug.

Moreover, it's accompanied by lead-free glaze clay mugs perfect for the molinillo that keep your hot chocolate as they are, allowing you to enjoy your choco drink whenever you want.

That said, it does include nuts. So, it's better to know first if your loved ones are allergic before giving them this hot chocolate kit.

Format: Cocoa solids | Inclusions: Molinillo whisk and clay mugs | Serve: Hot

3. Chocolate Lover Hot Chocolate Gift Set - Best Budget

Loving and drinking hot chocolate are some things that bring sweetness into your life, and it can be intensified through Flying Bird Botanicals' chocolate lover hot chocolate gift set for $42.

This festive-looking hot chocolate kit holds one of the tastiest cocoa classics presented through its organic heirloom cacao, which was sun-dried to create a deep chocolate flavor.

To level up the hot cocoa game, this hot cocoa gift set also comes in four distinct sample flavors:

  • Especial with vanilla bean
  • Chokola with local red chilies
  • Lavender Mint with peppermint
  • Vanilla orange with citrus 

But what made this hot chocolate gift set exceptional is its packaging: the sleek tin can and the eye-catching letterpress hand tag make it stand out among chocolate kits.

However, its shipping packaging may need to be more reliable. So, it's always better to remind the seller to keep your items extra secure.


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Format: Powder | Inclusions: Four chocolate flavors | Serve: Hot, cold

4. Hot Chocolate Bombs Gift Set - Best Hot Chocolate Bombs

Bombombs Hot Chocolate Bombs, Classic Milk Chocolate Cocoa...
  • UNIQUE GIFT - Gift set includes uniquely flavored hot...
  • HOT COCOA BOMB - Elevate your hot chocolate with melting...

Gen Zs on TikTok (and the rest of the internet) are going wild for these bomb chocolate gift sets with marshmallows started by BomBombs.

If you plan on gifting a kit, you can't go wrong with this BomBomb hot chocolate gift set with prices starting from $19.99.

This bomb set has five bomb-like products in one packaging, with fudge brownie and salted caramel candy as just some of the included flavors.

Not just that, but when you mix this with hot water, you'll be surprised by the mini marshmallows inside.

The delicious hot chocolate and marshmallows make the BomBombs experience a must-have during Christmas gatherings.

However, it's disappointing that the manufacturer listed the nutritional facts and ingredients on a separate bit of packaging.

Format: Bomb | Inclusions: Five bomb-like chocolate gift | Serve: Hot

Comparing Top Hot Chocolate Gift Sets

Chocolate Gift SetsFormatInclusionsServe
Cocoa Creations Hot Chocolate Gift SetPowderSix hot chocolate flavorsHot, ice cold, or for baking
Mexican Hot Chocolate SetCocoa solidsMolinillo whisk and clay mugsHot
Chocolate Lover Hot Chocolate Gift SetPowderFour chocolate flavorsHot, cold
Hot Chocolate Bombs Gift SetBombFive bomb-like chocolate giftHot

What to Know Before Hot Chocolate Gift Sets

Before buying hot chocolate gift sets, there are some factors to consider, such as those listed in this section.

With Water vs with Milk

A hot cocoa mix from a hot cocoa kit can have different mixing methods. Some use water, and some use milk.

To choose what is best for you, remember this:

  • If you're lactose intolerant, use water as a solvent.
  • If you like added flavor and taste, you can dissolve it through milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and other hot choc pair options.

Powders vs Bombs

The powder form of a hot cocoa kit is a traditional approach to enjoying your chocolate pack.

Still, if you want to indulge in a new experience, a bomb-like form is your choice, especially when it has additional sugar-based surprises (i.e., marshmallows).

Set Inclusions

You should also consider that these gift sets come in various configurations and can include the following:

  • Mugs 
  • Multiple different flavors
  • Marshmallows
  • Whisks

Hot Chocolate Gift Sets FAQs

  • Here are some of the answers to your cocoa kit-related FAQs!

  • What Goes With Hot Chocolate as a Gift?

    The best hot chocolate maker or a mug goes well with your hot chocolate.

  • What Should I Include in My DIY Hot Chocolate Gift Set?

    You should include the following:

    • Mugs
    • Hot cocoa mix
    • Whisker
    • Bag to pack it all in
  • Conclusion

    With the information above, you know the perfect gift (hot cocoa kit) to shop for and give to your best friend or family member to help keep them warm and cozy during the holiday season!

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