10 Best Hot Chocolate Makers of 2020 | Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

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If you love chocolate then there is no way you wouldn’t love hot chocolate.  And who doesn’t love chocolate? Different restaurant surveys and consumer behavior analytics suggest that hot chocolate has got unprecedented popularity as a hot beverage in the last few years. Some food experts are also of the opinion that it has outshined the frozen chocolate options.

A warm, frothy, creamy chocolate pouring in on your taste buds is an experience that is quite difficult to replicate with any other cocoa treat, let alone any other dessert. But there’s a catch: hot chocolate is still largely restaurant-grade stuff and a pricier hot beverage option. It can get really expensive to satisfy your cocoa cravings with café hot chocolate every now and then.

But thanks to the manufacturers of household hot chocolate makers

These machines have made it quite feasible for cocoa enthusiasts to prepare their own hot chocolate drinks with the same froth, creaminess, and consistency for which they flock to restaurant, cafes, and coffeehouses in the first place.

If you are one of those customers who have paid enough for expensive café menus and now looking for a cost-effective and self-sufficient way to brew his/her own hot chocolate, then read on this piece because we are going to review 10 of the best chocolate makers of this year.

All these hot chocolate makers are reviewed in no particular order. The numbering is just for user’s convenience. It doesn’t show any ranking.

Best Hot Chocolate Makers

1. Souvia Milk Frother & Steamer Machine —  Maker with a Large Carafe

  • Operates on various hot and cold temperatures to serve every taste
  • Large carafe makes hot chocolate brewing a whole lot easier
  • Ideal for warming and frothing all sorts of milk 
Souvia Automatic Milk Frother and Steamer Machine - Hot and...

Souvia Automatic Milk Frother and Steamer Machine will sort out all your hot chocolate and coffee making woes. It operates on two frothing whisks: one is to make thick, layered froth for your hot chocolate drinks and the other offers more refine and smooth froth for lattes. Souvia hot chocolate maker comes with a spacious 700 ml carafe in which you can easily make 300 ml of chocolate froth.

And if you are just making a latte, then this big carafe is enough to serve a large group of people at once.  Its compact and easy-to-read controller makes it extremely convenient to use.  

2. PowerLix Milk Frother Handheld Foam Maker — Best Handheld Foam Maker

  • Ideal for all hot frothy beverages
  • Lightweight and battery power allow portable use
  • Comes with a 100% money-back guarantee 
PowerLix Milk Frother Handheld Battery Operated Electric...
  • GET CREAMY FROTH QUICKLY: Powerlix brings you its portable...
  • QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST: Our milk whisk frappe maker is made...

If carafe capacity is turning out to be a deal-breaker while buying a hot chocolate maker, then don’t worry because PowerLix has introduced an option tailor-made for you. PowerLix Milk Frother is a handheld and battery-operated device that is equally good for hot chocolates, cappuccinos, and lattes.

Operating at 19,000 RPM, this sleek but heavy-duty foam maker can take care of the largest volumes of chocolate and milk mixtures. Besides the super functionality, it’s easy to carry around this compact hot chocolate maker. Planning a dry-camping trip? Pack this PowerLix device in your supplies to make your trip chocolicious.  

3. SimpleTaste Milk Frother & Foam Maker — Best Personal Hot Chocolate Maker

  • Flask-shaped design offers better handling
  • Equally good for frothing and warming
  • A low-priced option
  • Easy to clean 
SimpleTaste Milk Frother Handheld Battery Operated Electric...
  • 【QUICKLY MAKE YOUR CREAMY FROTH】If you love your morning...
  • 【CONVENIENT & POWERFUL】The milk mixer is 2 AA batteries...
  • 【HIGHT QUALITY & STYLISH】Our milk whisk frappe maker is...
  • 【MULTIFUNCTIONAL】The machine is beautifully styled in...

If you are looking for a device that can warm milk and produce froth without much of an effort, then there is no other option better than SimpleTaste Milk Frother. It’s a compact size foam maker with the carafe capacity of 250 ml for warming and 150 ml for frothing.

And even from that compact container, it can help you in making cappuccinos, macchiato, hot chocolates and lattes.  The other great thing about this SimpleTaste machine is it is not expensive in comparison to other hot chocolate makers available in the market. Moreover, it’s cleaning and washing is also a breeze. You don’t have to wrestle with those browned milk residues.

If you are looking for a hot chocolate maker just for personal use, then SimpleTaste Milk Frother is an ideal option.  

4. VAVA  Milk Frother  — Best Detachable Hot Chocolate Maker

  • Stylish detachable milk jug
  • One-touch operations allow hassle-free brewing
  • Easy-to-clean scratch-resistant inside
  • Come with  2.5 years of manufacturer warranty 
Secura Automatic Electric Milk Frother and Warmer (250ml)
  • Milk frother makes hot and cold milk froth for cappuccinos,...
  • Maximum level indicator for milk frother and maximum level...
  • Stainless-steel exterior with vacuum insulation; Detachable...
  • Product for use with North American Electrical Standards,...

We couldn’t settle on the USP of a VAVA Detachable Milk Frother. Is its stylish detachable milk jug from which you can directly serve guests? Or is it the three-point one-touch setting for hot froth, cold froth, and hot milk? The jug is enough to brew chocolate froth for three servings and its stainless steel lining is scratch-resistant and easy to wash.

VAVA Milk Frother works with automatic stop operation. However, you can also run it manually to get extra hot chocolate. This compact milk frother is not just good for making hot chocolate delights. It is equally good to brew all different sorts of coffees. 

5. Bialetti Hot Chocolate Maker & Milk Frother — Best Maker for Different Ingredients

  • Produces four standard servings of hot chocolate in one cycle
  • Gives consistent results with all different chocolate substrates
  • Cold mixing option is available
  • Timer and Automatic shut-off 
Bialetti Hot Chocolate Maker & Milk Frother
  • Makes 32 ounces of frothy hot chocolate (Four 8 ounce cups)
  • Works with chocolate shavings, drinking chocolate, or cocoa...
  • Melts and mixes the chocolate to the perfect serving...
  • Timer with automatic shut off

It is yet another compact machine in our list of best chocolate makers. Bialetti boasts about its machine’s spacious carafe that can brew 32 ounces of hot chocolate at once, which is equivalent to four standard servings. The manufacturer has perfected this chocolate maker to work with all types of ingredients. Whether you are using chocolate shavings, syrups or cocoa powder, you can get the same creaminess and consistency with every different recipe.

Like VAVA Hot Chocolate Maker, it also works with automatic shut off— put the ingredients, turn it on, and just wait for it do its thing. Apart from brewing hot beverages, you can also use it for cold mixing. Now prepare froth for your iced coffee without a hassle.  

6. Capresso Froth MAX — Hot Chocolate Maker with Best Frothing Capacity

  • Comes with two patented disks for more efficient frothing
  • Simple three control buttons
  • Can also be used for non-dairy products 
Capresso froth Pro Milk Frother for Cappuccino, Espresso,...
  • BEST FROTH: Produces perfectly frothed milk for cappuccino,...
  • LARGE CAPACITY: 8-ounce for frothing, 12-ounce for heating...
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Dishwasher safe, removable milk pitcher with...
  • SIMPLE OPERATION: Illuminated controls for selecting cold,...

Capresso’s Froth Max Automatic has ended up in our list because of its distinctive, patented frothing disks. This hot chocolate maker comes with three disks: one for heating and two for frothing. These unique disks have given it an exceptional frothing ability. You can get a maximum amount of froth in the least time and cycles.

Using a Capresso Hot Chocolate Maker is pretty simple. The control panel only has three buttons i.e. for cold, hot, and warm mixing. From chocolate syrup to powdered mixes and shaving, you can use any form of chocolate to make both cold and hot cocoa beverages.

This review of Capresso Froth MAX Automatic Milk Frother can’t be concluded without talking about its pitcher. It is s spacious container with a cool-touch handle for hassle-free usage. Moreover, it’s dishwasher-safe and BPA-free.  And you can use non-dairy products (soy milk, almond milk, etc) in it as well. 

7. Nostalgia HCM700 Retro — Hot Chocolate Maker with a Dispensing Spout

  • Large pitcher for maximum frothing at once
  • Comes with a dispensing spout
  • Comes with a recipe book 
Nostalgia Hot Chocolate, Milk Frother, Cappuccino Latte...
  • Blend, heat and whip a variety of hot beverages, including...
  • Large 32 ounce capacity for multiple servings
  • Dispensing valve releases a rich, perfectly blended beverage...
  • Cord Storage

Nostalgia Retro Hot Chocolate Maker and Dispenser is an ideal brewing machine for hot beverages, and it is not an overstatement. This hot chocolate maker comes with a large pitcher in which you can simultaneously prepare 32 ounces of hot chocolate. The pitcher is also fitted with dispensing spout at the bottom for easy serving.

If you have noticed, the title of this hot chocolate maker bears the word ‘Retro’. It is not titled as such just to make it sound cool. The design of its base has indeed a retro juicer/blender design. Nostalgia Hot Chocolate Maker doesn’t have the cold mixing feature.

But we can’t complain about this shortcoming due to the unmatched utility it offers in the making of perfect hot beverages. Get Nostalgia HCM700 and prepare all your cappuccino, latte and hot chocolate menus at home.  

8. Mr. Coffee BVMC-HC5 — Most Compact Hot Chocolate Maker

  • Spacious brewing pitcher
  • Comes with a recipe booklet and an ingredient basket
  • Automatic shut-off system 
Mr. Coffee BVMC-HC5 Cafe Cocoa Hot Chocolate Maker, Black
  • 32oz Pitcher makes up to 4 mugs
  • Includes a basket to add your favorite ingredients
  • Mixing disc whips hot cocoa quickly and easily
  • 20 Recipes included

Mr. Coffee has perfected its range of electronic appliances by introducing Café Cocoa Hot Chocolate Maker. It’s a frothing pitcher with a capacity of 32 ounces that can serve your gatherings in a single cycle. Even with a big pitcher, the overall size of BVMC-HC5 is too compact—thanks to the streamlined design of its base.

A basket is also part of the deal in which you can store your chocolate ingredients. Like any other best hot chocolate maker that we have discussed here, Mr. Coffee BVMC- HC5 also comes with automatic shut-off.  

While providing a quality hot chocolate making machine, Mr. Coffee has also made sure that you can prepare all sorts of café and coffeehouse beverages at home. Therefore, a booklet with 20 recipes also comes with the maker.  

9. VeSumly Handheld Electric Maker —  USB-Powered Hot Chocolate Maker

  • The USB-powered powerful handheld frothing wand
  • Designed for all sorts of frothing purposes
  • Comes with an egg beating whisk 
VeSumly Milk Frother Handheld Electric Drink Mixer Foam...
  • 【Professional Kitchen & Barista Tool】- With 2 versatile...
  • 【Rechargeable milk frother】- The frothing wand is...
  • 【3 Whisking Speeds】- 3 Gears allow you to choose the...
  • 【Double whisks & Remarkable Durability】- The...

This is another portable and handheld option in our list of best hot chocolate makers of this year. VeSumly Rechargeable Electric Drink Mixer and Milk Form Maker is equally good for residential and professional use. With 2 versatile whisks, a VeSumly Hot Chocolate Maker can be operated at three different speeds to get the desired thickness and consistency of the froth.

This USB-powered frothing wand is ideal if you have to make a hot chocolate delight for a large group of people. Also, VeSumly has packed a durable egg beater with it. 

10. Mr. Coffee Cocomotion — Simplest Hot Chocolate Maker

  • Can brew four standard cups of hot chocolate in a single cycle
  • Simple control and easy cleaning
  • Robust mixing disk 
Mr. Coffee Cocomotion Hot Chocolate Maker
  • Makes up to 4 mugs of frothy hot chocolate
  • Auto-Off fuction provides extra safety
  • Convenient on/off indicator light
  • Mixing disc whips hot cocoa quickly and easily

This is the second product by Mr. Coffee on our list. It’s the simplest yet most effective hot chocolate maker in the market right now. Cocomotion Hot Chocolate Maker can make four creamy cups of frothy hot chocolate in a single cycle.

It comes with a robust mixing disk that ensures you get consistent results all the time regardless of what cocoa powders and raw chocolate variants are going into the pitcher. Cocomotion Hot Chocolate Maker is easy to operate since it just has a single button and an automatic shut-off. 

So, these are some top-of-the-line hot chocolate makers of this year. All these products are available on Amazon and enjoy high ratings and raving reviews from customers. Pick any of them to make your own lump-free, consistent, and frothy hot chocolate treats and bid farewell to all those high-end coffeehouse and cafes.  


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