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Biff Hutchison, Dmitry Arsenyev, and Dalton Smith are among the world’s best pogo stick athletes. If your child is an aspiring sticker, following these athletes can help them learn the tricks of the trade.

Best Pogo Stick Athletes

With the ever-increasing popularity of pogo-sticking worldwide, aspiring stickers are constantly seeking inspiration to learn from the best in the business. And that’s why today, I will quickly walk you through the top 5 pogo stickers your pogo-enthusiast child should follow.

Top 5 Pogo Stick Athletes

Top 5 Pogo Stick Athletes

1. Biff Hutchison 

A 27-year-old US citizen, Biff Hutchison is a legend when it comes to extreme sports in America, and the world, for that matter. He has numerous world records and as many as 15 Pogopalooza medals to his credit. And that’s a big reason he has been made the face of Vurtego, the manufacturer of the world’s best pogo sticks.

With abundant talent and an adventurous spirit, Biff is a great teacher for aspiring pogo athletes. You can find his tutorial videos, where he meticulously breaks down the sport and helps you learn many tricks, no matter if you’re a beginner or a pro.

2. Dmitry Arsenyev

Dmitry Arsenyev is a 24-year-old pogo stick athlete who demonstrates incredible physical strength, effortlessly pulling off some of the most complicated technical tricks. Given his skill and talent, it doesn’t surprise me that Dmitry broke the world record for the most consecutive no-hand backflips by performing 8 jumps! 

And it was during this performance that he created the world record for the highest pogo stick jump measuring 11 feet 1 inch. Besides, he has won 5 Pogopalooza medals.

3. Dalton Smith

Another 24-year-old US pogo stick athlete is Dalton Smith, the freestyle and highly technical sticker who is also a member of the world-renowned Pogo stunt team called XPOGO. Aside from having 13 Pogopalooza medals and some of the best tricks and combos in his inventory, Dalton holds the world record for jumping over the most number of cars in a row!

4. Henry Cabelus

The youngest athlete on my list today, Henry Cabelus, surely has a bright future ahead of him. At just 21 years of age, Henry has already broken many world records, and he is the current world record holder for successfully performing the most consecutive front flips. You can follow his Instagram account to track his journey to greatness.

5. Dan Manohey

The veteran Canadian pogo sticker Dan Manohey was a teenage prodigy, to say the least. He recorded his first-ever clip of performing a front flip on the stick even before he turned 15. And since then, he has achieved new heights of success, amassing 10 Pogopalooza medals.

However, Dan has seen his fair share of the dark days, with unsuccessful attempts and lack of form. But that didn’t stop him from bouncing back. At 28 years of age, Dan is a father, and he now shares his knowledge and wisdom with the younger generation of pogo strikers.

Full length portrait of a young boy bouncing on a pogo stick outside. Pogo Stick Athletes Conclusion.


Despite the many adventures and tricks that the top stickers execute, one thing remains fundamental to their performance: safety. So, if you’re just stepping into the world of pogo sticks, make sure you may heed to the safety guidelines, be it the pogo stick weight limit or the necessary safety gear to wear. 

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