28 Best Metallic Christmas Tree Decorations for a Gleaming Christmas

Best Metallic Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas is a joyous time for everyone celebrating. As soon as November comes, people begin taking out trees and Christmas decorations from storage. Lights, baubles, ornaments, garlands, and family heirlooms are all taken out in anticipation for the Holiday season.

Everyone has had the regular red and green baubles and yellow lights. So every now and then, you feel like mixing things up and getting something unique and new for your Christmas tree this holiday season without giving up the warmth of traditional décor.

One way to do brighten up your festive tree is using metallic Christmas tree decorations. Gold silver, and other metallic shades add a touch of sparkle and visual interest, creating a timeless look.

You can mix and match the metallic decorations with other materials to glam up a Christmas tree without it being over-the-top. There are a number of ways you can do this. You can go with gold and silver decorations or spice things up with red, white, and copper – just remember, a little goes a long way.

Here we have reviewed some of the best metallic Christmas tree decorations to help you accessorize the tree in a creative way. Do read through all the product reviews to choose the ones that intrigue you the most.

Best Metallic Christmas Tree Decorations 


Silver Metallic Christmas Tree Decorations

Silver Metallic Christmas Tree Decorations

Here are our top picks for some of the best silver metallic Christmas tree decorations currently available in the market:

1. Wendell August Snow Crystal Hope Cross Christmas Ornament  

      • Hand-crafted design featuring a cross centered in a snowflake
      • Adorned with Swarovski crystals
      • One of a kind design

Known as one of America’s largest forge, Wendell August is a true artisan when it comes to gifts and ornaments crafted from fine metals. This holiday season, they bring you the delicate design of a snowflake with a little something extra. Although the ornament was designed and put out in 2022, it still holds its delicate beauty till date.

Wendell August 2018 Snow Crystal Hope Cross Christmas...
  • Limited Edition Snow Crystal Ornament
  • Features a cross, handcrafted and adorned with stunning...

The Snow Crystal Hope Cross ornament is a 4.5” x 4” snowflake ornament designed by artist Linda Hoover. She combined various elements of Christmastide season into one ornament. In the center of the detailed carving of the snowflake design, Linda used the Hope Cross.

The design was brought to life by the master die engraver, Len Youngo. He made sure that every crevice and cut out of the ornament is to finished and polished to perfections. The ornament becomes even more deluxe and Christmassy with the Swarovski crystals placed delicately.

The ornament is pretty easy to install. You can use the ribbon or string of your choice and hang the ornament to your Christmas tree to add a touch of sparkle. This ornament also makes for a great Christmas gift or a hand-me-down you can pass on to your generations.


  • Swarovski crystals add glinting shimmer.
  • Easy to hang on the tree.
  • Handcrafted from high-quality material.
  • A bit expensive for a single ornament.
  • Has to be stored very carefully to protect the crystals.

2. Reed & Barton 1014 Engraveable Ice Skates Ornament 35th Edition 

      • Musical bell design crafted in New England
      • Plays the Skaters Waltz
      • Engraveable design

This Reed and Barton ornament is truly one of a kind. The designers have taken a new approach to the features, incorporating classic Christmas elements with a touch of creativity to the overall shape of the ornament. Sized at 2.5” x 2.5” x 4.2”, the ornament is s the perfect size for hanging on a Christmas tree or anywhere else around the house where people can marvel its beauty.

Reed & Barton 1014 Engravable Noel Bell Ice Skates Plays:...
  • Beautifully crafted in New England
  • Comes packaged in an attractive gift box

The classic Christmas bell ornament has been a part of Christmas tree decorations for a long time. Reed & Barton takes a new take on the design without letting go of the traditional design. The addition of the beautifully crafted ice skates goes perfectly with the joyful Skater’s Waltz.

Handcrafted on silverplate by skilled metal artisans, the ornament can be wound up to play music while it sparkles on the Christmas tree. It comes with a satin ribbon that contrasts well with the polish and makes hanging the ornament easy.

This 35th edition Ice Skates Ornament is perfect for starting a family tradition or giving as a gift to someone who cherishes and collects beautiful Christmas tree decorations.

  • Plays the Skaters Waltz.
  • It is a wind-up musical ornament rather than battery operated.
  • Makes for a good collectable for enthusiasts.
  • Pricy for just one ornament.
  • There is no option for personalizing the engraving on the ornament.

3. Gorham Sterling Ornament 3rd Edition – Classic Silver Christmas Tree Decor 

      • Handcrafted in sterling silver
      • Collectible ornament made in 2022
      • Dimensions: 2.8” x 4.2” x 0.2”

Gorham has been one of the leading manufacturers of sterling silver in the U.S. for over 2 centuries. It is an institution who has created many great marvels when it comes to silver metallic Christmas tree ornaments.

In 2022, the company used their skilled craftsmanship and design to create a new ornament celebrating the classic Christmas tree. It is a part of their annual collectible series.

Gorham 2019 Sterling Christmas Tree Ornament-3rd Edition...
  • This sterling Silver ornament will add a beautiful touch of...
  • This is the 3rd edition of this treasured annual collectible...

This design features a traditional fir Christmas tree, decorates with small bells, candy canes, baubles, and garland. The bottom of the tree has some gifts and the top is finished with a star topper. The intricate is handcrafted in the U.S. by Gorham’s finest silversmiths.

It comes in a gift box, wrapped in a protective velvet pouch along with a ribbon for easy installation. You can light up your own Christmas tree with the ornament or pass it on as a gift to someone who’ll appreciate it.


  • Comes in a gift box with ribbon and protective velvet box.
  • Handcrafted by skilled silversmiths.
  • Collectable ornament.
  • The ornament is not dated.
  • It might need to be polished after some time.

4. Reed & Barton X2015 45th Edition – Simple Silver Cross Ornament

      • Sterling silver ornament
      • Simple scrollwork design
      • Comes in a gift box with a satin ribbon

Reed & Barton has been making history in the fine metal industry since 1824. Each year, they come up with a number of new ornaments to commemorate the holiday season. In 2015, they created the 45th edition of their annual Christmas cross ornament, handcrafted in sterling silver.

The ornament exudes simplicity along with an elegance that you find in finer metals. The cross ornament heralds the continuation of authentic representation of historic significance. Sized at 3” x 0.8” x 3”, the ornament features striking design inspired by the cross of Saint Thomas.

Delicate scrollwork on melding sterling silver, creating an elegant yet rich design that is perfect for your Christmas tree. The ornament can also be gifted to a family member and close friends. It already comes packaged in a protective red flannel bag and a red satin ribbon for hanging.

  • Design inspired by the Saint Thomas cross.
  • Priced well for a sterling silver ornament.
  • Handcrafted in the U.S.
  • Requires extra care to prevent scratches.
  • The silver may darken and need polishing.

5. Arthur Court 2015 Bunny Jester Ornament – Silver Bunny Ornament

      • Unique designer ornament
      • Hand Polished
      • Aluminum alloy has a brilliant luster that doesn’t need to be polished

For more than 5 decades, Arthur Court has been putting out incredible collections that encompass a wide variety of metal ornaments, dished, and other decorative items. Their bunny Christmas ornaments are a specialty that they release annually. The ornaments are crafted with extreme care and become a part of family legacy. In 2015, Arthur Court released their bunny jester Christmas tree decoration that is perfect for baby’s first Christmas ornament.

Arthur Court 2015 Bunny Jester Ornament
  • Designer Hand Polished Aluminum Alloy buffed to brilliant...
  • Comes in Gift Box perfect for Baby's 1st Christamas or thank...

The whimsical and adorable Christmas tree ornament features a cute little bunny in a jester costume. The intricate details of the spiral pattern on the hat and the ruffled collar are incredible feats of the designers and crafters. The jester bunny holds a ring in his hand, from which a circular tag hangs with the year 2015 engraved on the front.

From the tippy top of the hat to the narrowed bottom of the ornament, it is about 4.5 inches long and 1.25 inches wide. The ornament is crafted out of aluminum alloy that is hand polished and buffed into a brilliant finish.

The ornament is perfect for a baby’s first Christmas or as a gift. Or you can just sport it on your own Christmas tree and add it to your collection.

  • Aluminum ally is buffed to a luster that doesn’t need polishing.
  • The Aluminum alloy is hand polished.
  • The ornament comes wrapped for gifting.
  • The ornament can be expensive for just one unit.
  • The date can’t be personalized.

6. Melrose 3 Gray Decorative Hanging Bells – Bells on Rope Ornament

      • Metal bells are installed on twine for easy hanging
      • The ornament can be used in various placed for holiday décor
      • The bells have a rustic finish

To anyone who has collected Christmas ornament at some point in their life, Melrose International will not be a new name. The company has been delivering the highest standard of quality and design. Their decorative items for the home, garden, and the holidays are always designed with utmost care and perfection. Season after season, they put out new ornaments to mark the beginning of a joyful holiday season.Their Decorative Hanging Bells are one of those items.

Melrose 3 Gray Decorative Hanging Bells on Rope Ornament
  • Christmas hanging features three bells on a piece of twine;...
  • Bells are made of metal and are hanging on twine

Simplicity of the design is a nod to sustaining traditional design elements that mark Christmas season. You get what you pay for. The ornament features three metal bells hanging at different levels, strung on twine. The rust finish on the bells and the natural look of the twine make the ornament perfect for classic rustic Christmas décor.

The ornament is 14.75 inches in total length and about 8 inches in diameter. Remember that the bells are at different levels on the twine. You can add the bells to your Christmas tree or some other place. For instance, you can display the ornament on the walls, doors or hang it in windows. You can also use it outdoors. Wherever you decide to use it, it will still add a touch of Christmas to your home.


  • The ornament can be used in multiple places.
  • The ornament comes in protective packaging.
  • The bells produce light chiming sounds.
  • The twine can get tangled if not stored properly.
  • The ornament is a bit expensive.

7. Kurt Adler Hanging Cage with Crab Christmas Ornament –Best Crab Ornament

      • Unique crab in a cage design
      • Made of metal and resin material
      • Dimensions: 4 x 3 x 1¼ inches

The story of Kurt Adler begins after World War II when he decided to experiment with exporting general goods. Luck had him in favor and it all worked out well. Since then, his eponymous company has been bringing exquisite and unique Christmas tree decorations from various places.This Crab in a Cage is an example of the kind of ornaments you can find at Kurt Adler.

Kurt Adler Wire Hanging Cage with Crab Christmas Ornament
  • Kurt Adler
  • Crab in Wire Metal Cage Christmas Tree Ornament Decoration...

You won’t find such a unique concept in Christmas decorations, especially when executed so well. The ornament features a triangular cage with a crab inside. The top of the cage, where the star-shaped ribbon hoop joins the ornament, there is a small holly branch.

The door of the metal cage can open to let the resin crab out. Overall, the ornament is very unique and quite affordable despite being imported. This would make a perfect gift for anyone who loves crab for some reason. They will not only get a kick out of the joke but also a unique Christmas decoration they’ll always cherish.

  • Niche design suitable for crab/seafood enthusiasts.
  • Made with high-quality, long-lasting material.
  • Affordable.
  • Quality on some ornaments may be low.
  • The hinge on the cage door may be hard to open/close.

8. BinaryABC Silver Bells Christmas Tree Ornament – Chiming Silver Bell Ornaments 

      • Made of iron
      • Makes a light jingling sound
      • Comes in a pack of 12

Light jingling sounds during a joyous Christmas celebration is pleasant on the ears. They are not as loud as Santa’s sleigh bells but they sound just as Christmassy. This pack of 12 bells gives you enough bells to hang around the tree.

BinaryABC Silver Bell Jingle Bells Christmas Tree Ornaments...
  • Made of premium iron material for durable and long lasting...
  • Beautiful and cute Christmas jingle bell design, ideal to...

Each bell is about 1.77 x 1.77 x 1.53 inches and is made of premium iron material. The bells don’t come with a ribbon or twine so you have to thread them yourself. However, that allows you to customize the length and use them anywhere you like.

Not only do the bells sound delightful but they also look very nice on Christmas trees. Just adding a few makes the tree complete. You can add other traditional decorations to make your home even cozier.


  • The bells ring and produce a light chiming sound.
  • Can be used to decorate for other occasions and events as well.
  • Can be hung anywhere.
  • Doesn’t come with a ribbon for hanging.
  • The metal may rust.

9. Hallmark Keepsake Christmas Ornament 2022 – Date Embossed Bell Ornament 

      • Premium ornament from the Ring in the Season series
      • Features an embossed train design
      • Makes a sound when jingled

Hallmark has been the face of Christmas and the Holiday Season since its beginnings. Each year, they make Christmas more special by launching a series of different types of ornaments and other Christmas decorations. Many of their ornaments are collectibles and a part of an ongoing series.

Hallmark Keepsake Christmas Ornament 2019 Year Dated Ring in...
  • This premium metal Christmas ornament features an embossed...
  • Christmas tree ornament is 5th in the Ring in the Season...

This ornament is the 5th edition on the Ring in the Season collector’s series. The ornament is a jingle bell with an embossed design on the upper half. This ornament has a train design with the year 2022 on the top half, designed by Ken Crow.

The bottom has little starts next to the slits shaped like Christmas trees. The amount of detail put into the design, along with the high-quality metal, make this ornament a collector’s choice. It comes prepackaged in a gift box for easy oft giving.

  • Part of a collectible series.
  • Dated with current year.
  • Comes packaged in a gift box.
  • This piece may not match with pieces from the previous village collection.
  • Slightly expensive.

10. 24 Silver and Gold Glitter Christmas Tree Star Ornament  

      • There are two different types of ornaments in the pack
      • They are suitable for indoor use only
      • There are 12 pieces per design

Christmas Central’s Christmas decorations are truly unique. They have an abundance of design ideas that are brought to life each year with new ornaments. Each design is worthy of displaying on the Christmas tree. This pack of 24 ornaments consists of 2 different designs.

No products found.

Both styles are drop-shaped with a plain Christmas tree outline, topped with a star, and with a triangular drop on the bottom. On the tree design itself, there are glitter swirls. One design has a flared tree design with a heart-shaped swirl while the ornament has branched swirls on a simple elongated triangular-shaped tree.

The ornaments are 6” long. You can space them out on the tree so they cover it all. When light shines on the ornaments, the glitter on the design catches it and they glimmer. You can mix them with other silver and gold ornaments to complement them.

  • The club pack contains 24 ornaments, enough for one tree.
  • The ornaments are very reasonably priced.
  • The glitter sparkles when light hits them.
  • The quality might be cheap on some ornaments.
  • Can be only used on Christmas trees.

11. Handmade Reindeer Christmas Ornaments with Red Crystals  

      • Comes in a set of 8 same ornaments
      • Each ornament is backed by Vibhsa Lifetime Breakage Replacement Program
      • Silver nickel finish gives a long-lasting shine

You might not be able to see Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and all his friends, but you can bring them to your home in the form of Christmas tree ornaments. This pack of 8 ornaments comes with beautifully simple decorations.

VIBHSA Handmade Christmas Ornaments Set of 8 Christmas Tree...
  • Handcrafted Christmas Ornaments for 2019 Holiday Decor. Each...
  • This Unique Reindeer Ornament is 4.5 H” & 2.4" L and comes...

The ornaments are made of high-quality aluminum. Each ornament is cut by hand by artisans. They are finished with a silver nickel finish. This gives the ornament a long-lasting finish and shine that doesn’t diminish.

Each reindeer is 4.5 inches tall and 2.4 inches long. The reindeer ornaments also have two red rubies, one on the antlers and one on the tip of the tail. They also come with a matching red ribbon to tie the decorations in. The ornaments are perfect for Christmastime.

  • Reasonably prices for an eight pack of ornaments.
  • Comes with a red ribbon to match the rubies.
  • Nickel finish gives lasting shine.
  • Limited usage only on Christmas trees.
  • Might be too heavy to hang on some branches.

12. Galvanized Metal Lacy Barn Star Decoration – Large Star Christmas Ornament

      • One piece ornament 24 inches in diameter
      • Can be used indoors and outdoors
      • Has a galvanized finish

When it comes to bringing the “country” to Christmas décor, no one does it better than Grila! Over the years, they have made it possible for many people to capture the country aesthetic during the Christmas holiday. This galvanized lacy barn star is one way you can add country charm to your home during the holiday time.

The star is cut out from tin and has rustic galvanized finish on the front. Each arm of the star is embellished with a lacy cut out. The curves and paisley-like cutouts add a little interesting factor into the overall design.

The piece is quite large (24”), but it is light enough to be used on a Christmas tree. It has a hanger at the rear that requires no assembly. However, you can also hang the ornament on walls, doors, and fences as well. And after the Christmas is over, you can leave them up to continue having the rustic look.

  • Suitable country-styles Christmas décor.
  • Can be left up after Christmas as well.
  • Doesn’t require complex assembly.
  • The metal can bend if handled to roughly.
  • Can get scratched easily.

Gold Metallic Christmas Tree Decorations

Gold Metallic Christmas Tree Decorations

13. Diva at Home Decorative Hanging Tree Drop Ornament – Delicate Drop Ornament 

      • Hanging ornament
      • Golden yellow finish on the metal
      • Measures about 9 inches long

Adding Christmas tree-shaped ornaments on a Christmas tree sounds weird but looks very pretty. There are many ornaments made by many manufacturers. However, Diva at Home brings you a delicate and different type of Christmas tree ornament.

Diva At Home Club Pack of 24 Golden Yellow Christmas...
  • Golden Yellow Christmas Decorative Tree With Drop Ornament
  • Ready to be hung drop ornament

This ornament is 9 inches long, featuring a very dainty and delicate version of the Christmas tree. The tree is divided into three sections, each flaring out and curving upwards. The top of the ornament has a star while the bottom has a small crystal drop.

Finished with a golden yellow finish, the ornament and crystal drop shine and sparkle wherever light hits it. They come in a pack of 24, so you can cover a large part of the tree. Mixed with other golden ornaments and a few strings of sparkling lights, you’ll be looking at a Christmas tree wonder.


  • The ornament comes threaded, ready to be hung.
  • The golden yellow finish sparkles wherever light hits it.
  • Comes in a pack of 24, enough for the whole tree.
  • Slightly expensive.
  • Quality might be a hit or miss.

14. Georg Jensen Gabriel Christmas Mobile – The Best Brass Gold Angel Ornament

      • Dimension: 4.35 inches x 2.95 inches
      • Collectible ornament designed by Alfredo Haberl
      • Made with 18 karat gold-plated brass

Georg Jensen is known to produce very gorgeous high-end products. Their Christmas ornaments are one of a kind, made from gold-plated brass. Their ornaments have made many Christmases more glamorous and beautiful for many years. You can bring the Georg Jensen grandeur in your home or gift it along with this angel-shaped Christmas mobile.

Georg Jensen Gabriel 2017 Christmas Mobile, Brass Gold, 16.3...
  • Georg Jensen 2017 Christmas Collectible
  • Optional blue or red ribbon included in box

This ornament is made of gold-plated brass also, capturing the trademark look of the manufacturer. The designer, Alfredo Haberl put a lot of thought in the details of the design for the 2017 line of ornaments.

The angel ornament is very simplistic but also very expensive-looking. The wings on the angel along with the lower half of the body have small polka dots etched and carved out. It comes with a blue or red ribbon for hanging the ornament on the tree.


  • Made with 18 karat gold-plated brass.
  • Long-lasting material make the ornament a collectible.
  • Comes with two ribbon options.
  • Can be expensive for a single piece.
  • Can be used only on a Christmas tree.

15. Georg Jensen Gift Set – Heart/Ball/Bell Set for Giving as a Gift

      • Gold-plated with 18 karat gold
      • Comes in a set of 3 different ornaments
      • Dimensions – Ball: 2.13 x 2.13 inches Bell: 2.36 x 1.98 inches heart: 2.24 x 2.22 inches

This is the second Georg Jensen ornament in this list. This is because we know the care and detail they put into their work when designing their ornaments. Unlike some other manufacturers, these are very high-quality and luxurious. One of their creations is the 2017 ornament set.

Georg Jensen 2017 Heart/Bell/Ball Gift Set, Brass, Gold, 10...
  • Georg Jensen 2017 Christmas Collectible
  • Optional blue or red ribbon included in box

The set is a collectible and quite popular as a gift during the holiday season. Each set comes with three ornaments, one in the ball shape, one heart shaped, and one in the bell shape. The bell has the year engraved on it. They ornaments also comes with two ornaments per piece, one blue and one red.

The decorations are designed by Alfredo Haberl. His version includes a polka dot pattern on the ornaments. The highlight is the gold-plating with 18 karat gold, which makes the ornaments even more luxurious.


  • Comes in a gift box set.
  • High-quality material lasts a long time.
  • Gold-plated with 18 karat gold.
  • Might be a little heavy on the wallet.
  • The date us not customizable.

16. Autone Hollow Glitter Ball Hanging Ornament – Wire Decor with Glittery Balls 

      • Comes in a pack of 6 pieces
      • Hollow balls wrapped in glitter wire and sequins
      • Comes in two sizes: A# (13.7” x 2.36” x 2.36”) B# (11.42 x 1.97 x 1.97)

Plain Christmas baubles are great Christmas ornaments. They look incredible hanging on trees or put in garlands or wreaths. But what about taking them a step further and making them even glitterier? These Autone hollow glitter ball decorations are the answer.

No products found.

The ornaments are made of sequins and thick and thin gold wires. The hollow design of the ornaments is shaped like balls. The gold wire is wrapped in a spiral shape and then filled with a thinner gold wire/thread. The thinner wire has circular sequins.

The overall look is very glittery and adds a modern touch to otherwise traditional Christmas decorations. They shine when the lights hit them and sparkle up any Christmas tree.


  • Comes in a set of 6 ornaments .
  • The hollow ornaments are very lightweight.
  • The sequins reflect light subtly.
  • The ornament can get stick on the needles of a Christmas trees.
  • The wires can bend inwards if not stored correctly.

17. Gold Wire Bell Ornaments – Unique Wire Bell Christmas Tree Decoration

      • Comes in a pack of 12
      • Measures 3” by 3”

If you walk down the Christmas décor aisle in any supermarket or in a craft store, you will always find some version of the classic bell-shaped Christmas decoration. They are very attractive and look beautiful when used with other different styles of ornaments. This particular ornament is a unique take on the bell ornament.

Gold Wire Bell Christmas Ornaments, Pack of 12
  • Pack of 12
  • Measure approximately 3 by 3 inches

Approximately 3” x 3” in size, the Gold Wire Bell ornaments are gold in color. The main frame is shaped like the bell and is filled with a thin spiral-shaped wire. It is wrapped around the frame so it connects different parts of the frame.

The ornaments in a pack of 12 and can be used to embellish the tree. If that isn’t to your fancy, you can add it to a wreath, holiday garlands, and other Christmas decorations. The touch of gold will bring a touch of Christmassy charm.


  • Can be used in Christmas trees and other places.
  • Comes in a pack of 12 for a cheap price.
  • The ornaments are gold-plated.
  • The quality might be cheap.
  • The metal coating might get rusty.

18. Vickerman Silver Shiny Finial Ornament – Best Sleek Cupola Ornament

      • 12” long
      • Cupola finial shaped ornaments
      • Come in a pack of 3

Vickerman is one of the most popular manufacturers of Christmas ornaments. They produce many pieces that comprise of many traditional Christmassy bits and bobs. From round baubles to icicles, they make everything in between. One of their creations is the cupola filial ornaments. While they have more than 40 colors and two different textures for all filial ornaments, the silver shiny edition is very unique.

No products found.

The cupola filial ornament has been a part of the Christmas for a long time. They look very sleek and beautiful when added among other decorations like baubles, garlands, and lights. This particular decoration has a shiny silver finish that reflects light.

The ornaments are 12” long and made of shatterproof material. This makes the ornament perfect for a home where kids and pets play around the tree. You can space them with other ornaments to add visual interest on your Christmas tree. You can also use it in other places.


  • Long size of the ornament covers more space on the tree.
  • The ornament is affordably priced.
  • The material is shatterproof.
  • The quality might not be too high.

19. Zinc Christmas Tree-Shaped Decoration – Heirloom Christmas Tree Ornament 

      • Zinc ornament
      • Handcrafted ornament
      • Handfinished with a shiny lustre

My Swanky Home has a long portfolio full of various types of décor items. In their holiday portfolio, the ornaments are one of a kind. Most of them are hand-crafted and have a homemade charm that is often hard to find when buying your Christmas ornaments. This Christmas tree-shaped ornament is one of their creations that can give you that.

No products found.

Made out of zinc, the ornament is handmade. Artisans beat and meld the metal so it can take the shape of the iconic fir Christmas tree. Instead of just having two sides, the ornament’s cutouts can be seen from all sides.

The ornaments are also hand-finished, meaning they have a shiny lustre that gleams brilliantly under the shimmery Christmas lights. Each ornament in 3” ling and 4” wide and comes in a pack of 3. They are the perfect addition to your tree. Since they are made of metal, they can be heirloom ornaments, making Christmas more special for generations.


  • Hand-finished exterior gives the ornament a subdues lustre.
  • The ornaments can be passed down generations.
  • They can be used as décor around the home.
  • Ornaments might have some flaws.
  • The zinc might bend.

Copper Metallic Christmas Tree Decorations

Copper Metallic Christmas Tree Decorations

20. Rustic Tin Barn Christmas Decorations –  Best Copper Ornament for Barns 

      • Made with tin
      • Finished with a coppery rusty look
      • Can be installed with the rear hanger on walls, fences, patios, trees, porches, etc.

The aesthetics of a barn regardless of the season is quite unique. In order to meet this uniqueness, you need Christmas tree decorations and ornaments that scream ‘country’. Grila has been successful in capturing the whole “country” aesthetic in their creations, including the Rustic Tin Star decoration.

Grila Rusty LACY BARN Metal Star Set – 3X 12 Country...
  • ✔️ STRONG GRILA METAL STAR SET - Our barn stars set...
  • ✔️ ELEGANT RUSTIC WESTERN DECOR - Our rusty Texas star...

Available in a 24” size variant, this decoration is perfect for those who want the starry joy of Christmastide but also don’t want to miss out on the rustic aesthetic of their barn or the southern charm of their ranch home. You can use this star decoration both indoors and outdoors.

They look great hung on doors, walls, porches, fences, and even on trees. The star is made of high quality tin and curved to give it a 3d-type look. It has a rusted tin finish that looks incredible with other warm Christmas décor.


  • Can be used for interior and exterior décor.
  • There is no assembly required to put up the stars.
  • Can be kept up after Christmas for barn-themed décor.
  • The metal is very thin and flimsy.
  • The stars are easily dented and scratched.

21. Hand-Hammered Copper Assorted Christmas Ornament 

      • Hand-hammered premium copper ornaments
      • Hand-made by artisans in Mexico

There are many big name brands and forges that make designer ornaments for your Christmas tree. They are truly beautiful and classy in their own regard. However, there is something about ornaments that have been especially crafted from premium copper that still look like they were handmade. They somehow feel more special and bring more joy to the overall décor. Premier Copper Products caters to this aesthetic with their hand-crafted copper ornaments.

They come in a pack of 6 ornament, each equally adorable. You get the options of a gingerbread man, a snowman, a reindeer, Santa’s sleigh, a striped candy cane, and a stocking – all a part of Christmas.

Unlike many other metallic Christmas tree decorations mentioned here, these are made in Mexico. Artisans handcraft each of them. That’s why there might be small variances in size and color. But that just adds more personality and uniqueness to your festive Christmas tree.


  • They are handcrafted by artisans in Mexico.
  • There is an assortment of designs in one pack.
  • They are made from premium copper.
  • The ornaments might not be too aesthetically pleasing.
  • Can be difficult to install with the wires.

22. DEMDACO Jeweled Gold Tone Metal Figurines – Bejeweled Crown Decorations

      • Made with iron and acrylic
      • Features a gold-tone finish with some sparkles
      • Comes in a set of 2 different designs

DEMDACO has been on the forefront when it comes to celebrating holidays and any other joyous occasion where a little sparkle and jewel can go a long way. Each ornament is hand-crafted by artists who share the value of celebrations. The jeweled crown ornaments are one such pieces of art they have created.

DEMDACO Jeweled Crown Gold Tone 12 x 8 Iron Metal Christmas...
  • Jeweled Crown Figurine Ornaments come as a set of 2; Will...
  • Ornament is made of iron metal and acrylic with gold tone...

A touch of glam and glitter is sometimes all that you need for the perfect Christmas tree. They come in a pack of two, each ornament featuring a different design. One ornament is a cone-shaped imperial crown with acrylic feather details and jewels, while the other has a circular top with jewels andacrylic angel wings coming out of two sides. The crow itself is made out of iron wires with bronze and gold tones. They are each 7.5 inches long and 9 inches wide. They will add a majestically royal look to your Christmas tree.


  • Fairly priced for two 7.5-inch ornaments.
  • Feature unique designs for a more glamorous décor.
  • Ships in protective packaging for gifting.
  • The iron crown may get rusted if not stored properly.
  • Ornamental don’t go well with very traditional Christmas tree décor.

23. Wendell August Baby’s First Christmas Decoration – Bronze Ornament for Baby’s First Christmas

      • Designed especially for baby’s first Christmas ornament
      • Hand-hammered bronze
      • Carved by experts

This is the second Wendell August product on our list. The reason for this is the quality and intricacy of the designs that the company provides in a single ornament. Being America’s largest forge, each ornament is chiseled by artisans who have mastered their craft. One of their most revered ornaments is the one designed especially to mark a baby’s first Christmas. With just one look, you’ll know that it is a work of art.

Wendell August Baby's First Christmas Ornament (Bronze) -...
  • BABY'S FIRST CHRISTMAS: This adorable ornament features...
  • ENDURING: There is no better way to decorate your Christmas...

The ornament is very adorable, featuring a design with several baby animals resting on clouds with a child sitting on a smiling crescent moon. The starry background has a banner with the words “baby’s first Christmas” written in cursive.

As elaborate the design is, artisans who made it did justice. It is perfect celebrating your own baby’s first holiday season or gift it to friends or family members with babies. The ornament is 3.5” in diameter and is chiseled out of hand-hammered bronze.


  • Comes wrapped to give it as a gift to other parents.
  • Easy to maintain, only requiring a cleaning with polish solution.
  • Created by artisans out of solid hand-hammered bronze.
  • The ornament is pricy for bronze material.
  • Can only be used on a Christmas tree.

24. Vickerman Copper Shiny Spiral Icicle Ornament – Unique Icicle Ornament 

      • Primary material used is shatterproof
      • The color or finish of the product is in copper
      • Comes with 2 icicles in the pack

Garland wound Christmas trees are the centerpiece in every family room when Christmastime arrives in all its glory. However, there are many other little bits and bobs that make the Christmas tree even more festive and personalized to the people who decorated it. Some of these trinkets include icicle ornaments. Vickerman is known to produce a huge range of icicle ornaments among various other decorations.

Icicle decorations bring some of the outside, indoors. They are a great way to make the tree look somewhat similar to the ones that stand outside in the snow. The traditional icicle ornaments are made of glass for a more realistic look. However, they can be a bit dangerous to hand on a tree due to their fragility, especially when there are kids and rambunctious pets around.

The solution for that is shatterproof icicle ornaments. Vickerman’s icicle ornament is a take on the regular design. It features a 14.6” long spiral icicle with a copper finish. It is drilled and has wired caps to make hanging them easy. These icicles are great to customize your Christmas décor theme while still getting the wintery look.


  • Shatterproof makes it usable around children and/or pets.
  • Ornament comes with a warranty.
  • Makes for a good stocking stuffer.
  • Limited use.; can only be used on Christmas trees.
  • Expensive for just two icicles in a pack.

Red Metallic Christmas Tree Decorations

Red Metallic Christmas Tree Decorations

25. Red Lacy Barn Star Ornaments – Ornaments for Rustic Christmas Décor 

      • Comes in a set of three stars
      • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
      • The design features rustic lace cutouts

Christmas in the country is one of a kind. From the food to festivities and décor, everything is much more rustic, earthy, and barn-style. To keep up the look and make it a true country Christmas, you need special ornaments and decorations. Grila gives you many options for such decorations including its Red Lacy Barn Stars.

GRILA RED LACY STAR SET - 3x12" Rustic metal stars, Texas...
  • ✔️ STRONG GRILA ONE PIECE METAL STAR - Our barn star has...

These stars come in a pack of three. The bigger stat is 18” in diameter while the other two are 12” each. They are made of tin and feature some lacy designs that go well with most rustic and country decoration themes. You can hang them on walls or on doors around your home.

When you put them up, they protrude out, creating a 3d-like effect. The red color on the tin stars is Christmassy enough to go well with other green decorations you might add around the stars. What makes these starts great is that they require no assembly. There is a hanger on the rear side of the design that you can use to hand the stars.


  • No assembly required.
  • Easy to install with the hanger in the rear.
  • Work well even after Christmas.
  • Too big to put on a Christmas tree.
  • Goes well with rustic theme décor only.

26. Tokoginseng Metal Christmas Bell Ornament in Red – Bright Red Jingle Bell

      • Distressed red finish on the metal
      • Can be used on the porch
      • It’s quite big in size

Jingling Christmas bells have been an iconic part of Christmas. From 1Santa’s sleigh to Rudolph’s collar and on Christmas trees, they are everywhere. In fact, there are even some very popular Christmas songs and carols referencing these bells. So it makes sense that you would want to feature them around your home this holiday season. The Tokoginseng Metal Christmas Bell is the perfect ornament.

While the bell screams Christmas just on its own, the red color adds a sprinkling of Christmas cheer on top. The metal ball is 9” in height and 7” wide with a distressed finish on the outside. You can add it to your Christmas tree but it makes the best sound when hung out on the porch or somewhere where a breeze can swing it.


  • You can hang the bell on the porch or on the Christmas tree.
  • Comes with a jute hanger.
  • Makes a jingling sound when used in open space.
  • Can be too big for a smaller tree.
  • Slightly overpriced.

27. Santa Christmas Ornaments – Cute Santa Clause Ornaments 

      • Assorted styles of Santa ornaments
      • Ornaments are made out of tin
      • The facial expressions are hand-painted

Santa Claus, the big man that flies at night on Christmas Eve with his trusted reindeers is definitely everyone’s favorite. Whether you still believe in him or not, there is a certain magic to him that makes Christmas morning very special, especially for young kids. Adding ornaments with the jolly old Santa adds some of that holly joy to your home. The Santa Christmas Ornaments feature Father Christmas and his happy face.

Fun Express Tin Santa Christmas Ornaments | 1-Pack, 12 Total...
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL - Features a high-quality tin material...
  • CUTE CHRISTMAS DECORS - Hang these chic Holiday decors to...

The ornaments come in a pack of 12, each sporting a different Santa Claus design. Made of tin, the ornaments are approximately 4” long but that can vary depending on the design. The tin cutouts are hand-painted and feature Santa Claus with different expressions.

The style of art gives the ornaments a folk-artsy look, adding something new to a traditional Xmas tree. The average 4.4 rating is enough to tell you how many people loved them.


  • Comes in a pack of 12 assorted styles of ornaments.
  • They are relatively affordable.
  • Great gift option.
  • The ornaments are only one-sided.
  • The painted faces can be inconsistent or roughly done.

White Metallic Christmas Tree Decoration

White Metallic Christmas Tree Decoration

28. Tokogingseng White Metal Jingle Bell Hanging Ornament – Jingling White Metal Bell Ornament 

      • The ball has a distressed finish
      • White metal finish on the outside
      • The bell can be used in other locations

Red, green, and gold are the classic colors for the Christmas season. From Santa Claus and the elves’ outfits to the garland on the Christmas tree and the poinsettia plants, these colors are everywhere once December comes around. These colors are great and create a cozy warm feeling Christmastide is known for, you can enhance it. Add a white metal jingle bell to the tree for an upgrade on the classic white ornaments.

This Tokogingseng white jingle bell hanging ornament is one of a kind. It takes the classic jingle bell on a whole new level of Christmas. Approximately 9 inches in height and 8 inches wide, the ornament is very large. Just one ball can be the center of attention on your Christmas tree.

The distressed white finish on the metal with the delightful jingling sound it makes is the cherry on top. What makes this ornament a must-have in your collection is the fact that you can use it anywhere in your home. You can stack it with other bells on the mantle or hand in your doorway or out on your porch. The light breeze will rock the bell, creating a pleasant sound.

  • The bell is well constructed.
  • It can be used on the tree and other locations.
  • The ornament can be gited as a Christmas present.
  • Heavy on the pocket.
  • The jingle sound is fair.

What to Consider When Buying Metallic Christmas Tree Decorations

This extensive list has given you many options of some of the best Christmas tree decorations available in the market. However, it might have left you wondering which one will be the best at bringing joy to your home and make your tree even more Christmassy.

Well, that depends on your décor theme, the type of metal you’re looking for, and the purpose. We suggest that you get a few of the pricy ones every few years and add them to your collection. Others that come in packs of 6, 8, 12 or 24 can be bought once a year.

You can combine a few different ornaments within a shade range (silver, gold, etc.) and mix them with different styles of ornaments i.e., icicles, baubles, origami ornaments, garlands, lights, etc.

But in the end, it’s up to how many metallic ornaments you want and how glam you want your tree to look.

We hope that this list of review-based discussion of various metallic Christmas tree decorations will help you in deciding what ornaments will sparkle on your Christmas tree this holiday season.

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