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6 Best Humidifier For Plants | Reviews + Guide

Best Humidifier for Plants

Growing healthy and beautiful plants requires a lot of care and maintenance, whether it is indoors or outdoors! 

Thus, you need to make sure that your indoor plants get the optimum moisture level, besides fertilizing and watering them regularly. And that’s where humidifiers can help you out since they can produce a healthy mist flow that lets the plants grow and flourish. 


But choosing an ideal humidifier for your plants can be difficult since there are hundreds of options available out there. 

So, to make your task easier, we have brought you this carefully curated list of the 7 best options to consider. 

Read on to know more.

Best Humidifier For Plants

Composition with Best Humidifier for Plants

Whether you have a small collection of houseplants or an extensive indoor garden, we’ve got you covered. So, if you’re ready to give your plants the moisture they crave, here’s the list of the 6 best humidifiers for plants.

  1. GENIANI Portable Humidifiers – Best for Dual Mist Modes

Top Fill Humidifier with Essential Oil Diffuser 4L for Home,...
  • ✅ BECAUSE YOU DESERVE THE BEST: Our classic, dual-function...

Providing your plants with the right moisture to flourish is more convenient than ever with this compact, portable humidifier from Geniani. Maintaining the optimum level of humidity, it facilitates healthy growth of the plants and also has quite a few other applications. You even get a beneficial 1-year warranty on this product. 

Why Did We Like It?

First of all, we really liked the two modes offered by this humidifier to activate the mist, namely intermittent and continuous. These two modes let us adjust the flow of environmental humidity, according to the plants’ needs. As such, we could get just the humidity level that we wanted at any point in time.

And the change occurred within minutes of pressing a convenient button provided on the humidifier. Thus, there were no hassles involved in operating the product as well. Also, it has a capacity of 0.06 gal which is sufficient for using it throughout an office day or an entire night while sleeping.

Plus, you can use it for moisturizing your skin or even to humidify the car while traveling. Lastly, it can deliver pretty much silent operation, thanks to its operating mode of less than 30 dB.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The only downside of purchasing this product is that the cleaning process is a bit complicated. There is an atomizer that needs to be treated once a week with acetum, then kept for some time and scrubbed with any brush afterward.

Apart from this, some other parts also require thorough cleaning. So, maintaining this humidifier will require much more effort than other products.

  • Two mist flow modes for better humidification
  • Perfectly portable
  • Has many applications
  • Delivers a very silent operation
  • Cleaning process is complicated
Coverage: 220 sq ft | Tank Cap.: 4 L | Mist Output Level: Adjustable | Run Time: Up to 40 hrs | Noise Level: 30 dB | Filter Type: Nano-coated filter
  1. LEVOIT Classic 200S Humidifier – Best for Long-lasting Humidity

LEVOIT 4L Smart Cool Mist Humidifier for Home Bedroom with...
  • SMART AUTO MODE: Set your ideal humidity and let the...
  • REMOTE APP CONTROL: Turn on your humidifier from anywhere...

You can also go for this advanced humidifier from Levoit which helps to create the ideal environment for the growth of all your indoor plants. What does the magic is its high-quality moisture control mechanism which helps maintain a healthy level of humidity throughout. Note that this product comes with a 1.05-gallon tank and weighs 3.5 lbs. 

Why Did We Like It?

We begin by discussing the capacity of this humidifier since it seemed to be the most significant feature. It can hold 1.05 gallons of water at a time, which makes it capable of humidifying any space for as long as 40 hours.

Further, it can control moisture over a range of 24-35 sq m within any space, which makes it suitable for medium-sized plant nurseries as well. Notably, this product can also be connected to Alexa, VeSync, or Google Assistant on your smartphone, allowing you to control the humidity level more conveniently.

Also, the humidifier turns off automatically whenever the level of water is low or the tank is detached from it. This way, it becomes very safe to handle. And that’s not all; it has a silencer that keeps the sound level lowered to 25 dB and can be detached easily to clean it up.

What Could’ve Been Better?

We found that the product had to be turned upside down for refilling it and there was no handle on the bottom part. This made the refilling a bit of a hassle, which is why we felt the design of this product was not convenient enough. Also, the grab handle that is present on the upper part can be accessed only after removing the top cover.

  • Large capacity lets you humidify a place for 40 hours
  • Suitable for medium-sized plant nurseries
  • Comes with a convenient auto turn-off feature
  • Sound is kept lowered at 25 dB
  • Refilling is not convenient enough
Coverage: 376 sq ft | Tank Cap.: 4 L | Mist Output Level: Adjustable | Run Time: Up to 40 hrs | Noise Level: 25 dB | Filter Type: Ceramic filter
  1. PARIS RHÔNE Humidifiers – Best for Accurate Humidity Reading

Humidifiers for Bedroom, PARIS RHÔNE Upgrade 4L Cool Mist...
  • Customize Your Comfort: Take control of your environment by...
  • Soothing Relief From Dry Air: Equipped with a 1.06gal / 4L...

This humidifier from PARIS RHÔNE helps to maintain a healthy environment by controlling the relative humidity of any space. It provides you with clean moisture that is conducive to ideal plant growth and is also quite easy to operate and maintain. Note that this humidifier has a tank with a volume of 1.06 gallons and weighs 3.7 lbs. 

Why Did We Like It?

The best thing about this product is the convenient LED display provided it, which gives you an accurate reading of the RH at any point in time. It consists of a humidistat that is built into the machine and also allows you to adjust the humidity by three levels of mist flow. 

Also, we were really impressed by the microporous cartridge which filtered all the bad odor and harmful microorganisms from the water. This way, the air consisted of fresh and healthy moisture only. 

Another noteworthy feature is the set of two modes, namely the sleep mode and the nightlight mode. So, you can either turn the LED screen off or keep the nightlight on before you sleep. Lastly, the built-in handle on the water tank helps in refilling the humidifier easily and also lets you clean it conveniently. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

The only drawback of this humidifier is that the tank has a small opening which makes it difficult to clean its inner surface. To deal with this problem, you can drop in small cartridge cleaning balls which help to clean up any dirt accumulating on the surface.

  • LED display gives an accurate reading of RH level
  • Lets you adjust humidity by three levels
  • Cartridge balls filter harmful microorganisms from the water
  • Allows you to sleep with the nightlight turned on
  • Inner surface of the tank difficult to clean
Coverage: 322 sq ft | Tank Cap.: 4 L | Mist Output Level: Adjustable | Run Time: Up to 30 hrs | Noise Level: N/A | Filter Type: Antibacterial filter
  1. Magictec Cool Mist Humidifier

Cool Mist Humidifier, Magictec 2.5L Bedroom Essential...

Next, we’ve picked this efficient mist humidifier from Magictec, which offers all-day-long humidification and is quite simple to use. It incorporates a number of top-notch features that help provide the perfect environment for plants to thrive and also a refreshing atmosphere in any room. This model comes with a tank of 0.66-gallon capacity and weighs 2.35 lbs. 

Why Did We Like It?

First and foremost, this product offers just the right level of humidity that any place requires. This is made possible by the 360” spray nozzle and the adjustable knob. While the nozzle helps to direct the mist flow to the areas which need moisture, the knob helps you control the flow. As such, the humidity in any room can be set at the desired level. 

Moving on to its capacity, the product lets you keep your room humidified throughout the entire day. What does the trick is the capacity of 0.66 gallons can work for 24 hours, which also ensures that your plants get the ideal humidity level all through the night as well. 

Finally, the automatic turn-off mechanism ensures that your humidifier shuts off safely when the water has been used up. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

Although we had no complaints as such with the efficiency of the product, we hoped the refilling could be done from the top instead of the bottom. That’s because each time the humidifier was taken off the bottom base, water started dripping everywhere. Following this, the refill has to be turned upside down, which again causes water to spill out. 

  • Offer the right humidity level
  • Adjustable knob lets you control the flow
  • Keeps your room humidified throughout the day
  • Shuts off safely when water is used up
  • Refilling has to be done from the bottom part
Coverage: N/A | Tank Cap.: 2.5 L | Mist Output Level: Adjustable | Run Time: Up to 24 hrs | Noise Level: <30 dB | Filter Type: Replaceable filter
  1. Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifiers

Everlasting Comfort Air Humidifiers for Bedroom - 50-Hour...
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  • PERFECT FOR ANY ROOM UP TO 500 SQUARE FEET: Create an oasis...

Offer your plants and as well as your family healthier air to breathe in by bringing home this humidifier from Everlasting Comfort. It helps to better the quality of air in your room in a number of ways and is designed using the latest technology. Weighing 3.1 lbs., this product comes with a convenient cleaning brush and sponge which is dustproof. 

Why Did We Like It?

To begin with, this humidifier offers you a water capacity of 1.6 gallons, which is greater than even the Levoit Classic product. Thus, a tank-full of the humidifier lasts for as long as 20-50 hours and effectively humidifies up to 500 sq. ft. of space.

Also, we were surprised as well as amazed by how efficiently this product worked without any filters. It produced an equally pure and healthy mist flow through the convenient nozzle, which could be rotated by 360° to adjust the direction.

Further, it has a water inlet that is 90 mm wide to allow easy refilling and cleaning up, without any spilling. Lastly, there is an LED indicator that shines red when the water level has reached a particular low point.

What Could’ve Been Better?

We have no complaints regarding the efficiency of this machine, but if it is left to work overnight, it might make the room a bit foggy by morning. So, you need to open the door or window, and it will be cleared within a couple of minutes.

  • One tank-full can humidify a place for 20-50 hours
  • Saves time and is cost-effective
  • Nozzle can be rotated by 360°
  • Wide water inlet easy to refill and clean
  • May make the room a bit foggy if left working overnight
Coverage: 500 sq ft | Tank Cap.: 6 L | Mist Output Level: Adjustable | Run Time: Up to 50 hrs | Noise Level: <35 dB | Filter Type: Water filter
  1. Raydrop Cool Mist Humidifiers

raydrop® Cool Mist Humidifiers for Home Babies, 1.70 L...
  • Space Saving Design: Vertical oval shape designed for...
  • Whisper-Quiet Operation: This cool mist humidifiers can be...

This humidifier from Raydrop lets you and your plants stay healthy even under extremely dry weather conditions. It helps to make a room more comfortable and is loaded with a number of wonderful features to provide the desired performance. Note that this humidifier comes in a convenient oval and vertical shape and weighs 0.45 gallons. 

Why Did We Like It?

The convenient dial knob of this humidifier caught our attention since it enabled effective control over the mist flow. By selecting a favorable mist output, you can fully control the humidity level and thus better the air quality considerably. 

As for the safety of operating this humidifier, it came with an efficient automatic shut-off system. It also had a red indicator to alert you when the water level was low. 

Further, this product delivers a whisper-quiet performance and doesn’t produce any noise of the fan operating or of water gurgles. Hence, you can place it in the bedroom for getting a healthy mist flow without having to worry about any sound. Additionally, one tank-full of the humidifier can deliver as much as 10 hours of continuous mist flow. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

The only drawback of using this humidifier is that it is not built with very long-lasting material. As such, you might observe cracks on the external surface after using it for a couple of months. This generally happens when the material is not sturdy enough to hold hot water and also gets affected by the steam that the humidifier produces.

  • Enables effective control over mist flow
  • Safety indicator to signal low water level
  • Delivers a whisper-quiet performance
  • One tank-full can deliver 10 hours of mist flow
  • Material not sturdy and long-lasting enough
Coverage: N/A | Tank Cap.: 1.7 L | Mist Output Level: Adjustable | Run Time: Up to 24 hrs | Noise Level: <32 dB | Filter Type: Ceramic filter

Best Humidifier For Plants Comparison Table

ProductCoverageTank CapMist Output LevelRun TimeRun TimeFilter Type
GENIANI Portable Humidifiers220 sq ft4 LAdjustableUp to 40 hrs30 dBNano-coated filter
LEVOIT Classic 200S Humidifier376 sq ft4 LAdjustableUp to 40 hrs25 dBCeramic filter
PARIS RHÔNE Humidifiers322 sq ft4 LAdjustableUp to 30 hrsN/AAntibacterial filter
Magictec Cool Mist HumidifierN/A2.5 LAdjustableUp to 24 hrs<30 dBReplaceable filter
Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifiers500 sq ft6 LAdjustableUp to 50 hrs< 35 dBWater filter
Raydrop Cool Mist HumidifiersN/A1.7 LAdjustableUp to 24 hrs< 32 dBCeramic filter

Humidification for cultivation of flowers. The steam from the air humidifier in the room. Humidifier For Plants Buyer’s Guide

Buying Guide For The Best Humidifier For Plants

Before proceeding to choose a suitable humidifier for your indoor plants, it is essential to consider your needs and preferences. The perfect humidifier will have all the features needed to provide an ideal mist flow that keeps your plants strong and healthy.

Here are the features you must look for in any product while making a suitable choice.

  1. Humidity Settings and Output

Note that for providing the ideal air quality, a humidifier should release as much moisture as the room temperature. If it releases too less or too much moisture, that might alter the temperature.

To make this possible, high-quality products are designed with efficient controls for mist output to match the ideal air environment. Hence, it is essential to check the humidity setting and output while going through the details of any product.

  1. Noise Level

This is an important factor to ensure that you can have a peaceful environment while getting the ideal air quality. Note that all products don’t produce the same level of noise. And especially if you spend more time near your indoor garden, it is essential to consider a product that has a low noise output. Generally, an evaporative humidifier will produce more noise compared to an ultrasonic model.

  1. Tank Capacity

The water tank is the main source from which the humidifier generates the mist. Hence, it is also a crucial factor to consider while choosing an ideal humidifier for your plants. Note that the size of the water tank is proportional to the duration for which a humidifier can function. Hence, the larger the tank, the longer will your humidifier run without having to shut it off and refill it.

Humidifier For Plants FAQ's

  • Why do plants need a humidifier?

    Plants require a certain level of humidity in their environment to thrive. Dry air can lead to wilting, yellowing leaves, and increased susceptibility to pests. A humidifier helps to maintain optimal humidity levels, promoting healthy growth and preventing damage to plants.

  • How does a humidifier benefit indoor plants?

    A humidifier adds moisture to the air, increasing the humidity around the plants. This helps to mimic the natural environment and provides plants with the necessary moisture for proper growth and development. It also helps to prevent the soil from drying out too quickly.

  • Can any humidifier be used for plants?

    While any humidifier can increase the humidity in a room, not all humidifiers are suitable for plants. Plants require a specific range of humidity, typically between 40% and 60%. It’s recommended to use a humidifier that allows you to control and adjust the humidity levels to meet the specific needs of your plants.

  • What is the ideal humidity level for plants?

    The ideal humidity level for most plants is around 40% to 60%. However, some plants may have specific humidity requirements, so it’s essential to research the specific needs of your plant species.

  • Can a humidifier over-humidify plants?

    Yes, over-humidification can be detrimental to plants. Too much humidity can create an environment conducive to mold, fungus, and other plant diseases. It’s important to monitor the humidity levels and adjust the humidifier accordingly to prevent excessive moisture.

  • Can a humidifier replace regular watering for plants?

    No, a humidifier cannot replace regular watering for plants. While a humidifier adds moisture to the air, plants still need water at their roots to survive. Humidifiers help to create a favorable environment, but watering the plants properly is still necessary for their overall health.

  • How often should I run the humidifier for my plants?

    The frequency of running the humidifier depends on factors such as the type of plants, humidity requirements, and the surrounding environment. It’s generally recommended to run the humidifier during the day when plants are actively growing and transpiring. Monitor the humidity levels using a hygrometer and adjust the humidifier accordingly.

  • Can I use tap water in my humidifier for plants?

    It’s best to use distilled or filtered water in humidifiers for plants to avoid mineral buildup on the leaves and soil. Tap water often contains minerals and chemicals that can leave residue and affect the overall health of the plants. Using purified water helps ensure a clean and healthy environment for your plants.

  • Humidifier and flower Chamaedorea in pot on window. Increase in air humidity in room or office. Best Humidifier For Plants Verdict


    With this, we come to the end of this guide and we hope you’ll be able to choose the best humidifier for your plants now. 

    But before we sign off, we would like to highlight our favorites from the list. If you are on the lookout for a high-performing product for a medium-sized indoor garden, the PARIS RHÔNE Ultrasonic Humidifier will be a perfect choice. 

    On the other hand, if durability and cost-effectiveness are your major lookouts, the Raydrop Cool Mist Humidifiers will be a great option to go for. 

    Let us know whether you agree with our verdict in the comments section below. 

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