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10 Best Pool Brush of 2023 Reviewed | Buyer’s Guide

Having a pool in your abode is a domestic blessing one should be thankful for. A pool creates an opportunity to add physical activity to your stale daily routine in an interesting and effortless manner. It also becomes a buzzing place when arranged and decorated with the right outdoor furniture.  

Man cleaning a swimming pool in summer. Cleaner of the swimming pool.

However, a pool is as good as the way you take its care. And you can only make the most of your pool if its hygiene is maintained with the utmost diligence. In summer, when there is plenty of sunshine, pools become a breeding and thriving place for algae and mold. If not taken care of, these seemingly harmless microorganisms can mess up your swimming experience.

This is where you will find the use of pool brushes really useful. They are an inexpensive yet effective alternative to keep your pool clean. They take care of the algae problem by scrapping it from the surfaces and breaking it down into smaller pieces. These little bits of algae and mold float on the water and are eventually sucked by the pool filter.

Besides taking care of algae, a pool brush also comes in handy to deal with chemical stains on the pool walls.  In short, if you have a pool then you should definitely have a good quality pool brush to keep your swimming and dipping place in a hygienic and swimmable condition.

Best Pool Brushes

So, here we are going to review 10 of the best pool brushes available in the market right now. We will also discuss several other aspects of buying and using a pool brush. Keep reading!

  • Poly bristles
  • Wide bristle frame (18”)
  • An Amazon’s Choice Product

Blue Devil Pool Wall Brush is a basic pool brush that gets the job done. People who have used this pool brush consider it ideal for vinyl pools. Its poly bristles are the reason why it can be used on vinyl surfaces. The bristles are hard enough to clean moss, algae, and chemical stains without scratching the vinyl finish. It is equally good on wooden surfaces as well.

Blue Devil Pool Wall Brush Deluxe with Poly Bristles - 18"
  • STRONG: Metal backing provides enough strength to thoroughly...
  • FLEXIBLE: Designed with poly bristles to help reach the...

Apart from bristles, the other features of Blue Devil Brush also make it a good-quality pool brush. For instance, the bristles are fixed in a reinforced metal frame to ensure durable use. Moreover, the attachment handle is also made of heavy metal and has a push and snap latching mechanism, compatible with most standard-size telescoping poles.

Lastly, the curved corners of the frame ensure that you can easily use it around the edges and tight corners of the pool (stairs, etc).

With a reasonable price, it ends up earning the tag of “Amazon’s Choice” and rightly so. 


  • 18” wide bristle frame ensures quick sweeping and cleaning
  • Poly bristles are ideal for vinyl surfaces


  • Bristles wear down too quickly
  • Tight arrangement of bristles doesn’t guarantee complete cleaning of tricky spots in the pool

Material: Polypropylene | Brush Size: 18" | Compatibility: All pool types | Bristle Type: Nylon bristles | Handle Type: Aluminum handle | Special Features: Curved design for easy maneuverability
  • Nylon bristles
  • ABS frame with metallic reinforcement
  • Curved bristle assembly

Milliard has introduced different types of pool brushes and two of them have also ended up in our list. First, let’s have a look at the nylon pool brush of Milliard. To begin with, it offers the same sweeping coverage as the Blue Devil one. Similarly, nylon bristles are particularly used to take care of vinyl pool linings.

Milliard 17.5 inch Extra-Wide Nylon Pool Brush, Designed for...
  • ABS plastic handle is angled at 45° to present the brush in...
  • Stiff nylon bristles are effective against stubborn buildup,...

Vinyl easily gets scratched and paint on it is easily scrapped if you rub it with a hard-bristled brush. Nylon bristles have the right balance of hardness and softness. The gentle touch of these bristles doesn’t scratch the vinyl surface, but their toughness is enough to scrape the algae and moss growth.

The construction of Milliard Nylon Brush is also well thought out. The bristles are housed in an ABS frame that is then attached to a metal frame. Moreover, the frame is curved at both ends so you can easily reach the tight corners of pool steps.


  • Curved frame ensures absolute pool cleaning
  • A cost-effective nylon brush option


  • The bristles could be arranged in a more effective manner

Material: Aluminum | Brush Size: 17.5" | Compatibility: Vinyl lined pools | Bristle Type: Nylon bristles | Handle Type: Aluminum handle | Special Features: Gentle on pool liners, efficient cleaning
  •  Tail extension to exert additional pressure
  • Can easily be used by seniors
  • An Amazon’s Choice product

No matter how good a pool brush is, you have to engage both of your hands to use it. Using long-handled pool brushes with both hands put a lot of strain on the back. And it becomes more cumbersome when you have to deal with stubborn algae patches and stains.

The Wall Whale Classic WW18Res Wall Whale 18" Swimming Pool...
  • The tail holds the brush against the wall with more than 10x...
  • Brush with one hand

The Wall Whale Classic has outplayed its competitors by introducing a pool brush that needs a one-hand application. The manufacturer has done it by attaching a ‘tail’ at the top of the brush frame. This flap can be adjusted at various angles to exert 10 times more force when you push down the brush.

With The Wall Whale Classic Swimming Pool Brush, you don’t need to hold the brush against the pool wall with one hand and use your other hand to move it up and down. The tail of the brush will take care of it.  

Due to this innovative feature, this pool brush has deservingly earned the tag of “Amazon’s Choice” in the category “pool wall brush”.


  • Tail flap ensures one-hand use of a long pool brush
  • Flap also cuts down cleaning time


  • The tail can’t let you use the brush on crevices and other tight spots
  • Tail connection to the frame is somewhat loose

Material: Polypropylene | Brush Size: 18" | Compatibility: All pool types | Bristle Type: Nylon bristles | Handle Type: Composite handle | Special Features: Tail fin for enhanced brushing power
  • Spoiler-shaped frame
  • Poly bristles
  • No moving part in the frame

SweepEase has designed its pool brush on the blueprint of a car spoiler, and not just to make it look stylish.  The spoiler-shaped frame of SweepEase Poly Brush actually streamlines its cleaning activity. It actually adds 5 to 10 pounds of more pressure to every thrust you make with the brush. Moreover, it ensures that the brush slides back with minimal resistance.

Sweepease 654367706282-SS/Combo-18 Stingray 18" SS/Poly Pool...
  • "SweepEase sticks to the walls and floor ! " After 60 years...
  • The patented spoiler shape uses water to push the brush to...

This brush of steel frame and poly bristle is really good against calcium and sodium stains. Not to mention its effectiveness against algae buildups on concrete and stone linings. The other good thing about SweepEase is that its assembly has no moving parts, which automatically extends its operational life.
This spoiler-like pool brush is available on Amazon with an impressive 4.3-star customer rating.


  • Spoiler-shape adds more pressure to the downward push
  • Long bristles at both ends help in cleaning pool corners


  • The pole clip is a bit loose

Material: ABS plastic | Brush Size: 18" | Compatibility: All pool types | Bristle Type: Nylon bristles | Handle Type: Aluminum handle | Special Features: Patented technology for better debris capture

5. Aqua EZ 16-in Pool Brush Safe for Multiple Surfaces - Top-Quality All-Plastic Pool Brush - Best for Multiple Surfaces

  • Non-abrasive bristle frame
  • For both in-ground and above-ground pools
  • All plastic body

Usually, concrete and vinyl or fiberglass pools have their own different cleaning brushes. In the above reviews too, we have seen how poly bristles are usually considered good for vinyl surfaces and nylon and wire bristles are used for concrete, tile, and stone surfaces.

Aqua EZ - 16", Rubber Bristled Pool Brush for Walls, Tiles...
  • Soft squegee edges for gentle cleaning
  • For use on above-ground and in-ground pools of any type

Aqua EZ has gotten around this limitation of a pool brush and introduced a product with rubber bristles and non-abrasive housing.  Whether it’s concrete or vinyl lining, Aqua EZ pool brush is equally good for all sorts of pool surfaces. The other good thing about Aqua EZ is its all-plastic construction. The manufacturer has completely ruled out the chances of corrosion by using a strong plastic mold in the construction of its frame and pole clip.


  • Ideal for all sorts of pool linings
  • Also good for debris removal


  • Some may find it hard to adjust its clip-lock system

Material: Polypropylene | Brush Size: 16" | Compatibility: All pool types | Bristle Type: Nylon bristles | Handle Type: Aluminum handle | Special Features: Safe for multiple pool surfaces, effective cleaning
  • An Omnidirectional pool brush
  • Soft bristles for vinyl and fiberglass surfaces
  • Equally good for moping of the pool floor

Blue Wave Wall & Floor Pool Brush has ended up on our list for its outstanding feature of 360-degree arrangement of bristles. It is, in fact, a cylinder of soft bristles mounted on a metal frame. Its steel clip can be attached with any standard-size pole with an easy-to-use push and snap lock. It is important to mention here that Blue Wave has designed this product particularly for plastic and fiberglass pool liners.  

Blue Torrent Brush (18 Inches, Orange/White/Blue)
  • DURABLE CLEANING BRUSH: Heavy-duty cleaning brush keeps your...
  • 360-DEGREE DESIGN: Features a 360-degree design with...

The omnidirectional bristle arrangement leaves no space for any sharp edge on the brush. So, its use doesn’t entail any scratching and abrasion at all. Moreover, the soft bristles on all sides make it quite a handy option to clean pool corners and algae buildup in the pits of steps.


  • 360-dgree bristle arrangement guarantees effective cleaning of curves
  • Absence of rough and sharp edges ensures scratch-free operations


  • Bristles wear down at a rapid pace
  • Not ideal for tough algae buildups

Material: Aluminum | Brush Size: 18" | Compatibility: All pool types | Bristle Type: Nylon bristles | Handle Type: Aluminum handle | Special Features: Built-in corner brushes for thorough cleaning
  • A hardwearing pool brush
  • Comes with three replacement V clips
  • An Amazon’s Choice product

If you have a concrete pool then you will be aware of how hard it gets to get rid of algae stains from it. AquaAce has introduced a pool brush that can help concrete pool owners to have a hassle-free cleaning routine. AquaAce Pool Brush is a rugged construction of an aluminum handle that contains a combo of nylon bristles and stainless steel wires.

AquaAce Premium Combo Nylon and Stainless Steel Wire Bristle...
  • SCRUBBING POWER: Combination of nylon plus stainless steel...
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Gentle enough to use for regular pool...

This sturdy combination gives impressive cleaning results on concrete surfaces. You can also use them on stone linings but with a gentle hand. However, refrain from using it on vinyl and fiberglass linings. Like any good quality pool brush, the frame is also curved at the ends to take care of corner cleaning.

The product is available on Amazon and enjoys the tag of “Amazon’s Choice “in the category “concrete pool brush”.


  • Versatile enough to take care of both chemical stains and algae buildups
  • Offers greater sweeping coverage


  • Can’t be used on fiberglass and vinyl finishes

Material: Stainless steel/nylon | Brush Size: 17" | Compatibility: All pool types | Bristle Type: Stainless steel/nylon blend | Handle Type: Aluminum handle | Special Features: Dual bristle design for versatile cleaning


  • A nylon brush with EZ clip handle
  • Comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • An Amazon’s Choice product

U.S. Pool Supply has been around for a while offering quality pool accessories. It has introduced a pool brush that has all the features that you look for in any functional pool wall and floor cleaning brush. To begin with, it has an 18” wide frame that is fitted with five rows of nylon bristles. The frame is made of a combination of plastic and aluminum, which doesn’t just keep its weight light but also ensures needed durability.

U.S. Pool Supply Professional 18" Aluminum Wall & Floor Pool...
  • 18" POOL SCRUB BRUSH: Professional durable 18" swimming pool...
  • FAST POOL CLEANING: Wide body pool scrubbing brush with 5...

Similarly, the EZ clip allows you to attach the brush with all sorts of pole sizes without injuring your hand. Like any top-quality pool brush, U.S. Pool Supply is equally good against algae and calcium buildups.

The tag of “Amazon’s Choice” also vouches for the high quality and utility of US Pool Supply Pool Brush.

It comes with a 1-year 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • Wider bristle frame ensures quicker cleaning
  • Nylon bristles are equally good on all surfaces


  • Not ideal to clean curves and corners

Material: Aluminum | Brush Size: 18" | Compatibility: All pool types | Bristle Type: Nylon bristles | Handle Type: Aluminum handle | Special Features: Wide brush head, durable construction
  • Fitted with a patented collar
  • Pro Grit bristles for heavy-duty use
  • All-plastic body

Truth to be told, pool brushes with metallic parts are bound to wear down before their prescribed service life. The constant exposure of water with metallic parts eventually set off corrosion no matter how good the rust-free coating is. This is the reason why many homeowners prefer non-metallic pool brushes even if they have to make some compromises on their functionality.

Oreq has introduced a pool brush product that caters to all those users. It is an all-polymer body having a patented SpeedLock collar. This state-of-the-art collar lets you have pole attachment with the needed flex and bend you require during cleaning.  

Moreover, the plastic frame contains Pro Grit bristles that can work against all sorts of algae, chemical, and dirt buildup. The frame has curved edges that are specially fitted with long bristles to get to all those tight corners around the pool steps.

The product is available on Amazon and enjoys a 4.5-star (out of 5) customer rating, which further puts the seal on the supreme utility of Oreq Pool Cleaning Brush.


  • Involves 0% corrosion
  • Pro grit bristles are equally good for concrete and vinyl surfaces


  • Not that good for spot cleaning

Material: ABS plastic | Brush Size: 18" | Compatibility: All pool types | Bristle Type: Nylon bristles | Handle Type: Aluminum handle | Special Features: Curved design for efficient cleaning, easy to use
  • Stainless steel bristles
  • 10” wide bristle base
  • Comes with attaching a released V-clip

This pool brush bears one of the simplest constructions. However, its usefulness lies in that simplicity. This 10” wide pool brush has stainless steel bristles fitted in tough plastic housing that is attached to an aluminum frame. The main function of this hardwearing pool brush is to deal with all those stains and algae/moss growth that embed into the concrete lining of the pool.

10" Swimming Pool Spa Algae Brush w/Stainless Steel...
  • This heavy duty professional 10" algae brush is great for...
  • Features Heavy duty aluminum frame handle Stainless Steel...

If you are using a brush with nylon or poly bristles to get rid of concrete pool stains, then we would strongly suggest you change your approach and go with this all-stainless steel bristles brush option. With lesser effort, you will be able to get better results.

This heavy-duty pool brush is available on Amazon at a very reasonable price.


  • Gives extremely good results for tough concrete pool cleaning
  • A cost-effective steel-bristle brush


  • The bristle frame could be wider
  • Not suitable for vinyl and fiberglass linings

Material: Stainless steel | Brush Size: 10" | Compatibility: All pool types | Bristle Type: Stainless steel | Handle Type: Plastic handle | Special Features: Specifically designed for removing algae and stains

Best Pool Brushes Comparison Table

ProductMaterialBrush SizeCompatibilityBristle TypeHandle TypeSpecial Features
Blue Devil Pool Wall BrushPolypropylene18"All pool typesNylon bristlesAluminum handleCurved design for easy maneuverability
Milliard 18″ Pool Brush for Vinyl Lined PoolsAluminum17.5"Vinyl lined poolsNylon bristlesAluminum handleGentle on pool liners, efficient cleaning
Wall Whale Classic Swimming Pool BrushPolypropylene18"All pool typesNylon bristlesComposite handleTail fin for enhanced brushing power
SweepEase AquaDynamic Pool BrushABS plastic18"All pool typesNylon bristlesAluminum handlePatented technology for better debris capture
Aqua EZ 16-in Pool Brush Safe for Multiple SurfacesPolypropylene16"All pool typesNylon bristlesAluminum handleSafe for multiple pool surfaces, effective cleaning
Blue Wave Brush Pool BrushAluminum18"All pool typesNylon bristlesAluminum handleBuilt-in corner brushes for thorough cleaning
AquaAce Premium Stainless Steel/Nylon BrushStainless steel/nylon17"All pool typesStainless steel/nylon blendAluminum handleDual bristle design for versatile cleaning
U.S. Pool Supply Professional Wall and Floor Pool BrushAluminum18"All pool typesNylon bristlesAluminum handleWide brush head, durable construction
Oreq ORE BR4018G Pool Cleaning BrushABS plastic18"All pool typesNylon bristlesAluminum handleCurved design for efficient cleaning, easy to use
10″ Swimming Pool Spa Algae Brush w/Stainless Steel BristlesStainless steel10"All pool typesStainless steelPlastic handleSpecifically designed for removing algae and stains

Why You Should Own a Pool Brush

With the introduction of automatic pool cleaners, many homeowners have started thinking that it is good enough to keep the pool in sparkling condition. Automatic pool cleaners have streamlined the cleaning of large pools. But it is important to understand that they don’t work in isolation.

Pool brush, for instance, lends valuable help in taking care of a pool in a more effective manner for these three reasons.

  •  It Breaks Down Algae Buildups

Algae stain the water. It permeates a strange odor to it. Its growth on pool walls and floors makes them slippery. In short, it is critical to get rid of algae from your pool as soon as possible. A good-quality brush can’t stop algae and moss from reproducing, but it can help you in their timely culling. If you are regular with the use of a pool brush then there is no way that algae can bring about all the aforementioned problems.

  •  They Clean Chemical Stains

Have you ever noticed faded tile colors on the pool wall? This discoloration usually happens due to the reaction of sanitization chemicals you use in the pool water. Although these stains don’t affect the functionality and service life of the pool, they still tarnish its clear blue look of it. If you have a routine of rubbing and scrubbing the pool walls and floor with any good-quality pool brush, these chemical stains won’t develop in the first place.

  •  They Prevent Chemical Damages

Chemicals and other elements in pool water don’t just cause stains. Some elements can also cause damage to pool construction. Let’s take the example of calcium. It is present in the pool water and gradually starts building up on the pool walls to cause pitting and chipping.

People who don’t use pool brushes often get to know about this issue when the damage has already been done. Any good quality pool brush is also pretty good in taking care of invisible chemical buildups that can eventually cut down the operating life of your pool.

 Factors to Consider While Buying a Pool Brush

The above list of 13 best pool brushes has enough options for you to settle on one for your particular pool cleaning needs. Nonetheless, one should have a general idea about buying the right type of pool brush. For that matter, we are going to discuss a short buying guide here.

The following points will be of great use whenever you are going to buy a pool brush for your unique pool cleaning requirements.

  •  The Handle or Head of the Brush

It is the elongated part of the brush that houses the bristles. Whenever you are going to buy a pool brush make sure that its handle or head has the following characteristics.

  1. It should be strong enough to keep the bristles in place under the powerful thrust of water
  2. It should be lightweight so you can easily use it throughout the pool without straining your hands, arms, and back.

Aluminum heads have these characteristics. They are durable and hardwearing as well as lightweight. This is the reason why the majority of pool brushes we have reviewed here bear aluminum reinforcements.

Hardwearing plastic is another material option that you can consider for the handle/head of the pool brush. For example, ABS molds have this unique combination of tough application and lightweight that a pool brush should have.

  •  The Bristles of the Brush

This is undoubtedly one of the most critical features one has to consider when buying a new pool brush. At the onset, make one thing clear: you have to select the bristles according to your pool type. For instance, if you are looking for a brush solely for vinyl and fiberglass pools, then remain settled on poly bristles since they leave no scratches on their soft finishes.

On the other hand, nylon bristles are considered good for concrete, stone, and all different polymer and fiber surfaces.  Steel-wired brushes are particularly designed for concrete and plastered pools where algae are strongly latched to the surface.

You can also find the hybrids of steel wires and nylon bristles in some brushes (we have also reviewed some). These combo bristles are used to get rid of stubborn algae from all sorts of pool constructions.

If you are not sure what bristle material you should pick for your pool to get rid of algae and stains without damaging its lining, then nylon is the safe bet since it is good on all surfaces.

  •  The Size of the Brush

Here the size of the brush means the width of the bristle frame. Usually, the 18” bristle frame is considered ideal for all pool sizes. Its wider sweeping coverage ensures you can wind up the pool walls and floor cleaning in the least amount of time.

On the other hand, 10” and even 5” bristle frames are available. Go for these small and compact brush options if you need a brush for the spot cleaning of your pool.

  •  The Shape of the Bristle Frame

Rectangular bristle frames are the most common in the market. They offer required cleaning work in the simple square and rectangular pools that don’t have many construction features. However, if a pool has some non-planar curved shape along with steps and breaks, then go for a frame that has an arched shape and is also fitted with extra bristles.

You may not find this feature of any importance right now. But believe us getting a pool brush with the right bristle frame shape will save you from buying another smaller brush for difficult pool corners and edges.

  •  With Pole or Without Pole

Many first-time buyers might find it strange that all the products we have discussed here don’t come with long handle poles. Poles are not included in the package because they only make shipping cumbersome and expensive.

Moreover, poles don’t play any decisive role in the application of a pool brush. It’s the head and bristles that matter. So, we would also recommend you to order a pool brush without a pole to keep its price low. Instead, go with telescopic poles that you can easily find in any nearby hardware store at a very reasonable price.

  •  The Service Life of the Brush

Let’s face it: A brush that has to be used underwater to strongly chafe algae and chemical-laden surface can’t last for years no matter how top of the line it is. Even the premium quality pool brushes can’t survive more than a couple of seasons. And budget pool brushes breathe their last in just a few months.  

So, if it happens with your pool brush, don’t proceed to think that you have been duped. It is pretty common to have pool brushes with limited service life.

We hope that this comprehensive buying guide along with the objective reviews of 13 of the best pool brushes available in the market right now can help you in easily picking the option tailored for your pool cleaning needs.


Thank you so much for reading our article on the best pool brushes. We're thrilled to have provided you with all the knowledge required to make the best choice for maintaining your pool. We know it can be a challenge to keep your pool clean, but with the right brush, the task becomes not only comfortable but also a fun activity to engage in. Remember, the perfect brush can make a huge difference, whether you are dealing with stubborn algae or chemical stains.

Out of these 10 best pool brushes, here are our top three recommendations:

  • For vinyl pools, Blue Devil Pool Wall Brush is an ideal option. Its poly bristles effectively clean algae, moss, and chemical stains without scratching the vinyl finish. It also has a reinforced metal frame and push-and-snap latching mechanism that ensures durability.
  • Milliard's 18" Pool Brush for Vinyl Lined Pools is a good option for its cost-effective nylon brush and unique frame design. The curved edges allow you to easily reach tight corners, ensuring absolute pool cleaning.
  • For those wanting an easy-to-use brush, Wall Whale Classic Swimming Pool Brush is the right choice. The innovative tail extension allows you to exert additional pressure on stubborn stains with just one hand, making it especially suitable for seniors or people who want to avoid strain during pool cleaning.

As you go ahead and choose the best pool brush for your needs, keep in mind that the right brush will not only save you time but also protect the surfaces of your pool, ensuring long-lasting durability. Happy cleaning, and may your pool always be a pristine oasis for you and your loved ones!

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