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27 Best Kitchen Gadgets Under $25 In 2022

Best Kitchen Gadgets Under $25

Running out of ideas for the perfect gift for a family member? Maybe you have just a few days to look for affordable gifts. 

Searching for a great gift can be exciting but overwhelming at the same time. Of course, you want to gift them something they would absolutely love but aren’t entirely sure what to buy. Well, if you are looking for great gift ideas, you can never go wrong with cooking gifts and kitchen gadgets. 

Inevitably, every individual spends some time in their kitchens, and opting for kitchen gifts can make a great purchase. So, in this guide, we will introduce you to some of the best cooking gifts you can consider to help make life easier at home. 

Plus, we have included an informative FAQ section to help you in your search. Now, without further ado, let us begin! 

27 Best Kitchen Tools That Won’t Break The Bank

Best Kitchen Gadgets Under $25

1. Electric Egg Cooker

Do you know of anyone who doesn’t love eggs in the morning? An electric egg cooker can give your loved one perfectly hard-boiled eggs within minutes. The best part is that you don’t need to stand around the stove waiting for the eggs to boil or even set a timer.

This handy gadget comes with a timer and buzzer, so you are alerted when the eggs are done. Plus, you can opt for poached eggs, hard-boiled, soft boiled, scrambled, or any other kind you can think of!

It’s a great way to save time in the mornings when you are rushing for work without compromising on a healthy and filling breakfast. 

2. Measuring Cup And Spoon Set

If you love cooking recipes by the book, it is essential to have a set of measuring cups that prevent you from guessing how many ingredients to add. Often, we end up using regular spoons to measure ingredients and end up with not-so-perfect dishes due to inaccuracy. 

And a simple yet handy tool that can make measuring ingredients accurately much easier is a  measuring cup and spoon set. You can even gift this 16-item measuring cups and spoons set, which are color-coordinated for easy identification. Hence, you can eliminate the time required for guessing measurements and make the prep time less daunting. 

This kitchen gadget can be the perfect tool for those who love neat and orderly things. Plus, it saves time and ensures that they always have a perfectly cooked meal found in the best restaurants. 

3. Baking Sheets

For many budding chefs out there, baking can often be more fun than cooking. However, it is vital to have go-to baking sheets that can literally be a game-changer for bakers. Baking sheets can be used for a variety of tasks such as making lasagna, cakes, pastries, savories, and even good old mac and cheese.

Many people make the mistake of baking food items without using sheets. Not only does this damage the vessel they are using, but it also results in a less-than-perfect dish to serve to friends and family members. 

So, instead of going crazy and overspending this holiday season, gift your baker friends a set of baking sheets.

4. Miracle Containers

Don’t you hate it when you have to run around looking for containers to keep leftover food in? Or maybe the containers you have at home are not dishwasher safe and take too much effort to clean. 

The worst experience can be when you’re prepping for a dinner party and need to slice, chop, and cut everything from scratch. So, what if you could store all the food items in dishwasher-safe containers and cut down on prep time? 

Consider getting miracle containers for your home or your loved ones. This is the perfect gift for those looking to reduce the prep time and store vegetables, ground meats, and other food items in safe boxes. The best part is that these containers don’t absorb food odors and stains. Cleaning them is also super easy, and their high-quality tempered glass body makes them last for years.

5. Silicone Tongs

Everyone has a go-to tool that they use for flipping salads, meat, bacon, and vegetables on a pan. While some people use forks and spoons to do this, others opt for tongs. But how about getting a colorful set of BPA-free, dishwasher-safe tongs this time? 

This little gadget can be one of the most useful things in the kitchen for salad and grilled meat aficionados. Moreover, they are heat resistant, so you don’t have to worry about ending up with melted plastic in your food. 

Not only is this a fun gift for your loved ones, but it can also make the entire cooking experience much more enjoyable. And don’t forget to check all the color options available so you can get the right one to match the rest of the kitchen décor. 

6. Popcorn Making Tool

Everyone loves a hot bowl of their favorite popcorn while relaxing with a fun movie. However, store-bought popcorn can be quite expensive, and you don’t always have the time to run to the store and buy your favorite pack.

That’s why one of the best kitchen gifts you can get this season is a reusable, microwave-friendly, and BPA-free popcorn maker. You don’t even need to add oil to this cooking tool- simply add your favorite type of popcorn kernels and pop it into the microwave. Once it is cooked, you can eat right out of the bowl, saving time and the extra effort to wash yet another dish. 

The best part? It folds up easily to fit into any small storage space. Long story short, the foldable design and reusability factor make this a boon for all popcorn-lovers out there. 

7. Dusting Wand


We all love a kitchen gadget that can make life easier and give us a fun cooking experience. And while there are dozens of such interesting kitchen gadgets to explore, a particularly fascinating gift can be a dusting wand.

The little guy can be used to dust powdered sugar, powdered cinnamon, cocoa powder, and all sorts of delicious toppings over your favorite dishes and desserts. You can also use it to lightly dust flour over cutting boards without adding excess, which often happens when you try to do it by hand.

Another great thing about this tool is that it is completely dishwasher safe, so you don’t need to worry about maintaining it. Once you are done dusting your cutting board or dessert, pop it into the dishwasher and watch it magically become new. 

8. Iced Coffee Maker


We all know someone who cannot live without their iced or cold coffee. But of course, getting one from Starbucks or your local store daily can turn out to be quite expensive and time-consuming. 

For all the coffee addicts out there, a coffee maker can be the best new kitchen gadget to add to their shopping list. This coffee maker in particular is a life-saver, which doesn’t need you to break the bank. 

Those who love their cold coffees all year round, no matter how chilly it is outside, will love this gift. They can pop any of their favorite brews into this little guy and have a perfectly blended coffee within minutes.

9. Misto Oil Sprayer


Don’t you hate it when you’re just about to add a cake batter or waffle on a tray and realize there is no more oil? Or maybe the oil brush is nowhere to be found. What’s worse is when people use aerosol cooking sprays on non-stick cookware, as it can be quite unhealthy and bad for the environment. 

Well, the Misto Oil Sprayer can be a game-changer. This little sprayer is entirely eco-friendly and can be a lifesaver when you’re in need of a little olive oil or cooking oil for certain recipes. Plus, it is quite affordable and can be an excellent addition to your kitchen arsenal. 

Test it on your waffle makers and cake trays and see the difference it makes. 

10. Stainless Steel ‘Soap’ Bar


Certain food items like ground beef, garlic, onions, and fish have an inherently strong and pungent smell. While cooking with them ensures that you have a delicious plate of food in front of you every item, there is one thing to dread – smelly hands. 

No matter how hard you try to wash your hands, these odors don’t seem to want to leave. And at the end of all your efforts, you end up with excessively dry, calloused hands that still smell of fish or garlic! 

That’s when the miracle stainless steel ‘soap’ comes into the picture. This little bar can help remove even the most pungent odors from your hands. Furthermore, you don’t need to wash your hands a dozen times to get rid of the odors. 

If you are looking for a nice gift for yourself or friends and family, consider getting this ‘soap’ bar. Every customer that has tried and tested this product has left a promising review, which makes us very hopeful about trying it ourselves.

11. Bamboo Cutting Board


If there is one kitchen tool that you will find in every home, it is a cutting board. From chopping boneless meats to using razor-sharp blades to cut lettuce, chopping boards are a necessity for all kitchens.

What we love about this bamboo cutting board is that it is entirely eco-friendly and super affordable. You can use it not just to cut cabbage and other vegetables and meats but also to serve appetizers and snacks. 

Or, if you have just bought strawberries and can’t wait to taste them, simply cut them and lay them out on one of these bamboo cutting boards and start eating.

12. Multipurpose Batter Tool


You will come across hundreds of products on the market that are designed to make life easier and cooking more fun. But most of these kitchen gifts can be quite expensive. To help you find a handy tool that is not only practical but also affordable, we scoured the market and came across this multipurpose batter tool which you will love.

Although it looks like a whisk, it has many other uses. For starters, you can use it to stir eggs, make a batter, break up ground beef easily, or scrap residue food from bowls and cups. This multipurpose tool is available in a variety of colors, so you can choose one for each family member or friend. 

Additionally, it is completely BPA-free and dishwasher safe, so cleaning up after cooking is a breeze. It won’t take up any extra space in your kitchen, as you can easily hang it from a hook and keep it close at all times.

13. Zester


Who doesn’t love a bit of lemon zest to spice up their boring old recipes? But did you know that a zester can be used for more than just adding fruit zest to food and desserts? You can use this amazing tool to grate cheese over some of your favorite baked dishes as well. And it will come in handy if you want to cut jicama without struggling with your old, dull blades.

But before you click on the purchase button, we have one little tip for you. Store the zester properly and don’t lose its cover. Beware – this tool has very sharp blades that can hurt you or family members and children if they aren’t careful. So, it is best to keep it out of reach from children and pets. 

Keep in mind that this stainless steel gadget is dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to worry about cutting your fingers trying to clean it. 

14. Insulated Glasses


Let’s face it; all of us have gone through the terrible experience of burning our hands on a steaming hot glass of hot chocolate, milk, coffee, or tea. Cold beverages aren’t that safe either, as the condensation on the outside of the glass can make it quite slippery and prone to falling and breaking. 

But what if you could find a 2-layer insulated glass that not only promises to keep beverages at their ideal temperatures but also protects your hands? No, it’s not too good to be true. Take a look at the insulated glasses made of high-quality mouth-blown borosilicate glass. 

These glasses are completely heat resistant and highly durable to prevent cracking under high heat or getting too cold to touch. If you are looking for a promising review that will convince you to buy them, check out some of the customer reviews online. 

15. Microwave-Friendly Pasta Cooker


There are a lot of us out there who love a good bowl of spaghetti or pasta but are just too lazy to make it. While ordering a takeaway is always an option, it isn’t the most feasible or practical one. Let’s not forget, it can be quite unhealthy as well.

What if we told you that there was a way to make your favorite pasta at home without all the fuss? No more standing over a pot of boiling water waiting for your spaghetti to cook. 

A microwavable pasta maker can be a fantastic gift for those who crave late-night pasta but cannot get takeout or make it at home. Furthermore, they don’t have to second-guess how much pasta needs to be added or wait to stir it. Simply pop it into the pasta maker and get perfectly cooked food every time. 

16. Soup Cubes


Like some people cannot do without their daily morning coffee, others cannot imagine a good meal without soup first. Of course, making it every time can be quite cumbersome and time-consuming, especially if you are too tired after a long day of work.

We were skeptical at first when we saw the Soup Cubes and wondered if they were any good. However, after going through dozens of customer reviews, we decided to try it ourselves. 

If you don’t believe our promising review of the Soup Cubes, we challenge you to try it. Essentially, you can pre-cook any soup of your choice and freeze them in these Soup Cubes. Rest assured, they will be good to go for days. 

The days you crave soup, just defrost a couple of these cubes, and you have instant homemade soup.

17. Reusable Straws


As people are growing increasingly aware of cutting down on unsustainable practices and switching to green alternatives, the demand for such products is increasing. That said, most people don’t pay much attention to the straws that they use for their cold beverages. 

In fact, most restaurants and cafes still use plastic straws that not only encourage wastage but are also harmful to the environment. If you know someone who loves sipping cold beverages through a straw, gifting them a set of reusable straws can be an excellent gift. 

These reusable straws are available in 3 materials – BPA-free silicone, stainless steel, and borosilicate glass. They are all easy to clean and don’t take much counter space to store. Plus, they can be reused multiple times, eliminating wastage. 

The reusable straws are available in a variety of colors and come in straight or angled designs. Also, the manufacturer includes a couple of cleaning brushes and a storage case.

18. Mini Waffle Maker


If making daily breakfast is something you dread every morning, we have a simple solution to make your life easier. We have all heard of miracle waffle makers that give you the best waffles in town within minutes. But what if you had a tool that could cook pizzas, hash browns, paninis, waffles, and much more? 

That is exactly what the Dash Mini Maker can do for you. Now, this little gadget comes in 8 exciting colors, so take your time choosing your favorite piece. It also comes with a little recipe book, so you don’t need to scratch your head every morning about what to cook for breakfast. 

Although it is small, it can surely cook up a storm! It is the perfect gadget for when you’re hungry but can’t manage to finish an entire pizza or waffle yourself or are looking for a quick breakfast. Plus, it cooks anything you put in it pretty quickly because of its size. 

19. Knife Sharpener


Anyone who spends enough time in the kitchen knows how dangerous dull knives can be. While you can always pop into the local store and buy a couple of new sharp knives, why should you waste money if you can sharpen the old ones instead?

Out of all the amazing kitchen gadgets, you can explore, a knife sharpener can be an unexpected but highly useful gift. Moreover, it comes with 2 slots for dull and coarse knives, so you can get the perfectly sharpened knife each time. 

A word of advice – use it with caution and store your sharp knives properly away from children and pets. 

20. Tea Bag Organizer


There are coffee lovers, and then there are tea lovers. A true tea addict will have dozens of tea leaves and tea bags in their collection. Of course, they often tend to get misplaced and disorganized over time, especially if you use them regularly. 

A fantastic gift this holiday season can be this tea bag organizer that can hold more than 80 bags conveniently. This means that you can easily travel with your handy organizer without having to settle on teas that just don’t meet the mark.

The tea bag organizer is entirely dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to worry about using a thin brush to clean out the nooks and crannies. Plus, it is made of BPA-free materials and is quite sturdy, lasting you for years to come. 

21. Meat Thermometer


We know what you are thinking – a meat thermometer costs hundreds of dollars, so how is it on this list? Well, if we have featured this product on the list, you can rest assured that it won’t cost you more than $25. 

A digital meat thermometer can be an excellent tool for those who love to cook meats at home but don’t seem to get it right each time. Measuring the temperature on the inside or core of any meat product can be challenging, and without the right tools, it can be near impossible. 

This meat thermometer can accurately measure the temperature on the inside of cooked meat to ensure that you get the best rare, medium-rare, or well-done steak each time. 

22. Muffin Tins


We have got an amazing product that the baker in you will love. How about getting a non-stick muffin tin to help you with your baking adventures? This product is completely BPA-free and has an excellent non-stick coating that ensures that your baked goods don’t stick to it. You don’t even need to use baking or parchment paper for it.

It can also be the perfect kitchen gadget to cook up granola cups, mini frittatas, cupcakes, and other yummy goods. And, if you aren’t convinced by our promising review of it, just buy a set of two for the most impressive price ever – at less than $25!

23. Multipurpose Baking Mat


In our opinion, bakers can never have enough products to explore, which is why we have added yet another ingenious baking product to our list. A multipurpose silicone baking mat can be an incredible kitchen gadget that is a must-have for those who love to bake.

Forget about looking for baking trays and parchment paper; this baking mat can be used for all these tasks effortlessly. Plus, it comes with measurements at the edges so you can prep the dough accurately without missing an inch or two in guesswork. 

Lastly, clean-up with these mats is a breeze. Just wash them with soap and water, and you are good to go!

24. Plastic Bag Dispenser


Imagine the time you waste looking for grocery bags or plastic wrap in an emergency. We all have dozens of plastic bags and grocery bags lying around the house that we think will come to use at some point in time.

The more organized people among us typically tend to stuff these grocery bags into a larger plastic bag to use later on. However, not only does this take up space in your home, but it can also be quite impractical, messy, and inconvenient. 

So, when we came across the customer reviews for this product and read one promising review after another, we were excited to test it out. A plastic bag dispenser can be one of those highly convenient kitchen gadgets that are a must-have at home. 

The way they work is – once you get a plastic bag open, simply stuff it at the top opening of the dispenser. Fill it up with as many bags as you wish, and when you require one, just pull it out of the easy dispensing slot. 

Let’s not forget, the black plastic edges with the brushed stainless steel body of this dispenser are not only sturdy and practical but extremely aesthetic – so it’s a win-win. 

25. Wine Vacuum


We have already added something for all the coffee lovers, tea addicts, and pasta aficionados on the list. Now, how can we leave our wine lovers from our list? Don’t worry; we haven’t forgotten about you guys. 

We are sure you have had this experience multiple times – opening a beautiful bottle of wine but being forced to finish it, so it doesn’t go bad. After all, wine has to be consumed within a few days of opening the bottle.

If you aren’t in a great hurry to finish up that opened bottle of wine, consider getting a wine vacuum. After reading one promising review after another, we decided to test it ourselves and found that an opened bottle of wine is good for a few more days with this vacuum. 

What else could a wine lover want, right?

26. Anti-Soggy Cereal Bowl


Be honest here – do you enjoy a bowl of hot or cold milk with crunchy cereal? Most of us do. And we all hate it when our cereal gets soggy with milk, don’t we? 

Well, here is an ingenious way of keeping your cereal crisp and your milk pure and tasty. The anti-soggy cereal bowl is split into two sections – one for your cereal and one for milk. Now, you can enjoy every crunchy bite with pure milk without ending up with a soggy mess. 

27. Reusable Food Bags


And now that you are equipped with the best affordable kitchen gadgets to make your life easier at home, there is one product left to talk about. After making so much delicious food, there are bound to be leftovers. 

Now, storage containers are great, but they often take up too much space in the fridge. Instead, consider getting a couple of reusable food bags to store your cut vegetables and leftover food. Certain foods like sliced bell peppers, mushrooms, and bananas start to oxidize and spoil very quickly if it is not stored properly. 

You may have even noticed a freshly cut zucchini starts to get oxidized within a few minutes. 

These reusable bags can store food for close to two weeks. Plus, they are super easy to clean and maintain. Keep everything from sandwiches, fruits, vegetables, and more in these bags. Fortunately, they take very little space in a fridge, cabinet, or crisper drawer, so they are quite easy to store. 

Kitchen Gadgets Under $25 FAQs

Now that you are equipped with all these incredible and affordable kitchen gifts, which ones will you buy first? We are sure you must be excited to test these products, and we cannot wait to hear about each of them with a promising review from your end.

But, before we end our guide, we have another short section for you. Here, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about affordable kitchen products for you. Keep reading to find out more.

Q1. Are Affordable Kitchen Products Durable?

After looking at the price of most of these products, you may be wondering if they are made of high-quality materials and are durable. We understand that a product is not really affordable if you need to replace it once every few weeks.

Well, a great way to find out if a product is durable or not is to check the materials used to make it. Stainless steel, BPA-free silicone and plastic, and metal are all excellent materials that are long-lasting and easy to maintain.

However, if you find any products made of cardboard, paper, or flimsy plastic, it is best to stay away from them as they won’t last long.

Q2. What Are BPA Free Products?

Bisphenol A is an organic compound that is used to construct products like cutlery, plastic bottles, containers, plates, etc. However, this compound is highly toxic and may have a number of adverse health effects.

We recommend purchasing only BPA-free products to be on the safe side. Fortunately, many manufacturers on the market are now avoiding this organic compound to develop safer products for their customers.

Q3. How Can You Find The Best Affordable Kitchen Presents?

Fortunately for you, most of these products are available on Amazon, so you can check them out and purchase them. Make sure you go through each promising review left by customers to get a better idea about these products.

Of course, we have also reviewed and tested these affordable kitchen products and found them to be highly useful. When it comes down to gifting something to a loved one, trust us, you cannot go wrong with these fantastic products. Be sure to check them out and leave a review.

Best Kitchen Gadgets Under $25


That finally brings us to the end of our guide. We hope you enjoy these kitchen tools as much as we did. Plus, these little gadgets are so affordable that you wouldn’t need to think twice before picking out a few favorites for gifting.

Before we end our guide, we have one little tip for you. Once your kitchen tools are done serving their purpose, don’t throw them out. Instead, consider repurposing them using these DIY hacks.

Let us know how you liked our guide and if you have any other interesting DIY tips for our readers. Until then, keep cooking!

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