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10 Best Mirrors For Home Gyms | Reviews + Guide

Nowadays, there are different home gym mirrors available. Delma Home Gym Mirror Tiles are my pick, thanks to their versatility and convenience. You can also go with the SLDIYWOW tiles, which are much more durable. But for better value for money, Evenlive tiles are your best bet. 

Best Mirrors For Home Gyms

Have you built a new gym in your home to stay healthy? Then you should get mirrors installed on the walls.

Not only will it help you with your training, but it will also make your gym look bigger and more spacious. However, you might face some challenges when trying to purchase the best mirror, for there are numerous choices available.

That’s why I have reviewed some of the best picks in this guide. 

Best Home Gym Mirrors

Here is the list of the 10 best mirrors for home gyms that you can use to optimize your workout routine and see the progress you have made.

1. Delma Home Gym Mirror Tiles - Best for Convenience

Delma Home Mirror Tiles, 14'' x 12'' Glass Frameless (16...
  • HD REFLECTIONS: This frameless mirror tiles are made of HD...
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Wall mirrors come with powerful self...

The Home Gym Mirror Tiles by Delma is a popular choice for home gym setups. This is all thanks to the convenience and quality that you get with this product. It comes with a tile design instead of a full-length mirror panel which is common in traditional mirrors.

Each tile is a frameless mirror of its own and is made from HD float glass that offers high-quality reflections without any visual distortion. Furthermore, the material is designed to be durable, which means that you won’t have to worry about cracks or damage from light contact.

The edges are frosted, which makes for an easier installation. Plus, the tiles come with a powerful self-adhesive that can be glued to the wall. But if the adhesive seems inadequate, you can use the extra foam tapes and glue that come packaged with the product.

Speaking of packaging, I noticed that the mirror tiles come in a sturdy box filled with polyfoam materials that protect the panels from damage during transit. Likewise, they can be installed on the wall of any room, not just the gym. In fact, I had installed them in my bedroom when my bedroom mirror broke. 

That said, you have to ensure that the wall is smooth and clean, for they cannot be installed on rough or uneven walls. This means that you won’t be able to install it on wooden walls or over wallpapers.

Dimensions (L x W): 14" x 12" (single tile) | Surface Material: Glass | Installation Method: Adhesive | Number of Pieces: 16

2. SLDIYWOW Full Length Wall Mirror Tiles - Best Acrylic Mirror

SLDIYWOW Acrylic Full Length Wall Mirror Tiles,12"x 12" x 4...
  • Safer than glass mirror: Eco-friendly plexiglass mirror,...
  • Wall-mounted mirror size: A set of 4 high strength acrylic...

SLDIYWOW is a brand that is known for its highly flexible and easy-to-use acrylic mirror sets. Take it from me - setting up the Full Length Wall Mirror tiles is not nearly as difficult as trying to pronounce this brand’s name! All you need to do is remove the protective film over the tile and attach them to your wall - simple as that.

Each acrylic mirror tile is made from an engineered plastic composed of the chemical poly(methyl methacrylate). It is commonly known as plexiglass, and it makes the glass tiles highly bendable. In addition to that, these plexiglass panels are incredibly lightweight, which enhances user convenience. 

The tiles of this acrylic mirror set come with a self-adhesive that sticks to the surface. You can attach these tiles to smooth walls, painted walls, and wooden surfaces.

This mirror is fully shatterproof, meaning that the tiles will not break even with heavy contact, unlike glass mirrors. It is scratch-proof and waterproof as well, so it is safe to be used around children and pets. As for the reflection quality, it produces crystal clear images at close range. However, I noticed that the image gets a bit distorted when viewed from afar.

Despite that minor drawback, it feels as good as a full-size mirror when fully installed. And apart from the gym, you can use it in your bedroom, bathroom, or living room, making it a highly versatile option.

Dimensions (L x W): 12" x 12" (single tile) | Surface Material: Acrylic plexiglass | Installation Method: Adhesive | Number of Pieces: 4

3. Evenlive Full Length Mirror Tiles - Best Value for Money

EVENLIVE® Full Length Mirror Tiles, Frameless Wall Mirror...
  • ❦[Easy to install Adhesive mirror]: Wall mirror full...
  • ❦[Real glass does not deform]: Mirror for wall adopts...

The Full Length Mirror Tiles by Evenlive is another tile mirror set. But the thing that sets it apart from other similar mirror sets is the value for money it offers. The mirror comes at a low price and lasts for a long time, which contributes to this aspect.

Its high durability is due to the sturdy glass that is coated with an explosion-proof membrane. As you can guess, that protects it from damage and scratches, thereby prolonging its lifespan. Because of this feature, it is easily one of the best gym mirrors available today.

Each tile comes with double-sided adhesive tape that is more stable than ordinary glue. It also makes the tiles easy to install on surfaces like glass, ceramic, wood, and latex-painted walls. Besides, the adhesive used is waterproof and environmentally friendly. However, it is a little too powerful, and once I attached the mirror, I had trouble removing it. So, choose where you want to install it carefully!

Another notable feature of this full-length tile mirror set is its high-quality reflection. This is all thanks to the double-layer primer design and polished white glass material, which produces clear and bright images at all distances. Additionally, the mirror comes with thick packaging that prevents damage during transit.

Dimensions (L x W): 12" x 12" (single tile) | Surface Material: Glass | Installation Method: Adhesive | Number of Pieces: 4

4. Delma Full Length Mirror Tiles - Best Adhesion

Full Length Mirror Tiles (Glass, 12''x12''x 4PCS), Large...
  • HD REFLECTIONS: This frameless mirror tiles are made of HD...
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Full body mirrors come with powerful self...

For this review, I bring you yet another product from Delma. The Full-Length Mirror Tiles are very similar in design to the previous Delma product I have discussed. However, it is comparatively cheaper than that option, which makes it a better pick for those who are on a tight budget.

These mirror tiles are made from HD float glass that offers great reflection quality. It also makes them durable enough to withstand light impacts. That said, the glass panel is quite thin near the edges, and because of that, you might notice some chipping. But if you attach them correctly, that won’t be an issue.

I observed that this product comes with powerful construction glue. When used in conjunction with the adhesive tapes on the tiles, they can be attached to the wall surfaces firmly. The frosted edges help in this aspect, as they make the attachment more stable.

To install the mirror, you will first need to clean the surface to ensure proper adhesion. For the best results, you should try to install it on smooth walls. 

In any case, after the wall is clean, you need to attach the tapes and the glue and secure it to the wall. You can combine the tiles into different shapes, making it a great decor for your living areas as well.

Dimensions (L x W): 12" x 12" (single tile) | Surface Material: Glass | Installation Method: Adhesive | Number of Pieces: 4

5. CrossROBBIN Wall Mounted Activity Mirrors- Best Full-Size Mirror

CrossROBBIN Wall Mounted Activity Mirrors for Home Gym and...
  • GYM wall mirror in 31-1/2 in. x 47-1/5 in.
  • Mirror is 1/5 in. thick with a rectangular design

Unlike the options I have reviewed so far, this mirror by CrossROBBIN has a wall-mounted design. It comes packaged as a single large rectangular mirror that you can mount on the wall of your home gym. The packaging includes all the necessary hanging hardware - such as screws, clips, and installation bars - to make the installation as smooth as possible.

It has a fairly thick 1/5-inch profile, which makes it sturdy enough to be used as a workout mirror. The reflective surface is made from high-quality float glass that offers excellent clarity when combined with its silver plating. Plus, its frameless design gives it a sleek and seamless finish, making it one of the best wall-mounted mirrors available on the market.

Below the silver plating, there is a protective layer of tarnish-resistant coating that keeps the mirror safe from corrosion and degradation over time. It also prevents the mirror from getting tarnished in high-humidity environments. 

Thanks to its frameless design, you can attach multiple mirrors side-by-side to get a large mirror wall in your home gym. There are detailed installation instructions included in the package for those who have little or no experience with these mirrors. However, it is a pretty large mirror, so I faced some difficulties when I tried to install it on my own. 

Dimensions (L x W): 47.2" x 31.5" | Surface Material: Glass | Installation Method: Wall-mount | Number of Pieces: 1

6. Fab Glass And Mirror Wall Mirror Kit - Best for A Mirror Wall

Fab Glass and Mirror Wall Mirror 36 x 60 Inches - 1/4" Thick...
  • 𝐌𝐢𝐫𝐫𝐨𝐫 𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐞𝐧𝐠𝐭𝐡:...
  • 𝐒𝐚𝐟𝐞𝐭𝐲 𝐁𝐚𝐜𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠: This...

The Wall Mirror Kit by Fab Glass And Mirror is a fairly large glass mirror that you can use in your gym. It covers a large portion of the wall space and is made from frameless HD tempered glass. Therefore, the mirror gives you a clear view of everything in front of it. 

As such, I could use it for yoga, dance, and different types of gym exercise, such as weight training, strength training, squat (exercise), and so on. You don’t need to worry about damaging it either, for it has a thick 1/4-inch glass layer on top. There’s also a safety backing film below that strengthens the glass and makes it less vulnerable to damage.

In this regard, the shatterproof glass prevents it from breaking into shards and injuring the people in front of it. Furthermore, it does not contain any harmful metals like lead or copper that are normally used in mirrors. So, besides being safe, it is environmentally sustainable as well.

This mirror comes with all the necessary items required for its installation. And if you install it alongside multiple mirrors, you can easily make a mirror wall or convert an empty room into your home gym or dance studio. However, given its weight and large dimensions, it feels incredibly heavy. This reduces its portability and can make it a challenge to install on your own.

Dimensions (L x W): 60" x 36" | Surface Material: Glass | Installation Method: Wall-mount | Number of Pieces: 1

7. Hans & Alice Wall Mounted Activity Mirror - Best Viewing Angles

H-A Hans & Alice Wall Mounted Activity Mirror, Home Gym...
  • Workout Mirror Dimension-47.2" x 31.5"large wall mirror for...
  • Gym mirror for home gym-Durable, sleek, modern, clean,...

The Wall Mounted Activity Mirror by Hans & Alice is an excellent fitness mirror thanks to its large size, which provides a wide viewing angle. Moreover, the polished glass material ensures good clarity of reflections, free from any distortion and warping. Thus, you or your personal trainer can carefully observe the exercise routines and make corrections if there are any mistakes.

This mirror does not have any frames, but it comes with beveled edges and a modern design that enhances its appeal. Personally speaking, its sleek appearance gave me enough motivation to keep working out in my home gym regularly. 

Besides, its design is not just to please your eyes - it serves a practical purpose too. Combined with the mirror’s solid core wood backing, it enhances its durability and provides enhanced structural reinforcement and stability. That said, the wooden backing is not very water-resistant, so you should install the mirror in a dry place.

Despite its large size, the mirror has a lightweight build. Because of this, I found it easy to carry and install on my own. And all the necessary hardware required for setting it up (screw, glue, J-bar, and cap) are included in the packaging, which makes the installation even more convenient.

Dimensions (L x W): 47.2" x 31.5" | Surface Material: Glass | Installation Method: Wall-mount | Number of Pieces: 1

8. Unbreakabl Miro Shatterproof Wall Mirror - Best for Durability

Shatterproof Wall Mirror Full Length for Bedroom, Plexiglass...
  • (Luxury material):Mirror full length made of plexiglass,...
  • (Super Thick):Full length mirror thickness: 0.125", mirror...

You might not have heard of Unbreakabl Miro, but the brand’s Shatterproof wall mirror is one of the best acrylic mirrors you can get today. That is why I have included it on my list. It is another option that comes in a tile design.

The mirror panel is made from plexiglass, which makes it highly durable and flexible. Its sturdiness is further enhanced by the 1/8-inch thick profile. So, you can allow your child or pet to play near them without any risk.

There is double-sided foam tape on each of the tiles, which makes them easy to attach to your gym walls. The adhesive on the tape is strong enough to be attached to latex-painted walls, wooden doors, and even light-hole tiled wall furniture. In that context, you can use them in other rooms, too, such as your bathroom, bedroom, or living room.

The image quality is good, but before you install it, you need to take off the thin protective film. It is generally applied on each tile to prevent scratches during transit. If you don’t, the light reflections and images will appear warped and distorted, as I learned the hard way.

One major drawback of this particular option is its price. It costs a lot more money compared to other mirrors of this type, which can deter people from buying it.

Dimensions (L x W): 12" x 12" (single tile) | Surface Material: Acrylic plexiglass | Installation Method: Adhesive | Number of Pieces: 4

9. Petaflop Full Length Mirror Tiles - Best Space-Saving Mirror

PETAFLOP Full Length Mirror Tiles, 4Pcs 14x11 Inch Glass...
  • Easy to Install: These stick-on mirror tiles are easy to...
  • HD Glass Mirror Full Length: Made of real glass, these...

The Full Length Mirror Tiles by Petaflop is yet another gym mirror that follows a tile design. I decided to include it in my list because of its relatively affordable price and the space-saving design for each tile. Because of that, it can be very useful if you have a small home gym.

These tiles have a rectangular shape instead of a regular square shape. Similarly, the tiles are made of real glass that provides clear reflections from different angles without any warping or distortion. And to prevent damage to the glass, it comes with an explosion-proof membrane and scatter-prevention system.

I found the glass tiles to be lightweight, which made it easier to install on the walls of my home gym. There are 36 pieces of double-sided adhesive tape included in the package, which should be more than enough to set up the whole mirror. However, make sure to clean the walls before installation, for if you don’t, the dust particles may negatively affect the adhesion of the tapes.

On that note, the only drawback of this option is the packaging, which is somewhat flimsy. I was a bit lucky that the mirror arrived intact for me, but not everyone might be as fortunate.

Dimensions (L x W): 14" x 11" (single tile) | Surface Material: Glass | Installation Method: Adhesive | Number of Pieces: 4

10. Jeoyoo Wall Mirror - Best Portable Mirror

JEOYOO Wall Mirror Full Length, Cheap Over / on Door,...
  • Eco-friendly material : Eco-friendly plexiglass mirror....
  • mirror size : Set of 4 High Strength Acrylic Wall Mirror,...

The Jeoyoo Wall Mirror might just be one of the cheapest and most portable mirrors that you can get. It is an acrylic mirror set that has the lowest price among all the options I have reviewed so far. The compact dimension and lightweight build of each mirror tile make it incredibly easy to carry around.

This mirror is made from plexiglass material, which makes it highly flexible and resistant to damage. Another notable aspect of this mirror’s design is its rounded edges that prevent chipping when the tiles are accidentally dropped. Personally, I think it makes the mirror stand out from other similar options that have regular square tiles. 

Because of this reason and its compact design, I used this mirror all around my house, and not just the gym. The installation and removal process is very easy, which contributed to this aspect. That said, once you stick the mirror panels on the wall, they remain firmly attached to the surface. So, you don’t need to worry about the adhesive tapes losing their stickiness.

The image quality is decent, and it gives you a clear reflection of everything in front of the mirror. However, I noticed that the images were warped and distorted near the edges, which can be problematic for most people.

Dimensions (L x W): 8" x 8" (single tile) | Surface Material: Acrylic plexiglass | Installation Method: Adhesive | Number of Pieces: 4

Best Mirrors For Home Gyms Comparison Table

ProductDimensions (L x W)Surface MaterialInstallation MethodNumber of Pieces
Delma Home Gym Mirror Tiles14" x 12" (single tile)GlassAdhesive16
SLDIYWOW Full Length Wall Mirror Tiles12" x 12" (single tile)Acrylic plexiglassAdhesive4
Evenlive Full Length Mirror Tiles12" x 12" (single tile)GlassAdhesive4
Delma Full Length Mirror Tiles12" x 12" (single tile)GlassAdhesive4
CrossROBBIN Wall Mounted Activity Mirrors47.2" x 31.5"GlassWall-mount1
Fab Glass And Mirror Wall Mirror Kit60" x 36"GlassWall-mount1
Hans & Alice Wall Mounted Activity Mirror47.2" x 31.5"GlassWall-mount1
Unbreakabl Miro Shatterproof Wall Mirror12" x 12" (single tile)Acrylic plexiglassAdhesive4
Petaflop Full Length Mirror Tiles14" x 11" (single tile)GlassAdhesive4
Jeoyoo Wall Mirror8" x 8" (single tile)Acrylic plexiglassAdhesive4

Buying Guide For The Best Mirrors For Home Gyms

Have you gone through all the options above but are still unable to make up your mind? Well, I fully understand your predicament; buying a good home gym mirror is not as easy as it seems.

That is why I have made this brief buyer’s guide, which contains some pointers that might help you decide. So, I strongly suggest you check it out!


The most important aspect that you need to consider when buying a gym mirror is the type. There are two types of mirrors that are commonly used in home gyms - tiled mirrors and full-size mirrors.

Tile mirrors come in the form of smaller tiles, and you need to put them all together to get the whole thing. Such mirrors are comparatively portable and easier to install. But in many cases, you might notice some warping near the edges of individual tiles.

On the other hand, you have the full-size mirror, which does not require any assembly. However, these mirrors are quite heavy, which makes them difficult to install.

There is another type of mirror that is preferred by some people - the smart mirror. It is a unique piece of technology that combines digital features in a traditional mirror. Such a mirror comes with several smart features, such as digital displays, in-built lighting, touchscreen panels, a camera, and many more. 

All of these aim to enhance your gym training sessions considerably. The caveat is that they are incredibly expensive, which puts them out of the reach of most people.

Installation Method

If you own a home gym, you need to judiciously manage the space to accommodate all of your home gym equipment, such as the dumbbell, kettlebell, treadmill, and others. This is where the installation method becomes important, for it can help save space in your gym.

There are three different methods to install mirrors - using adhesive, wall mounting, and freestanding. You can also mount the mirrors on the ceiling to save floor space, but that won’t be very practical.

Adhesive-mounted mirrors are the most common in gyms since they do not occupy floor space and are easy to install anywhere. Conventional wall-mounted mirrors save floor space too, but in many cases, they are a bit difficult to install. Freestanding mirrors are placed on the floor, and they are the easiest to set up. But they will take up floor space, preventing you from storing other gym equipment.


The materials used in the mirror are another important factor to keep in mind. In this regard, the reflective surface of most mirrors is made of glass and silver plating, which provides the best reflection quality. Apart from that, they can be made from engineered plastic materials like plexiglass, which is common for most acrylic mirrors, and are relatively cheaper by comparison.

Besides the reflective surface, you also need to consider the backing layers and the frame. Traditionally, manufacturers use lead, copper, or aluminum alloy for this purpose, but many brands are switching to safer alternatives like wood and microfiber these days.

Mirrors for Home Gyms FAQs

  • How safe are gym mirrors?

    As long as they are installed properly, gym mirrors are usually quite safe. Opting for shatterproof mirrors enhance safety in case of accidents.

  • Can gym mirrors enhance my small gym's space?

    Absolutely! Mirrors not only provide performance feedback but also give the illusion of a larger, more open space.

  • What size mirror should I get for my home gym?

    The size of the mirror depends on your space and personal preferences. Ideally, the mirror should be large enough for you to see your entire body when standing several feet away.

  • How many gym mirrors do I need?

    This depends on the size of your gym and your own personal preference. Some people prefer having multiple mirrors to cover different angles.

  • Are gym mirrors easy to install?

    Installation difficulty varies depending on the mirror’s size and weight. It’s always recommended to follow the manufacturer’s instructions or hire a professional to ensure safe & secure installation, especially for larger mirrors.

  • Can I install gym mirrors on any wall surface?

    Mirrors can be installed on most wall surfaces, including drywall and concrete. However, the type of mounting hardware and installation method will vary based on the wall type.

  • Where's the best place to install the mirror?

    The best placement for your gym mirror is on a wall you face while doing most of your workouts. This way, you can see your full body during exercises.

  • How do I maintain and clean my gym mirror?

    You can maintain your gym mirror by cleaning it regularly with a mild soap solution or vinegar mixed with water. Avoid using harsh chemicals that might damage the mirror’s surface.

  • Conclusion

    Using a mirror in your gym is a great way to maintain your physical fitness. It allows you to monitor your exercise routines and clarify any mistakes.

    Therefore, I hope that this guide will help you to find the perfect mirror for your training needs. Before I wrap up, though, I would like to mention my personal favorites from the list. The Delma Home Gym Mirror Tiles are my top pick, for it delivers versatility, image quality, and convenience.

    If you want more durability, I would suggest the SLDIYWOW Full Length Wall Mirror Tiles. But if you are looking for a more affordable option that offers greater value for your money, you should go with the Evenlive Full Length Mirror Tiles.

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