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Uneven Bars: 8 Best Junior Training Gymnastics Bars

8 Best Junior Training Gymnastics Bars

The Tepemccu Gymnastics Training Bar is suitable for children up to 8 years of age because of its sturdy body and 5 adjustable heights. Safly Fun’s gymnastic bar is also worth considering for small spaces because of its foldable design. 

A day in the life of a wannabe gymnast starts with side jumping jacks and sprints. But does your little one keep flipping around the house even after hours of practice? In that case, getting a gymnastic bar would be wise. 

That said, how will you know which gymnastics bar would be the right pick for your child? To help you choose, I’ve reviewed the 8 best gymnastics bars that are worth considering. 

Best Junior Training Gymnastics Bar

Best Junior Training Gymnastics Bar

Here’s the list of the 8 best junior training gymnastics bars, along with some important points to consider when choosing the right one for your child.

1. Tepemccu Gymnastics Training Bar – Best for Young Trainees

Tepemccu Expandable Gymnastics Bars,Adjustable Height...
  • SAFE & STURDY: Tepemccu Folding gymnastics bar is designed...
  • FOLDABLE TO SAVE SPACE – Do you need to save space when...

The Tepemccu Gymnastics Training Bar is an expandable gymnastics bar for home use that can be adjusted to 5 different heights, from 34.8” to 50.8”. I recommend it for children up to 8 years of age and you can turn the upgraded spin lock system to secure it to the desired height. 

This polypropylene adjustable training bar boasts a tri-angle structure supported by two pedestals, making it a sturdy option. To ensure maximum safety, anti-slip rings are added to this heavy-duty gymnastics bar that prevents it from moving.

Besides serving as shock absorbers, they keep the floor protected from scratches, thanks to the rounded sponge pedestal. Therefore, you can set it up indoors without worrying about damaging the flooring. 

As for the installation, setting up this horizontal bar is relatively easy. All you need to do is connect the rods, and your sturdy gymnastics bar will be ready for use. 

Storage is also not an issue with this adjustable gymnastic bar because it’s foldable, and you can store it in any corner of your home. 

One thing I’d like to bring to your attention is that this junior kip bar is available only in three limited color options– light pink, navy blue, and pink. Whichever finish you opt for, rest assured that the powder-coated finish is anti-scratch and rust-proof. You can install it on your terrace, garden, or rooftop without the fear of natural elements affecting its durability. 

Material: Polypropylene | Weight Limit: 140 lbs | Height: 34.8”/ 39.2”/ 42.3”/ 46.8”/ 50.8’’ | Color: Pink

2. Safly Fun Gymnastics Bar – Best for Stability

Safly Fun Gymnastics Bar for Kids, Adjustable Height...
  • 🎀【SAFETY & DURABLE】This gymnastics bars comes with...
  • 🎀【PORTABLE COMPACT & EASY CARRYING】 This gymnastics...

Relying on a triangular structure, the Safly Fun Gymnastics Bar is designed to stay put, thanks to its two bases with sponge pedestals that absorb shock and make it stable. This means no matter how much your child flips around the bars, the home kip bar won’t wobble or tumble.

On top of that, each of the two rods at the bottom features four non-slip rubber pads to make the bar extra stable. And it even does a decent job of protecting the flooring from abrasion.

Safly Fun uses hardened and thickened high-quality steel tubes to manufacture this gymnastics bar, which is why it can withstand up to 140 lbs. Despite that, it isn’t as heavy as other kip bars, so it can be transported from one place to another with ease. 

This horizontal bar can be adjusted to 5 heights, from 34.8” to 51”, so it will remain usable for years. Once adjusted, you will have to secure it by rotating the pin lock system. 

As far as the assembly is concerned, this adjustable bar is easy to install, like other gymnastics bars. Similarly, it is foldable, meaning you can tuck it in the garage or any corner of your child’s room after use. 

For extra safety, you can use it with a gymnastics mat; not to forget, it’s covered with a hassle-free warranty of 12 months. 

Material: Iron | Weight Limit: 140 lbs | Height: 34.8”/ 40.5”/ 45.5”/ 51” | Color: Pink

3. Slsy Gymnastics Bar – Best for Outdoor Use

Slsy Gymnastics Bars Kids Kip Training Bars for Home,...
  • ★ STURDY AND SAFE: Triangular structure make the gymnast...
  • ★ FOLDABLE & EASY ASSEMBLY: Kids gymnastics bar is...

Despite boasting a simple design, the Slsy Gymnastics Bar is robust, which is why it can accommodate kids up to 160 lbs. What I like about this bar is that its triangular frame is constructed of high-quality steel and is powder coated for a smooth finish. That means, it is resistant to the natural elements. 

Besides, this horizontal bar won’t chip, fade, scratch, or wear out with regular usage, as it’s designed to take a beating, unlike other gymnastics bars. The training bars are held together with rugged screws, which have better tensile strength, while the brand supplies premium hardware fittings. Therefore, you can use it outdoors, no matter how harsh the weather is. 

Still, if the unit gets damaged, you can contact the manufacturer, as it’s covered with a 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee. Not just that, but it’s backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can return it if you’re dissatisfied with the build quality. 

What’s more, this kids’ gymnastics bar doesn’t take much time to assemble and can be folded for easy storage. To fold it, you simply need to pull up the parallel bars from both sides and store the unit wherever you want. 

Much like other gymnastics bars, it comes with adjustable knobs for height adjustment. However, it provides only 4 height adjustments, with 54” being the maximum height, so keep that in mind. 

For added safety, the horizontal bars are equipped with rubber pads to make sure the unit doesn’t slip when a young gymnast or child is using it. 

Material: Steel | Weight Limit: 160 lbs | Height: 33.6”/ 40.8”/ 45.6”/ 54” | Color: Purple

4. RINREA Gymnastics Bar

RINREA Gymnastic Bars for Kids with Adjustable Height,...
  • ❤ SAFE&STABLE: RINREA Gymnastics bar constructed with...
  • ❤ EASY ASSEMBLE &FOLDING: RINREA gymnastics training bar...

To kickstart the gymnastics journey of your little gymnast, the RINREA Gymnastics Bar is another dependable option because of its sturdy construction. 

A thick galvanized steel tube frame is used to construct the bar set that forms the triangular structure. Two rounded pedestals support the triangular structure that can be rotated to find the best balance. 

Further, 4 rubber rings equipped with 2 bars enhance stability while reducing friction. Even then, if you’re worried about your child’s safety, adding a safety mat will be a wise thing to do. It also features premium electroplate tubes that are resistant to rust, which means it will withstand water splashes.  

Assembling this sturdy gymnastics bar is an easy task, although you’ll have to get lock washers because they aren’t included in the package. Like other gymnastic bars, it is a space-saving unit because it is foldable and portable, so you can move it to any part of your home without much trouble. 

Better yet, it comes with 5 adjustable heights from 35” to 51” by turning the spin lock system for your child’s safety. But what makes it different from a wooden bar is that it is sturdy enough to support up to 140 lbs, so it would neither bend nor break. 

Moreover, a 100% money-back guarantee covers this gymnastics bar, and you can claim a full refund in case of quality issues. 

Material: Rubber, steel | Weight Limit: 140 lbs | Height: 35”/ 39”/ 43”/ 47”/ 51” | Color: Pink

5. DOBESTS Gymnastics Bar

DOBESTS Gymnastics Bars for Home Gymnastic Equipment for...
  • 【Easy Assemble & Space-Saving】 Gymnastics horizontal bar...
  • 【Safe And Sturdy 】Gymnastics equipment bars are designed...

Standing 51” tall, the DOBETS Gymnastics Bar is a practical addition to your small space because of its foldable design. Unlike other heavy-duty home gymnastics bars, you can fold and unfold this bar whenever needed. Also, its foldable design makes it a space-saving unit because you won’t need a large space to store it; simply tuck it in any corner of the garage. 

Iron, in conjunction with stainless steel, is used in the construction of this gymnastics bar, so you can rest assured that it’s highly durable. Its durability is further enhanced by the inclusion of four rubber rings on the two bar legs that reduce friction. 

This bone-building strength gymnastics bar is equipped with a height adjustment rotary button that makes height adjustment convenient. Therefore, you can adjust up to four heights from 35” to 51” as per your child’s height. And if your child’s weight is more than 100 lbs, this would be an option worth considering because it can support up to 150 lbs. 

Its two large pedestal bases are also adjustable, so you can place the unit on uneven floors and make it stable by adjusting them. Unlike other high-quality gymnastics bars, this one is a bit wobbly, despite adjusting the base. If that seems too much of an issue, I suggest using a safety mat to ensure your child’s safety. 

Sold in two colors, pink and purple, this gymnastics bar is backed by a 12-month money-back guarantee. Hence, you can always reach out to the brand if any issue arises with the unit. 

Material: Iron, stainless steel | Weight Limit: 150 lbs | Height: 35”/ 40”/ 45”/ 51” | Color: Purple

6. RELIANCER Gymnastics Bar

RELIANCER Expandable Gymnastics Bars Junior Training Bar...
  • 【Triangular Structure】Reliancer 58.5''X42.5'' gymnastics...
  • 【Sturdy&Safe Pro Grade Design】Reliancer training monkey...

Designed for children up to seven years of age, the RELIANCER kids gymnastics bar can be adjusted to five heights to meet the skill level and needs of different children. 

All you need to do is pull the quick-adjust knobs, adjust the bar to the height you want, and fasten them to secure the adjustment. Depending on the height of your children, this unit can be adjusted from 34.5” to 50.5”. 

Even the process of setting this kip bar is fairly easy– just make sure you read the instructions properly to avoid getting stuck in the middle. As it’s a foldable kip bar, you can pull the two bars together to fold it and store it when not in use. 

Coming to the construction, it boasts a triangular structure like others on the list to make sure it doesn’t sway or wiggle when performing gymnastics skills. The bar features two round pedestals for added security, along with a shock-absorbing mat. 

Moreover, four slip-resistant industrial floor rings are added to the support base tube to make sure the bar remains in place when in use. So, whether your child wants to kip, build strength or simply swing, this gymnastics bar will allow them to do everything by keeping the base stable. 

The hardware fittings supplied with this gymnastics bar are resistant to rust, so rain or water splashes won’t corrode the structure. On the flip side, the bar is thin, which means it hurts more compared to wood bars at the gym. 

Material: Rubber, acier | Weight Limit: 140 lbs | Height: 34.5”/ 38.5”/ 42.5”/ 46.5”/ 50.5” | Color: Pink

7. FBSPORT Gymnastics Bar

FBSPORT Gymnastics Bar for Kids,Adjustable Height...
  • Why Folding Horizontal Bar?-The training on the gymnastics...
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT WITH DUAL LOCK -makes this adjustable...

Another quality gymnastics bar that you can consider is this folding horizontal bar from FBSPORT, which is easy to store. Besides convenient storage, I like the foldable design that makes it portable, so carrying it from indoors to outdoors won’t be a hassle.

In addition to that, this is an adjustable gymnastics bar, meaning you can expand it or retract it to your children’s preferences using the adjustment knob. You can adjust this bar to four different heights– 36”, 41”, 45.9”, and 51.9”. 

The double-locking system of this gymnastics bar allows you to secure the height adjustment so that your child remains safe while kipping or swinging. 

This professional-grade gymnastics bar is crafted of high-quality steel, which means it can withstand daily wear and tear. Furthermore, it relies on a six-point anti-slip and wear-resistant base and industrial rubber end caps for stability. This unit also features thickened steel pipes that are resistant to corrosion, so it’s usable in environments with heavy rainfall or high humidity. 

Keep in mind that this kip bar is meant for younger children under 110 lbs, so take into account the weight of your child to avoid injury. 

Much like other gymnastics bars, it is easy to assemble, so setup won’t take much time, even if you aren’t a DIY enthusiast. Black, pink, purple, and green– this brand supplies its gymnastics bar in four colors, so take your pick accordingly. 

Long story short, this kip bar is a dependable option for beginner gymnasts. 

Material: Steel | Weight Limit: 110 lbs | Height: 36”/ 41”/ 45.9”/ 51.9” | Color: Purple

8. BangTong&Li Gymnastics Bar

BangTong&Li Gymnastics Bar for Kids Height Adjustable...
  • 【STURDY & SAFE】: BangTong&Li gymnastics bar is designed...
  • 【5 LEVELS TO ADJUST】: The gymnastics bar can be adjusted...

Searching for a gymnastics bar that would allow eight to ten-year-old children to hone their gymnastics skills? Then the BangTong&Li is worth consideration because it is designed for children between four and ten years of age. Hence, this kip bar can be used for more than one child. 

Boasting a powder-coated finish, the triangular base, which lends stability to the unit, is made of solid steel. So, it’s sturdily built and resists corrosion, meaning your child can use it outdoors to practice at high-energy levels. 

Not only is it easy to set up, but it is also easy to store because of its foldable design. Simply pull the links on the two sides of the lever, and it will fold within seconds. 

While the height can be adjusted using a knob to five different levels from 34” to 50”, know that it’s cumbersome. That’s because you’ll have to unscrew the sides to expand or retract it. Besides homes, the adjustable height of this horizontal bar makes it usable in kids’ gymnastics classes, where children of all ages learn gymnastics skills. 

Unlike others, it features rounded corners, which are equipped with four slip-resistant rubber floor rings to absorb shock and increase friction. Furthermore, the two round pedestals make the base sturdy. And since the pedestal base is adjustable, you can unfold and set it up on uneven floors. 

When it comes to variety, this kip bar is available in four color options– black, blue, pink, and yellow. 

Material: Steel | Weight Limit: 150 lbs | Height: 34”/ 38”/ 42”/ 46”/ 50’’ | Color: Pink

Best Junior Training Gymnastic Bars Comparison Table

ProductMaterialWeight LimitHeightColor
ProductPolypropylene140 lbs34.8”/ 39.2”/ 42.3”/ 46.8”/ 50.8’’Pink
Tepemccu Gymnastics Training BarIron140 lbs34.8”/ 40.5”/ 45.5”/ 51”Pink
Safly Fun Gymnastics Bar Steel160 lbs33.6”/ 40.8”/ 45.6”/ 54”Purple
RINREA Gymnastics Bar Rubber, steel140 lbs35”/ 39”/ 43”/ 47”/ 51”Pink
DOBESTS Gymnastics Bar Iron, stainless steel150 lbs35”/ 40”/ 45”/ 51”Purple
RELIANCER Gymnastics BarRubber, acier140 lbs34.5”/ 38.5”/ 42.5”/ 46.5”/ 50.5”Pink
FBSPORT Gymnastics BarSteel110 lbs36”/ 41”/ 45.9”/ 51.9”Purple
BangTong&Li Gymnastics BarSteel150 lbs34”/ 38”/ 42”/ 46”/ 50’’Pink

Buying Guide For The Best Junior Training Gymnastic Bar

Despite knowing the eight best options, are you confused about which one to pick for your kid? Well, I understand that; in fact, almost every parent gets stuck deciding which junior kip bar to get for their child. 

To save you from using the wrong one, I’ve discussed a few important points in this section that will help you choose the right one. Let’s check them out. 

Weight Limit

The gymnastics bar you choose for your child must be designed to support their weight during the exercise routine. If you go for a bar whose weight capacity is lower than that of your child, the bar may break and injure your child. So, when deciding which bar to go for, consider the weight of your child and then scour for options accordingly. 


Since your child will swing or do kips on bars, going for a well-built gymnastics bar is important. In this regard, I suggest checking the material the gymnastics bar is made of to get an idea of its durability. 

Fiberglass, wood, and steel– gymnastics bars are available in various materials; however, steel is the most durable. So, make sure to choose options that are made of high-quality steel or metal. 


You mustn’t forget to check the height of the kip bar you’re planning to use. Almost all options allow users to adjust the height per their child’s preference. However, you need to check if the lowest and the highest points fit your child’s height or not. 

What is the weight limit for a junior gymnastics bar?

The weight limit of a junior gymnastics bar depends on the specific model you choose. It is important to select a bar that can adequately support your child’s weight during their exercise routine. Ensure that the weight capacity of the bar is higher than your child’s weight to prevent any potential accidents or injuries.

What materials are junior gymnastics bars made of?

Junior gymnastics bars are typically made from a variety of materials, including fiberglass, wood, and steel. While different materials have their own advantages, steel is generally considered the most durable option. It is recommended to choose a high-quality gymnastics bar made of steel or a strong metal to ensure its longevity and stability.

Can the height of a junior gymnastics bar be adjusted?

Yes, most junior gymnastics bars offer height adjustment features. It allows users to customize the bar’s height according to their child’s preference and skill level. When selecting a gymnastics bar, check if the lowest and highest height settings are suitable for your child’s height to ensure a comfortable and safe training experience.

How do I determine the appropriate height for a junior gymnastics bar?

To determine the suitable height for a junior gymnastics bar, consider your child’s height and skill level. It is important to have enough clearance above the ground for proper swings and kips. Generally, the bar should be set at a height where your child can comfortably grip it with their feet off the floor and have enough space for swinging and performing exercises without any restrictions.

Can a junior gymnastics bar be used outdoors?

While some junior gymnastics bars are designed for outdoor use, it is essential to check the manufacturer’s guidelines for the specific model you choose. Outdoor use may require additional weatherproofing or precautions to protect the bar from elements such as rain and sunlight. Indoor use is generally recommended to ensure the longevity and durability of the gymnastics bar.


So, have you decided which gymnastics bar you would bring home for your child? If not, let me help you out by sharing my top picks. 

The Tepemccu Gymnastics Training Bar is my favorite because of its sturdy construction, adjustable height, and spin lock system that keeps children safe. However, if you’re looking for an option that comes with a safety mat, the Safly Fun Gymnastics Bar will be the right pick. 

Whichever gymnastics bar you decide to choose, make sure to take into account the space available, the purpose, age, and weight of your child. And if anytime you’re stuck in the decision-making process, refer to the buyer’s guide.

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