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5 Best Nail Gun Brands of 2023

Hands down, nail guns are incredibly useful, but would you just randomly pick or order one?

The carpenter is Making furniture the furniture .He is using a Staple gun to work.

Not that we haven't been there before, but the results, more often than not, smell of regret. While exploring the world of nail guns, you may have stumbled upon some brand names more than a few times.

Even though there are several manufacturers in the industry, only a handful of them design specialized products for different fastening applications. Besides, not every other nail gun bears the holy trinity of performance, efficiency, and durability. Therefore, ultimately it does come down to the best brands and their expertise in crafting high-quality tools.

That's why we have listed the 5 best nail gun brands of 2023, so you can find the tools that are backed by renowned players in the industry.

Without further ado, let's get down to business.

Best Nail Gun Brands to Consider

Installation of interior room doors using a air nail pneumatic gun

From their innovative features to their exceptional build quality, these nail gun brands have consistently delivered reliable results. So, if you're ready to take your nailing game to the next level, here's the list of the 5 best nail gun brands you can trust.

1. Hitachi

Founded in 1910, Hitachi was the first company to produce 5 hp induction motors in Japan commercially. Fast forward to current times, Hitachi is a multinational conglomerate, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, known for their innovation and technologically driven range of products designed to make life easier.

This company has literally survived two wars (bomb raids in WWII and The Korean War) and continues to be one of the industry leaders when it comes to electronics, home power tools, and other gadgets. What really differentiates Hitachi from other brands is their cost-effective pricing strategy and speculative eye to make products more user-friendly.

Over the years, with gradual expansion, they have also forayed into automotive systems, construction machinery, and defense systems. So, if there's one manufacturer you can rely on to make something as basic as nail guns, Hitachi undoubtedly emerges as a winner.

Not only do they have the best line-up in the market, but they've also designed the most practical tools that can simplify your nailing projects with high precision and ease. Take a look at their top two items.

Top Products & Standout Features

  1. Hitachi NR90AES1 Framing Nailer

Hitachi NR90AES1 Framing Nailer, 2-Inch to 3-1/2-Inch...
  • Hitachi Power Tools has renamed to Metabo HPT. Same great...
  • New head guard design allows for quicker disassembly during...

Type: Framing Nailer | Gauge: 21 | Nail Size Range: 2" to 3-1/2" | Weight (lbs): 7.5 | Operating Pressure (psi): 70-120 | Magazine Capacity: 64 | Firing Mode: Sequential/Contact
  1. Hitachi NT50AE2 18-Gauge 5/8-Inch to 2-Inch Brad Nailer

Hitachi NT50AE2 18-Gauge 5/8-Inch to 2-Inch Brad Nailer
  • Selective Actuation allows the user to select bump fire or...
  • At only 2.2 lbs, this finish nailer is lightweight &...

Type: Brad Nailer | Gauge: 18 | Nail Size Range: 5/8" to 2" | Weight (lbs): 2.2 | Operating Pressure (psi): 70-120 | Magazine Capacity: 100 | Firing Mode: Sequential

2. Paslode

The brand, second only to Hitachi, is Paslode, which is known for its innovative streak in framing nailers. Honestly, if you had to write the history of nail guns, Paslode is one name you cannot overlook. Short for PAcking Shipping LOading DEvices, this brand has been one of the industry leaders and pioneers since 1940.

They engineered the first pneumatic nailer in 1959, and by 1986 they had manufactured a good range of gas-powered nail guns as well. However, what makes Paslode unique is its reinvention and striving for development to ensure maximum efficiency and functionality. 

This brand is much more than its trademark products and continues to design nailers that can nail the job, regardless of the situation. That being said, the company offers a wide variety of nail guns to choose from, so you can select the most appropriate tool for the project.

Whether it's your roof, wall, ground, or anything else, Paslode will surely provide you with a suitable nailer for that very purpose. Nevertheless, these are our top two picks worth every single penny.

Top Products & Standout Features

  1. Paslode 906300 Cordless XP Framing Nailer

Paslode - Cordless XP Framing Nailer, 906300, Battery and...
  • Increased Productivity - Drives nails flush in LVL and other...
  • All Season Formula - Works in temperatures down to 14°F.

Type: Framing Nailer | Gauge: 30 | Nail Size Range: 2" to 3-1/4" | Weight (lbs): 7.2 | Operating Pressure (psi): 80-120 | Magazine Capacity: 30 | Firing Mode: Sequential
  1. Paslode 902400 Cordless Finish Nailer

Paslode, Cordless Finish Nailer, 902400, 16 Gauge Angled,...
  • Precise Nail Placement - Angled magazine reaches tight spots...
  • No Downtime - 7V Li-ion battery and up to 12,000 nails per...

Type: Finish Nailer | Gauge: 16 | Nail Size Range: 1-1/4" to 2-1/2" | Weight (lbs): 4.9 | Operating Pressure (psi): 80-120 | Magazine Capacity: 100 | Firing Mode: Sequential

3. DeWalt

Dewalt is yet another brand that needs no introduction, thanks to its exceptional array of consumer tools, which continues to dominate the American household space. It was founded in 1923 and saw multiple ownership changes until, in 1960, it was acquired by renowned manufacturers - Black & Decker. 

On that note, Black & Decker continues to run the scene with the same brand name and produces top-notch tools for professionals, technicians, and DIY enthusiasts. Under the same name, the company offers a wide variety of hand tools including, utility knives, pliers, adjustable wrenches, tape measures, saws, and hammers.

Other than that, they also produce pneumatic or fully battery-powered nail guns for various framing requirements. Regardless of your specialized needs, you can rely on Dewalt to meet them and provide the ideal appliance for the task. Furthermore, all of their power tools run on efficient battery packs for seamless completion of the work without any shortage of charge.

Honestly, we had a tough time picking the best two nail guns from this brand because they're all great, but here are the winners.  

Top Products & Standout Features 

  1. DEWALT DCN680B 20V Max XR 18 Gauge Brad Nailer

DEWALT 20V MAX* Cordless Brad Nailer, 18GA, Tool Only...
  • 100% battery power of the cordless brand nailer eliminates...
  • Brushless motor of 18 gauge brad nailer maximizes runtime...

Type: Brad Nailer | Gauge: 18 | Nail Size Range: 5/8" to 2-1/8" | Weight (lbs): 5.3 | Operating Pressure (psi): 70-120 | Magazine Capacity: 110 | Firing Mode: Sequential

DEWALT 20V MAX* Cordless Brad Nailer Kit, 18GA (DCN680D1)
  • 100% battery power of the cordless brand nailer eliminates...
  • Brushless motor of 18 gauge brad nailer maximizes runtime...

Type: Brad Nailer | Gauge: 18 | Nail Size Range: 5/8" to 2-1/8" | Weight (lbs): 6.5 | Operating Pressure (psi): 70-120 | Magazine Capacity: 110 | Firing Mode: Sequential


This company was founded in a basement in 1936 by the visionary founder Albert Juilf, who invented the Springtramp Eliminator. This device eliminated the common vibration problem with automobiles of that time. From then onwards, Senco continued to expand and make their contribution to developing hi-tech gadgets to simplify everyday life. 

Post-WWII, the U.S. economy boomed, and SENCO took some significant steps to consolidate its position in the market. Between 1952 and 1957, their facilities grew from 5,000 to more than 100,000 sq ft. This exponential growth was driven by increased demand for pneumatic tools and fasteners in the automotive, furniture, and bedding industries.

Through the years, the company continued to flourish and acquired other companies, thereby transforming into a leading name in the pneumatic tool industry. Since its inception, SENCO has impressed customers with its keen effort to maintain high quality and durability. 

Long story short, their products made life easier and improved the overall environment of industrial and building workplaces. So here are the top two items from their lot worthy of mention. 

Top Products & Standout Features

  1. SENCO FinishPro 18MG, 2-1/8" 18-Gauge Brad Nailer

Type: Brad Nailer | Gauge: 18 | Nail Size Range: 5/8" to 2-1/8" | Weight (lbs): 2.9 | Operating Pressure (psi): 70-120 | Magazine Capacity: 110 | Firing Mode: Sequential
  1. Senco 4G0001N FinishPro 42XP Finish Nailer

Senco 4G0001N FinishPro 42XP 15 Gauge 1-1/4" To 2-1/2"...
  • Anti-lube design eliminates the hassle of maintenance
  • Magnesium-coated design resists scratches

Type: Finish Nailer | Gauge: 15 | Nail Size Range: 1-1/4" to 2-1/2" | Weight (lbs): 4.5 | Operating Pressure (psi): 70-120 | Magazine Capacity: 104 | Firing Mode: Sequential

5. Bostitch

Previously known as Stanley Bostitch, the company was founded as early as 1896 by Thomas Briggs, the inventor of machines that stitched books from a coil of wire. Thereafter, it continued to grow and expanded in other peripherals, including power and mechanic tools. 

Currently, they're a subsidiary of the Black & Decker company and are among the top names in America, when it comes to user-friendly fastening tools. Therefore, they're a reputed and reliable brand that produces top-of-the-line staplers, staple guns, nailers, riveters, glue guns, and fasteners (nails, screws, and staples).  

In 2013, Bostitch took a major leap and started selling its power tools, pneumatic devices, and hand tools online. Their market grew immensely, and as a result, almost every other office, home, construction, and industrial space had products from this brand for the most basic tasks. Bostitch saw the opportunity and delivered customers with tools that ensure high precision and satisfaction.  

And when it comes to nail guns, undoubtedly, their products are among the top favorites among professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. So here are our most liked duo.  

Top Products & Standout Features 

  1. BOSTITCH Framing Nailer, Round Head

BOSTITCH Framing Nailer, Round Head, 1-1/2-Inch to...
  • Two nailers in one: includes two quick change nosepieces to...
  • Patented push button adjustable depth guide of the framing...

Type: Framing Nailer | Gauge: 28 | Nail Size Range: 2" to 3-1/4" | Weight (lbs): 7.6 | Operating Pressure (psi): 70-120 | Magazine Capacity: 20 | Firing Mode: Sequential/Contact
  1. BOSTITCH Coil Roofing Nailer

BOSTITCH Coil Roofing Nailer, 1-3/4-Inch to 1-3/4-Inch...
  • The sliding nail gun has lightweight aluminum housing for...
  • Zero nail lockout feature of the siding nailer eliminates...

Type: Roofing Nailer | Gauge: 15 | Nail Size Range: 3/4" to 1-3/4" | Weight (lbs): 5.8 | Operating Pressure (psi): 70-120 | Magazine Capacity: 120 | Firing Mode: Sequential

Buying Guide For The Best Nail Gun Brands

This may seem like a no-brainer but choosing a nail gun also depends on the application and the task at hand. Obviously, there's no universal choice yet there are factors you must consider before picking anything off the shelf. Here's a guide that you can check out, and when you're done, go ahead and buy the most suitable option. 

Power Sources

In terms of power sources, you can choose among three options: a battery, a fuel cell, and battery combination, or an air compressor.

  1. Battery

Battery-powered nail guns charge pretty quickly and are comparatively more durable than other options. They're quieter than pneumatic ones but do not pack in as much power. So if you need something for a small, cramped space, a battery-run nailer is the ideal choice as they provide easier accessibility.

  1. Fuel/Battery Combination

These tools operate by using the battery for the combustion of fuel, which then drives the nail. Their power and capacity lie somewhere between that of a battery-powered nailer and a pneumatic one.

These are a great choice too since they provide sufficient power and enable convenient use with a cordless design. The downside? You not only have to charge the battery but also ensure there's adequate fuel at all times.

  1. Pneumatic/Air Powered

Pneumatic nail guns are generally cheaper than the other two options. Plus, you don't have to worry about a battery or fuel cell. That being said, you do, however, need an air compressor to use one of these. If you're a professional who has to use air tools on the job regularly, this is the perfect pick for you.

Besides, they last longer since they have fewer parts, which are less likely to break. Furthermore, they're incredibly consistent and deliver the same amount of power to each nail driven. However, they're not as portable as their battery-operated counterparts and make a lot of noise while running at optimum capacity.


Nailers are made of a variety of materials, so it's essential that you choose something that will last long. Galvanized steel and aluminum construction are among the popular choices, wherein the latter has an exceptionally high demand owing to its lightweight and durable properties.

Also, it's a good idea to steer clear of nail guns that have a lot of plastic parts simply because they're more likely to break than metal.


Based on the job or project you're engaged in, it's possible that you'll be holding onto your nail gun for extended periods. For instance, if you're installing a floor or a roof or doing something elaborate like framing a house, you need to work for extended periods long continuously.

Therefore, having a nail gun featuring an ergonomic design will go a long way in preventing hand cramps and muscle fatigue. Besides, they allow you to work for longer with little to no discomfort while also simplifying the tasks.

Loading Styles

Nails are available in long sheets connected by either paper, wire, or glue. Furthermore, these fasteners are set at different angles, which correspond to the angle of the nail gun. Naturally, the longer the sheet, the longer the magazine is going to have to be to accommodate the lot.

Another option you can look up is coils, they are most commonly used with roofing nailers. However, the most significant advantage of this type is that they can hold more nails since they take up less space. Basically, you can get a coil with about 300 nails, which will last longer than other options.


Certain specialized varieties of nailers, such as framing or flooring nailers, have their magazines positioned at an angle. The angle is usually mentioned in the product description. But the only thing you should be concerned about is whether or not you'll be able to fit the nailer into small spaces with the said angle.

Add-on Features

Many nail guns have extra features and accessories, which, although not necessary, streamline the whole process.

  1. Depth adjustment

Depth adjustment also called depth of drive adjustment, determines how far into the surface the nail will go. 

  1. Dry fire lockout

A dry fire lockout prevents the gun from firing when there's only a handful of nails remaining in the magazine, thereby ensuring safe use.

  1. LED light

Some nailers come with an integrated LED light, which helps you see better when driving nails in cramped and dark spaces. 

  1. Air duster

To clear dust and debris off your work surface, some nailers have an integrated air duster.

Handyman working using brad nail air gun to Crown Moulding on white kitchen wall cabinets framing trim, with the all power tools


Finding the best nail gun brand may not be a daunting task, but there are more than a few great choices out there. Therefore, brand value and appeal do play a crucial part since you do not want to be stuck with tools that fail under slight testing conditions.

The reason we went with these 5 brands particularly is their dedication to innovation, which leads to products that benefit and change the way the world works. A professional is only as good as their tools, and on that end, you must be 100% sure about the purchase you make and the brand that backs the product.

We hope we could shed some light on the options you have. So, go ahead and buy one right away.

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