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9 Best Pogo Sticks Of 2023 | Reviews + Guide

Thanks to its well-rounded design and comfort, the Flybar Foam Maverick Pogo Stick is the best pick for your child. If you want a more beginner-friendly option, you can purchase the Think Gizmos Pogo Stick. Subsequently, the New Bounce Pogo Stick offers exceptional safety and stability.

Best Pogo Sticks

If you ask me, I’d say that a pogo stick is a fun device that can keep both children and adults engaged.

Not only can it be used as a kid’s toy, but it can also be used as exercise equipment. In fact, it is even used in Extreme Pogo or Xpogo - an extreme sport that sees athletes perform tricks on specially designed pogo sticks.

But you might ask - what pogo stick will suit your needs? Well, that’s what this review-based guide is all about, so let’s jump in (no pun intended)!

Best Pogo Sticks

Best Pogo Sticks

1. Flybar Foam Maverick Pogo Stick - Best for Kids

Flybar Maverick Pogo Stick for Kids Ages 5+, 40 to 80...
  • PERFECT FOR THE FIRST-TIME JUMPER: This pogo stick for 5...
  • FOAM COVERED METAL FRAME: This Flybar pogo stick features a...

Flybar was one of the first companies to design and sell the pogo stick to consumers. That is why I have reviewed the Foam Maverick Pogo Stick here. This one is arguably the best foam-based pogo stick that you can get for your child.

It features a powerful spring that is fully enclosed in a durable metal frame. The metal frame, in turn, is wrapped entirely in a soft foam material. This is to ensure that children do not get hurt by the metal frame of the stick. Likewise, it provides cushioning for the frame, which prevents it from getting damaged by impacts.

The handle of this stick is made from rubber, which offers a firmer grip than foam. Besides, it makes the stick ergonomic to hold so that your children can play with it for hours. It can withstand any weight between 40 and 80 pounds, which makes it the perfect choice for children aged five and up. But if your child is heavier, they may face difficulties using it.

Additionally, I noticed that the foot pegs and the grip tip are textured to ensure that they do not slip. Thus, you don’t have to worry about any accidental injuries. What’s more, the stick is available in several vibrant color options that your kids will love.

Materials: Metal, foam, rubber | Weight Capacity: ‎40 to 80 pounds | Age Range: 5 years and up

2. Think Gizmos Pogo Stick - Best for Beginners

Think Gizmos Pogo Stick for Kids Ages 5 and Up & Between 40...
  • ✔️ AWESOME DESIGN: Super fun pogo stick for kids ages 5...
  • ✔️ SAFETY FIRST: The Aero Advantage pogostick for kids...

The Think Gizmos Pogo Stick is another option that is meant for kids aged five and up. However, its design is a lot more versatile when compared to other similar pogo sticks, which means that it can be safely used by children who are slightly older. On that note, the recommended weight range of this option is between 40 and 90 pounds.

Besides that, I found the design of this pogo stick to be particularly beginner-friendly. This means that your child can safely use and master it even without any prior experience. In addition to keeping your kids entertained, it can be used for developing balance, as well as exercising core skeletal muscle groups.

It uses a low-friction, industrial-strength steel spring that is built to last. The frame and the handle are wrapped in soft foam to ensure safety and provide a decent grip. Apart from that, the non-slip foot pads incorporate a grooved design to minimize the risk of accidents. And the large tip is made from rubber to provide extra stability. 

That said, it can only be used on a flat, solid surface. In other words, it cannot be used on the lawn or other similar outdoor areas that are irregular. This aspect reduces its utility to some extent, especially if you have limited indoor space.

Materials: Steel, foam, rubber | Weight Capacity: 40 to 90 pounds | Age Range: 5 to 10 years

3. New Bounce Pogo Stick - Best for Stability & Safety

New Bounce Pogo Stick for Kids - Pogo Sticks, 40 to 80 Lbs -...
  • Perfect for Smaller Kids - Designed for younger kids, the...
  • Easy-Grip Foam Handles And Frame - Added for your comfort...

The New Bounce Pogo Stick is designed for kids between the ages of five and nine. But under adequate adult supervision, it can be used by younger kids, too. It can safely withstand any weight ranging from 40 to 80 pounds.

In terms of its build quality, I noticed that it follows a traditional pogo stick design for the most part. The powerful spring is enclosed inside a premium-quality metallic frame for durability. This frame, in turn, is covered in a soft foam material. There is foam covering on the handle as well, making the grip soft for children.

The thing that sets it apart from other pogo stick models is the wider stance used in the foot pegs. This provides enhanced stability and balance to this jumping stick. When combined with the textured footpegs and the large tip, you get exceptional safety with this option. Of course, I would still suggest using all the necessary personal protective equipment - like a helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads - to go with it.

There are several color options to choose from, so you can pick whichever option your child likes the most. Although, I noticed that taller kids face some difficulties using this option, possibly because of its small height.

Materials: Metal, foam | Weight Capacity: ‎40 to 80 pounds | Age Range: 5 to 9 years

4. Razor Gogo Pogo Stick - Best for Portability

Razor Gogo Pogo Stick for Kids Ages 6+ - Lightweight,...
  • A new twist on an old Classic
  • Features a fully enclosed spring system with low-friction...

For this review, I have selected the Gogo Pogo Stick by Razor. The brand is renowned for its innovative scooter (motorcycle), bike, and hoverboard designs. And with this particular product, it has made its foray into the market of pogo sticks. 

The Gogo Pogo Stick is targeted toward children aged six and up. It has implemented several design improvements over the classic pogo stick design. For starters, I noticed that it comes with a foldable design. You can conveniently fold the handlebars and the footrests when not in use, which makes this option highly portable and easy to store.

Apart from that, it features a rectangular metallic frame made from lightweight aluminum. This is a departure from the foam-padded, circular design used in other pogo sticks. Moreover, the durable aluminum frame is water and impact-resistant. Only the handlebars are made from foam, which offers a soft but firm grip. 

Therefore, it will last for a long time, giving you good value for your purchase. You can even replace the footpads, which further improves the convenience of using this pogo stick. However, you do need to be careful with the edges of the rectangular frame, as it can lead to injuries if used carelessly. 

Materials: Aluminum, foam, rubber | Weight Capacity: Up to 140 pounds | Age Range: 6 years and up

5. New Bounce Pro Sports Edition Pogo Stick - Best for Older Kids

New Bounce Pogo Stick for Kids - Pogo Sticks for Ages 9 and...
  • Perfect for Big Kids - Designed for older kids (and adults),...
  • Top Quality - The Pogo Sticks are made of top quality...

Here, I have reviewed yet another product from New Bounce, which is the Pro Sports Edition Pogo Stick. It is meant for use by older kids aged nine years and up and can withstand weights ranging from 80 to 160 pounds. Because of this aspect, I noticed that it has a design that is slightly different from the ones I have reviewed so far.

The advanced design of this pogo stick makes it a lot sturdier by comparison. It features a solid steel spring that is encased within an aluminum frame. This frame is wrapped in foam materials to minimize the chances of injury. The foam cover is present on the handles as well, ensuring that it is soft and comfortable to grip.

All of the materials used are of the highest quality to ensure durability. The non-slip footpegs have a wider stance, and they complement the non-slip leg quite well. As a result, you get superior stability on all surfaces with this pogo stick. 

However, there is one issue I noticed with this option that might affect its usability. It feels a bit stiff to use initially, which is likely caused due to its tougher steel spring. Those who have a lower body weight will find this problem to be more troublesome to manage. However, with regular usage, the problem should become less noticeable.

Materials: Aluminum, steel, foam | Weight Capacity: 80 to 160 pounds | Age Range: 9 years and up

6. Think Gizmos Pogo King Pogo Stick - Best for Versatility

Think Gizmos Pogo King Foam Pogo Stick for Kids, Teens &...
  • ✔️ AWESOME DESIGN: The Pogo King model of pogo stick is...
  • ✔️ SAFETY FIRST: The Pogo King from Think Gizmos is the...

The Pogo King Pogo Stick is made by Think Gizmos - a brand that is making yet another appearance on this list. This pogo stick has a relatively larger frame, and it is able to withstand weights between 80 and 160 pounds. As such, it is the perfect pogo stick for young adults and older kids - making it a highly versatile pick.

This pogo stick features a low-friction technology spring made from durable, industrial-strength steel. For the safety of the user, it is fully encased inside a foam-covered frame. The reduced friction in the spring provides a quiet and smooth user experience and gives a higher bounce than a traditional spring.

Speaking of user experience, you will notice that this pogo stick uses a foam-covered handle that offers a soft and comfortable grip. Likewise, the foot pads have a grooved design to reduce the chances of slipping. 

Subsequently, I noticed that the tip is fairly large and is made of durable natural rubber to provide excellent stability while jumping around. All in all, it is safe to use for most kids over 11 years of age. With that being said, it is slightly heavier than other pogo sticks belonging to the same category. Because of this reason, it is not very portable to use.

Materials: Steel, foam, rubber | Weight Capacity:‎ 80 to 160 pounds | Age Range: 11 years and up

7. Geospace Jumparoo Boing! JR Pogo Stick - Best for Durability

Geospace Jumparoo Boing! JR. Pogo Stick by Air Kicks, Small...
  • UNIQUE DESIGN - Our Junior addition to the Jumparoo BOING!...
  • SAFE JUMPING - Just like on skateboards, we use durable...

The Geospace Jumparoo Boing! JR manages to stand out among all the kids’ pogo sticks available today. This is all thanks to its unique build quality and, to some extent, its quirky name! If you haven’t guessed already - it is primarily meant for use by younger kids who are at least four years old and weigh between 50 and 90 pounds.

This particular pogo stick comes with a metal spring that is encased entirely within a solid steel housing tube. The T-shaped steel frame has a high-quality glossy paint finish, complete with decals. Because of this aspect, it offers a premium feel that your kids will love. However, do note that it is only available in two colors, so you do not have a lot of choice in that regard.

Another notable aspect that came to my attention is the design of the footpegs. Geospace has used non-slip grip tape on both the footpegs that can be used in any environment, which is very similar to the non-slip footrests used in a skateboard. In other words, they will not become slippery when wet and will not become damaged under any circumstance.

Similarly, the handles use soft, comfortable foam instead of rubber, which helps to prevent any blistering on your hand. On that note, the rubber that is used on the foot of the frame is rugged enough to provide exceptional balance and safety. 

Materials: Steel, foam, rubber | Weight Capacity: ‎50 to 90 pounds | Age Range: 4 years and up

8. Flybar Super Pogo Stick - Best for Adults

Flybar Super Pogo Pogo Stick for Kids and Adults 14 & Up...
  • CLASSIC TRICK POGO STICK: The Super Pogo is a classic pogo...
  • HEAVY DUTY METAL CONSTRUCTION: Strong spring powered pogo...

The Super Pogo Stick by Flybar is one of the best traditional pogo sticks to support adults. It can withstand weights between 120 and 210 pounds and is meant for use by adults and teenagers over 14 years of age.

I noticed that it uses a heavy-duty metal construction that conceals a powerful metallic spring and a stiff piston. When coupled with the nitrile rubber tip, it offers excellent bounce for performing all kinds of athletic tricks, such as a high jump. 

On top of that, it comes with extra-strong injection molded footpegs that allow you to perform extreme tricks with maximum precision and stability. Each foot pedal is covered with grip tape, and the handles are made from strong but comfortable rubber grips. Thanks to these features, you get exceptional control and increased safety when performing a highly technical trick like a flip (acrobatic).

In short, it is a pogo stick that is best suited for intermediate and expert users. However, don’t be disheartened if you are a beginner, for the Flybar Super Pogo Stick suits inexperienced users too. Although, the high price tag might make it a bit of a risky investment for a beginner. Still, it is a great investment, especially if you want to improve your gross motor skills.

Materials: Metal, rubber | Weight Capacity: 120 to 210 pounds | Age Range: 14 years and up

9. NSG Grom Pogo Stick - Best for High Jumps & Soft Landings

NSG Grom Pogo Stick - 5 to 9 Year Olds, 40-90 Pounds,...
  • EXPERTLY DESIGNED POGO STICK: Combining the classic form for...
  • SPORT-LEVEL PERFORMANCE: The pogo stick is no longer a...

NSG is a relatively lesser-known brand, especially when compared to some of the other names I have reviewed here. But don’t let that fool you, for its Grom Pogo Stick is quite well-designed and has great quality for a kid’s pogo stick. This option is targeted toward children aged between five and nine years and can withstand 40 to 90 pounds of weight.

It improves upon the classic pogo stick design by incorporating new, innovative features. For me, the most noticeable feature was the co-molded rubber grips, which provide excellent control and comfort to users. 

Another unique aspect of this pogo stick is the LFS tech used in the spring. You get a silent and smooth operation every time due to it. Not only that, but it also acts as a shock absorber that allows the user to jump higher and make soft landings. 

Thanks to this, it can be used for different purposes, such as mastering a new skill, undertaking aerobic exercise sessions, or developing core strength and hand-eye coordination.

The frame of this pogo stick is made from alloy steel, which improves durability. Plus, the footpegs have a non-slip textured design for safety. However, I noticed that the tip of this pogo stick is rounded, which reduces stability to some extent. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to wear the necessary safety gear with this option.

Materials: Steel, rubber | Weight Capacity: ‎40 to 90 pounds | Age Range: 5 to 9 years

Best Pogo Stick Comparison Table

ProductMaterialsWeight CapacityAge Range
Flybar Foam Maverick Pogo StickMetal, foam, rubber40 to 80 pounds5 years and up
Think Gizmos Pogo StickSteel, foam, rubber40 to 90 pounds5 to 10 years
New Bounce Pogo StickMetal, foam40 to 80 pounds5 to 9 years
Razor Gogo Pogo StickAluminum, foam, rubber‎Up to 140 pounds6 years and up
New Bounce Pro Sports Edition Pogo StickAluminum, steel, foam80 to 160 pounds9 years and up
Think Gizmos Pogo King Pogo StickSteel, foam, rubber80 to 160 pounds11 years and up
Geospace Jumparoo Boing! JR Pogo StickSteel, foam, rubber50 to 90 pounds4 years and up
Flybar Super Pogo StickMetal, rubber120 to 210 pounds14 years and up
NSG Grom Pogo StickSteel, rubber40 to 90 pounds5 to 9 years

Buying Guide For The Best Pogo Stick

If you still haven’t been able to decide which pogo stick to get, then don’t worry. Here, I have prepared a brief guide that discusses some of the most important factors to consider when buying a pogo stick. And I am sure that once you go through them, you can make up your mind.

Materials Used

The overall quality of a pogo stick is determined by the materials used in its construction. These materials affect durability and influence the human factors and ergonomics of the pogo stick. The latter aspect ultimately determines how easy and comfortable it is to use.

Many of the original pogo sticks manufactured by Flybar, Vurtego, and other renowned brands used a steel frame complemented by rubber grips. These materials are still being used today since they offer maximum durability and performance. However, some later models (such as the Flybar foam master) eventually started to use additional materials, like foam, to improve user safety.

A typical foam pogo stick conceals the metallic spring and frame in a foam base to prevent injuring the user. Furthermore, foam grip handles are softer than conventional rubber handles, which improves the comfort level. On that note, several brands use plastic materials for this purpose, which are comparatively cheaper. But I would recommend against buying plastic pogo sticks since they are not very durable.


I have already mentioned that the materials influence the ergonomics of a pogo stick. However, you should know that it is not the only thing that influences this factor. As you know, ergonomics helps to determine the overall comfort and safety level that users get when using a pogo stick. So, it includes the overall design of the pogo stick as well.

In this regard, the classic, T-shaped design has been deemed to be the most ergonomic. It includes grips shaped like a bicycle handlebar that offers optimal control when using the stick.

Similarly, the non-slip footpegs and large tips provide stability and make the pogo sticks safe to use. In that context, using a wider stance on the footpegs is recommended since it enhances the ergonomics even further. Thus, you need to keep these aspects in mind when making the purchase.

Age Range

Besides materials and ergonomics, you need to consider the age range of the user. There are many types of pogo sticks available today, with each of them catering to a specific age range.

For instance, if you have a toddler, you will need to buy an option that is suitable for them. On the other hand, if your child has entered adolescence, they won’t find much use for a pogo stick meant for younger kids. In that situation, you will need to buy an option to match their age.

Weight Limit

Another important feature to keep in mind is the weight capacity of the pogo stick. In many cases, the user’s age might not be a very reliable metric for purchasing the right pogo stick. For example, your child might be taller or heavier than other kids of their age. So, if you buy a pogo stick simply based on age, they might find it difficult to use.

This is where the weight capacity comes into play, for it provides a more objective means for determining the best pogo stick. Each pogo stick has a specific weight range, and if your child’s weight falls within this range, you can purchase the pogo stick.

Pogo Sticks FAQs

  • Is using a pogo stick safe?

    Pogo sticks can be safe when used properly and with appropriate safety gear, such as a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads. It is essential to learn and practice proper techniques to maintain balance and control while hopping.

  • Are there different types of pogo sticks?

    Yes, there are various types of pogo sticks, including traditional spring-loaded models, air-powered models, and even electronic models. Each type provides a distinct bouncing experience suited to different preferences, skill levels, and budgets.

  • Can pogo sticks be used indoors?

    While it is possible to use a pogo stick indoors, it is generally recommended to use them outdoors on flat, firm surfaces with ample space for safe bouncing. Indoor use can increase the risk of accidents, property damage, and may not provide adequate space for bouncing.

  • Are pogo sticks good for exercise?

    Yes, pogo sticking is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise that helps improve balance, coordination, and lower body strength while burning calories.

  • Can pogo sticks be adjusted for height?

    Many pogo sticks do not offer height adjustments. However, some models feature adjustable handlebars to accommodate users of different heights.

  • How long does it take to learn how to use a pogo stick?

    The learning curve varies for each individual. Some users may be able to bounce comfortably within a few minutes, while others may require several practice sessions. Progress usually comes faster with consistent practice and adherence to proper technique.

  • How do I maintain my pogo stick?

    Maintain your pogo stick by frequently checking for loose or damaged parts, ensuring that the spring is adequately lubricated, and monitoring the condition of the footrests and grip handles. Refer to the manufacturer’s manual for specific maintenance instructions.

  • Conclusion

    When you think of it, the original patent for the pogo stick was designed as a spring stilt. That design was subsequently refined by Max Pohlig and Ernst Gottschall into the design that is used today. 

    I’d say that it has turned out to be quite a versatile invention. In fact, if you use it alongside an all-in-one home gym, your health and fitness needs will be fully covered. And with the rising popularity of Xpogo, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes a globally recognized sport.

    Anyways, now I’ve arrived at the end of this detailed review-based guide. Personally, the Flybar Foam Maverick Pogo Stick is my favorite pick from the list, thanks to its well-rounded build, comfort, and customizability. 

    But if you are a beginner, you can go with the Think Gizmos Pogo Stick. And if you want a stable and more ergonomic option, you can pick the New Bounce Pogo Stick.

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